Romantic Times Review

Born at Midnight

C.C. Hunter 4 ½ Stars

Great for fans of Vampire Academy.  This book has it all, from vampires to werewolves to witches and shapeshifters.  There’s romance and action, ensuring readers won’t want to put it down.  Hunter – Christie Craig in her YA debut – packs on the twists and turns, and then leaves you hanging with an amazing hook ending, just wanting for more.


Kylie Galen thought she had it all – until she didn’t.  All of the sudden her parents are getting divorced, her boyfriend Trey breaks up with her and she is being shipped off to summer camp.  Then things get seriously weird—the camp turns out to be for freaks, or in other words, teen paranormals.

At first Kylie is in denial, insisting she is normal, until she can’t lie to herself anymore.   And if finding herself isn’t hard enough, she has to battle it out with heart too.  Turns out Trey is going to camp right next to her and wants to get together, but she has met someone else –two guys to be exact:  the mysterious and dangerous Lucas, and the smoking-hot Derek.  Who will Kylie pick, and will she discover she actually has powers of her own?

5 thoughts on “Romantic Times Review

  1. i actually had a question:
    will the book be different from the arc copy?
    just want to know in case i have to go to the store and buy another copy to find out the ending.
    thank you 🙂

  2. Hi Jessica,

    The ARC is the same as the book, with exception to possibly some corrected typos. LOL. However, make sure you get the short story, Turned at Dark, that is a free download whereever e-books are availible and it will be on the Macmillan site on March 15.

    Thanks for stopping by.


    • hahaha….you don’t even have to ask me twice about Turned at Dark. i’m just sad that its not an actual book and i have to read it on my PC 😛
      but thank you again

  3. Hi!!! I can’t wait to buy the book! well… I hope I get the chance to be a winner of something… I have very bad luck haha, but still if I don’t win anything I will buy the book and eat it! sorry read it xD! keep up!

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