Winners! Winners! And Another Contest!

Last week’s photo caption winners:

Wendy: #1—Momma Croc taught me how to watch my prey unsuspiciously.

Rachel Barrouk: #2—I’m just QUACKERS about this duck!

Winners please e-mail me your snail mail addresses at cc(at), so I can send you your copies of Awake at Dawn. You have 24 hours to claim your copy.

The Be My Star Contest Winners!

Grand prize: Rebekah Craft and Bethany Craft– $100 gift card and a copy of Awake at Dawn.

Leah Perkins– $25 gift card and a copy of Awake at Dawn.

Marty Wendy Pereira — $15 gift Card and a copy of Awake at Dawn.

Justine Walker — $15 gift card and a copy of Awake at Dawn.


New Contest!

Since the photo caption contests have been so popular, I thought we’d do one more. So, two lucky winners will each receive a copy of Awake at Dawn. The rules are the same as before. Put your thinking caps on, be creative, and come up with funny captions for these photos.

Photo #1

Photo #2


25 thoughts on “Winners! Winners! And Another Contest!

  1. Photo #1: This book was so good I stayed up all night trying to finish is, but I didn’t get very far.

    Photo#2: What did you say i can hear you you know

  2. Photo #1:I heard momma say she couldn’t decide that she would sleep on it, Well… I couldn’t decide whether to eat tuna or salmon.

    Photo #2: I Didn’t drink all the milk!! I swear!!!

  3. #1 – The fish in this book just looked so damn yummy I tried to jump in after them… Fish 1, Cat 0.

    #2 – What did you just say? I can go all kung fu kitty on you…

  4. 1)Please don’t take the book from me.Please don’t take the book from me.I’m begging you.
    2)Hei man if you want to come closer take a shower!You stink!
    count me in if it’s international 😀

  5. Those are cute kitties.

    1.) I wonder if I sleep on it if I will remember it all tomorrow.

    2.) Hey man stop looking at me like that, these is private.

  6. Those two are so precious! They make me miss my kitty.

    1) “Please, Mom, just one more page? I’m not tired, I’m not…tired…one…bit…”

    2) “What do you mean my lunch just flew the coop?”

  7. Too cute! I really want to win this, not going to lie. 🙂 btw Wots is spelled like that on purpose 😀

    #1 – I learn wots of stuff via cute osmosis.
    #2 – My dear chap, you’ve startled me! My cat knickers are all in a twist, i’m afraid!

  8. Photo #1: Sammy’s dreams of a flying fish world is the stuff of legends.
    Photo #2: Don’t make me come over there!

    or for Photo #2: Come at me bro!

  9. Photo #1: Since you won’t feed me those fish, I’ll dream about them instead… 😛
    Photo #2: You see that! Bet you didn’t cause I’m a ninja kitten.

  10. Photo 1: Finally! A book to teach me how to read. It even has pictures! To bad I don’t know what these pictures mean. Maybe sleeping will help…

    Photo 2: What?! I’m innocent! I didn’t eat the neighbors goldfish. Look at me, I’m innocent!

  11. photo #1 I love fish, and books about fish are just so good that I even dreamt about it.
    Photo #2 What!? I thought I just saw Daniel Brighten! Am I supernatural too?!

  12. Photo 1: Mmm… Fish it looked so tasty, I actually felt full and couldnt stay awake any longer.


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