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Well, it’s getting closer.  And you guys know what I mean when I say “it”, right?  I’m talking about the release of Awake at Dawn, book 2 in my Shadow Falls series.  I’m excited.  Like a kid waiting for Santa Claus.  And I want you to be excited right along with me because my editor found a couple more ARCs, so I’m giving one away this week and one next week.

Here’s how I’m going to do it.   Right below the text of this blog, I’ve posted three pictures.  Give the photos a good once-over and then get creative and give me some photo captions.  I’m looking for funny saying that you think should go with the picture.  For example, for the one with the rabbit and the cat, you might write something like, “Nothing personal, but you are the funniest-looking cat I’ve ever seen.”  The best caption will win an ARC of Awake at Dawn.  So, get creative and come up with some good ones.  You can do captions for all three or just one.  It’s up to you.  Post your captions on the blog.  And good luck.  Oh, almost forgot – international entries are accepted.

Now for some rules.  The winner will be announced next Tuesday on this blog.  Please note that you have to come back and see if you won.  Then you will have to email me your snail mail address.  You will have 24 hours to claim your prize.

And don’t forget about the Be My Star Contest.  The deadline of 9/15 is just a couple days away, and I’m still waiting for some more entries on that.  So get those videos and photos to me by 9/15.  (For a complete list of rules about the Be My Star Contest, go here –

Have a great day guys.



(Click on the picture to see a bigger view.)

Photo #1:

Photo #2:

Photo #3:

58 thoughts on “Photo Captions Contest

  1. Photo 1: As the orange cat began to rant and rave, at the persistent rabbit, he shouted, “There is such a thing called personal space you insolent fool!”

    Photo 2: “Caught in the act”

    Photo 3: “Superman’s got nothin’ on me.”

  2. #1: “I’m telling you, I didn’t say anything! Quit looking at me like that.”
    #2: “What? You didn’t like this guy, right?”
    #3: “You have no idea what my day’s been like. My life is so hard.”

  3. Photo 1: “Cat says I asked for rabbit’s foot for luck not a whole rabbit”
    Photo 2: “I kissed the frog but I turned into a puppy!”
    Photo 3: “I going to take a cat nap til ‘Awake at Dawn’ is here!”

  4. Picture #1 Hey man, you got the time?
    Picture #2 Have you met my fiance, her name is Frogmela, we met online…..she doesn’t say much!
    Picture #3 Ive been hanging from this ledge for 4 hours and all you crazy people do is take pictures!! HELP!!!!!

  5. Photo #1: Yeah, this is my brother, he’s never quite fit in.
    Photo #2: That movie the “Princess and the Frog” is so overrated.
    Photo #3: I’m not sleeping, I’m watching the movies that play on the inside of my eyelids…Honestly 😉

  6. Photo 1: “Rabbit ‘aka’ Perry says to cat you want to make a new kind of breed” “Cat says NO” “Cat says she is waiting for Lucas or Derek” 😉

  7. Photo 3: “You would be closing your eyes too if you were seeing what I am seeing a cat about to get a rabbit’s foot and the puppy eating a frog yum frog legs”

  8. Photo #1: You know I’m the preditor, your they prey. You should start running.
    Photo #2 : I’ll teach you for giving me a wart!!
    Photo #3 : Yes, I know I have nine live, and I intend to spend each of them sleeping.

  9. #1 Rabbit: You know you love me, sugar!

    #2 Just smile and wave, honey. Smile and wave.
    #2 She’s MINE! All mine. The kids are never getting her back! You hear me?!

    #3 Oh gosh, it’s been a tough day! I ate, drank some milk, worked hard on my figure using a new exercise machine called “The Couch”, I drank some water, napped, ate some more and… phew is this talking thing tiring or what? I… think… I’ll… just- ZzzzZZZzzzzz

  10. #1: “Ewwwwww… Morning breath.” or “Dude, personal space.”
    #2: “What? You don’t like it either. I’m doing you a favor.”
    #3: “I’m not sleeping. I’m just resting my eyes. Seriously.”

  11. Photo #1: Keep pestering me and I’ll never lay any Easter eggs. Just ‘jelly beans’.

    Photo #2: Mama lied. These frog legs don’t taste like chicken.

    Photo #3: My motto: Sleep all day. Party ALL night long.

  12. photo #1 “So, wanna tell me what happened???”
    photo #2 “What?? Can I get a little privacy?”
    photot #3 “ahh this is the life…..wake me and feel the wrath of my claws!”

  13. Photo #1: Cat: “You do know you’re my prey right?”
    Photo #2: “What? You’ve never had a best friend?”
    Photo #3: “Where’s my manicure human?!”

  14. Photo 3: “You would be closing your eyes too if you were seeing what I am seeing a cat about to get a rabbit’s foot and the puppy eating a frog yum frog legs”

  15. Photo 1: “Rabbit ‘aka’ Perry says to cat you want to make a new kind of breed” “Cat says NO” “Cat says she is waiting for Lucas or Derek”

  16. #1 “Out of ‘My Space’ bunny breath”.

    #2 “Back off Miss Piggy, this frog is all mine!”

    #3 “My paws aren’t chubby, they’re just very fluffy!”

  17. Photo 1: “I am a cat. You risk your neck by cuddling a cat, bunny boy.”
    Photo 2: “Dude, you’re lying on my freaking face.”
    Photo 3: “The singular life of a cat.” OR “Oh yeah, I am officially living the high life. Be jealous, humans.”

  18. Photo 1: “You smell luscious, kitten. Wanna cuddle?
    Photo 2: “Smells like meat. Must be dinner.”
    Photo 3: “Enough already. Yoga is not for felines.”

  19. For Pic #1: “Aww thank you!! Your too kind,”
    Pic#2: “Because I love him!! I don’t wanna let him go!!!”
    Pic #3: “My boss is killing me…..guess its just another day at the office”

  20. Photo #1 – “Urgh! Go away Mr Rabbit, you’re breath smells like poo & rotten eggs!”
    Photo #2 – “Hand your copy of Born At Midnight over, or little froggy over here gets it!”
    Photo #3 – *zzZzzZz* “Mmm…Derek . .” *Snore* . . *Dreams a very naughty dream about Derek* 😉

  21. #1 Rabbit: Wait a second, shoot me from my good side.
    Cat: “Your good side?” I didn’t know you had one.

    #2 Mom. Dad. We’re getting married.

    #3 Garfeild? Meh, he’s got nothin’ on me, baby.

  22. #1 Rabit: Is my right eye bigger than my left?
    Cat: Hm… If I squish my eyes tight, then no.
    #2 Your French relatives are commign over?! Well they’re not comming anywhere near Frogette
    #3 Don’t judge. Sleeping is hard work, you know!

  23. 1. Wow, you know everything about me and you still want to be friends?? 🙂
    2. If love is supposed to be a joke, why don’t we understand it? <3
    3. I'm tired of trying to be purrfect, so let me have my beauty sleep.

  24. Photo #2 – ‘I Kissed a frog and I liked it….taste of her cherry chapstick, I kissed a frog and I liked it….. hope my girlfriend don’t mind it…. whoaaa whoa whoaaaa!’

  25. 1– Stop touching MEEEEEEEE….
    2–This is MY toy, you CANNOT have it!
    3–Today, I don’t care. Tomorrow isn’t look good, either.

  26. #1: Rabbit-Dude, you got the time?
    Cat-Look at my paw, does it LOOK LIKE I have a watch ON ME?!
    #2: How long do i have to hold this pose again?
    #3: I never knew window ledges were so comfortable…i could stay on this thing foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

  27. photo #1: “Call me Thumper ONE more time CAT!”

    photo #2: “What? I was tired and needed a pillow. It’s not my fault all the pillows were taken!”

    photo #3: “I’m not sleeping, honest! I-I’m working on my tan!”

  28. YAY! I’ve been dying to win a copy to read and review for my blog 🙂 Thank you so much for the chance! edysicecreamlover18@gmailDOTcom

    Photo #1: “I got my eye on you, Buster” *gives the hairy eyeball*
    Photo #2: “What iz YOU looking at? We iz friends!”
    Photo #3: “Day 296 of my captivity…and I’m lovin’ it!”

  29. Photo 1 – hi do you want to go steady ??

    photo 2 – This is my best friend and I like chewing on my friend

    Photo 3 – I check my eyelids for holes

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