Almost Here…

It’s coming.  I swear, it’s coming soon.  The release of Awake at Dawn is less than six weeks away now.  Below are just a few more teasers about what’s going on in Awake at Dawn, book 2 of my Shadow Falls series.


Five Things Kylie Doesn’t like in Awake at Dawn:

1.  Derek keeping things to himself.  (Didn’t they used to tell each other everything?)

2.  Anyone picking on her mom.  (Wanna see Kylie finally get mad?  You will when someone threatens her mother.)

3.  Having dreams she doesn’t understand.  (Is someone messing with Kylie’s dreams?  Is that someone a hot werewolf named Lucas?)

4.  Rude werewolves.  (And it’s not just Fredericka this time.)

5.  Anyone accusing her friends of doing bad things that they didn’t do.  (No one is perfect, but she refuses to believe someone she loves could do terrible things.)





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