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It’s back to school time.  And I’m sure you guys have been thinking about what you’re going to wear when you return to class.    Well, the school year is about to start for Kylie, too.  And we’re going shopping for some new clothes.  The good thing about shopping for characters is that I don’t have to bring my credit card. Nope.  I just look at the different outfits and decide what she would like.  Then in the next scene, I play dress up.  But Kylie and I are different people, different ages, and we have different style preferences.   So I need your help.  What kind of outfits should Kylie wear?  I see Kylie as a girl who appreciates the basics.  Like lots of jeans and tank tops, or a simple black dress.  But hey every girl wants to look good and feel good in her clothes.  So help me out and give me some outfit tips.

These are from A’Gaci:

These are from the 15 Dollar Store:

So what do you think?


12 thoughts on “Going Shopping

  1. Ooh ooh, what about that brown pants from A’Gaci and the last shirt on the right from the 15 dollar shop? I think the shirt’s cutting is cute, and the colors are vibrant. Plus that sandals the bottom right girl is wearing from A’Gaci?

    But I think the pants are a little too formal? If it is then maybe some jeans would be nicer..

  2. I like outfits 1 & 2 (left to right) from the A’Gaci store and I also like the gray trousers maybe with the tank top (2nd from left to right) from the $15 dollar store.

    This was fun!

  3. I like outfits 1 & 3 (left to right) from the A’Gaci store and I also like the gray trousers maybe with the tank top (2nd from left to right) from the $15 dollar store.

    This was fun!

  4. I could see her in any of them but I think outfits 1 & 2 from A’Gaci (left to right) and the 2nd top from the 15 dollar store i could see her in the most.

  5. I could see her wearing the third shirt/dress from the 15 Dollar store with a pair of brown jeggings and brown Ugg boots. Something like that. And the 1st pink shirt would look good too, if it weren’t that short. I could see her friend Sara wearing it that short though

  6. I imagine Kylie wearing:
    – the outfit in the pirst pic, top row, third from the left
    – the pants in the first pic, bottom row, first and third from the left
    – the top in the second pic, second from the left

  7. I see Kylie in the second pic from the left of the first grouping of outfits and the first and second pic from last row of shirts from the left.

  8. Ok, a lot of this stuff is super cute, but since you said back to school shopping, I’m looking at it from that point of view. Outside of school, love a lot of this stuff! In school, dress codes are pretty strict nowadays. We wouldn’t get away with 3/4 the stuff teens wear on tv shows lol. If her school’s dress code let’s her wear whatever they want, then more power to her (and you, of course)! 😀

    First shirt from A’Gaci… breaks every dress code of every school I’ve ever attended. Second shirt… yes, my favorite for her. Third shirt… That sweater looks itchy and with her long, long hair, I see the sweater making her hair staticy (I could be wrong lol). I would stick with the tank top. The 4th jeans are awesome. The jeans in the first 3… I’ve had friends get detention for ripped jeans, my mom complains that she has to put patches on (or sew up) “every stupid little hole” in my sisters’ jeans or they can’t wear them to school. Distressed jeans work.

    *I’ve never worn A’Gaci jeans… my size 0 sister couldn’t squeeze into their 6’s… so it scared me away forever… love their shirts, though:)*

    Second row, A’Gaci… First pants… if she works at Target. Second pants… I think are very cute, but too dressy for a high school girl. Third pants… honestly, they look like maternity pants to me. With that wide, stretchy band. Romper? Um… I’ve never seen anyone wear it except girls at the club. Not to school. Especially in DFW (and Round Rock, where I’ve also gone to school) where our shorts have to reach the halfway point between the knee and top of thigh. The heels are cute, but I don’t know a lot of girls that wear heels to school. Unless she goes to an itty-bitty school and never has to run to class or go up/down stairs.

    $15 Store: First shirt…. can’t see it. Second shirt… I can see it on her. Third dress… yes, I can definitely see it. 4th shirt… no. Looks like a maternity shirt.

    As far as shoes… honestly, I can see her in converse sneakers. Pink, blue, sparkly, whatever, I see her in converse. This is judging by the cover of the book. With that long, super flowing hair, she gives off a natural vibe. And you say you see jeans and tank tops on her. I don’t think she would wear heels with that to school. Ballet flats. Skinny jeans and heels I can see her going out in. Light dresses. Short, maybe frayed jeans shorts with looser tops.

    Oh look (one of those times I wish my mom kept her bell bottoms from the 70’s…): http://store.delias.com/browse.do?categoryID=2775&sidenavTrack=apparel.trends.rock&incmpid=LNavapparel.trends.rock

    She looks so much like Blake Lively on the cover… I can totally see her growing into Blake Lively style wise as she enters early 20’s. She also reminds me of Lauren Conrad, she has a really cute style.

    Ballet flats and jeans, I can see: http://store.delias.com/browse.do?categoryID=2173&sidenavTrack=apparel.bestsellers.jeans&incmpid=LNavapparel.bestsellers.jeans


    This is just cute, the model looks adorable, approachable. I think Kylie gives off an approachable vibe in the book. Feminine, not brash (crazy neon colors), and guys seem to be pretty respectful to her (so she’s not giving off the “I’m easy” vibe).

    Sorry so long! I loved Kylie in the first book and there’s nothing that would disappoint me outfit wise:)

  9. as a teen myself i see skinny jeans and boot cut no more faded ,cuts, or bleach spots its all just plain jeans and the short cut shirts with a tank underneeth is in and wakck sleves like long sleeves with a slit down the side and puffy mid sleeves an also a new one arising it long sleeve with horizontal cuts so that it looks striped almost but more 4d thats what iv seen alot of in my highschool

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