Be My Star Contest

If you had thirty seconds or less to convince someone to read Born at Midnight, what would you tell them?

Are you a Derek or a Lucas fan?

What was your favorite scene?

Have you convinced your friends that they have to read my Shadow Falls series?  If so, what did you tell them?  I want to know.

And here’s your chance to share with the world what you love about the Shadow Falls series and become my star.  I’m running a photo/video contest.  That’s right.  Send in your video clip of no more than thirty seconds, or send in a fun photo of you with my book , something that expresses how much you enjoyed it, and one “short” sentence caption for the image, and you could be chosen to be included in my Shadow Falls infomercial.   Remember guys, only G-rated content is accepted.

My plan is to get several videos and photos, pull bits and pieces from them, and make a Shadow Falls video.   The video will be posted on my website and will be used in PR wherever book videos are used to promote my series.

In the special content section of my website, I have a release form.  Before I can consider your video or photo for the contest, you have to mail me the release form, signed by you, and your parents, if you are under eighteen.

So…here’s how it works.  Fill out the form and mail it to me at:

C. C. Hunter
P.O. Box 11178
Spring, TX   77391-1178


Then make a fun video of no longer than 30 seconds in length, or take a cool picture and write a caption for it and send it to me at    The deadline to get your entries in is September 1st.

And yes, there will be prizes.  Everyone who submits a video or a picture will get their name entered into a drawing.  Prizes to be given away: A $25 gift card from Amazon, a $10 gift card from Barnes & Noble, and signed copies of Born at Midnight.   The first five people to send me photos and the first ten people to send me videos will also receive a signed copy of the Shadow Falls poster.  So get those in soon.

Everyone chosen to appear in the video will receive an early ARC of Taken at Dusk, the third book in the series (to be delivered when available) and a personalized copy of Born at Midnight for a friend or for yourself.   (Those chosen for the video will not be included in the drawing for those submitting.)

First, second and third place prizes will also be awarded to the videos/photos chosen for the video.

First Place: A $100 gift card to either Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders (Winner’s Choice) and an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of Awake a Dawn.

Second Place: A $25 gift card to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Borders (Winner’s Choice) and an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of Awake a Dawn.

Third Place:  A $15 gift card to Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Borders (Winner’s Choice) and an ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of Awake a Dawn.

So, get your creative hats on and send me a video or photo with a caption.   Images and videos will be judged on clarity and creativity.

Please note, only one prize given to each video/photo.  No videos or photos accepted without a signed release form.


12 thoughts on “Be My Star Contest

    • Hi Wendy!

      I’m sorry it took so long to answer. I’ve been in New York at signings and a conference. I’m going to say yes, anyone can enter, but I’m concerned if the gift cards can be used in all countries. I will have to check into that. However, I will be happy to mail the books to the winners.

      And yes, you can submit both video and photos. I doubt that I will choose both to be in the video. I want everyone a chance to win, but you are welcome to submit both or two of each. And . . . if I get a lot of entries I may make another contest and make a second video.



  1. Sounds cool I wanna do it I’m gonna have to convince my Mom first.If she does say yes be ready to see my video. I cant wait!!!!

  2. Awesome!!! First I have to read Born at Midnight! I just havent had the time to go and buy it. And people are teasing me about how good it is!!! Gotta go in the next week or so!!!

  3. Sounds really fun. 🙂 Are we allowed to send in more than one picture? Or would you like us to keep it to just one?

    • Wendy Z,

      I’m going to allow everyone to send two of each if they like. But I’m letting everyone know that I will probably only choose one per person because I want to give as many people a chance to win as possible. However, as I stated earlier, if the videos/photos are really good, I may do a second video and could use the other one then.



  4. mom won’t let me post anything, but i have posted on several other websites that people should read the shadow falls books.

    i also suggest the House of Night books by P. C. Cast

    they are about vampires. i LOVE vampires!

    there are 3 problems with the book (in my eyes)
    1. the auther spells vampires like this: vampyres-that bothers me
    2. the second book made me cry- just a little warning
    3. i can’t put it down 🙂

    i hope this helps all you book addicts 🙂

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