My New York Adventure

Hi, Guys,

I’m back home from the Romance Writers of America annual confererence in New York City.  As always, I had a blast – I got to spend time with old friends, make new friends, talk shop with my editor and my agent and even got to meet a few readers at the autographing.  One thing about these writing conferences, they give us a lot of opportunities to party.  (And I’ve never been one to pass up a good party!)  Like I said, I had a blast . . . even if I did almost get turned into an attractive hood ornament for a speeding taxicab.  (Hey, I wouldn’t have to get in the streets if they’d pull over!)

So, that’s how I spent my pre-Fourth of July.  What about you?  Did you take a mini vacation?  Have a scary encounter with a taxicab?  (Seriously.  I nearly ended up a hood ornament!)  Come on, share.  I’d love to hear your traveling stories.



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