Awake at Dawn!!!

The day has finally arrived–the release of Awake at Dawn!!! Everyone has been so patient waiting for the second book in my Shadow Falls series, more patient than me. I have been going crazy anticipating its release! Now, at last, Awake at Dawn is available to my readers! I hope you’ll enjoy reading it and learning more about Kylie and all her friends. Speaking of Kylie, she receives some big surprises in this book. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll keep quiet, but OMG!





In Born at Midnight, Lucas gave Kylie a black and white kitten named Socks. (Isn’t she adorable?!?!)  In Awake at Dawn, Socks goes through some changes, but, of course, Kylie’s love for her never wavers. I’m sure many of you have pets that you love, too. I know I do, and, as you recall, I have talked about them in past blogs. Sometimes they drive me crazy, but then I see them do something cute and I can’t help but grab my camera.  So, in celebration of the release of Awake at Dawn,  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite photos of my pets.




Contest Alert!!!!

I’m sure you have a favorite photo of your pet that you would like to share. And as an added bonus, the reader with the cutest pet photo will win a basket of Awake at Dawn goodies!! I’m talking about an autographed copy of Awake at Dawn, and all sorts of cute prizes to go along with it.  So share your favorite photo, and I will post the top ten pics I receive. Then you will all get to vote for the winner! So, get busy and send me your top pet photos, then vote next week. Your photo could win you a basket of goodies!

Enjoy Awake at Dawn!

36 thoughts on “Awake at Dawn!!!

  1. i have been watching the countdown and getting really excited about the release then realise this is only for America, we have to wait till the 14th of November here in England! 🙁 Couldn’t believe it when I realised!

  2. awesome!!!!!
    my dog is soooo adorable and i finally get to show him off lol.
    does the picture have to be Halloween theme related?? just wondering
    THANKS!!! XD

  3. Thank you so much for bring the wonder that’s Shadow Falls Series into my life. From the day i’ve read Turned at Dark due to pure curiosity, to being hooked and buying Born at Midnight right after, and anticipating the day Awake at Dawn is released (thank goodness it did before i literally screamed my head out). I’ve certainly dug straight into reading this new book, and I must say, it had me hooked for hours. Sadly I had to sleep as I’ve got work and I couldn’t continue reading until my work ends. Well, I’m hoping that I’ll end work soon just so i can dig back into this book.
    P.S. I’m still screaming in my head the very question I asked since book 1. WHAT IS KYLIE?! Is she a off spring of Vamp+Were+Fae?! or is she a direct descendant of the gods?!
    And again, thank you so much for this wonderful read! I’ll be anticipating your future books! ^^

    • Ahh, Joyce.

      Thank you so much. I’m loving writing this series. Kylie and the gang are my favorite characters. And yes, as crazy as it sounds, I do become attached to them.



  4. I just read the first book and I was trying to find the second one. I’m soo excited, can’t wait to read Awake at Dawn, thanks for the awesome novels!

  5. I finish the book Awaken At Dawn and I just want to say how much I enjoyed the book I could not put it down so many thing happen. My count down for Taken At Dusk could not get her any faster. Thank so much for the book. Do you think you might be able to tell the fan if there will be a fourth book or not? Just wondering it’s ok if you can’t say. I will be patient.

    • Hi Lily,

      There’s going to be five Shadow Falls books. I’m so excited. I’m about to start book four now. I’m having so much fun with these characters.

      And oh…wait until you see what Perry turns into in book three.


  6. Hey! I’ve been so excited for the release of Awake at Dawn that half of my school knew when I came in that morning and I asked, “Do you know what day it is?” that it was FINALLY the day the second book in my favorite seires came out. I just LOOOOVE Awake at Dawn that I finished it during my free periods in school. But now I have to wait t’ill April for Taken at Dusk! Do you know when the description for the third book will come out? I love all the little hints you give on your blog, that I end up checking twice a day not for updates ( I know I’m obsessed). I just wated to say thank you so much CC Hunter for another amazing book. 🙂

  7. Hey the book was AWESOME! But did you have to leave it on such a cliff hanger now I need to wait for the next book yo come out. Luv ya!

  8. I just finished Awake At Dawn. i read it all in 1 day i could not put it down.. No house work at all today got done.. shh don’t tell my husband lol. And I loved it! Now I’m dieing for the 3rd one is it April yet?? I’m so happy She found some of what she’s looking for. And I must say I’m So on Team Lucas!! hehe.

  9. I am in love with this series! CC Hunter, you are an amazing writer! I love everything from the characters to the setting! I also love the funny moments in your book! I just finished Awake at Dawn and it was amazing. Thank you CC Hunter for writing one of my favorite series of all time!!!

  10. ok i am in the middle of Awake at dawn, i rented it from the libray but its due 2morrow and i have o return it. but there are like 10 people that have it on hold after me so iot will be atleast 2 mouths before i can get it back to finiosh it. so i was wondering if anybody knows of a site that will let me read it online for free, cause my cumputer hates me and refuses to download anything D’:

  11. The book last about two days after I bought it! My Gosh it was awesome! I’ve waited months and months for it, and finally. But I feel a bit sad for Kylie after I read it. But like they always say “Stand Firm”. And I can’t wait for the third book. OH Gosh, how I wish I could jump to the next year!
    Your talent amazes me CC, I wish you could never stop writing! 🙂

  12. I am thoroughly enjoying the shadow falls series! I’m just so glad I picked up born at midnight right around the time awake at dawn was released so I didn’t have to wait. As a reader and as a aspiring writer I wanted to ask what made you choose to take the route of fantasy ( the same route me and my co writter are fulfilling).? There are so many different ways you can go and get lost. You want it to be fictional as well as accurate and yet make it your own. Any advice as how you went through this journey making shadow falls series, I could use the advice, I’m at a dead end. Thank you, sincerely, Shanna

  13. Oh gosh, I got Awake at Dawn a week before Christmas. Read most of it. Forgot about it. And just finished it last night! Argh, could April come any sooner? lol To be completely honest, I’m not on Team Lucas or Team Derek. My favorite character is Perry. lol My friends are all hooked after I told them to read the first one. They are ALL team lucas. I am sooooo anticipating Taken at Dusk!! 🙂 🙂

    • i can’t wait either i just got Awake at Dawn two days ago and done it! LOL i respectfully disagree with you and your friends I’m ALL TEAM DEREK!:)

  14. OMG! i cant get over how good this series is im all team Derek im a little upset that no one else here is with me on that. I’m guessing it’s part of my little addiction to Grey’s Anatomy but i think Derek is a great guy, but i have to say im staring to lean toward Lucas but I’m fighting it hard.Anyway thank you so much C.C. i love the Shadow Falls series,and god do i wish it was April already!! 🙂

  15. I am in LOVE with your books and I hope you write more stories and novels about Kylie and her adventures…. oh I am team Lewis!!! <3

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