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Self image is a tricky thing. The dictionary defines it as “the idea, conception, or mental image one has of oneself.” The problem is, what we see when we look in the mirror is very different from what everyone else sees when they look at us. We tend to focus on our imperfections, a chin too pointy, eyes the wrong color, hair too curly or too straight. In Awake at Dawn, Kylie doesn’t like her “ski jump” nose. But do you think Derek or Lucas even noticed? Chances are, if they did, they found it cute. I have always wished I was taller (especially when trying to reach something on the top shelf!), but I have accepted that I’m short, but my hubby thinks of me as “petite.” Bless him!

My point is that what we see as an imperfection, others may see as endearing. And when people look at you, they don’t just see your nose, eyes, or smile, they see past the physical to the person you are inside. Some people, whom I consider amazingly beautiful, do not fit what society defines as physically beautiful. Their beauty shines through their personalities, the way they carry themselves, their smiles, and the way they act and react to their surroundings. It’s almost as if they have an aura around them that draws you to them.

How many times have you met someone and initially thought they weren’t really cute, but the longer you knew them, the cuter they became? Or even the opposite when you met someone really hot, but once you got to know him, he became less and less attractive? So we are born with certain attributes, some of these things we can’t change, but we can change who we are on the inside. You can become beautiful a person on the inside, and believe me, that beauty will shine though, people will notice.

People whose inner beauty shines though:



And if you are wondering about George Clooney, sure he’s gorgeous on the outside, but he also does do a lot of work in the Sudan.

If you don’t recognize these people, they are (L to R) Maya Angelou, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, George (we already covered him), Nelson Mandela, and Rosalynn Carter. If you still don’t know them, look them up, they are worth knowing about.

We Have a Winner!!

The votes are in! Last week I asked you to vote on your favorite pet photo. And the winner is B) Fluffy sent in by Jessy. Congratulations, Fluffy! Jessy, please email your snail mail address to me at cc(at) You have 24 hours to claim your cool prize!

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  1. i have to pics i did with pastels to show you i was rereading born at midnight and they just cam to my i cant wait for you to see them unfortunatly my camera had a tiff with my dog and the tile floor i bet you can guess who won that one but when i get my hands on a camera or see if i can scan them with my printer i will have to send u a pic id send them by mal but there pastels and im scared of them getting all smudged .

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