12 Days of Bookmas contest

Question: You learned in my last post that I spent my college internship at Berkley Publishing. Well, about a year later I was working at Dorchester Publishing when a Berkley editor called to tell me an editorial assistant position had opened up there. After interviewing with the two senior editors I’d be working with and writing a few reader reports they offered me the job! I would be working with Berkley’s two “boy book” editors. I learned a lot from those guys and they always kept things fun and interesting.

Soon after one of them would leave editing to become an agent and he became a great source of advice all over again when I decided to “go to the dark side” myself. The other is now an editor at a different house and he and I’ve had more opportunities to work together in an agent/editor capacity. They both have taught me a lot about publishing and I’ll always be grateful to them for giving me my first job at a big publishing house.

Who are they?

CC’s clue: 23 letters in the answer.

Crazy sentence using 14 of those letters: Going to stay late.

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