Why C.C. Hunter Chose to Write about Ghosts

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Why C.C. Hunter Chose to Write about Ghosts

In my book Born At Midnight, Kylie Galen has a problem.  Well, actually, she has a lot of problems. None of them are her fault, either.  We writers do that to our characters sometimes . . . We overload them with issues. It’s not easy being a fictional character. On the other hand, it’s not easy coming up with all those issues for our characters to overcome, either.

But let’s face it, issues and problems are what make books and characters special.  If a character had a perfect life, she would be perfectly boring.  Then you readers wouldn’t be happy.  So I give my characters plenty of problems just to make you, the readers, happy.  So Kylie can’t get mad at me, it’s you, the readers, she can blame for all the crap that happens to her.  LOL.  And for sure, Kylie’s got her share of issues.  As the book opens, one problem sticks out more than others–she’s acquired a stalker.

Not just any stalker, either.  He’s a very odd man wearing army garb.  He just stands there and stares at her, all spooky-like.

She didn’t think things could get any crazier, but she’s wrong. When she finally points out this freaky stalker to her mom, Kylie’s life goes to hell in a hand basket.  You see, her mom can’t see the stalker. Kylie is certain her mom has lost it.  Ahh, but Kylie’s wrong again.

Kylie doesn’t know it yet, but she’s seeing ghosts.  When I first started plotting Born At Midnight, I knew I’d have vampires, shape-shifters, werewolves, witches, and faes, but I wasn’t about to let an opportunity go by without adding a few ghosts to the mix.

Why ghosts?  Basically, I’m a big fan of ghosts and ghost stories.  I like the stories that make my skin turn ultra sensitive–stories that, when I’m reading them and hear a creaky floorboard or a whisper, I practically jump out of that ultra sensitive skin.  You see, to me, ghosts are scarier than vampires and werewolves.  My reasoning is simple. I believe in ghosts. Seen one actually, but I’ve yet to run across a vampire or bump elbows with a werewolf.  Not that several of my vamps and weres in my series don’t scare the crap out of me.  But on my personal fear scale, ghosts win out.

Now about that ghost I saw.  I was young and my mom and dad assured me I’d been dreaming, but I didn’t buy it then, and I’m not completely buying it now.

I’d just turned ten, and I woke up one night to find my great grandmother hovering over me—again. At eighty plus years, she walked hunched over and therefore she always gave off the sense of hovering over you. Granted, she was the hovering type, and never minded telling you what she liked or didn’t like about how the world had come to be.  But that night, the experience was different.

You see, she’d been dead for about a week.  And when I say hovering, I mean floating.  She was wearing a long white gossamer gown that had lots of material that almost appeared to be several layers of wraithlike material, and it flowed around her so much it looked as if she didn’t have feet.  She said she just wanted to let me know she was okay. And yeah, being young, I had been a bit worried about the whole death thing.  Then she told me that someday I’d have to give up the rags I called clothes (she hated the new fashions we young girls wore) and I’d be wearing a gown just like hers.

Yes, it scared me.  Mainly because I really didn’t want to give up my clothes, and as pretty as her gown was, I didn’t think it was all that cool. Then there was the other fear.  Granny was dead, so how could she be hovering over my bed?  But in spite of the fear, seeing her also fascinated me.  And ever since, I’ve longed to write a ghost story. Born at Midnight just seemed like my opportunity.

So what about you guys?  Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you ever felt that eerie feeling that someone from the other side is close by?

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13 thoughts on “Why C.C. Hunter Chose to Write about Ghosts

  1. I say I don’t belive in ghosts or vamps or warewolves or anything… but last week I was at my cousins and something fell in the kitchen and then his dog went in there and started barking -because, you know.. little kids and dogs are supposed to be able to see ghosts- and I was close by so I ran away because I had a creepy feeling… this happens a lot… if I have a feeling, I do what it tells me to do. And I’ll keep on telling people that I don’t believe in ghosts and I’ll keep on telling myself – after I finish writing this- that I don’t believe in ghosts, but deep down, I think I know that… I believe, because you’re not scared of something that you don’t believe in…

  2. Wendy, your last line is so true; we aren’t afraid of things we don’t believe in. I’m terrified of ghosts. I have a firm belief in them because I’ve had several close encounters (well, ghosts & demons, but that’s something I really don’t want to get into). They’re very real. In fact, the house I’m in now is haunted by a crotchety old man and a little girl. My boys like playing with the girl. The old man lives in the basement, though he can be heard on the stairs going into the attic. *shudder* yeah, I definitely believe.

    • Wow is good that they don’t harm any of you, yeah that’s good yet a little scary seeing your kids playing with the dead huh? :).

  3. I’ve never felt like there was a ghost near me but I like to believe that their real. This is because I absolutely love the paranormal. Most of the books I read are about the paranormal :ghosts, werewolves, vampires, fae, ect. I also like to believe that ghosts are here to protect us. Like in your book, Kylie’s ghost dad protects her. So, I do believe that ghosts exist.

  4. Haha, I actually don’t believe in ghosts or the supernatural. I often wish it were true and occasionally when I’m scared I think they’re real. But there was this one time, when I used to have parakeets as pets. I had 3–1 for each of my siblings and me. One escaped–the one we gave to our cousin. And…2 died. After a few years when my sisters and I were watching horror movies *on Halloween* we heard a familiar chirping from the basement (where our pets used to reside). It sounded exactly like the ways our pet bird used to chirp. We were so freaked out, because I read in books that the dead are more active on Halloween night!! We were too chicken to go down the basement unless we were together. Ahh..silly us. But, I still don’t believe in ghost, hehe, even though I will still be suspicious and paranoid after every horror story and strange sounds.

  5. When I was a little younger my cousin called me because they were seeing weird shadows “walking” past the pool table, me be sceptic like I am just played along and walked down to her house to comfort her. To my disbelief I did see the same white shadow she seen and to this day I still believe in ghosts

  6. Hi C.C. is cool that you let some secrets out, something like this knowing that a lot of people don’t believe this. Well I do… I actually believe in a lot of things ; but talking about ghost, yes I believe in them, I can sense them, smell them and talk to them, everything but seeing them like seeing a normal person is hard, because I told them I was not prepared to see them and well because is scary but even like that I see them sometimes ;).

  7. i believe in ghosts. i believe in a lot of things: aliens, big foot, nessie, and ghosts. i previusly lived in a haunted house. the ghost likes music, he would mess around with the radio. once my mom told him to stop he turned the radio off and never toyed with it again. there are several other insidents, but this is the one that stands out the most to me: my mom saw a little girl’s reflection in the window, so she turned around and asked me what i wanted… it wasn’t me. in fact, no one was there! she told my dad and he didn’t believe her at first, till he saw her too! for this to make sense you should know, that window is so high that my 6 foot ish uncle can’t even look through it from the outside. so the LITTLE girl being on the outside is out of the question.

    i watch a lot of ghost shows. LOVE ghosts. i also believe that some ghost are here to help us, but to help you they need to help you with something. hense my good ghosts vs. evil ghosts theory. and then there are those that need our help.

  8. When I was four I saw my first ghost. I woke up to use the bathroom. I kept the bathroom door opened because it was so dark. I was doing my business when a man was just out of no where in front of the opened door looking at me. He had a white beard and a white colared shirt with jeans. I didnt scream because I didnt know if he was real or not. For 3 minutes I think it was, he just stared at me and then walked away in to my brothers room. I ran to my room and didnt go to sleep all night. For 3 years I was to scared to use the bathroom with out some one staying outside the door. I`m 13 and still remember that till today. I dont think I`ll ever forget. My mom`s always told me it was my imagination or a dream but then why at the bathroom and why a man. I was four my imagination was about fairies and witches and dolls ( which I hate dolls). I was to younge to know the intentions of a grown man back then. But now I know why he went in my brothers` room and why he just stared at me using the bathroom. I know, a little to much coming from a 13 year old Rhode Islander but I’m telling the truth and no one believes me. I’ve always believed in ghost and will never live in a house alone because of them.

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