Five Things Kylie worries about in Awake at Dawn

October 11th is getting closer.  (And, yes, I’m still staring at the Countdown Clock on my website.)  I’m starting to set up some booksignings, as well as library and school events for the month of October to celebrate the release of Awake at Dawn, book 2 of my Shadow Falls series.   As if that won’t keep me busy enough , I’m also going to be doing a final polish of Taken at Dusk, book three in the next few weeks.

So, for today’s blog, I thought I’d do something a little different.  To get you feeling as excited about Awake at Dawn’s release as I am, I thought I’d share with you five questions that concern Kylie in Awake at Dawn.

Now, I can’t give you the answers to these five questions – well, not yet anyway.  I promise you they will be all explained in Awake at Dawn.  So, get your imaginations all fired up and read the five things that worries Kylie most in AAD.  Feel free to share your guesses about the answers in the comments section.

Have a great day, guys!



1)       Why does blood suddenly taste so good?

2)       What does her dreams about Lucas really mean?

3)       If some of the supernaturals can hear her heart beat and others can read her emotions, can they also tell what she’s feeling whenever Derek gets close to her?

4)       What will she find out when she finally makes it to the waterfalls?  And who is it that she spies behind that wall of water?

5)       Will Holiday and Burnett, and Miranda and Della, ever stop fighting?

9 thoughts on “Five Things Kylie worries about in Awake at Dawn

  1. Here are some thought I think could happen in the next book. I hope you like it.
    First of all Kylie is special. Maybe all supernatural develop a taste for blood; and they all have different forms of blood lust. As for the dream Kylie is having about Lucas maybe she is having visions and she able to see in the future or she must really love him. Also I think Kylie is adjusting to her powers and what she can really do. I think she will discover more thing about herself that might scare her or maybe in lighten her.( so Kylie is adapting.) Thirdly I think some of the other supernatural people can sense her and hear her heartbeat and read her feeling for Derek when she close to him. When Kylie ends up in the water falls I think she will see the shadow death angels, because they are ghost and she can see them. She also said she feels she is being call to the falls and it must be for a reason.(In Born At Midnight I read) I think who might be spying on Kylie is those vampires who were trying to kill her. Or Lucas making sure she is safe because he can’t be with her at the moment. Lastly I think Holiday and Burnett will not stop fighting (ugh why can’t they go out already?) I think they both love each other. Miranda and Della might have get a long better in the second book it does not mean they don’t have little fight every once in a while.(They are not perfect.) I can not wait for Awaken At Dusk. I Love Love your book C.C.

  2. I just read born at midnight and thought it was soooo good and now i know that awake at dawn is coming out and i dont think i can keep my excitment inside but i guess thats okay and i hope everyone who loved the first book will also love the second book and also the third one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oooh god… i’m brazilian and i’m REALLY excited to read AAD! but i’m sure it will take a loooooooooong time till i have the book translated.. so I think i’ll read it in English anyways… =)) does anyone in here know a site where I can read it online? pleeeeease, i’m totally crazy for AAD! and hey! who do you think kylie should stay with? Lucas or Derek? :S

  4. cant wait for awake at dawn to be released in NEW ZEALAND because i loved born at midnight that book was on me until i finished it

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