Three Questions from Nocturne Romance Reads

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This week, I’m running another three questions posed to me by one of the fabulous bloggers who interviewed me during the release of Born at Midnight.  Today, I’m showcasing Nocturne Romance Reads.  Click here to read the complete interview and to check out their fabulous blog:

Here are Nocturne Romance Read’s Three Questions:

1: Can you share with us how you got started into writing?

C.C.:  Good question.  I know a lot of writers who claim they were born with a pen in their hands, already trying to clean up their first drafts.  It wasn’t like for me.  I’m dyslexic.  I didn’t learn how to read until about the third grade, I’m a terrible speller and often I get words and sentences backwards.  School was hard, so I didn’t entertain the idea of being a writer early on.  However, along with the hardships of dyslexia, come a few gifts.  I was very intuitive, picked up on people’s emotions, and often fed those extra emotions into my imagination.  By thirteen, I was creating stories the size of novels in my head, but I still didn’t dream of writing them down.  It wasn’t until I was 23 and my new hubby suggested I go back to school to become a teacher that I admitted I sort of would like to try my hand at writing.  It took a lot of learning to get my stories on paper.  But a short ten years later, (Yes, I mean that tongue and cheek) I published my first book—a Silhouette Romance. When I had trouble selling the second novel, I went into writing for magazines.  I worked full-time as a photojournalist for several years.  In 2000, I decided to go back and try my hand at writing novels again. It took me six years to break back in. By that time, I’d written eight complete novels and six proposals.  But the day I sold, I sold four books.  One of my biggest achievements occurred a year later when Faye Hughes and I sold a how-to book on writing, called The Everything Guide to Writing a Romance Novel.  And I haven’t stopped writing books since then.  I consider myself very lucky to do what I love for a living.

2: What made you decide to write in YA genre?

C.C.:  As a writer, I love writing stories of all kinds.  However, writing Young Adult wasn’t really a path I was on, but more like an adventure I stumbled upon as I was pursuing my dream of writing.  I’ve always loved ghost stories.  I actually wrote one romance with a ghost story subplot.  Then, several years back, before I sold my first humorous romantic suspense to Dorchester, I had written a humorous paranormal romance.  I loved writing it, too.  And while it didn’t sell, it caught the attention of several editors.  One of those editors was Rose Hilliard with St. Martin’s Press.

A couple of years later, Rose actually approached me and asked if I would be interested in trying my hand at writing a YA paranormal series.  The thought scared the poo out of me and that’s what closed the deal.  I mean, any time something really scares me, it sparks my stubborn dyslexic spirit and I feel as I have to give it a shot, or I’ll be stamped with the wimp logo.  And I’m not a wimp!  So I went for it.

Rose actually said she thought of me to write YA because my writing tone was . . . smartass.  (Can I say that on this blog?)  I told her, “You know what, my mama told me that being a smartass would never get me anywhere.”  And it looks like my mama was wrong.  I love writing YA paranormal romances.  I’m able to bring my love of ghosts and my love of all the woo-woo paranormal stuff to this series.  I’m having a blast.

3: What is next in the works for you?

C.C.:  Well, Awake at Dawn, Book 2 in the Shadow Falls series, will be out in October, and I’m excited about that.  Right now, I’m working on my third book in the series and really loving it

In August as Christie Craig, I have Don’t Mess With Texas, the first humorous romantic suspense in my new series, Hotter In Texas, for Grand Central Publishing.

This year I’ve started two new series with two new publishing houses.  I feel so fortunate to be where I am in my career.   I’m living my dream.

One of my favorite parts about this interview is that I got to talk about how I got started on my path to becoming a writer, which is allowing me to live my dream.  And that’s leading me to my question for you to answer.  Are you living the life you’ve always dreamed of living?  Do you have goals that you haven’t yet attempted to reach?  Come on.  Share a little.


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  1. I am currently reading Born at Midnight. So far I feel as though I’ve wasted 8.49. Kylie is seriously annoying, and how many teenagers say dad-blast it?? I usually only buy books on the New York Times best selling list, but when I came across your book I thought I’d give it a shot. I’m sorry that I did.
    I truly am not meaning any disrespect, but the book is horrible. I hope that your next book is much better, and can hold my attention.

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