Cats? Dogs? Both?

Most people fall into one of two categories. Either you are a cat or dog person.

Cats have been associated with humans for over 9,500 years, and are currently the most popular pet in the world. In fact, cats are so popular, they are now found in almost every part of the world and number around 500 million world wide! Why do we love them so much? Well, maybe because they seem so cool, independent and aloof. And have you ever seen a video of a kitten playing? You can’t get much cuter that that!


Dogs, on the other hand, have been domesticated for tens of thousands of years dating back to when man first tamed the gray wolf. So why do we love dogs?  Well, part of their popularity is how easily they can be trained to perform tasks, and they are so social, dependable and eager to please. What’s not to love?


Or maybe you like both dogs and cats…. Ok that makes a third category, but it’s probably a small one. I still think most people fall into one camp or the other.




Kylie is a cat person, at least she has Socks, who technically at the moment, isn’t a kitten, but Miranda’s working on that! Then again, Kylie also likes Lucas, a werewolf. So does that make her a dog person. too? Or maybe that just makes Lucas a dog person, after all, Socks dislikes him. And where do you think Derek fits into this? Dog? Cat? Or maybe something else…


So what you are. Dog person? Cat person? Both? And if Miranda could turn you into an animal (and, hopefully, turn you back!), what animal would that be?


23 thoughts on “Cats? Dogs? Both?

  1. I’m a dog person, cats seem to freak me out a bit. I do like them but not to go out and get one for a pet. Plus, my husband is allergic. About Miranda turning me into an animal I would prefer a dog over a cat, but if it were to be something else then maybe a bunny ‘cuz I think that they’re cute and cuddly.

  2. I’m definitely a dog person (I have 3 at home). I think Derek is a cat person because he doesn’t like Lucas who is a werewolf. If Miranda could turn me into any animal it would be a wolf because I love them they are just so pretty. Luv ya

  3. I’m both! i love both cats & dogs, but one of my favorite animals is the Tiger so if Miranda could turn me into any animal it would be a cat, they’re just so cute and most of them fluffy=D I think Derek is more of a cat person because he dislikes Lucas!

  4. I think I am both even though I never own a cat and I have had many dogs as pet as I grew up. Cat I don’t mind much but I really love dog a lot too. if Miranda had to turn me and turn me back In to an animal It would be a wolf too. i think that would be so coool. I am an animal lover. Derek i think would be a cat person, because it’s the opposite of Lucas. Lucas is a dog person. So for sure Kylie is both too. 🙂

    • I am so glad you put up the clock for the days, hours, and minutes it will take to have Taken At Dusk in my hand and when it will be in stories am just glad I don’t have to count it in my calendar or in my head it just make it easier….LOL..JK… Not really…. 🙂

  5. I’m a dog person, all the way! Dogs are so reliable and loving, while cats are just too aloof for me! That, and the fact that they’ll eat you when you die and dogs will just lie by your side…not sure where I heard that, but it was a while ago. 😉

    I would want to be turned into a wolf (and be a werewolf with Lucas? Not such a bad life, i’d say!). Wolves (when not lone wolves) are part of a pack that watches over its individual members. It would be nice to feel so included in something. I wouldn’t much like the hierarchy of the packs, but I could get over it if I wasn’t treated like crap. 😉

    As a side note, I just finished Awake At Dawn, and cannot possibly wait for Taken At Dusk! I just love these characters too much!

  6. Im definitely both. I love dogs & cats . if Miranda had to turn me & turn me back In to an animal It would be a wolf because they fascinate me for some reason.

  7. I am both I claim my cay Abby as my baby, but i love my dogs too, if I had to choose I would choose my cat though. And if I could be an animal I would want to be a lynx. They are so small,independent and don’t forget adorable. Fierce and so many other things. they are deff my animal of choice.

  8. I like dogs and cats. Also depends on the cat, I had a Russian blue and he was tbe sweetest cat ever! If I could be turned into any animal though it would be a wolf bc I’ve always been obsessed with wolves…which explained why I absolutely love Lucas, although I did like Derek a lot more in awake at dawn!

  9. Both, definitely. They are both amazing animals, and both make amazing pets. I myself only have a dog, but a bunch of my friends have cats and they are so sweet! If I could be turned into any animal though, I would want to be a jaguar. I love how graceful they look. Derek is a cat person in my opinion. The green eyes finalize it. I always associate cats with green eyes.

  10. Wow! So many of you would like to be wolves. Interesting…. So does that mean you want run to through the woods with Lucas? You really need to read next Tuesday’s blog.

  11. I’m a dog person. My family does have cats though, so I will pet them from time to time, but overall, I’m a TOTAL DOG PERSON <3

    I think Derek is more of a cat person. And Perry more of a dog person.

    If Miranda could turn me into anything I'd want I'd chose: a wolf, a cougar or a tiger. And I know that two out of the three are felines but even I , as a dog person, have got to say: they are beautiful.

  12. I most definately am not a dog person, I am terrified of dogs when they come close to me (it’s freaking scary). On the other hand I get frightened of cats whenever they make that “n” shape with their body. If you show me a picture or a video of a cat or a dog, I’ll be like : Oh, how cute!!

    I don’t know why but whenever I get close to dogs, they start barking, so that just freaks me out.

    Any who, I’d want Miranda to turn me into an animal it would probably be : a bird, or a jaguar.

  13. Im both but if I would have to pick between a car or a dog as I pet I would pick a cat (just cuz Kylie likes them) but I still like like dogs my favorite car is the one u have in the picture because it’s soooo cute and my favorite dig is a black lab if Miranda would turn me into an animal it would be um I don’t know I will think about it

  14. I like both. But I always been more of a dog person. When I was younger I didnt really like cats all that great. But I finally became an animal person.

  15. Well, I like both of them but if I had to chose between getting a puppy or a kitten (dog or cat) I’d definitely chose a dog/puppy. We’ve had lots of cats but the only one I’ve ever truly loved was a gray tabby kitten named Milo – whom got thrown out of a moving car in a Wal-Mart parking lot and I saved his life. That was a long time ago, of course, and Milo got stolen from me three months after I had him. I don’t think I ever healed from losing him because ever since then – even though we’ve had lots of kitties and my parents have gotten me some – I never connect with them very well. I love cats, they’re all cool, but I just don’t get close to them anymore. They’re adorable to watch and play with but that’s about it for me.
    Dogs, on the other hand, are a whole ‘nother story. I absolutely adore dogs. They’re so fun. I’m a definite dog lover.
    Horses? Nothing tops horses in my book. I’m crazy about horses. i thought I’d just add that in!

  16. Okay I love Cats. I mean I love them. So say I’m a cat person, but I also like dogs. My parents are always getting dogs whenever we get a new pet. When we did get a cat, we found it in a park or somewhere. But now we have a dog again, but she’s kinda funny to watch at times. Her name is Shiloh(yes a beagle) and she’s kinda old. When ever she is sleeping(All the time)she snores really loud. We think she has cousins that are pigs because she acts like one at times(Food, sleeping, her smell.) She stinks no matter how many baths we give her she still stinks! The reason I like cats is because they keep to their selfs(like me at times). I can carry them around and not have to worry if they will pee on me or not. That’s a plus, you don’t have to take them out in the middle of the winter so they can do their business. Also, you don’t have to worry about them being dirty. I think I’m more for cats when all said and done. But, I can live with dogs if they don’t pee on me.;)

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