I bet you have a best friend.  If you’re lucky like Kylie, you have more than one.  Kylie’s friends Miranda and Della would do anything for her.  And she’s done a lot for them—like donating blood for Della even though it grossed her out, and like helping Miranda deal with dyslexia.  But that’s what friends do. They help each other out even if it isn’t something easy to do.  Right?

Friends share secrets, fashion advice, and pour their hearts out to each other about boys.  In Taken at Dusk, Kylie, Miranda, and Della are as close as ever.  Because all of them have had their heart broken at one time or another, they are all a little scared to take a chance on love.  Not wanting to let fear stop them, they make a pact with each other to go after a boy they like, but are all afraid to let themselves care too much.

No, I’m not going to tell you if Kylie’s boy is Lucas or Derek!  You’ll have to wait and read the book for that answer.  But I’ll bet you can guess who Miranda’s pact involves—a certain, shape-shifting jokester named Perry.  Ahh, but there’s another guy wanting to date Miranda.  And when she agrees to go out with this guy, you’ll never guess what Perry does.  Yup, Miranda has a choice to make.  And Della, well, there’s that cute shape-shifter, Steve, who she’s got her eye on, and he’s got a thing for her, too.  Can Della let down her guard long enough to actually give Steve a chance?  But as important as the boys are to them, it’s the encouragement and laughter-inducing friendship they give each other that means the most.

Personally, I have a lot of good friends.  Friends I can call any time and know they will listen to me whine.  Friends who read my books before I send them to my editor and help me find my typos.  Friends who listen to me talking about my Shadow Fall characters as if they were real.  Friends who love to laugh, who encourage me, and offer me advice.

Do you have a friend who has been there for you?  Who has listened to you whine endlessly about a certain boy?  A friend who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts? Or a friend who you know will always keep your secrets?

You know, with the holidays approaching, I’m always on the outlook of a small gift I can offer my friends—just a little way of saying thank you.  Maybe you have a friend who hasn’t read the Shadow Falls series.  Maybe your friend just hasn’t had the opportunity. Well, I’d like to change that.  I would love to send your friend a copy of Born at Midnight.  I’ll write a note and personalize the book and let your friend know that it’s a gift from you and from me.  Oh, I’ll also include some other cool promotional stuff: pens, notebooks, and bookmarks. And, as a thank you, I’ll send you some cool Shadow Falls things, too!

What have you got to do? Leave a comment as to why you think your friend would love Born at Midnight. That’s it! Good luck!

Where do you fit in?

There is a big misconception about introverts. Many people think that just means you are shy. But really, being an introvert has more to do with being introspective. Introverts are more concerned with thinking and exploring their thoughts and feelings. Introverts tend to have fewer friends, and they prefer it that way. Some may be shy as well, but that is not always the case. While an introvert is quiet and less sociable, it doesn’t mean they are uncomfortable in social situations. They just enjoy being alone more. Now, if someone you know jumps into your head when you read this, I’m not surprised, because we all know a few introverts. Heck, maybe you are one.

At the other end of the spectrum is the extrovert. We all know who they are. They are the ones in the center of their circle of friends relating a joke, singing a song, or just telling everyone how they feel. Extroverts enjoy parties, are talkative, and enthusiastic. They are energized by spending time with others. We all like to hang out with extroverts. They keep us entertained and always have something to say.

According to Wikipedia, approximately 16% of us are introverts and 16% are extroverts. And the rest of us? Well, we fall into a category known as ambiverts. Never heard of an ambivert? I’m not surprised. Those extroverts are always getting all the attention! But ambiverts are the people in between the introverts and extroverts. They are comfortable in social situations, but also relish their time alone. Ambiverts make up about 68% of us. So look around. Many of those you see are ambiverts, and most of you are one, too!

And I admit I’m surely an ambivert.  I have the introverted tendencies to want go into my cave and just think…plot.  But then when I’m asked to come out of my cave and talk to writer’s groups or schools, I love sharing my passion for writing.  And because I do love it,  people just assume I’m an extrovert.  But I know I fall in the 68%.

However, ambiverts don’t stand out as well as introverts and extroverts. So, authors often write about those extremes. Think about your favorite TV shows or movies. Chances are many of the characters fall into the introvert or extrovert category. Extremes are more interesting, unique, and make for better reading or viewing.

What about Kylie? Well, she likes to retreat to her room or even to the falls, but she also enjoys hanging out with Miranda, Della and the other campers (as long as they are aren’t staring at her forehead, trying to figure out what she is!). So, I think she’s an ambivert. And Derek? Well, I’d say he’s an ambivert, too. But Lucas? He’s most definitely an introvert. Aren’t all werewolves by nature?

So what are you? Where do you fit in?

Derek or Lucas?

You know I’m getting a lot of e-mails telling me which team my readers are on. Team Derek or Team Lucas. I have to tell you that when I get one of these e-mails, I always feel sorry for the guy who isn’t chosen. I’ve really written myself in a corner on this one. Why? Because I really do like both guys. And both guys really like Kylie. I know some of you readers don’t believe me, but I seriously don’t know which one Kylie will end up with. However, since I’m working on book four, I’m going to have to start figuring it out.

Both Derek and Lucas have a lot to offer Kylie. Both care a lot about her. And both are very cute! So let’s take a closer look:

Derek is Fae, can control peoples’ emotions, can erase memories, is sweet, respectful, but reminds Kylie of her old boyfriend (although maybe not so much anymore since she has gotten to know him). Socks likes him. He also saved Kylie from getting eaten by a lion. And did I mention he is hot, as in hotter than a Texas summer?


Lucas is a werewolf, but that only happens when the moon is full. He’s protective of Kylie, and he gave her Socks to make amends for the cat she lost. Socks hates him (but that’s only because he’s a werewolf). He has a psycho friend, Fredericka, an old girlfriend, who would like to eat Kylie for breakfast. But he also risked his life to save Kylie when she was kidnapped. And he is off the charts on the hot meter!


So, how about a little help. Don’t just tell me who you want Kylie to end up with, tell me why? Why is Lucas a better man for Kylie? Or why would Derek make the better choice?

Cats? Dogs? Both?

Most people fall into one of two categories. Either you are a cat or dog person.

Cats have been associated with humans for over 9,500 years, and are currently the most popular pet in the world. In fact, cats are so popular, they are now found in almost every part of the world and number around 500 million world wide! Why do we love them so much? Well, maybe because they seem so cool, independent and aloof. And have you ever seen a video of a kitten playing? You can’t get much cuter that that!


Dogs, on the other hand, have been domesticated for tens of thousands of years dating back to when man first tamed the gray wolf. So why do we love dogs?  Well, part of their popularity is how easily they can be trained to perform tasks, and they are so social, dependable and eager to please. What’s not to love?


Or maybe you like both dogs and cats…. Ok that makes a third category, but it’s probably a small one. I still think most people fall into one camp or the other.




Kylie is a cat person, at least she has Socks, who technically at the moment, isn’t a kitten, but Miranda’s working on that! Then again, Kylie also likes Lucas, a werewolf. So does that make her a dog person. too? Or maybe that just makes Lucas a dog person, after all, Socks dislikes him. And where do you think Derek fits into this? Dog? Cat? Or maybe something else…


So what you are. Dog person? Cat person? Both? And if Miranda could turn you into an animal (and, hopefully, turn you back!), what animal would that be?


What Are You Reading?

I love books! No surprise there, right? Actually, I can’t think of a single author I know that doesn’t love books. Why else would we want to write them?

Growing up, I always had my nose in a book. And most of the time while I read, I was thinking of how I would have changed the story, added to it, removed something…. So, I was kind of trying to rewrite what I read. It was a small jump to writing my own books.

But as much as I enjoy writing, I also love reading what other authors have written. Isn’t it wonderful to loose yourself in a fantasy world? Or have your pants scared off by a thriller?

Books on my Kindle that I am looking forward to starting very soon are Vanished by Sophie Jordan, Deadly Cool by Gemma Haliday, and The Mephisto Covenant: The Redemption of Ajax by Trinity Faegan. I can’t wait!

So tell me, what are you reading? (My books don’t count, but I thank you!) What sort of books are your favorites? Paranormals? Fantasies? Historicals? Suspenses? I’d love to hear from you!


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