Winners! Winners!

Because my editor found a few more ARCs, I was able to pick three winners instead of just one. So here they are!

Jessica S.: Photo 1: My Kitty Coughed up a hare-ball!!
Gabrielle GouId: Photo 2: I kissed a frog but I turned into a puppy.
Stacy Morris: Photo 3: My paws aren’t chubby, they’re just very fluffy.”

Winners please e-mail me your snail mail address at: cc(at)

More good news: my editor found another ARC of Awake at Dawn, so I am giving one more away in another photo caption contest.

So, just like last time, I have posted two photos. Take a look, get creative, and write the captions to go with the photos. The best caption will win an ARC of Awake at Dawn.

The winner will be announced next Tuesday on this blog. But you have to come back to see if you have won. Then you will have to e-mail me your snail mail addresses. You will have 24 hours to claim your prize.

Good luck and have fun!


Photo #1

Photo #2

20 thoughts on “Winners! Winners!

  1. Photo #1) “You think your life is hard? I’m just trying to stay afloat”

    Photo #2) “I’m just QUACKERS about this duck!!!”

  2. 1) “Puck, why did you turn me into a frog? Perhaps Meghan will kiss me and turn me back into a prince, and when she does, I’m going to have to kill you, you annoying Summer.” – Prince Ash


    1) Here’s lookin’ at you, kid

    2) Aww, ducky, my ducky, I wuv woo.

  3. #1: “I have this feeling something is watching me from below. I don’t know, everytime I look down I see me…or is that my twin brother?”
    #2: “Psst! There is something on me! (What is it?) I don’t know but its huge, furry, its breathe smells like liver…and it has a strange glint in its eyes! This isn’t going to end well…”

  4. #1). I see you…. But you don’t see me!! No, really, you don’t see me!!
    #2). I will name you George, and I will hug you, and squeeze you, and pat you, and love you cuz you’re my favorite duckie!!!!

  5. P1) “Who’s there?? Pity yer old man down here, my eyes are too far apart and I can only see things that are beside me, not in front of me.”

    Lol. This sounds kinda shallow.:/

    P2) “Duck: I think I may need to write my will now..sigh..
    Cat: I can hear you!”

    This is actually kinda fun! Lol.

  6. 1) I see you, you weird shape box flashing lights at me… [speaking of the camera taking its picture]
    2) Yes, this is definitely my favorite! This ducky is so super fluffy! Perfect for me and my collection of fluffiness! … Now time for a nap…

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