Six New Questions, with Answers

Several months ago, I did an interview with the folks over at Get Lost in a Story.  They sent me a lot of questions to answer and asked me to pick and choose the ones I wanted to answer.  Now, honestly, they were all such great questions, I wanted to answer them all . . . but then, the interview would have probably taken readers a week or so to read because it would have been so long.  LOL.

Anyway, here are some of the questions I didn’t answer.  If you’d like to see the original interview, here’s the link.

Hope you enjoy!


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1.          What was the first story you remember writing?

C.C.:  When I was in the third grade, I wrote a story about a little red shoe.  It was a great story – for a third grader – and it won a school competition.

2.          What’s your favorite movie of all time?

C.C.”  I can’t just choose one.  Sorry.  So . . . I’ll go with classics like While You Were Sleeping and Bird On a Wire.  Then I have to say I love Die Hard, and all the Lethal Weapon series.  I love romance, humor and suspense, all rolled into one.

3.          Be honest, when reading 1st person…do you miss the hero’s POV?

C.C.:  Yes, I do miss the hero’s POV.  But there are people who write in first person who are excellent at giving insight to what other people are thinking without ever going into that character’s POV.  So, there are authors out there who do it very well, and I am in awe of their talent and skill.  I try really hard when I write in first person to give my readers insight into the secondary characters.

4.          What do you do to unwind and relax?

C.C.:  I love to walk along the beach.  Love to sip a good glass of Cabernet.  Love to lunch with my girlfriends.  And laugh.  We are big laughers in my household.

5.          What is something that not a lot of people know about you but you WISH more people COULD know?

C.C.:  Hmm.  I guess I’d say that I still can’t believe I’m a writer.  To me, being a successful writer makes me feel as if I stumbled across a pot of gold.   Don’t get me wrong, I worked my tushy off.  I’m dyslexic and writing is hard, but at times this feels like a dream come true and I wonder how I got so lucky.

6.          Do you read reviews of your books? If so, do you pay any attention to them, or let them influence your writing?

C.C.:  I do read them, and I often do a Google search to find the latest ones.  And I get yelled at by some of my critique partners for doing it, too, but I can’t seem to help myself.  I’ll admit that when I stumble across a bad review, it stings.  However, I’ve always been of the frame of mind that to become better writers, we have to be able to take the criticism, and apply it to our skills.  However, to learn from criticism, we have to be able to distinguish the difference between valid criticism and nonsense.  And then we have to accept that our stories, our writing voice, may not appeal to everyone.  Our taste for books is sort of like our love of ice cream.  Some people love chocolate mint flavor, and some only want vanilla. I know I have friends who recommend books to me because they love, love them.  And when I try to read them, they don’t appeal to me.  It isn’t because it’s a bad book, it’s because it simply didn’t appeal to me.  So I have to accept that my books aren’t going to appeal to everyone.  There is no way I’m going make every reader happy.  My goal is write the best book I can, that will resonate with the most fans possible.



Okay…guys!  Picking a winner for the name contest was sooo hard.  But I did pick.  I put all the names I liked in a hat and then drew out the name with the name of the person who suggested it. 

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For a boy name I liked Hayden.  And I think the Hayden Casey was the first person to suggest it.  And I believe Maricela also suggested it.  So . . . thank you guys so much!  And if you will send me your address, I’ll send you guys a little something in the mail for being my winners.  And thank you to everyone who offered up names.  You guys are great!!!

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An Interview with Derek and Lucas

NOTE: This interview with Lucas and Derek previously appeared at the Bewitched Bookworms blog.  If you’ve never visited them before, you definitely owe it to yourself to head over there and read some of their awesome blog posts!

Now . . . on with the interview

* * *

Hey boys *blushes*, glad you had the time to come here and answer some questions.

… and please guys, behave yourself while you’re here…

Let me start with an easy question for both of you, how would you describe Kylie? Just tell us how you see her with your eyes…

“First, if there are any behavior problems, it’s won’t be on my end,” Derek says with a smile.  “My kind isn’t known for being trouble makers.”

Lucas grimaces.  “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Hey, it’s not a slam.  It’s just the truth.”

Lucas shrugs, but doesn’t look happy.

Derek continues, “If you really want to know more about how I see Kylie, you might want to go over to C.C. Hunter’s website and read the scene written from my point of view.  It won’t be up until March 29th, though – C.C. Hunter is holding out until Born at Midnight’s official release.  But here’s the link to the Special Content page – Link.

“There’s actually one from my Point of View, too,” Lucas says.  “As you probably know, Kylie and I have a history.”

Derek ignores Lucas and continues talking.  “But to answer the question, I know what you expect me to say.  That’s she’s hot.   And she is, but . . . well, her looks aren’t all that she’s got going for her.  She’s . . . different and special.  She feels more, and cares more deeply about everything.  I know because I can read her emotions.  I feel what she feels. We share that special bond.  So I understand her.  More than most people,” he adds and cuts a quick glance back at Lucas.

“So you can really read what she feels?” Lucas asks.  “Interesting.  So tell me, how does she feel about me?”  His gaze is bold as if he’s sure about where he stands with Kylie.

“Honestly?”  Derek just stares at Lucas, as if hiding his own emotions.  “You scare the shit out of her.  That’s how she feels.”

Lucas tucks a hand into his jeans and just a bit of his confidence seems to fade.  “Maybe in the beginning but I think that’s changed,” He says and pauses for a moment before continuing.  “As for how I would describe Kylie, that’s easy.  She’s like an angel.  Always has been.  I knew her when she was six and she was even beautiful then.  She’s also a puzzle.  Not the kind that drives you crazy, but the kind you just keep coming back to because, more than anything, you want to figure it out.  And yeah, maybe she’s is a little scared of me, but deep down she knows that I’d do anything to protect her.  Anything.”

“Like I wouldn’t?” Derek asks.

Okay…I think we should move on. Derek, how do you like being at Shadow Falls?

He hesitates for a few moments.  “Well, honestly, I was dreading it.  But when I met Kylie that changed.  Everything changed.”

Lucas rolls his eyes.  “Give me a break.”

“We share a bond, like I said.”  Derek shrugs.  “Of course, it’s not something I would expect a werewolf to understand.”

Lucas scowled but doesn’t say anything.

And, if you’d have the choice, Derek, would you rather be normal instead of being a Faerie *oppps* sorry – I mean Fey..

Derek frowns.  “I had my reasons for not really wanting to be a Fae.  But they’re personal.  After being at Shadow Falls, things have changed, like I said.  I’ve changed.  I think Shadow Falls changes everyone in one way or another.  Now, I see the good I can do with my gifts.  As a matter of fact, my gifts actually saved Kylie’s life.”  He cuts his eyes at Lucas again.

Why should Kylie choose you instead of Lucas?

Derek continues to look at Lucas.  “I think Kylie will eventually see who she needs to choose.  Look,” he says, “it’s not even about one of us being better.  It’s about who’s right for her.  And with my ability to know her feelings, let’s just say that gives me an edge.  I share her emotions and I can be there for her.”

Lucas, thanks for your patience while I was talking to Derek… So, how is it for you being a Werewolf?

His dark brows pinch a little.  “How is it?” The question seems to have frustrated him, or maybe it was Derek’s last remark.  “It’s normal.  I’ve never been anything but this.  I mean, I could ask you how it feels being human.  Would you be able to explain it?”  He pauses.  “Yeah, I know some people think we’re anti-social.  We’re not.  We just care deeply about those in our circles, those in our packs.  A guess you could say we’re selective about who we let get close.  But what’s wrong with that?”

“A hell of a lot is wrong with it,” Derek says. Then as if realizing he’s interrupting he says, “Sorry.  .”

Lucas rolls his eyes again.

What kind of girl do you like? What does a girl need to have to catch your interest?

(maybe you like blond girls *blushes* ?!)

Lucas arches a brow, and looks a tad embarrassed by the question.  “Well, Kylie caught my interest.  She’s blond.  But as much as I hate admitting it, Derek’s right about her being special.  It’s more than just her looks.  It’s who she is and I think that’s what attracts guys.  Okay, sure a pretty girl will catch our eyes.  We’re males and that’s normal, but it’s not going to keep us interested too long if there’s not something more.”

Last but not least: Why should Kylie choose you?

“Because as much as Derek would like to think he understands her better, it can’t compare to how Kylie and I share a past.  We met years ago, and we bonded.  I’ve never forgotten her, never stopped looking for her in a crowd of people.  And now that I found her again, I’m not . . .  Let’s just say that I won’t go down easy.  Sure, if Kylie chooses him, I’m not going to beg. Werewolves don’t do that.  But I don’t think I have too much to worry about.”

Thanks boys for your patience, I appreciate your time and…. *clears throat* ..uhm Lucas?

I always wanted to feel if a werewolf’s fur is soft.. would…. you ..uhm ..maybe shift and *blushes* let me touch your fur???

Lucas raises a shoulder and a slight smile appears in his eyes.  “Not that I’m not flattered, but it might be safer to pet the fairy over there?”  Lucas glances at Derek who doesn’t look happy.  “You see,” Lucas continues, “when I turn, I’m not as sociable as I am in this form.  Besides, I wouldn’t want to hurt my chances with Kylie.”


A Few Questions from Awesome Sauce Book Club

Happy Tuesday!  Today, I’m posting another set of my favorite questions from blogger interviews.  These came from Amber at Awesome Sauce Book Club.  You can read the entire interview here –

1.   What was the first book you remember reading and totally falling in love with?

C.C.:  Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White.  I don’t know why but that book really resonated with me.  Maybe it’s because I’m a romantic at heart, but I sort of looked at the as a love story between Charlotte and Wilbur.  Hey, what can I say?  I’ve always been a sucker for cross-species romances.

2.   Where you always a reader?

C.C.:  Well, no.  I’m dyslexic, and I was probably in the third grade before I could really read.  But, trust me, I’ve more than made up for lost time.  LOL.

3.   If you could meet an author alive or dead who would you pick?

C.C.:  Hmm.  That’s a good question.  I suppose I’d pick E.B. White just so I could tell him how much I loved his book.  And, yeah, I’d probably ask if he wrote it as an inter-species romance.  LOL.

4.   If you could save one person from dying in a book who would you pick?

C.C.:  Yikes, okay…just a bit of self-promotion here, but probably the Shadow Falls character who dies in book three, Taken at Dusk.  I’m gonna cry so hard when I write that scene.  But his or her death does serve a purpose, as all deaths in books do.  Even though I know it has to happen, it still makes me a little sad.  [Note from C.C.:  I have since finished the book.  And I did cry – buckets! – when this character died.]

Some Quick Questions:

Hard cover or paperback?

C.C.:  Paperback.

Book or some form of e reader?

C.C.:  Book.  I read in the bathtub and I’d be too afraid I’d drop the eReader.  LOL.

Books stored on bookshelf or wherever there is room?

C.C.:  Wherever and everywhere.  Trust me, if you saw my office, you would know what I mean.  LOL.


Be My Star Contest – More Info

Hi, Guys,

I’ve received a lot of emails asking me for more information on the Be My Star Contest, so I thought I would do this quick update.

To enter the contest, you need to do the following:

1.      Complete the Release Form (signed by your parents if you are under 18) and mail it to me at:

C. C. Hunter
P.O. Box 11178
Spring, TX   77391-1178

2.     Send me a PG-13 rated 30-second video clip OR a single photo with caption that illustrates one of the following:

a.     Why you love my Shadow Falls series

b.     Why you are on Team Lucas or Team Derek

c.     Why you think people should read my Shadow Falls series.

3.     Make sure you get your signed release form and photo or video to me by the deadline, September 1st.

That’s it.  You can do this as a solo project or you can get together with a friend and create something together.  Be creative and have fun.

To give you an idea of how a photograph with caption would work, take a look at the following pics:

“Nothing makes me happier than a Christie Craig novel.”


“I’ve never laughed so hard!”

“Even my cat loves this book!”


“I stayed up all night reading this book!”

Good luck!


My New York Adventure

Hi, Guys,

I’m back home from the Romance Writers of America annual confererence in New York City.  As always, I had a blast – I got to spend time with old friends, make new friends, talk shop with my editor and my agent and even got to meet a few readers at the autographing.  One thing about these writing conferences, they give us a lot of opportunities to party.  (And I’ve never been one to pass up a good party!)  Like I said, I had a blast . . . even if I did almost get turned into an attractive hood ornament for a speeding taxicab.  (Hey, I wouldn’t have to get in the streets if they’d pull over!)

So, that’s how I spent my pre-Fourth of July.  What about you?  Did you take a mini vacation?  Have a scary encounter with a taxicab?  (Seriously.  I nearly ended up a hood ornament!)  Come on, share.  I’d love to hear your traveling stories.