The Eyes Have It!

One of the first things Kylie notices about Derek is his green eyes, eyes so like her ex-boyfriend Trey’s, but unlike Trey’s, they are flecked with gold. Still, it’s the similarity that first draws her to Derek—and also makes her want keep as far away from him as possible. But whenever her eyes meet Derek’s, she can’t help the flutter in the pit of her stomach.


Lucas has blue eyes, eyes with a wildness, and it’s no wonder since he’s a werewolf. But when he looks at Kylie, there is a hunger too, and it’s got nothing to do with food. And when he kissed her, well, it made her want to be the one to satisfy his hunger.


Kylie wants to find out what she is, but she also need to figure out who she needs—and wants. So what is Kylie?

It has been said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. If that’s the case, then what does that say about shape shifter Perry? Practically every time Kylie looks at him, his eyes are a different color. Sometimes they’re gold, sometimes brown, and sometimes even black. It’s taken a while for Kylie to get used to Perry’s changing eye color, but she may never get used to him changing into animals. It’s a good thing Miranda doesn’t seem to mind….


So, what is it about eye color? Are you attracted to someone because of their eye color, or is it more the shape of their eyes? Maybe it’s how they look at you that make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world. Who do you think has beautiful eyes? Whose eyes make your stomach flutter?


Contest Winners!!!!

Gosh, I received so many funny captions for last week’s photo caption contest! It was a difficult decision, but I finally selected the winners.

Katiana 1) “That’s what I call dream fish.”

Nika Raminez  2) “My dear chap, you’ve startled me! My cat knickers are all in a twist, I’m afraid.”

Now you need to e-mail your snail mail address to cc(at) so I can send you your free copy of Awake at Dawn. You have 24 hours to claim your prize.

28 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It!

  1. I need to see depth in the eyes. I don’t like it when people have “flat” or lifeless eyes. I’ve liked people with gray-ish blue eyes, with dark brown eyes, emerald green eyes and ocean blue eyes. So basically colour doesn’t matter to me. But I like it when there ar emore shades of the colour in their eyes and when they look alive. It’s hard to explain… you’re probably asking, “How can a living thing have dead eyes?” … and the answer is; I don’t know, they just do.

    • Yeah, I totally agree… some guys do have “zombie” eyes…
      For me though, the eyes and hair colour kinda go together. I mean if a guy has green or dark blue eyes, brown and black hair are the best and so on. wow, I think that sounds really shallow, doesn’t it? But anywayyssss, I think the MOST important thing about a guy’s eyes is the way he looks at you. 🙂

      • thats true he has to be wearing contacts and i only know his eyes are brown becuase unlike me i have several freinds that are and i qoute”head over heels beiber fans”. i mean i have notheing agenst him but i feel he is to comercialized an thats not his fault. i think

  2. I think if a guy has AMAZING eyes, its a plus.But I’m more attracted to a guy for his personality. But if he has nice eyes, well then that’s really lucky

  3. Hey agree wendy i love eyes with life in them no life is normal and boring no offense to people with life less eyes it’s just my opinion

    katianaits true, the way the guy looks is important if his eyes make your stomach do summersalts its definatly a bonus

  4. I agree with wendy the eyes need to have depth. The eyes don’t really matter but if a guy had great eyes then that would be great. I think a guy with eyes that pop out more would make him stand out more and I would probably notice him more.

  5. I absolutely love green eyes. 🙂 There’s just something in all of them that… Captures me. I think it’s because they don’t look shallow but at the same time have a very tangible quality that makes me want to look at them for eternity.
    I also like really dark brown ones because they’re really deep.

    Strangely, I don’t like blue eyes. They’re too… Cold. And also grey eyes because those just look dead to me. There are exceptions, of course, but most are as I described.
    Honestly, I think I got tired of seeing bluish grey eyes every single day of my life.

    I also like light eyes with a really dark outline. (These make the exceptions to my distaste for blue and grey eyes: light grey eyes with dark blue outline are simply mesmerizing)

    Anyway, I have a (kind of) fascination for eyes. And that’s why I’m so picky with them, but still, I wouldn’t love someone solely for their eyes nor would I NOT love someone for having a certain eye color.
    As for being mirrors to the soul… Not likely. I’ve seen sweet eyes in cold people, deep eyes in shallow people,… It may be naivete of mine, but I can’t make a judgement on “eyes”.

    Love your books CC.
    Bye! 🙂

  6. i believe this o it seems sad to me when peple say they hate there eye color or use contacts to change there eye color. but then again i love my eyes and they chang colors by themselfs so i dont know what it feels like to be in the other persons shoes. so to speak.

    and the blonde guy has nice eyes .

    • My eyes change color too depending on the wether. My eyes are blue but when it’s stormy there gray or when it’s sunny they can be bright blue to a blue green

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  13. I love green eyes I think of them as special cuz bot a lot of people have green eyes I would love to have green eyes like Derek’s because idk they r just soo pretty to look at I’m always jealous of other peoples eye color because I have really dark brown eyes u can only see the brown in like and it looks like I have no pupils if I knew Derek I would always look him in the eyes when we are talking.i have a crush that has different colors in his eyes he has the base color hazel a splotch of baby blue on both of his eyes and green around his pupil and around the whole colored part and my friend has blue eyes with a splotch of green in both eyes so I really like colorful eyes or green eyes or teal LOL

  14. I don’t know why…but I love vividly colored eyes. They look so full of life.
    But I think personality is more inportant than that.

  15. Most of my crushs had brown eyes. But I like all eye colors cause they are all different. No one really has the same color eyes. But what really gets me is what there eyes fill with. My crush right now has brown eyes. But when he smiles, they alight with joy and laughter. Sometimes it like I can tell what his mood is at the moment just by looking at them. So I gusse it’s what I read into there eyes that get me

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