First Kisses

Do you remember your first kiss?  Ahh, I do.  I’ve been hesitant to blog about it because it’s one of those .  . . extraordinary memories.  And by extraordinary, I don’t mean . . .  Well, let me just tell you about it.

I was thirteen and spending the night at my grandparents’ house.  My uncle, who was only two years older than me, also had a friend staying the night.  Let’s call him . . . Hot Older Boy.  Ahh, because he was hot, as well as what I considered an older boy.  Probably fourteen and a half!  After everyone had gone to bed, I heard someone say my name at my bedroom door.  It was Hot Older Boy. He said he couldn’t sleep and wondered if I wanted to talk.  Yup, we’d shared a bit of dialogue earlier along with a few long, lingering stares, but neither of us wanted my uncle to know we were intrigued by each other.

After I crawled out of bed, and put on my jeans, we sought out a place to . . . chat.  My grandparents’ house had this old rambling floor plan where the rooms were built on to the structure one by one, but it only had one bathroom.  We sat on a sofa, in the room connected to the bathroom.  It was the only room away from the bedrooms with my sleeping family.

We sat there and chatted for a few moments and even though he appeared as unsure as I was, he leaned in, slowly, and his mouth touched mine.  Boy, howdie was I nervous when I felt his tongue brush across my bottom lip.  All I could think was that my first kiss was going to include tongue.  (Hey, don’t you remember talking about this when you were 11 and 12?) I opened my mouth ever so slightly, because that’s what I’d heard I was supposed to do, and that’s when it happened.  A hiccup exploded from my mouth. Not a light, cute noise, either.  Nope.  It was one that came right from the gut, pounces from the lips, and bounces off the walls.  I mean, here I was, having my first kiss, with an “older boy” too, and I got the nervous hiccups.  Thank goodness he was sweet and said it wasn’t a problem.

After a few minutes of chatting (well, he did most of the chatting, I was too scared to open my mouth for fear another obnoxious sound would bounce out) he tried again to kiss me.  His mouth drew near, his lips touched mine, and this time, the noise that exploded into the room wasn’t my hiccup.  Nope, it was my granddad clearing his throat.  And I should add that, with the exception of his tighty-whities, Grandpa was naked and his grandfather gut hung over the edge of the elastic band of his Hanes.

Hot Older Boy and I just sat there on that sofa and stared at my grandfather staring at us.  I opened my mouth to say something, something like, “We were just talking,” or something else equally unconvincing since he’d just witnessed the beginning of a kiss, but all that came out was another LOUD hiccup. Hot Older Boy shot up from the sofa and ran back to his bed, and I did the same.

Yup, my very first-kiss memory could have been a tad better.  Thank goodness I managed to snag a few better kisses later on.  And in spite of the fact that I had a less-than-desirable first kiss experience, I do love writing about first kisses. There’s that excitement, the heart-racing feeling of nervous butterflies playing bumper cars in your stomach.

In Born At Midnight, Kylie experiences two “first kisses” from two guys at the camp.  I was tempted to give her the hiccups. But I just couldn’t be that mean.  So, what about you guys?  Do you have a funny “G-rated” first kiss story? Is there a book you’ve enjoyed how an author writes those magical moment scenes?

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10 thoughts on “First Kisses

  1. It wasn’t my “first” kiss, just the first one with the new boyfriend. We were fifteen and he was shy. After he didn’t initiate the kiss on the first two dates, I seized the moment and kissed him on our third date. Stars didn’t explode, parents didn’t intervene, and we got better at it.

  2. Beginning in kindergarten, my school chums kidded me about hanging out with a girl. I didn’t care. I loved Lindy. Except for my best friend, Mike, I preferred her company to anyone’s.

    Our first kiss came in the cloakroom of Herbert Hoover elementary. We were barely seven years old. I told Lindy to meet me there after recess, before class resumed. I said I had a special secret for her.

    When she arrived, I stated in a matter of fact way that I loved her and wanted to marry her when we grew up. Imagine my surprise when she said she loved me too. She gave me a little peck right on the lips.

    “Whoa Nellie!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve smiled at that memory.

    I told her, “Lindy, that’s not how it’s done. You’re supposed to lean backwards into my left arm, like we’re dancing. Then I bend over and hold you, and kiss you.”

    Shades of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, I mimed it, so she could see what I meant. She giggled, adorably, and agreed to give it a try. She said she’d seen it done like that in the movies.

    Unfortunately, while concentrating on our form and technique, in the middle of our big smooch, Mrs. Brophy, our teacher, came around the corner and caught us.

    Explanations to her, the principal, and our parents followed. The next time we kissed would be eight years later, in the Tunnel of Love at the Fort Bend County Fair.

    Looking back, as we prepare to celebrate 53 years of being in love, we’ve grown to understand that our first innocent kiss meant more than we realized. While far from a proclamation of passion, we were taking the first baby steps toward a lifetime of commitment.

  3. I had my first kinda not really first kiss in 4th grade. My boyfriend(it really seems weird to say boyfriend when you are talking 4th graders) Anyways we were sitting in the trees behind my house and I had been putting the “kiss” off for weeks. So I finally sucked it and went for it. Just leaned over and did a quick peck on the lips and guess who was coming to get me, my step dad and he was not happy. I’m sure it looked worse then what it was but it was so embarrassing!! And all Summer I never heard the end of it!!!

  4. I do. It was at birthday party when I was in the sixth or seventh grade. We were playing spin-the-bottle. I got to kiss the boy I’d had a crush on for years. I remember his lips being warm and a bit chapped. LOL Lasted all of one second but I was smitten for years….

  5. i remember i had my 1st kiss when i was in 10th standard.It was in an isolated place.while we were jus chatting on our 1st date,he suddenly slightly put his lips onto mine and it was just heavenly.!al doubts cleared that nothing can part us.
    love him.

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