12 Days of Book-mas

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Jessica’s question:

I realized belatedly that many of my questions had to do with my early days in publishing, but few were connected to my life as an agent. So I’ll remedy that today.

When asked how long I’ll dedicate to selling a book, I always tell the story of the little book that could. The book that spent two years sitting on one editor’s desk, when suddenly the call with an offer came. I’ll be honest, I really felt I had run the course with this book and had sort of forgotten about it. I know the author did, too. Needless to say we were wonderfully surprised when that call came.

What is the title of the book and who is the author?

CC’s clue:

First word in title of book:

It’s smaller than a bread box. (This is was the clue mom would always give me on Christmas gifts.) It can come in different shapes and sizes. It can thrill you and kill you. It can be good for you or bad for you.

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