C.C. Hunter Interviews her Character Kylie Galen

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CC Hunter Sits Down with her Character, Kylie Galen

“Hi, Kylie.  Come on in and sit down,” I say when she appears at the door.

Kylie stops at the entrance and looks around.  “What is this place?”

“It’s my mind,” I tell her.

“It’s eerie.”  She shivers and looks at all the dark, shadowy nooks, places where I keep plot ideas, plots gone wrong, plots on hold, or pieces of scenes that I haven’t quite developed.

“It’s not always eerie,” I say.  “But I guess a lot of stuff happens here.”

“Yeah!  Eerie stuff.”  She moves in and hugs herself.  Sitting down on the large tan, butter-soft leather sofa, she stares off in one corner.

“Who’s that?”  She nods to her right.

I follow her gaze.  “Oh, that’s nobody.  Just someone I killed.  I thought I’d keep him for a while until I figure out exactly how he died.”

“You don’t know how he died?  But you just said you killed him.”

“Well, I didn’t really kill him.  I let someone else do it.  I don’t like getting my hands bloody.  But now I have to figure out how it happened.”

“Seriously?”  She shakes her head.  “Do you ever worry about yourself?”

I pause and think about it.  “Sometimes.  But hey…I always end a story on a happy note.”

She makes a face at me.  “Really?  He doesn’t look too happy.”

“True,” I admit and decide to think about that later.

“Why am I here?” she asks, still hugging herself.

“Because Reggie the blogger wanted me to interview you.”  I try to get comfortable and ignore the dead guy, who is now seriously beginning to freak me out as well as Kylie.

“I don’t like being here too much,” she says.


“It reminds me of being on Dr. Day’s couch.  The shrink my mom sent me to because I started seeing ghosts.”

“You didn’t like the doctor?” I ask.

“I thought she was a flake.  Come to find out, she’s just a fairy.”  Kylie continues to look around.  “Can I ask you something?”

I lean forward and my chair squeaks.  “I think I’m the one who’s supposed to be asking you questions.”

“Humor me,” she says and when I nod, she continues.  “What’s up with the eagle and snake thing that happened today?”

“Oh, that?  Well, you’ll figure it out later.  Besides, we can’t really talk about that right now.”

“Why not?” Kylie asks.

“Because that happens in book three, Taken at Dusk.  And that book doesn’t come out until 2012, so we don’t want to spoil anything for the readers.  We have to talk about things that happened in book one, Born at Midnight”

“Okay,” she says, not sounding happy.  “So what questions do you have?”   Then she frowns.  “Wait.  You created me.  Which means you know my answers.  Why do you even have to ask me anything?”

“I don’t know all the answers,” I say and point to the dead body.  “In a weird way, you’re like him.  I haven’t figured you out yet.  And even if I had, you don’t always do what I say.  For example, what if I told you that tomorrow you’re going to kick both Lucas and Derek to the curb and start falling for Burnett or Perry.”

“Are you nuts?” Kylie asked.  “Burnett?  I mean, he’s totally hot, but he’s way too old for me.  And you know sooner or later, he and Holiday are going to get over their pasts and hook up.  As for Perry?  Please, he is so not my type.  Besides, I wouldn’t want to hurt Miranda, or tick her off.  That pinky finger of hers can throw some pretty wild curses now that she’s gotten a better handle on her dyslexia.  And what if she messes up?  Don’t you remember what she did to Socks, my cat, in book two?”

I grin.  “Yeah, that was pretty funny.  But don’t you see my point?  You don’t always do what I tell you.  I might have created you, given you a past, and a basic belief system, but you don’t do everything I want you to do.  Sometimes you tell me what going to happen next.”

“I do most of what you want.  I only reject the stupid stuff, the stuff that doesn’t make sense.”

“That’s true,” I say.  “As a character, you’re pretty easy to work with.  But let’s get back to the questions.  The one I know everyone wants me to ask you.  Who do you want to end up with at the end of the series?  Derek or Lucas?”

“That’s not a fair question,” Kylie insists.  “I mean . . . right now, I’m really hurt by Derek and I like Lucas . . . a lot, but you know the thing that keeps me from totally falling for him.”

“What thing?” I ask.

“Don’t you remember what his grandmother told me?”  Kylie suddenly jumps back.  “Did you see that?”  She waves at the dead guy.  “He’s not dead.  He just moved.”

I feel my heart drop as I look over in the corner.  “He can’t be alive.”  My breath catches as I watch the man I thought was dead stand up and glare at me.

“Yes, he is!”  Kylie scoots down the sofa, farther away from my scene in process.  “Please tell me you’re not going to put him in my book?  I do not want him at Shadow Falls!  Put him in one of those other books you write!”

“I haven’t decided what book he’s going in yet,” I tell her as the presumed dead guy walks away.  I look back at Kylie.  “You know what, I should probably go follow that man and see what’s happening.”

“Do I have to stay here?” she asks and looks around frowning, as if not liking my mind.

“Nah, you can back to your scene in chapter four.”

I start out and I hear her say…”By the way, I don’t like the whole eagle and snake thing.”

I look back over my shoulder.  “Yeah, I know.  And I’m sorry about that but it’s staying in the book.  It’s what writers do.  We create scenes that force our characters to deal with things they’d rather not deal with.  It’s called conflict.”  Then I rush out to catch up with my dead guy who isn’t dead.  Hmm, I might be able to use this…could someone come back alive?  However, I guess I’d better end this interview now.

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27 thoughts on “C.C. Hunter Interviews her Character Kylie Galen

  1. COOL!(albeit a little weird) but cool! haha so many hints about the next few books i’m totally having the shadow falls hype again!! So does Derek piss her off in book 2 or 3? Does that mean that there would be more Lucas and Kylie scenes in book 2? cant wait cant wait! great series! Cheers C.C.!

    By the way, is this contest for international peeps?
    PS. You have a real quirky but awesome mind there!

    Greetings from Singapore!:)

  2. That was great! You definitely have a wonderful imagination! I loved the hints! Can’t wait to read the next books to see what happens!

  3. OMG…I am only on Chapter 12 of Born at Midnight! I have read all of your Christie Craig books and now I am getting hooked on your Shadow Falls series! Your mind is so quirky and smart, I LOVE what is created there and shared with me! I cannot wait for the next books to show up!!

  4. OMG! So many clues! I can’t wait to read what comes next. BTW, I think your mind sounds awesome. Artists always have amazing minds… and I love how they express what’s on their mind!

      • Hi Wendy,

        Yes, I will make this international, but I’m not sure if the B&N giftcard is good everywhere. But if the winner is not where the gift card will work, I will offer the winner a copy of Awake at Dawn when I get my copies. That will be in October.


  5. That interview was amazing. The way you gave hints at whats going to happen in the next two books just made me really excited to read the books (even more). Your imagination is FANTASTIC. The way you create your books, and the way you just drag your readers into your books is AMAZING! 🙂

  6. Cool!!! I read Born At Midnight and I can’t wait for Awake At Dawn!! I’m so excited!! The interview was very funny at times and gave me more hints on what’s going to happen in the next book. You have a great imagination when you write your books. Hope mines just as good.

  7. So cool! Kylie is exactly as I would have imagined. And I’m glad that the dead guy was not Derek or Lucas.

    I’m also glad to know that your characters don’t always listen to you.

    Can’t wait for Awake at Dawn!

  8. Thanks for little hints. Awesome interveiw it was a little weird but i liked it. Can’t wait to find out what the snake and eagle thing is about. love your books. Born at midnight was amazing. Can’t wait till october i keep drving my parents crazy about it. 😛

  9. LOL. That was funny. If you do end up putting that dead guy into your series, I would be interested in you interviewing her again. Hehe. I really liked this interview, I liked how there were hints about the future.

    I can’t wait for the second book!

    Thanks~ 🙂

  10. that was great, especially with the dead guy in the corner! cant’t wait to find out what happens to socks in book 3!

  11. Hi guys!

    Thank you everyone for stopping in today. I’m glad you guys like the interview and are enjoying the hints. Poor Kylie, my mind is scary place. LOL.

    Have a great day guys!


  12. LOL! Poor Kylie but hey, I’m guessing she agreed to this interview. ^^ I enjoyed this interview, it’s quite different. Now I’m just curious about this whole “whole eagle and snake thing.” Can’t wait for Awake at Dawn! 🙂

  13. Haha I loved this interview, very fun! Can’t wait for Awake at Dawn! Although the fact that Kylie is mad at Derek makes me sad 🙁 I also want to find out what she means about Lucas & the eagle & snake thing, this interview definitely intrigued me!

  14. Hey C.C.,
    WOW That is an interesting mind you have there thank you for letting us fans get a sneak peak inside your head and the books. I am so ecstatic about reading your second and third book. I can not wait I am counting the days! Are you starting on book four? By get a sneak peak in the books I can already tell the books will be Awesome and a delightful way to spend my day just reading. I Love to read. Lucas I think he is such a sweet heart like in book one; when he walks with his grandma on parents day. Derek is so adorable with his mom. Why did you have to make this boys so beloved? i am just kidding I love the Lucas and Derek the way they are so don’t change them. I fear I don’t know who she should be that I am in a conundrum and I am sure kyle is too. I don’t want the boys to go away any time soon and I hope that kyle will be able to chose who she wants to be with that maybe writing more book will help her chose.
    Love Always, Lily

  15. Wonderful interview. It’s the first time I’ve read an author’s interview of their own character, but it was very entertaining. I am already incredibly fond of the Shadow Falls series. The suspense created by your well written, completely engrossing story is rather difficult to overcome, though. I am not sure I can wait for October, much less 2012.
    Looking forward to what comes next,
    J. B.

  16. Wow, amazing interview. It really inspired me with the books im working on, Glad to know my mind isnt the only one with unused charcters and scenes…I read Born at Midnight and can’t wait to read the 2nd and 3rd book. To be honest i think my favorite thing about writing is that you don’t know what your charcters are gonna do next, when you think them up you don’t quite realize they already have a mind and agenda of their own..lol.

  17. Lol, love the interview, love Kylie and of course love you C.C!! You’re the best! FYI, I’m dying here waiting for the next book. Love the book from the first page. It just caught me! The second book was amazing like the first one, it really hurt my heart(!) when Derek breaking up with Kylie, wait… like what Della said, they werent even going out, so I dont know if breaking up is the right word… hmm.. Anyway, I love both Derek and Lucas. I dont know I’m Team Derek or Team Lucas. Really though descision, it’s like picking “Who’s hotter? Zac Efron or Rob Pattinson?!” But in the second book, I definately go for Team Derek. Untill, the break up and Lucas came back. The question again dancing in my head, “Team Derek? or Team Lucas?” Haha. But, you know, I really want to see a third guy involve. Not hooking up with Kylie, but just helping Kylie to figure out what she is and.. I don’t know, make Derek and Lucas jealous? I really want to know how they react.. 😛 So.. really looking forward of what comes next. Cant wait cant wait!

    Whole lot of love from Asia~

  18. OMGs, I love your book series so darn much. It is AMAZING!!!!!! I have read it three times now and will definitely be reading it over again. I loved your interview with Kylie and thought the dead err non-dead living guy in the corner was a great touch. I am kind of wondering what book of your’s he ended up in. I am so very happy with who she ends up with at the end of the series and that she still stayed friends with the other one of them. Have a great day.


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