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  1. I would want to be some sort of fae…their powers vary SO much that it would be cool to have an ability that is out of the “norm” of strange abilities…that makes sense, right? LOL

  2. I would most likely want to be a Vampire because they have awesome superpowers, and fighting skill that are so badass. Or I would like to be an Angel because they are really pretty and are angelic…..most of they time anyway. 😀

  3. Yay! A contest! 😀 I would love to be a werewolf because they a loyal and protective. And…because werewolves have always been my favorite supernatural creature. Thanks for the contest CC 😀

  4. I would probably like to be a shape-shifter. I don’t know… It just sounds like it could be fun transforming into all kinds of animals. 😀
    Thanks for the contest!

  5. I would love to be a Vampire. Having the use of compulsion would definitely come in handy at times. Plus, who doesn’t want to be young and indestructible?

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  6. Hmm I would either be a vampire because they are immortal & they have all kinds of useful powers. Or possibly a shape-shifter of some kind because why wouldn’t it be cool to change into any kind of animal or whatever?

  7. I would love to either be a vampire or a witch , for the reason vampire can be immortal , I am a night owl for another and as for the witch loved to be able to conjure a spell to keep my son’s room constantly clean.


  8. I would like to be a vampire. I am very into books, being serious (but fun too and very potty when it needs to). Also I am not a person that only would want to be a vampire because of the inmortality, but because they are such beatiful and hollow creatures like I am; even if they like their lifes sometimes (like me) they always have sadness in their heart…especially when we talk about love. Also because they are creautures from the dark and very “fancy” and knows how to do things right. Almost all the time. 😀 But if there’s any chance I would like to be a combination of “paranormal” things.

  9. I think that I would like to be a…………shapeshifter like a dragon one so then I could fly and that would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the contest =)

  10. As much as I love vampires, I would want to be a werewolf! They have a lot of great strengths about them! Super strength, calorie burning galore 😉

    Plus they can be temperamental at times and so can I! 🙂

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