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I’m still hard at work on finishing Taken at Dusk, Book 3 of the Shadow Falls series, so I’ve decided to cheat a little with today’s blog.  Okay, maybe “cheat” is too strong of a term.  Basically, I’m going to showcase a great blogger who interviewed me about Born at Midnight by reprinting three of the questions I had been asked.  (See how cleverly I disguised the fact that I’m not writing new material today?  LOL.)

So, today, I’m showcasing Stephanie Saunders who hosts The Thoughts of a Book Junky’s blog.  Click here to read the complete interview and to check out Steph’s fabulous blog:

Here are Steph’s Three Questions:

1) What was the inspiration for writing Born at Midnight?

CC:  I get asked this a lot and I always say that I wish I could tell you that it was all my idea.  But it wasn’t.  What actually happened was my editor at St. Martin’s Griffin planted the seed of the idea in my mind.  She did it with two words, too:  “Paranormal Camp.”

Those two words got my imagination revving, so I asked her, “What kind of paranormals?”  She said, “That’s up to you.”  I then asked, “Who is the main character?”  She goes, “That’s up to you, too.”  So, I go, “Is the main character a paranormal?”  Now, I bet you know what she said, right?  LOL.  If you guessed she said, “That’s up to you,” you’d be right.  Anyway, we went on like that for a while but in the end, I took those two words, “paranormal camp,” and went to work on creating the world that is now Shadow Falls.

2) Were there any personal experiences that went in to writing Born at Midnight?

CC:  Oh, this is a great question.  And the answer is, “Absolutely!”  When asked to write a paranormal I quickly related to my some odd things in my family tree—and things that sort of still haunt me.   I come from Alabama and one of my great grandmothers was known throughout the county as a natural healer.  When people were badly burned because of an accident, the hospital would have her come in a talk the burn out of them.  It must have worked, too, because she did this a lot.

She was also sort of known as a bit of a psychic, too.  People came to her to read their fortunes.  And in some small ways, I sort of  inherited some of that sixth sense  from her, which has freaked out my hubby and my friends over the years, believe me.  It’s never something that I can control or even predict.  We could be sitting in a restaurant, having dinner, and all of a sudden, I get this strong feeling that something has happened and that I need to call my mother.  When I do, I find out she twisted her ankle or that a family member was in an auto accident.  Something odd like that.  I’ve also had some crazy experiences when I felt I’d been visited by spirits, too, which I used for fodder  when I wrote the scenes where Kylie experiences the ghosts. .

3) Was Kylie’s characters based on anyone or was she a purely made up character?

CC:   Well, that’s a hard one to answer.  You see, all of my characters have traits that either come from me or from the people I know.  They are bits and pieces of my own experiences.  I start with the kernel of an idea about the character.  For example, when the book opens, Kylie’s parents are splitting up.  That happened to me when I was a teenager, too, so I used my experiences to flesh out hers.  But then Kylie became real in my mind, and she began to fill in the blanks, so to speak.

Here’s where I have to say that I’m not crazy.  All writers feel their characters are “real” and we have conversations with them.  Lucky for me, my hubby has gotten used to it.  LOL.

So…to end this blog, I have  a question for you.  If you were a character in a book, what of your own traits you would give a character?  What personal experiences of your own world would show up in the lives of your characters?  I know not everyone even thinks of writing, but I think it’s fun to explore our lives and see how bits and piece of ourselves might play out in a book.


5 thoughts on “Three Questions from Stephanie Saunders

  1. i just finished you’r first book loved it so much it cuaght my atention right away becuase my parents wernt marryed and my step dad and mother are always bickering like hers . i feel very strongly conected to Kylie we seem to have a ton in commen . i write books to but i persue acting and as for publishing im only 16 and not finished with my books mine are also paranormal. i usualy put myself into atleast one of my charecters its like acting even if its not suposed to be you you still put alittel of your self in there witch i enjoy i so hope to see awake at dawn soon iv even shown all my freinds and they have all gone out and bought a copy and love it to . i must put in to that iv read twilight several times and you blew it out of the water twilights got nothing on you lol : ) i hope we could talk . your truely adicted fan

    kat gauntt

  2. Hi Kat,

    I know what you mean about arguing parents. When I was young my parents argued and it was so hard. Hang in there girl. And good luck with your acting and your writing. And thank so much for telling your friends about Born at Midnight. Word of mouth is the best PR there is. The best!!!! Thank you so much.


  3. yeah, im trying to write a book and i really want me, and other people, to relate to the main character. but since i can’t make a character thats exactly like me, i took some over powering traits of mine and made them into characters. some of the other characters are souly based on my best friends. but i really like shawdow falls, because i can really relate to kylie, belonging someplace but not really belonging at all. and having friends, but not really being able to tell them what your problems are. overall born at midnight is one of my favorite books of all time!!! i basically will only read a book if its paranormal or fantasy. the book also haz to have just the right amount of romance to keep me hanging onto every word >w<

    • Ginny,

      Good luck writing. I really do believe that every character I write has parts of me in them. And I do borrow a lot of traits from my friends, too. I’m thrilled you enjoyed BAM. Have you read Turned at Dark yet? You know you can get it free on Amazon, B&N or even go read it at my publisher’s site.

      Thanks so much for stopping in.


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