Okay…guys!  Picking a winner for the name contest was sooo hard.  But I did pick.  I put all the names I liked in a hat and then drew out the name with the name of the person who suggested it. 

I picked Ava for a girl name.  And I believe the first person to suggest it was Kaylan Crider and I think Telia Williams also suggested it. 

For a boy name I liked Hayden.  And I think the Hayden Casey was the first person to suggest it.  And I believe Maricela also suggested it.  So . . . thank you guys so much!  And if you will send me your address, I’ll send you guys a little something in the mail for being my winners.  And thank you to everyone who offered up names.  You guys are great!!!

And I picked two winners from my newsletter list this month: Pixie Lynn Whitfield and Misty Sanders

If you guys will contact me via my email address:  cc (at)  And send me your snail mail address I’ll send you some small surprises in the mail. 

I also want to remind you to send in you videos and photos for my, Be My Star Contest.  I’m not getting a lot of entries, so you have a very good chance of getting in.  And the prizes are awesome.  So do it!!!


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