The 12 Days of Book-mas contest

Today is the last day to win BookEnds contest. Below is Kim’s puzzle and my clue. To get more info on the contest, pop over to their blog at:

Most of you who follow the blog already know that my 5-year-old son, Nicky, is autistic. Well, Nicky LOVES books. He spends a lot of time inside his own head and has difficulty paying attention in class, but his teacher tells me that there’s one part of the school day when he’s able to sit quietly and really listen: Storytime. He’s already reading quite a bit on his own. He loves decoding words and sounding out letters. It’s most definitely one of his strengths.

But one of his many challenges is recall. He has trouble remembering what happened at school that day, what family members we visited with over the weekend or what gifts he received for his birthday. He’s so caught up in the adventures going on inside that little head of his, that he’s less invested in the outside world around him. So to work on his memory, I decided to use some “book therapy.” 🙂 For Christmas I’ve bought him several chapter books that I can read to him piece-by-piece and then review with him every night what we read the day before. Hopefully his love of books will encourage him to flex his memory muscles a little more.

I bought him a boxed set of the first four books in a series that Jessica recommended after she’d read them to her son.

And I bought him a special “read-aloud” edition of one of my favorite classic children’s books.

What books will Nicky be getting for Christmas this year??

CC’s Clue:

One word in the answer (including the titles of the books and the authors’ names) is something a lot of people have in their houses this time of year. Another word is the title of someone a lot of people admire, and the other book is story about something that a lot of people fear.

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