Derek or Lucas?

You know I’m getting a lot of e-mails telling me which team my readers are on. Team Derek or Team Lucas. I have to tell you that when I get one of these e-mails, I always feel sorry for the guy who isn’t chosen. I’ve really written myself in a corner on this one. Why? Because I really do like both guys. And both guys really like Kylie. I know some of you readers don’t believe me, but I seriously don’t know which one Kylie will end up with. However, since I’m working on book four, I’m going to have to start figuring it out.

Both Derek and Lucas have a lot to offer Kylie. Both care a lot about her. And both are very cute! So let’s take a closer look:

Derek is Fae, can control peoples’ emotions, can erase memories, is sweet, respectful, but reminds Kylie of her old boyfriend (although maybe not so much anymore since she has gotten to know him). Socks likes him. He also saved Kylie from getting eaten by a lion. And did I mention he is hot, as in hotter than a Texas summer?


Lucas is a werewolf, but that only happens when the moon is full. He’s protective of Kylie, and he gave her Socks to make amends for the cat she lost. Socks hates him (but that’s only because he’s a werewolf). He has a psycho friend, Fredericka, an old girlfriend, who would like to eat Kylie for breakfast. But he also risked his life to save Kylie when she was kidnapped. And he is off the charts on the hot meter!


So, how about a little help. Don’t just tell me who you want Kylie to end up with, tell me why? Why is Lucas a better man for Kylie? Or why would Derek make the better choice?

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  1. I prefer Lucas

    And why?

    Well, my first reason is going to make feminists all over the world hate me, but I like that’s he’s so potective of Kylie, it shows that he cares a lot. Plus he’s a werewolf and protecting her is also kind of marking her as his and I think that’s realy cute/hot/flattering.

    I also like the way he interacts with Kylie, he acts as a boyfriend, while Derek and Kylie -at least ot me it seems this way- have acted more as friends -ok, ok I know they kissed and whatnot, but I still think that it was more of the best-friends-awkward-time-together-thinking-they’re-more-than-friends thing.

    I feel that Lucas understands Kylie better – even though he can’t read her emotions.

    Derek gave Kylie up, I know he’s “giving her distance so she can sort out her feelings” but to me it seems as giving her up. Lucas left, yes, but before he left and when he came back -hell, even when he was gone- he was fighting for Kylie. He never abandoned her.

    Plus, I think ithat Kylie can’t completely get over her feelings for Lucas and if she was to end up with Derek I think her emotions would just keep on hurting him. It also freaks me out. I wouldn’t want a boyfriend thatcan feel every damn thing I feel.

    To the problems with Lucas:
    I think that socks could get used to him. mean we have cats and dogs and after like a month or two of being near eachother they’ve learned to not ony tolerate, but love each other. The dogs & cats LOVE cuddling with each other.
    The whole Frederica deal can be dealt with, I’m sure. She can’t stay jealou/mad forever. Maybe a cute guy will come along that will make her forget all about Kylie and Lucas?
    And as for the “werewolf” problem… I don’t think that’s a problem at all.

    Well, this comment has gotten pretty long…
    P.S. Have you named the 4. book, yet?

    • Team Lucas!!!!

      Why would you want to be with someone who could manipulate your feelings? While Derek is an honorable character, it would still make you wonder constantly!

      • No… it wouldn’t make you wonder!!! Honestly, do you idiotic people have any other arguments??!!! I’m WAITING for a worthy argument!!! DEREK ALL THE WAY!!!
        Scroll WAAAYYYY down if you wanna know why. I have other comments posted there. There’s no point re-writing everything again.

          • okay okay, i think that she should go with derek for sure! Because lucas never really did accept her ghost-seeing-thing and derek did. Derek never asked kaylie to change or act as a werewolf like lucas did…. and to be honest after what lucas did in whispers at moonrise kaylie will have a hard time trusting him again.

        • Omg I totally understand you. XXXX and yup’ team Derek all the wayyyy he is my hero.. and I just know that its not going to work out with Lucas. Xxxx

      • lucus, because kylie and him have a secret i think if kylie pikes derek somthing bad will happen like last time and lucus is hot and risks his life for kylie.
        [plus lucus is realy caring and protective]

    • I agree wih Wendy. Lucas is always there for Kylie while Derek leaves her for Ellie and comes back tell her he loves her and makes her feel guilty. Plus Lucas has known and loved Kylie since she was kid!!I think that Lucas makes Kylie happier they are a way better match. Lucas has done way more to be in a relationship and save his relationhip with Kylie which proves he NEEDS to be with her. Luas has also come to her rescue many more times. I don’t think Derek deserves to be with Kylie after he broke her heart especially because Lucas is standing up against his own kind just to be with Kylie. TEAM LUCAS!

      • Well I’m team derek for one because he helps her with ghosts and he’s sweet. I don’t like lucas because he’s getting married to another were and he had all those chances to tell kylie he loves her but didn’t he doesn’t help with ghosts and he’s the reason she left

        • Oh my god, i was totally on team lucas but i havent gotten to “Taken at Dusk” yet. I didn’t know that lucas was getting married to another were gezz……thank you whoever wrote this youv’e totally changed my perspective on some things. OH MY GOD….MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • u are soooo right lucas has too much bagage, he has a crazy ex girlfriend, he doesn’t accept Kylie fro what she is and they cant be together because of his pack and family, Derek LOVES Kylie I say team Derek!!!!! All the way

      “if Kylie picks Lucas she has no self-respect. Hunter, What are you telling girls if you allow Kylie to pick the boy thats possessive, a cheater/liar, and climbs into bedrooms of little girls to kiss them?! Seriously?!”

      • I’m team Derek. Why? Because I’m sick and tired of the main girl being such a ho. I mean, why can’t she just choose one guy? It’s always the sweet guy that suffers. It’s always going to be the bad gorgeous boy. Why can’t it be the sweet hot boy for once? Why does the sweet guy always get so much hate for wanting the main girl to choose before she becomes a ho and starts flinging herself to the nearest possible guy? I mean if Kylie is so attracted to Lucas then get together with him and stop hurting Derek. Derek should have someone who loves him, not someone who loves multiple people. He should get his own hot romance. Don’t make this like a Cassandra Clare or P.C. Cast book. Don’t let the gorgeous bad boy get the girl. It’s a typical story. Choose the sweet attentive boy that I know most people would choose in real life

        • I completely agree…even though im just starting Taken at Dusk and I know this is a way late post but I completely agree, let the guy who will love and respect Kylie no matter who or what she is and who gives her enough space to make her own choices and lets her be her own person with out telling her what she should or shouldn’t be or do.

        • You’re right when talking about reality. If a guy is a jerk to you then you would usually just forget him. But when its a book your talking about or a tv show or anything really, then the possibilities are endless. Maybe Lucas has some good in him and C.C. Hunter will change him after he’s with Kylie. It’s pretty much all about entertainment at this point.

        • I totally go for Lucas. He cares so much for Kylie it’s soooo obvious. It is true love and Derek seems like he cares but Lucas is way more protective of her. TEAM LUCAS ALL THE WAY

        • See, this is why Derek should have won, and why I threw the last book at a wall, because Lucas is a possessive lying, cheating, stalker in many ways that people fail to see because “OMG, he’s so hot! and mysterious!1!!!!11!!!!!1!!!!”

    • Team Lucas definitely!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):
      i totally agree w/ u. Derek got all mad at Kylie when she did nothing wrong-shes just really depressed and confused-she wants answers to what she is, what boy she’s supposed to be with, who her real grandparents are, and how Jane Doe died. Choosing between two really HOT guys that want her is NOT easy and Derek was pushing her;but most importantly Derek just gave up; mean while Lucas was fighting for Kylie all the way-yeah he left left but at least he didn’t just give up i mean, c’mon u don’t just give up on a girl u like. whatever, i’m really happy/glad/excited that Lucas stayed w/ Kylie, they’re such a cute/romantic/sexy couple. I LOVE the way cc hunter describes the passionate kisses they share together(Lucas & Kylie). TEAM LUCAS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to read more books this series is way better than twilight-i was totally obsessed w/ twilight, still am but not as much.
      Loves Kylie
      Ultimate guy for Kylie
      Committed to Kylie
      Always ready to attack anyone who tries to harm her

      Protective of Kylie-never leaves her side unless he absolutely has to
      Always fights to be her shadow
      Reeks of sexiness, hotness, and he’s a werewolf
      Kylie’s 4ever soul mate:)
      Everlasting love for Kylie
      Rush of relief when he’s holding her in his arms

      • I am Team Lucas. Why? Well for starters i love the whole mystery past thing. From the moment Kylie saw him she couldn’t get her eyes off of him. That isn’t just because of the whole cat situation, it was drawn from pure attraction. Derek was almost the same except she only couldn’t get her eyes off of him because he looked like her ex Trey. Plus, Derek could be influencing her emotions, no one would ever know. Lucas was amazing. He and Kylie have that love that a girl can only dream of. That’s why they are so wrong but so right at the same time. With Derek in the beginning and throughout most of the books I felt that it was good, however too good to be true. In the ‘summary’ on the back of the book it says that Derek is determined to be her boyfriend. Which makes me feel that he pushes too hard for it. It also makes me feel that if Kylie liked him that much back he shouldn’t have to be so determined. I feel that the whole situation is a rerun of her moms. Lucas and her had an instant connection just like her mom and Daniel. Yes, at first she was afraid of him but isn’t everyone afraid of the person they love at some point? Afraid of getting hurt? If Kylie ends up like Derek she’s going to end up like her mom. She’ll never be able to get over Lucas no matter how hard she tries. Plus, if she loves Derek so much than why does she think about Lucas sometimes when she’s with him?! TEAM LUCAS ALL THE WAY

  2. I agree a lot with wendy. I am definitely team Lucas.
    Why: because he wouldn’t leave Kylie like Derek did. Sure he left but he didn’t say things were over and what not Derek broke her heart Lucas not so much. Lucas is also so protective of her I think it’s just so cute. And HE was also the one who was there when she got kidnaped not Derek. Sure Fredericka would kill her but I think she should go out with Lucas. Luv Ya

    • Derek left because Kaylie was being a ho… she couldn’t decide who she wanted to be with. I’m PRETTY sure you’d do the same thing if the guy you liked did that. Derek probably would’ve started crying if he had to continue FEELING what Kaylie felt for Lucas. I mean, the chick couldn’t decide who she wanted to be with. Why should she care if Derek left??? UNLESS she’s attracted to him!!! Honestly, I’m gonna stop reading these books if Kaylie doesn’t decide in the 5th book. She BETTER be with Derek!!!!

      • No, your wrong. Don’t be offended I love Derek <3 hes the best. But he left because he could feel her feelings so intensely. not just about lucas about everything in her crazy life. And being a man he didn't wanna get help so he ran away. But I still love him.

    • I honestly don’t know who I want with her. But what happened in whispers at moonrise (4th book) it’s obvious that Lucas is either not going to end up with Kylie or that she has a lot of trouble believing in him again. Because of what he did. It made me so pissed! And I was team Lucas before what happened, happened.

  3. I’m for Lucas!
    I agree with Wendy and Izzy.
    Nothing against Derek but Lucas has known Kylie longer. He seems to know what she needs and understand her more then Derek does. Or maybe Lucas is just more patient? If i knew a guy could change my emotions I would be careful like Kylie. Derek doesn’t seem to understand how scary that is for her, although I my opinion he would never try to use his gift in that way.
    But I’m pretty sure that if this were different, and Lucas hadn’t gone away. If Kylie had started to know him in the way she was getting to know Derek. Lucas wouldn’t have “given her space” if she was feeling conflicted. It could be the whole protection thing, but I also think Lucas wouldn’t have been (for lack of a better word harsh) as Derek. Which I didn’t expect because he knows how much she liked him. How could he not?

    The whole Fredericka issue. Can be turned positive. She did without realizing it help Kylie use her super strength. So i don’t thing Fredericka, is to be looked at as a threat. More of someone who can help Kylie learn to stand up for herself. As we know now there are worst things then a vengeful werewolf. I would look at Fredericka as one small stepping stone on the road of Kylie to discovering all she can do and how strong she is.

  4. I am a Lucas fan all the way. I think he’s perfect for Kylie they have sure fire chemistry going on and I think that’s important to have in a relationship. They have history together and he’s always been protective of her. He’s nice and has an edge to him as well. I think that Kylie gravitates to Derek because he seems familiar to her. He reminds her of her ex in some ways and of her old life. Well at least to me he does.

  5. I agree with Everyone who said Lucas.
    Lucas has the looks the personality and really loves Kylie she has known him longer and has really tried to make it work.
    Derek may love her as well but i don’t think its as much as Lucas.
    with all that said i think Rachel Wendy and Izzy explain it all very well.

      • Totally on team DEREK!!!!!!! I think derek understands kylie better cause of the whole fae thing. And lucas isnt excepting her gift of whispering to ghost. LIke derek he doesnt like it but he helps and excepts kylie for her gifts. So im on team derek. GO DEREK!!!!!

    • I Am a HUGE Derek fan, and even more so after finishing Taken At Dusk, well, was mad at him for a few seconds, then that passed as i got to know more about the situation and a certain new character, i will not do any spoilers, Anyway. I was back and forth for a bit, but with Lucas having the pack against the relationship as well as his grandma, i think this will cause more trouble down the road. Lucas is always stating he hopes she does turn out to be a were like him, and can’t accept the ghost stuff. Where Derek, he just goes with the flow on any ghost problems, and really is supportive with it. I also do not think he is going to have any trouble with her being a C******* No, I wont say, lol. Because i do not think Derek would care what she is, but Lucas does care. So I am all for Derek and Kylie getting together. Especially after a certain talk he had with her in Taken At Dusk. 🙂 Not telling for those who have not read it yet, but those who have , you know what i am talking about, towards the end of the book. So GO DEREK.

        • Okay, this is the thing. I love bad boys BUT Lucas is to over protective even though that could be good SOMETIMES. Not all the times though… He doesn’t help kylie with her ghost problems. He doesn’t understand her the way Derek does. Yes, he’s f-OMG hot but so is Derek. Kylie doesn’t realize how Derek understands her. Lucas has never told her” I love you” only Derek has. Yes, I also know that he slept with Ellie but he found out it was wrong and a huge mistake!! Derek needs Kylie and she needs him . He understands her like if he’s known her longer. Lucas just wants to stay alpha. That’s why he’s marring a werewolf . So I’m team DEREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DEREK

    • I am so team Lucas! I mean Derek is hot but, he called the quits and is so not for Kylie if he would do that. Lucas can really get Kylie and is perfect for her. Lucas-he can protect her, Lucas-he loves it when Kylie dreamscapes, Lucas-he was always there when she needs him most. AND WHO WASN’T-THATS RIGHT DEREK! and CC tell derek to fix there relationship but he would be to late and the Kylie trail would be off with Lucas as the driver!!!!

    • i think it should be derek because he is kind and sweet and just because he can control your emotions you should be able to truest him because he loves her he is also cute and always been thier for kylie even when lucas left her.

      • i agree cuz really,Derek doesn’t give a f*** what kylie is but Lucas wants her to be a werewolf-isn’t that selfish?

        • I like Derek but I LOVE Lucas. I think he is bound by the werewolf code or whatever and feels like he can change things. I hope in the end that he and Kylie end up together, even if it means he has to walk away from his pack responsibilities and she has to choose a supernatural power. They have a great history, as children and then later reconnecting…Go Lucas! Just make the right decision!! lol

    • I have just started reading the books and I am in love with them! I am definitely team Lucas, not just because he’s hot but because he has a past with kylie and in the books he was introduced much later than Derek was, and he has this edge to her which is totally
      Hot! He hasn’t shown any desperation unlike derek and when I read parts with Lucas in I can totally relate to kylie and get butterflies in my tummy! They have this great and sexy connection and to be honest if Lucas and kylie dont end up together, I think it will be a waste of series. Much like the hunger games in which katniss ended up with peeta! It’s completely predictable for the girl to end up with the nice guy but it would be amazing and a great ending if it was the sexy on edge guy who was the true hero for kylie!!
      Pleeeease let kylie end up with Lucas 🙂

    • NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Team lucas!!!!!!!! Loved him the minute he was introduced man!!!!
      he is so sweet and he is protective because its in his nature and what, you want him to be like derek and leave her in her hr of need?
      Yes derek respects her but Lucas LOVES her, i mean just because he doesn’t follow her every thought like a lost puppy (excuse the pun) doesn’t mean derek is better for her, he LEFT her and screwed Ellie-who is really nice by the way 🙁 And as for the feminist comment, what ur saying a woman can’t be in love now cause its a protective dude!!!??? hey don’t get me wrong u should have heard me with “discussions” on womens rights and all that but seriously? are u saying we should all turn lesbian (not that theres anything wrong with that but thats a different “discussion”)umm missy we are in the 21st century and in this century women CHOOSE who they are and who they want to be with
      and if lucas wasn’t in the picture then i would be like “derek woman!” but he is and u can soo see the chemistry between them. Derek is the safe answer, lucas is passion and romance and every girls dream and with lucas u think “i don’t know what i am feeling” because of something he did or urself, with derek u think “i don’t know how i’m feeling-wait is it me or him, is he doing this???” too much confusion.
      TEAM LUCAS <3 <3 <3

    • Team lucas All the way because lucas has always been there to help her
      abd hes a werewolf with black hair and blue eyes

  6. I am Team Lucas and I agree what people are saying about him.

    Kylie even said she was creeped out by Derek’s ability to control emotions. That begs the question of whether or not he’s honest with her that he’s NOT messing with her. And how can you be POSITIVE? He could be doing it without meaning to.

    On the other hand, with Lucas, everything is genuine. He has nothing to hide behind. He’s embraced his paranormal side (which if you remember in the first book Derek was talking about getting rid of it). He’s supported Kylie from the get-go and even though he wasn’t the nicest to her as kids, he still liked her. That says a lot that a guy could be that loyal (minus dating someone else–I mean he didn’t think he’d see her again).

    Lucas has everything Derek doesn’t. STAYING Power.

    Besides, he even went up against one of his OWN KIND for her. COME ON! The very fact that he didn’t believe Kylie about Fredericka he got to see for himself that Fredericka has it in for Kylie. And even though he’s worried about said jealous ex-girlfriend, he STILL defended Kylie. The dude needs the girl. A guy who would do that is a great guy and true hero.

    As to Derek fans–I’ll tell my friend about the blog post. She’s totally Team Derek. We even discussed this whole thing at great length LOL

  7. I had a whole post as to why I’m Team Lucas and then the site said fatal error and my post was gone and didn’t make it on the blog. 🙁

    To me, Lucas is more genuine. He has nothing to hide behind. He can’t control Kylie’s feelings so she has no reason to doubt that her attraction to him is the genuine article. With Derek, how can she ever be really certain? He claims he doesn’t mess with her feelings, however, he might’ve done it without meaning to. For a girl as independent as Kylie, that would be a deal-breaker.

    As to needing Team Derek fans, my friend is one, and we’ve talked about this at great length. We totally disagree and Derek’s had her vote almost from the get-go. (Like I said, I don’t agree with her at all about this). I’ll have to tell her about the post so she can make the case for Derek.

    But I say: GO LUCAS!!!!

  8. So I am not sure how this will all play out but then it is not my story to tell, I do however have some ideas. First Derek will fight for Kylie or make sure she knows that he’s the one she should be with. Kylie will be with Lucas till he has to chose his family over her again. Derek will step up to the plate and weather with influence or not (he has changed after his work with the FRU) Derek and Kylie will end up bumping uglies. Then Someone new will show up who Derek cant feel emotionally. Lucas finds out about Kylie and Derek but not till after things between Derek and Kylie are over but he still wants to kill Derek so he wont come back to camp. Kylie and Lucas will be together in the end. I have my own reasons as to the who why what where and when but because I have yet to read the third book I have no idea about how the relationships have played out so far.

  9. This one took me forever to decide because I love both boys. But I think I’ve finally gone with Lucas, it seems just like everyone else. While in “real” life I’d go for Derek, there is just something about Lucas. He’s the first boy to stick up for Kylie, the old boy next door. Plus Derek seems to have pushed his feelings on Kylie more than Kylie actually falling for him.

  10. TEAM LUCAS!!!

    Kylie & Lucas have so much more passion compared to her & Derek! Derek gave her up…and he running away. To me he is acting like a coward & he doesn’t know what he wants. Lucas isn’t afraid to state that he longs for Kylie to whoever. It’s no secret they have the hots for each other. It’s not just the chemistry either, they also have a deep bond. I love that he protects her! Everything about those 2 gives me butterflies. I reallllly hope she chooses him!

    • TEAM LUCAS!!!!!

      Derek had his chance and he blew it so now Lucas got a chance and he went for it. I mean in one of the books he said he loved her <3 but hey buddy-your too LATE!!!!! Lucas will love her forever and will protect her soooo…

      LUCAS IS THE "ONE"!!!!!

      (not Derek)

  11. I DON’T KNOW

    Derek is good looking and he’s really sweet. But he seemed to give up on Kylie.

    Lucas is protective, hot and they have history. But he stole Kylie’s cat when she younger (alto he made up for it with Socks) and has a crazy ex girlfriend who want Kylie dead.

    I think maybe Lucas cause it seems like Kylie is more attracted to him

    C.C. I leave you to decided what happens

  12. I’m all for Lucas. I think that it would be really unsettling to be with someone who could read your emotions. You wouldn’t have any privacy. Now that Derek can erase memories I would be even more leery if I were Kylie. Not that Derek ever would, but the fact that he could would be too much for me. I just wouldn’t ever feel comfortable in a relationship with a guy with Derek’s gifts.

    I also really hate it in books and movies when the guy (or girl) says that he is going to give the girl he professes to love space so that she can decide how she feels. In situations like that why would a girl choose him especially when Lucas is there with arms open…

  13. I love both of them but i like Derek better because he let’s Kylie choose, he’s also comforting i don’t know why but in my mind he is and also he’s not like every other boy(again in my mind), he’s more emotional and he listens to Kylie, like actually listen, he doesn’t pretend and i wish every boy was like that.

      • I am team Derek all the way, because he is caring and emotional. He actually listens to Kylie and trust her every decision.Unlike lucas , he can actually control his urges and he is REALLY GOOD -LOOKING! so Mrs. Hunter please choose him!!

  14. I gave an earlier post about why I’m team Lucas and I still agree with it, but when I saw C.C’s post about why there aren’t team Derek fans I think I can supply an answer. I must admit that I was originally a team Derek fan but after what he did to her I switched because he left her broken hearted and I realized that Lucas would never do that and always fight for her. Derek is going to need to do something really big to make up for what he did to Kylie and is going to need to fight hard if he wants her back. He relly just pushed her into Lucas’s arms.

  15. Deffinatey team Lucas!! Kylie is way more attracted to him and you can’t fully trust Derek cause he can control her emotions he might be a good guy but the temptation is still there

  16. Team Lucas!
    Derek had his chance but he is just to insecure to take. He worries about Kylie breaking his heart so he won’t trust her enough to give it to her. Like Lucas says “Derek’s an idiot” Now Derek will lose Kylie and spend his life regretting it. Lucas has confidence in spades and continues to show Kylie he cares and thinks about her even when he was gone. For that he’ll be the victor.

  17. well c.c im kinda with you there it seems stuck to me to becuase as you said both boys love kylie and they both can get her out of danger . But there must be a dissision made. Unless your going to make kylie a morman but reversed with 2 husbands lol that would be an interesting twist . But my dissision is lucas cuase lets face it there i just something about bad boys that girls can never walk away from and to me it seems like kylie is more atracted to him . In the first book she says he makes her feel like a grown women and that is what kylie is becomeing so shouldent she have a relationship that will grow with her . How do i say this without sounding dirty lol .Her body seems to react to him more passionatly Then with derek . pluse its never good to date i guy that looks like/ remind’s you of your ex it usualy only lead to heart break. But thats just my thoughts on the matter.

  18. i am pro-lucas.

    there is just something hot about a guy that is protective and strong, yet caring and genuine. i personally think that derek is kind of creepy, i wouldn’t want to be with someone that has the power of manipulating emotions, it would just always be on my mind. and lucas is a werewolf and i have always been a dog person. 😉

    anyways i agree with all the lucas posts prior to this, he is a pretty nifty character, go C.C.!!

  19. Well I do NOW prefer Lucas over Derek

    At the beginning of Born at midnight I swayed towards Derek and thought he was a nice guy and good for Kylie but as the book went on (I found this even more in Awake at Dawn) That there was something that i felt off about Derek and Lucas in a sense just seemed right in the way that he has always been there for her even when she was little. His advances towards Kylie I find really cute, while Derek’s just seemed well a little too much. I felt that Kylie was with Derek at the beginning because she was broken and he was kind and nice to her while Lucas was distant to protect the both of them. It may seem silly but because of Lucas’ character traits he seem like a perfect match for Kylie.

    That is my reasoning 🙂


  20. I used to be ” team Derek ” but after what happened in the second book I’m really more with ” team Lucas ” but in the next book hopefully he’ll fix his mistake.

  21. I’d say Team DEREK! Yep, ladies, D_E_R_E_K. To be hot and steamy and protective doesn’t always mean to be the right one. I go usually for the bad guy, like Lucas. And maybe the fact that Lucas and Kylie have a history should be another reason for them to be together, but I see more reasons for DEREK and Kylie to be together. First of all, he is also hot, but not in this pushy way. Secondly, he didn’t “force” Kylie to kiss him, though he was in the similar situation like L and K. So Derek is a gentleman. Thirdly, he changed his decision about giving up his powers just for Kylie, though he actually hated this idea. But still he did. Lucas hasn’t done anything like that. And most likely wouldn’t /won’t since it’s not his thing. He does whatever he wants. Derek has also protected Kylie twice already. Then again Derek left Kylie for Kylie’s sake to help her to decide who is the one for her. Seems pretty caring for me. Yep he has the power to manipulate her emotions but he used only to calm her down. There were many chances for him to use his power on her and make her decide in his favor, but HE HASN’T. Shows a stronger character. If you keep thinking like “Derek can manipulate Kylie’s feelings”, well you can also think “Lucas can hook up with another werewolf- babe during the next full moon” as well. Which is neither so cool ^^ And it appears that Lucas can’t make a clear break with his (ex) girlfriend. The question here is whether it’s the problem of the girl or maybe it’s because Lucas is not sure about what he wants: same species, same fun. And this is yet another reason for Kylie and Derek to be together: he won’t be able to hurt her accidentally during the full moon. So Derek has already shown his protective, caring, risky, intelligent, romantic, hot, sensitive sides. So Kylie should go for Derek. And the history with Lucas should remain History 😉 ‘Sides it would be really cool if someone would go for the good guy. 🙂

    But again it’s Kylie’s decision to decide, she should be with the one who makes her feel whole 🙂 Though maybe a third hot-looking guy appears who steals her heart at once 🙂

    • Omg!! I totally agree with u!! All the comments i have read so far all say “TEAM LUCAS”. I am getting tired of it

    • YES!! Thank you very much! i think that all of the Derek fans just didnt reply first, or they dont know about this website. Because everyone i know who read this loved Derek to. DEREK ALL THE WAY. he is way more patient, understanding, and a little risky, just like Lucas, but better because he doesnt go too far. and i know that if he was with her when they were young, he wouldve protected her and stood up for her too. everythind says that Lucas cant be with her, people dont want them togther and such. while Derek was confused in Taken at Dusk, he left just the same as Lucas. thenLucas got his chance and took it. while when he came back, he wasnt soo bitter to Lucas. also, i feel like she cares about Derek just a little more. for example, when Lucas left she was relieved. and when Derek left she was heartbroken. i love both of them, they would both go well with Kylie, but Derek just beats Lucas by…. A LOT. haha, yup so TEAM DEREK! yup yup, D-E-R-E-K. haha, well i would fight to be right about this! haha, i just reallyyy want them to be together.. they are perfect in my opinion. Hope you agree in the end Ms. Hunter. 🙂 Love them!

  22. AND also SOCKS likes Derek! And cats have a good sense for people. At least that’s what my cat says. 😉 I wouldn’t like to stress my cat who doesn’t’ like my boyfriend with this boyfriend being on my side.

  23. I am team Lucas!
    Not only is he hot stuff but the second Kylie told him that she was confused and she just needed friends right now he stopped everything and was just her friend. Don’t get mr wrong I like Derek too but as a lot of people have already said he basically gave her up. She was confused when Lucas came back to campus and instead of letting her have time to figure it out he just stopped talking to her. Lucas and Kylie have a history already and he has always been protective of her. I just think Lucas is the way to go!! Can’t wait to see who she ends up with!!

  24. Let’s just say I’d be a little bit happier if Kylie ended up with Lucas because he has a bad-butt coating, but a super-sweet and awesome center. Though this is true, I love both Derek and Lucas for the traits they have that the other one lacks, so i’m kinda stuck!!! >.<

  25. I love Derek, I really do. BUT, I am definitely on Team Lucas. Why? Well, he seems to understand her better. He can’t control emotions, so there is never any confusion as to if Kylie’s feelings are her own when she’s with him.

  26. I love Lucas sooo much! He is so in love with Kylie, and I have liked him since the first scene with him in it. He is so protective and sweet, but he also has a dark side to him 😉 He is just much nicer than Derek. Derek seemed like he was trying to create trouble for Kylie. I always picture him as the bad guys 😮 Anyway I am definately TEAM LUCAS <3<3<3

  27. I have though very long and hard on these two wonderful boys. I have not taken side and I like Derek a lot and he is a great guy and all. I just think Derek is not very patient so he need to grow up a little. I think he assume on how a person will react to a certain emotion and that’s where I think he need to be a little more patient. Then again he is learning and he is in Shadow Falls. Lucas wow I love this guy. I think in ways too he need to think before he acts is all. He seems to be a little more mature then other guys. He is honest, responsible, caring in so many way. He is the type of person who will not give up, and a person who will fight for what he believe in. Kylie and Him are on the same page. I pick Lucas not because he handsome or strong, and Smart. I pick him because I could see a future with Kylie and him. Though i still want to find out more on Lucas. i still have so many question for him can not wait to discover more of him. Boys or Men are always a mystery to the opposite sex. I am so excited to see the story unfold on both of these boys, but for now it is Lucas. I guess i want him to win….LOL…. Not because every one is picking him that I want him to win. Who would not Pick Team Lucas The guy is AWESOME. I hope my answer will be an answer to your question. I did the best I could to explain. Though I will be happy no matter who you pick i just want Kylie to be happy. All three of them are there to grow at Shadow falls the story is not written in stone just yet. I just hope and want it to be Lucas…

  28. TEAM LUCAS!!

    I think what gets me about him, is their history. I love that has been protective of her from the first time they met, and that she thought something terrible about him in the beginning of the first book, only to find out how wrong she was. He turned out to be the same protector she always remembered him as. I love that he has loved her from day 1 and is so confident that she will eventually see that they need to be together. He also gives off bad boy vibes sometimes. That might just be because he’s a werewolf, but I like the bad boys.

    I ended up liking Derek a lot more in the second book, but not enough to switch teams. When Kylie is with Derek she is always aware of him reading her emotions. It seems she is constantly on alert, to make sure she isn’t feeling something she doesn’t want him to catch on to. That sounds exhausting. It makes me feel bad for Derek, because what kind of relationship can he ever have with anyone, unless he can learn how to block that or turn that off every now and then. Anytime Kylie notices another guy, Derek will know it and probably end up jealous. With Lucas she can be herself and not have to worry so much about what she feels all the time. She doesn’t have to try to hide her feelings that she may like to keep to herself sometimes.

    ALSO, her subconscious dreams of Lucas, and always has. Lucas is who she really wants when her brain is shut down for the night, because it finds him, even against her will. Plus werewolves are hott!

    • Kristy M.,

      Excellent points. Like I said, I’m definitely Team Lucas. And I had forgotten about her dreaming about him. I did bring up the whole Derek controlling her emotions. And you’re right, she does constantly have to adjust what she’s feeling and that WOULD be exhausting.

      Yet another reason Lucas is better for her!

    • I agree. I’m Team Lucas too. Derek is just too soft, he can handle all the things Kylie has to go through. Lucas would definitively handle it better 🙂

      Go Lucas!

  29. I have been a Lucas fan from the beginning but awake at dawn did make me start to fall for Derek a little more…still a Lucas fan but also a Derek fan nlw, I few bad for him

  30. I am Team Lucas all the way! However, in the begining of Born at Midnight I was all for Kylie ending up with Dereck and I didn’t trust Lucas at all.

    Dereck kinda creeps me out a little with his abilities to control emotions and wipe peoples memories! I don’t think he would ever use them on her without asking her but she will always have to be on guard with him just in case and thats just too much work. He is very sweet but a little too pushy for my tastes. I do not like how he just kind of abandoned Kylie when he found out about her feelings for Lucas. He plays way too many games and what girl wants that. Plus, it’s never a good idea to date someone who reminds you of your ex. All in all, I see Dereck and Kylie as really good friends but nothing more!

    Lucas has always cared and tried to protect kylie even when she was little and thought he killed her cat (he didn’t… he even says he fought his own dad because his dad DID kill the cat). Sure he left Kylie also but he wrote her letters and was still letting her know he wants her. She obviously wants him too since she couldn’t stop dreaming about him even when consciously she didn’t want to. He also makes Kylie feel like a woman when she is with him and lets face it… thats exactly what she needs, she is growing up! The Fredricka issue…. well I think Lucas is just too nice when it comes to her but I don’t really see her as a threat (Kylie could easily kick her ass if needed imho).

    Love Lucas 😀

  31. I really think that Kylie needs to end up with Lucas, and not just because I personally like him better. I think that he and Kylie are a good match and what they have between them definitely goes beyond friends or friends with benefits, which is more the vibe I get from Kylie and Derek.

    I think Derek is a decent guy. However, there are some definite reasons why I do not think that he and Kylie should end up together.
    1) I think the fact that it took Kylie so long to decide she would date him is very telling. To me, this shows that the two of them should not be in a relationship because there would be a severe lack of trust and not just on Kylie’s side either. Derek freaks out every time she feels guilty or has any happy emotion that does not involve him. This tells me that he would never fully trust her, and that is a major problem.
    2) Kylie and Derek act more like friends with benefits that boyfriend and girlfriend. I think this goes back to there trust issues again, and Kylie even admits that she is a horny teenager, and Derek is who she goes to to, for lack of a better phrase, get it out of her system.
    3) Derek started out seeming like the “perfect” guy. This in itself is a problem. Slowly, that shell of perfection is going to chip away and reveal flaws. In fact, I think this has already happened. Derek did not handle Lucas’s return well at all. In trying to get her to make a decision, he basically just brushed her off, and when she tried to tell him that she had already decided, he ignored her. Plus, perfection is boring. Lucas’s past and his flaws, which he openly admits to, make him much more interesting.
    4) NEVER date someone that reminds you of your ex.
    5) There is just something about the way that Kylie and Lucas are together that seems so right, and that something is just missing with Derek. It almost seems like Kylie is trying to force it because she thinks Derek is the one that she is supposed to choose.

    <3 Lucas 🙂

  32. I really really REALLY think that Kylie should end up with Derek. It’s not that i don’t like Lucas or anything, because he and kylie would be a great match. IT’s just that she and Derek would be a better one. I mean, Derek is sweet and kind and he really really cares about and likes Kylie. Although he was being a little bit of a jerk to her in Awake at Dawn…. But anyways, point is Derek is perfect for her. Lucas is just to….. sketchy. I mean, one minute he’s there, the next he’s off with Fredericka (I know he explained that situation, but still.).And even if he did save Kylie’s life, Derek has saved her life before, too. Team Derek!!!!

  33. Throughout “Born at Midnight” and “Awake at Dawn” my preferences have changed. I started out as a team Derek, but I think now I am team Lucas. And I have no idea how to state why better than Wendy–the first post–did.

  34. Tough call. I see Kylie & Lucas’ relationship more like best friends who are REALLY physically attracted to each other; lustful. But I see Derek as Kylie’s one true love. Its so romantic how they care for & understand each other. I also think that’s why the world is so “enhanced” when Kylie & Derek are sharing a moment together. I will feel bad for which ever one doesn’t get picked, but I will cast my vote for Team Derek.

    • I agree, Derek and Kylie together isnt baased ostly off of how they are artracted to each other, they really understand each other, them both being atractive just helps i guess. But with lucas and kylie, kylie only seems to think about how he looks and how shes jealous of the whoe fredericka thing. Lso lucas and kylie only seem to be a best friends relationship to me too. I also think that when the senery get all fairy tale like with derek and kylie symbolizes how theyre great to gether and that their relationships is not based on lust. To me it seems that when kylie thinks of lucas she aonly thinks about how his body feels next t herss and the whole jealousy thing with fredericka and about them to kissing, i dont remember reading anything about kylie thinking about lucas in other ways pasts looks. But when she thinksabout derek, she seems to really ccare about him and only thinms of them kissing not that often. I think kylie should end up with derek 🙂


      • Pour Lucas, à toujours et à jamais .Au début je ne savais pas décidé mais maintenant, j’en suis sûre. Car si Derek aimer

        vraiment Kylie il ne serait pas partie à l’URF sans la prévenir. En plus il aurait dû lui faire confiance quan elle lui a dit quel était seulement attiré par Lucas, et qu’elle ne voulait pas le blesser. Donc pour Lucas pour toujours.

  35. I think both guys are fine, but I have to go with Lucas. I still like Derek, but he some of the things he did, well it kinda made him an idiot. He could have had Kylie, but he was to worried about her mixed up feelings and he didn’t want her to be a were because Lucas is one. Then he leaves her, I’m sorry but that’s messed up. Lucas left because of his sister and he even made up for part of his past by giving her Socks. Lucas likes her for who she is and would do anything for her. I still like Derek and all, but Lucas seems to understand her better and isn’t pushy about her feelings and he is willing to wait even though he wants more then anything to be with her.

    So I’m team Lucas all the way. I like Derek, but I think Lucas would be a better match and Socks can learn to like him, I mean cats and dogs can get along so why can’t a cat and a were.

  36. I’m for her ending up with Lucas ,because unless kylie can fined a way to block Derek’s emotion controal , i don’t think she’ll ever truely be abel to trust him

  37. C’on, I’m definitely going for Derek!
    Before I tell you why, let me ask you a question. How hard does ur heart pump when Kylie is with Derek on the pages? And how hard does it pump when she’s with Lucas? Even though Derek has this emotion controlling ability, he is very honest and promising not to make Kylie feel like it.
    I’d prefer Lucas to be her very best friend and Derek to be her very boyfriend. But this is my opinion, so please don’t feel offended. But it also depends on CC, if she hooks up with Lucas (unexpectedly) I’m sure my heart will broke into million of pieces on the spot.
    Lucas meant something to Kylie but Derek meant more to her and I knew it from the minute I started this book.
    Anyway GO Derek! 🙂

    • i totally agree with you, Lucas should be Kylie’s very best friend and Derek should be with Kylie, that is my opinion.

  38. Lucas, He is very protective, loves her, and he wrote her letters when he had to leave. He has loved her for a long time. Derek is sweet and would be good for her too if Lucas was not there but I have to chose Lucas if one must be chosen.

  39. TEAM LUCAS….

    I feel from the beginning that Derek was more a friend base for Kylie. I can see him has boyfriend material even. But to me Lucas is more the “one ” for Kylie. He has been even before the story takes place. I admit having reading both books that I fell in love with all three of these characters. But I honestly feel that she loves Derek but she is not “in love with him” I really see her with Lucas. He may have the bad boy image but he loves her and cares for her even from the beginning. I think the real moment that made me for sure Lucas was the one, not just has the reader but actually feeling the character manifest from my view, was the scene of kiss in the water. That did it for me, the connection was made. You felt it was just “right”. After that, I could never look at Derek as a option other than a truly close friend. Well that is just my opinion anyway has to the why. Love the books, keep up the wonderful writing!

  40. *sigh* I couldn’t chose either…. I think that whoever Kylie ends up with, she will have to ask herself the ultimate “who could i NEVER lived without?” because that’s what it would come down to… no matter how much she loves either, or they love her, there is always one that has a deeper bond and she absolutely would not be able to live without 😉

  41. I love Derek way more than I like Lucas. But as for who Kylie will end up with I think she will end up with Lucas. Simply because she has always loved him and she can’t help that. It’s obvious that she will never be over him. And even though she loves Derek too she is helplessly in love with Lucas to the point where her life would be miserable without him. Lucas is her true love. I think Derek is a better person but there is some sort of mysterious qualities about Lucas that make him irresistible. And come on who doesn’t love a werewolf? They are amazing. So in the end I think Kylie will end up with Lucas because it makes more sense (she can’t help but love him right?) even though part of me is rooting for Derek, because come on, he’s amazing too. 🙂

  42. I think it’s really looking like 90% of people want Lucas…Well I like Derek. Call me petty, but the minute Lucas ran off with Fredricka I would have been so over him. Derek loves her. Yes he left and blah blah but really…He needed that time apart and I know what that feels like.

    Its a hard choice…but I think I prefer Lucas. Don’t get me wrong, I still think Derek is AWESOME…though, it feels right when Kylie and Lucas are together. But I hate it how people are getting mad at Derek for leaving Kylie! I understand why he left her. I like the way how Derek let Kylie decide and give her space and all…but like I said, I think Lucas is the one for her! The whole problem is really bugging me because I want to know who Kylie ends up with!!! I’ll be devestated if she doesn’t end up with Lucas, but I’ll also feel REALLY bad for Derek is she DOES end up with Lucas… Im soooo confused! I know they both love Kylie very much and all, but….I don’t know…Lucas????? AHHHHHH!!!!!! its bothering me sooo much!

  44. I love Derek and everything, and he has his reasons for leaving, so I get that, but… I’m team Lucas, short and simple, he and Kylie complement each other. They have this whole past and the two of them seem happy when they are together. Definitely Lucas.

  45. I’m going with team derek becaus in the first book lucas is with his ex when he left kylie. Derek is nice, Hot, sweet, and love caring for Kylie. He just wants her to always be happy that why he help her by making her fell better. He is not trieing to make her do anything. She wanted to kiss him and he wanted to kiss her. I like Lucas but he make just dose not suit her!


  46. Well, this is weird, but C. C. if you made it that she ended up with neither, wouldn’t that be a cool twist? Or, add another guy. Even better, make her end up with her old boyfriend, Trey. I still prefer neither, and then in the later books she ended up with Lucas. For the first three books, make it that she said she doesn’t want to be with any of them. Then, later in the book make it that she wants to be with Lucas. This is my advice, one author to another (I like to write books too).


    P.S- I love these books!

  47. I absolutely love these books! I begged my parents to buy me the books as they come out, of course they said I have to be the one to pay for them myself, but hey it’s fine with me. I write stories too but to be honest I’m not that good. Born at Midnight was great and if you want my opinion about who Kylie should pick, I’d choose Lucas. He’s perfect for her. He doesn’t push like Trey or Derek, Lucas wants her to like him because she wants to not because he wants to force her into it. Although after that scene at the creek (page 281), I just have to pick Lucas.

    That’s why I’m all for Lucas Parker!

  48. Derek 🙂
    In the first book he was willing to be just friends just to be near her. He was always there for her and you can tell he loves her. They have both chemistry and friendship, any good relationship needs both. (I think whats between her and Lucas is mostly chemistry, its not like they’ve had many conversations)
    I wish Derek would’ve fought harder in ‘awake at dawn’ but then again I dont think I could standby and watch if the person I loved had feelings for someone else. He seemed to understand how much stuff Kylie had going on though and did’nt blame her but yet couldn’t watch while she figured it out. It seemed as though he thought she needed some space from him so she could see if she loved him and with him not being around she’ll know he wasn’t influencing her (which I dont think he ever did)

    I can’t wait till the next book comes out x

  49. I have only read the first book.. But hopefully I’ll be able to get the second one tomorrow. But I already am a fan for Lucas. He really does like her, total sweetheart with the bad boy side. I mean come on he fought his dad to try to save her cat! Then got her a kitten even thought cats hate him.

    Okay yes he has a crazy one night hook up… And I guess she does something to Kylie… But if you say ghosts the crazy werewolf tucks tail and runs…. Not so scary lol.

    The fact Derek looks and reminds her of Trey is not a good thing. He agrees to be friends then tries to make her jealous!! Hello girl needs time with out that playing with her head!

    Lucas wanted to take her with him but didn’t want to get her in trouble. Passion, protective, kind, caring. Hell he ran when she screamed about a snake. And he doesn’t freak out about the ghosts. Plus who doesn’t love a werewolf!!
    Lucas alll the way… He comes back soon in the second one right?? 🙂

  50. Personally I would like to get to know both boys first. They both have issues they need to deal with and she needs to learn more about the bond that ties Lucas and her. Plus she still is angry with the Trey thing and so for now I am neutral until we learn about Lucas and Derek cools off. Hopefully then all three will know what they want. Maybe have her back off boys for a couple weeks while everything plays through.

  51. I have to say that I’m team Lucas all the way!
    Reason number 1: because he’s known Kylie her for a while and you could already tell he liked her from day one because of that part where he protected her from those boy bullies!

    Reason number 2: Because he’s a bad boy and every girl dreams of dating the bed boy^.^

    Reason number 3: unlike Derek, Kylie doesn’t run the risk of her emotions being controlled what so ever so what she decides is 100% her.

    Reason number 4: Because he’s an all around good guy who’s very sweet and protective. He would stand by Kylie and help her no matter what situation she may find herself in.

    Reason number 5: If she’s dream-scaping with Lucas and not Derek then obviously she has a bigger thing with him. So far from reading BORN AT MIDNIGHT and AWAKE AT DAWN she can’t seem to get Lucas off her mind no matter what she does and I say that it means she’s fallen hard.

    Reasons against Derek: First of all, I don’t hate Derek (I actually like him) but I think they should just stay friends.
    My one big reason as to why I think Lucas is better is because of this: He can erase her memories and control her emotions which is like way creepy and how would you remember that he had done all of those things if he did something to you for something he didn’t like?

    P.S. I absolutely loved both books and I’m dying just waiting for the next one to come out! I thought they were amazing and honestly to tell you the truth, I believe Kylie seems to be an Angel or something with the whole guardian thing going on and being able to have abilities of other supernaturals:)

  52. I love these books and i have to admit that i am totally invested in the characters and their relationships but i don’t get where Lucas gets the reputation of the bad boy because lets think about it: he saved Kylie from the bullies, He warned her about his dad, he hasn’t been with anyone since seeing Kylie at the camp, and he’s not forcing or controlling Kylie in any way. I love Derek, i do and i can see how he’d be good for Kylie but Lucas still gets my vote and i think it’s mainly because of how he responded to her as children, i think thats really sweet and their something really endearing about it.

  53. First of all, I have to say that I like both boys very, very much. If I were Kylie, I wouldn’t have known exactly who to choose either.

    BUT, yes, there is a but–Derek just feels a little…Too soft? If you get what I mean? I think Lucas would really be better for Kylie. I’m not saying that because I like Lucas better than Derek(Okay, maybe a little. I mean, super hot werewolf? *Sight*) but also because I thing Lucas would stay by Kylie’s side no matter what and handle everything she does. They keep each other on their toes and butt head. Love it!

    Derek is sweet and kind, but I just don’t think he can handle everything Kylie has to go through. Yes, he would support her, but he wouldn’t understand her choices and handle it the way Lucas can. Derek would probably “back off” a little to figure out his own emotions and how he feel, while what Kylie needs is someone who’s there for her EVEN when that person maybe doesn’t want to. Again; Like Lucas.

    And I’ve read what some people writes about Lucas being a bad-boy/ or not a bad-boy. And you know what? Lucas is a sweetheart and would protect who he loved no matter what. Killing someone who hurts Kylie? Yeah, he would do that. Does that makes him a bad-boy? Probably. Does that makes him a sweetheart? Hell yes! Maybe I’m just twisted that way, but I love that he would go through that for Kylie, and I have no doubt that he would.

    Would Derek kill to protect Kylie? I’m not sure, I think Derek would think and try to figure out a way to help Kylie and not kill the enemy in the process. I just don’t think he has what Kylie needs.

    People have written that they want Derek because he’s a sweetheart, but really people, is someone who’s only a sweetheart what Kylie needs?

    No, she needs someone who’s though and hard and a fierce protector, and also while being kind and sweet to her. Derek just can’t do that.

    I really hope that C.C go for Lucas. Because the way Derek handled things in Awake at Dawn really let us know how he would handle it the next book. Not in a good way. And while Lucas didn’t appear as much in Awake at Dawn, when he got to the camp, he just jumped right into the picture with Kylie and didn’t ignore her like Derek, but actually looked out for her. I liked that.


    • derek is totally too soft! i know exactly what you’re talking about! but for me personally, lucas is too soft aswell. that why i like Red

  54. this choice is sooooo hard…. ( sorry for my mistakes in english because it is my third language) If I close my eyes and visualize with who she will spend the rest of her life is… Derek because it was love at first sight. And I feel Lucas unstable, but also he is sweet and sexy 🙂 And I was wondering when you will publish the second book in french ( because it will be more easier to me ) I hope you will answer me soon because I can’t wait to read it.

    Thank you ! 😉

    I think he’ll be there for her through thick in thin. Also, I think it’s easier for Kylie to be around him. Because, Derek can manipulate and see her emotions. They’re both hot, so their equal in that department. So, that’s my six pence. Though I do think Kylie would be happier with Lucas. (Sorry this jumps around everywhere. I’m always like that in writing.)

  56. Yes lucas has that whole bad boy thing going and he is very sweet on her,he makes kylie feel so on edge. When she is in dereks arms she is relaxed and can feel comforted by him. Lucas has the whole hot werewolf thing you but in the end derek is growing and maturing and trying to find out who he is right along with kaylie. I like both of them because they both make her feel great but in the end when she is with derek she sees the world in a whole new light. I would like her to end up with either of them. Please don’t let this be she goes all feminist and goes off by herself to fulfill her destiny cause that would be brutal. I really want to be team derek but when I think about how lucas would feel if that happened breaks my heart.

  57. Derek is deffanately who she should go for. now even tho kylie and lucas have a past together derek has a very comforting feel about him and also he really truely cares for kylie, not tht lucas doesnt. also when in search for a guy you want someone who ake u feel safe and calm(like derek) not, on edge nervous, and in-tense(like lucas). and derek is also kind of on his own quest of self discovery so him and kylie deffantely have a similar empathy for each other. i think tht what kylie feels for lucas is recpect and gratitude for saving her life in the past and recently…not love. but what derek feels is so strong and passonate it draws you in and i just know kylie and derek should be togeather in the end. but either way the storyline will continue to thrill me .
    ps. please dont end the series at Taken at Dusk

    Derek has been my favorite since the very beginning of Born at Midnight. I mean he gave 2 pints of blood just to talk to her for a few hours, come on. He waited and gave Kylie the choice if she wanted to make their friendship something more. Kylie always feels safe with him too. He’s saved her from a snake, a lion, some vampires, and has mostly been her emotional rock. Derek also has been just as honest as Kylie has been with him. Plus, they are so much alike. It’s what brought them together in the first place. Like alie said, Derek is just trying to figure himself out as much as Kylie is. Everyone has their ups and downs, but if Kylie and Derek truly love each other, they’ll be able to find each other again.

    I also know that I said Derek gave Kylie the choice of friendship or something more. It had to hurt a guy’s ego to be turned down that many times, but Derek still gave Kylie her space and let her decide. I’m also aware that at the end of Awake at Dawn, he didn’t want to be either. Derek’s heart was broken just as much as Kylie’s. They just need time.

    And on a last note, we all know they are both super hot. I just think Derek’s personality and “charm”,as he calls it, wins out. Seriously, if your world turned “magical” everytime you were with Derek, would it even be a contest?

    I’m just hoping she picks Derek.

  59. Lucas did leave, but so did Derek.
    Lucas left for a good reason, but Derek left in order to be away from Kylie. In my opinion that shows something about him. If it was the other way around and Lucas was jealous of Derek, he would probably stick around and fight for her rather than run away and feel sorry for himself. He was also mean to her after they broke up, he ignored her and her emotions. She donated blood for him!
    Lucas on the other hand isn’t so inconsiderate. He only left because he needed to help his sister, and yes he kissed her and made her insides all twisted up but then again he also said he shouldn’t have done that after he did and didn’t go into Kylie’s cabin when she invited him in. One more important thing about Lucas is that he has always been protective of her, even in their past. Derek tries to be protective sometimes, but Lucas has shown way more loyalty in that department. It also shows a lot that after Kylie got kidnapped she dreamscaped Lucas, not Derek or Burnett or anyone else.


  60. Lucas likes kylie since they were kids, Derek saw her and already starts liking her,it doesn’t make sense,and kylie only started liking him because he looked like trey! When Lucas left he went to save his sister,he needed to go,and he wrote her letters.And derek left because he is an ass and couldn’t handle the fact that she might have feellings for Lucas. So definitely I’m TEAM LUCAS!

  61. I’m confused in a way,on how I feel about them.I think Derek is super sweet,and yeah he can control emotions but he said he would never use them to get some one to sleep with him.A lot of guys would be super fast to use his power that way.Realy his big flaw was “giving Kylie space”.He should be trying to help not try to have her figure it all out on her own.
    I think Lucas is cool for replaceing her cat,seeing as he couldn’t save the other one in time.Plus hes protective,but not overly protective.
    So yeah i’m leaning more to the Lucas side,but you still got to give Derek some points.

  62. TEAM LUCAS!!!!!! <3
    yeah, i know it late to say that but i like lucas better than Derek i goes for the bad boys that is HAWT! Derek not my type he's to emotional….and so wat socks like derek i mean hello? Lucas a werewolf and cats hates werewolf if u don't know 😉
    And Kylie and Lucas met since they were little ,he saves from those bullies. Lucas is protective and cares about her more than Derek. But if Kylie ends up with Derek c.c might finds me in front of her door! JK JK lol Go Team Lucas!!! XD

    • Come on on you guys, its deffinitely Derek who deserves her. He might have left once, but Lucas has hurt her way more than Derek has. I have read all of the books except the one that hasn’t come out yet, Chosen at Nightfall. I don’t mean to spoil, but LUCAS GETS ENGAGED TO ANOTHER WOMEN AND DOESN’T EVEN THINK TO TELL HER, AND HAS THE NERVE TO TELL FREDRIKA THAT HE DID TELL HER AND THAT SHE’D EXCEPTED IT!!! He doesn’t even except who SHE is! Lucas always gets into fights with her in Whispers at Moonrise and keeps making her mad, and then when she still is mad at him he charms her into not being mad at him anymore. And some of you might think it’s cute that he wants her to dream about him, but for me it’s just plain creepy!
      I liked Derek in the first one, Lucas in the second one, Both of them in the third one, and then Derek in the fourth one, DEFFINITELY!
      DEREK WINS!!! HA!
      Some of you keep saying that Derek is sweet and kind, but it is more than that, he is…
      safe. And not in the bad way, you guys keep saying Lucas is all about protecting her, but it’s more like he is owning her! Derek is the one who she always feels safe and secure with, and that is not a bad thing. I mean I know you guys like the bad boy thing goin’ on, and I even like the bad boy thing to usually, but… no offense, but…
      he can’t work it!
      Derek protects her too, if you haven’t realized… I mean no offense guys, but come on! Derek outways the ‘hot’ Lucas A LOT!!!
      He excepts her, and in Whispers at Moonrise everyone pretty much liked Derek with her more than Lucas with her (I think that was a hint from cc hunter that he will be with her), and how is she gonna be with him, and it be all cute, when he doesn’t like her friends, and they pretty much don’t like him! It is always awkward when all of them are together(Again another hint from cc hunter)!
      TEAM DEREK!!!
      I would like to thank Taryn and Alena for your DEREK TEAM SUPPORT!!!

      And CC Hunter I know you will pick the right one…
      Please God, let it be Derek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  64. I love Derek!!! He is hot, respectful, sensible, honest, clever…. everything that i value in a boyfriend. Always Kylie and Derek are togheter, everyting looks magical… with Derek, life is a fairy tale… And I think his powers are biggest than the powers of ANY werewolf…

  65. Definitely Lucas!
    As much as I like Derek, I think Lucas is better than Derek for many reasons. Lucas doesn’t try too hard and he shows Kylie the real him. He’s not trying to be something he’s not. Also, every time Lucas and Kylie are together there is so much energy in the air and sparks are flying. With Derek it’s just sweet, calm, and a little friendly. There are no intense feelings between Kylie and Derek. Lucas also met Kylie first. I loved their history as kids! One of his best qualities is that he listens and he still remembers Kylie having a cat when she was little and apologized for what his parents did to it. Someone said in a post that it was love at first sight with Derek, I didn’t feel that what-so-ever. If anything, she had an instant connection/attraction with Lucas. She soon as she laid eyes on him, she knew they had a past. They have so much chemistry, it’s insane! Their first kiss by the river was HOT!!! C.C., please give us more! I LOVE hot scenes and need details. I’m a very visual person!! know its a YA book, but I’ve read so many YA books that are extremely sexy. I can’t wait for Taken at Dusk! I’ve read some chapters on amazon and its SO good! The scenes between Kylie and Lucas…….Yum Yum!! I hope his werewolf instincts persuades her to more than a kiss!! Just got done reading that chapter. haha. Thanks for an amazing read!! Team Lucas!!!!

  66. TEAM LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He’s always thinking about her and if she safe or not, I mean even as a kid he would watch her. Derek broke her heart and walked away not caring, plus he got mad at her for Lucas sending her letters while he was gone, another point for Lucas. When Derek left he never called wrote or dreamed, if Derek cared he would have talk to her at lest once when he was gone. Not run of and huck up with his ex. Lucas trys hard to understand what she feels and can tell with out having the power of feeling emotions like Derek. Plus Lucas is willing to give up title just to be with her and keep her safe. Also when he feels he hurt her bad he try’s to make up for it and dosnt just say sorry and hope she forgives just words.

  67. Team Derek Team Derek Team Derek!

    I pick Derek because he was the one who confronted her first. He did save her from the lion. And….. Even though he left, he was still worried about Kylie in Taken at Dusk, He called her to make sure she was alright. Now thats what i call HOTT<33333. Love Love Derek and Hope he's the one that ends up with Kylie, or at least neither. If Derek cant have her, then nobody can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Definitely Derek!!!

    He understands all Kylie feels. Which other man, in the world, knows what we, women, fell?? And Lucas will never understand her completely, because she is not a wolf like him… I love Derek! I would like to find a fae like him.

  69. Team Lucas!!

    I think that even you, C.C., are secretly pulling for Lucas, ’cause even all through the first and the second book, I felt this bond between Kylie and him.
    So here are the reasons Kylie has to end up with the big bad wolf :
    1.She feared him & she still went out of camp grounds with him (where they shared THE kiss, I had dreams about that for like 2 weeks:P), it seemed like inside, her soul was telling her that there is not even a remote possibility he would ever hurt her intentionally.
    2.Not unlike I, Kylie pulled Lucas into her dreams. And again not unlike mine, those dreams weren’t all that innocent. With Derek she has felt some lust & nobody can argue the fact that she loves him, but I feel like she forced the lust part. She felt love, love that can be very well described as brotherly, & when Lucas wasn’t around (physically) to let her know what lust really feels like, she thought brotherly love was enough.

    C.C., thanks for the joy your books have brought me!

    ok so im supposed to explain why so here it is
    i don’t know why maybe cause Dereks way to in love with her it annoys me i mean ive never liked the persons whos way to in love and then just drops it like that not caring that he was breaking kylies heart

  71. this is kinda amazing cuz im team DEREK 4 life!
    I have no idea why but if she doesnt end up with Derek ima be mad! *Warning spoiler for taken at dusk….* She says that when shes with him it is like a fairy tale and personally i dont believe that derek is controlling her emotions there… and plus… who wouldnt go for the guy that tells u …. i love you and your the only one i care about. lol. Plus during taken at dusk Lucas was kinda a jerk most of the time! I mean for real? what is his deal with the she-wolf? Ellie was right she should be with derek! In real life i would see myself dating derek, not lucas. Derek+kylie=4ever!

  72. I don’t know if like Derek or Lucus better but if I had to choose id pick Derek cause he is:
    good looking
    And he saved kylie’s life many times

  73. Team Derek!!!! He understands Kylie and doesn’t judge her ghost side! Lucas is hot and all but that’s it he is to over powering to be with Kylie. She needs Derek because he will be the guy she needs by her side to be the best! He love her and I dont believe he uses his power to manipulate her feelings towards him. Even her friends get along better with Derek! She needs to chose Derek he is her soul mate!! Her everything ….:)

  74. Book 3 has changed my view. Before, I was leaning towards Lucas, but I didn’t feel I had enough to go on to really say which side I was on. But now that I’ve seen more of both guys with Kylie, I’m Team Derek. He gets her and accepts her the way that she is.

  75. I love Derek and he obviously cares for Kylie, but for me, Kylie’s connection with him isn’t as strong as it with is with Lucas.
    For a while I thought I was going to actually lean to Derek, but I think Kylie and Derek’s relationship lacks the intensity that it does with Lucas. So, I’m back with Lucas. I think it’s the fact that their relationship isn’t all that perfect, particularly with all the problems and barriers with both Kylie and Lucas. It makes it more realistic and I suppose ‘darker’ – if you want to use that term.
    So, yes it’s Lucas for me 🙂

  76. I LOVE DEREK!!!!

    He is the guy that I have been looking all my life! He understands Kylie, all that ghost stuff, he is powerful and sweet. He is hot and his kisses are delicious… He doesn’t care what specie Kylie is…. He just loves her…

  77. Team Derek!!!

    Nowadays, women don’t want just hot men that want to protect them, as they were fragile and stupid, e that don’t accept what they really are… Women want men that share their interests, that are, before everthing, great friends and accomplices. Somebody they can talk about everything with no fear and that understands their feelings. And Derek is a man like that!

  78. I reeeeaaally hope she ends up with Lucas!
    look, I know what u mean that women nowadays want a man who will support them, understand them … but isn’t it a little hot when a man fights for you? Derek just let Kylie go, he was too proud -.- Lucas ,that i can see in these books, would fight for her till the end! he wouldn’t care if he feels too much, he would rather suffer than let her go!

    I read the books, all three of them, and the last book just proven to me that Lucas is better for Kylie!

    Team Lucas!!!!

  79. Lucas all the waaay!
    i know Derek is more supportive of Kylie’s gift and all, but if he doesn’t protect her form it as well, she’ll be dead in a matter of days, if he just lets her deal with the ghosts she’ll become too involved and won’t do anything else. Lucas will eventually learn to live with it, but he’ll still be protective, he’ll take care of her when she won’t be able to do it herself….

    please let it be Lucas!!!!

  80. Derek cuz he’s understanding, supportive, and he is not at all pushy
    He has self control

  81. I AM TEAM DEREK ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Derek was there through all of her problems including her ghost problem and her parents divorce. When Derek and Kylie are together i feel like they have acually conversations that mean something to them and it would be hard for them to tell anyone this information. I don’t know much about Lucas and I would need to know more about him. He seems a bit sketchy to me. Derek showed her how much he liked her and when she said she just wanted to be friends he said he would rather be friends than not be around her at all. Derek is everything that i want in a guy. I do usually go for the bad boy but not here, here I prefer the calmer easier going guy over the bad boy. Lucas left camp with another women that he hasn’t told that he does like her. It’s his ex-girlfriend Fredericka. That needs to be taken care of and soon. I know he said he went to help his sister but I’m still a bit suspious of him. I don’t like how Lucas isn’t questioned and Derek is. Derek doesn’t want his gift because of what it does. What person want to read other people’s emotions. Who wouldn’t be jealous if the girl you loved, liked someone else. He was an idiot to leave her but he know that if he’s around then she will think he is muniplulating her feelings and he would never do that. There needs to be more trust between Kylie and Derek and i think that’s there only problem. Lucas seems more of the brotherly type because he protects her from the bullies. I think that just because you have history is not a reason to be together. It’s in the past so it needs to stay in the past. I never once heard her say that she missed Lucas while he was away but she missed Derek a lot and it was breaking her heart and she needs to wait a little to show Derek that she loves him and not Lucas. Derek left for Kylie’s sake and it broke his heart as well as her heart. There is a saying that sometimes you don’t know what you have until you have lost it. Kylie is guilty about thinking of Lucas because she loves Derek (I think). I would be mad if she doesn’t end up with Derek and i would cry but it is Kylie’s decision in the end. Derek saved Kylie from the lion and from the Blood Brother gang. He also came to see and make sure she was okay when 2 girls in town had been murdered while Lucas didn’t. He sent 2 letters and that was all and she didn’t open the second one for some time and when she went to read did you notice that her mom called before she got it out that was what i think was fate she did read it later i know but still. Derek has told her time and time again that he would never munipulate her emotions, trust me if he did then Kylie would have not felt guilty around him because she was think about Lucas. He always allows her to choose. They both have trust issues because of things that have happened in their lives which i think makes them more compatible if they can overcome trust issues then they can overcome everything. When Derek and Kylie are together, my heart pounds really hard but when she’s with Lucas I don’t feel that. What Derek and Kylie have is real love. Lucas and Kylie are just attracted to each other. Derek is more like her boyfriend and Lucas is just more of her brother figure to me than anything else. When Derek walked away and she didn’t stop him i cried, when Lucas left I didn’t cry. When she wanted to talk to Derek she gave Jonathan a pint of blood and Derek did the same thing for her eailer so that proves there love for each other to me. It’s a great book series i can’t wait to read Taken at Dusk when I go buy it.

    • you are awesome and i love you for giving such awesome reasons for derek and kylie!!!! i love derek and i think he is perfect for her.

    • Man. Another person giving very good reasons why it should be Kylie and Derek.
      Courtney, Dana, Taryn and shweta rajwaar – all y’all are right. Definitely Derek. No Lucas. I think with Kylie and Derek it’s real love – and with Kylie and Lucas it’s just lust. Maybe not? I don’t know. But I have been stood corrected. I see the gray now. I have been converted to the light, ladies and gentlemen.
      I would be brokenhearted if the series ended wth Kylie and Lucas, not Kylie and Derek. Or if Kylie ended up with some other hot supernatural. I totally want it to be Der.
      *bangs head on the table* Frustration is a pain.

  82. I think Derek is a much more complex character. Lucas is plain. He has sex in first place. Derek has a relationship. Derek is much more mature than Lucas.

  83. Independent what the readers think, C.C. Hunter has already decided who Kylie will choice: Lucas… You just need to read Taken at Dusk to find out it… Its a pity… I like Derek, but now I know he does not have any chance… Derek Team, we lost…
    When Kylie find out what she is, we discover that the decision has been already done…

    • Oh seriously? Dang. I gotta save up to buy the book. I’m tempted to ask you how it’s obvious she’s chosen Lucas. Anyway, that’s both suckish and relieving. I’m kinda torn between both guys – ironic really because Kylie’s in the same spot.

      • Spoilers***** Well she choose Lucas in an earlier book but in the fourth book Lucas had to marry that were chick, Monica, to gain his dads trust so that Lucas could get on the council and make it so that weres could be with people who aren’t weres *wink wink nudge nudge* *cough Kylie cough* but Kylie got really pissed and denied Lucas and when he FINALLY told her that he loved her, what she had been wanting to tell him throughout the whole book, she slammed the door in his face and then the next day she left to go with her grandfather to a place with all of the camilians. So she had initially chosen Lucas but now she’s in between them again. Personally, I friggin LOVE Lucas and I hope she chooses him. I like Derek and he’s a sweetheart but he’s had his chance. I’m in between the two guys lol I can’t make up my mind. I can’t wait for the last book to come out!!! Please nobody bash my comment lol because I’m just stating facts and my opinion just like everyone else. Byyyyiiieeeee!! 🙂

  84. Team Lucas!

    Why? It’s obvious. The guy is totally ears over tail in love wih Kylie. He’s protective, but I have the feeling if Kyle told him, he would swallow his pride and step down. Even when he was a little boy, Lucas looked out for Kylie. I was torn the first two books, but Taken at Dusk made up my mind.
    Derek claimsto love Kylie, but he ran away! Sorry, but that’s a major turn off. No one wants to have a hot steamy romance with a coward. Sure, he;s been there through all her problems, but in a way… (Sorry, Team Dereks :P) that reminds me of what a friend would do. Even in the first book, when Lylie kissed Lucas, it said she felt as if she’d had her first taste of passion. While Derek’s no doubt loyal, Lucas and Kylie have obviously got chemistry.

    • You see Kenni, thats my problem! Kylie and Lucas have so much chemistry, that I don’t really like it. But Derek and Kylie, are so perfect. Derek can sense Kylie’s emotions. Therefore he can see when she needs comfort, or space. When Lucas would do anything to be near her, even if it means hurting a friend. I want a guy who can be there for me, but who would do it out of love, not protection instincts, and I’m sure Kylie would feel the same. Derek knows what to do to make everything perfect, literally! He never goes through mood swings, like Lucas, and he’s just so perfect!!! And though in book 3, he brings back Ellie, he did the right thing. So, though you make an excellent point, Kenni,
      Derek is my pick.

  85. Sorry, but Lucas is obvious. He is the typical macho man (wolf). He wants protect her, he doesn’t understand her feelings, he does’t have arguments, just knows how to kiss and hug and tickles her cheek and lips with a grass… (it must be irritanting…) Derek is inteligent, has good arguments, is sensible and is not a masoquist… That’s all. Bus if Kylie will be choice Lucas, great! C. C Hunter can write another serie telling the Derek story!!

  86. I’m team Derek. I mean, he cares… ALOT! AND, he doesn’t care what Kylie is. Lucas, on the other hand, cares alot about what she is. In Taken At Dusk, Lucas is constantly being pushed about it. I think Kylie would be better off with Derek. It doesn’t matter if she is a vampire, a werewolf, a shape-shifter, or whatever!! He’s nice, intelligent and can ease her pain if needed! But, we’ll find out in the long run now won’t we? 😀

  87. team Lucas because even though Derek was with her after Lucas left, he also abandoned her, Lucas should more time to shine in book 4, and he loves kylie

  88. Team Lucas all the way!
    Lucas will protect her. He is so romantic with her for example, he said that he thought she couldn’t get cuter than when she was six. My favorite with Lucas was when they went to the creek. He saved her in the 2nd book. Derek left her for Ellie Mason. Me personally wouldn’t want to date a guy who could mess with my feelings for him. Lucas was even protecting Kylie when she screamed because there was a snake, even though it wasn’t nessesary. Lucas was so worried when she was seeing how the ghosts died.

  89. I love both of them…But I would choose DEREK over Lucas. He accepts Kylie and doesn’t have any wishes what she should be – like Lucas has. He is also truthfully about his past and the mistakes he has done. Kylie feels like caught in a fairytale when she is with, she feels not only temptation and knowing -for me that’s true love <3

    DEREK =)

  90. Oh yeah, I’m also Derek + Kylie. bc, he understands her more and they have more chemistry. He is also in love with her already.. and Lucas doesnt understand her whole ghost business, and his pack doesnt want them together anyway.. also, whenever Kylie is with Derek its like a fairytale.. EVERYTHING POINTS TO THEM BEING TOGETHER. haha, and ive read all three books so far, twice. maybe a 3rd.. haha, LOVE them.

  91. Well, book 1, Derek all the way, book 2, !!!SPOILER!!!, after Derek left, Lucas all the way, but then book 3, when, !!!SPOILER!!!, Derek came BACK, (Even though he had Ellie with him), I was for both. And now, after reading all three Shadow Falls books, I’m so confused as to who I should like more. The handsome and amazing Lucas, or the sweet and adorable Derek??? Hmmmmm…

  92. I’ve always been team lucas, and now that i’ve read taken at dusk and I love them even more! after this book if they don’t end up together it doesn’t worth reading the rest of it!But i’m sure they will,otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense.I loved their romance and it’s much better then with derek, and I think almost every one who read the book is also wanting to lucas and kylie and up together. I think derek will be kylie’s best friend, I think they are better as friends.

  93. Lucas is definitely who she should pick. I mean it was sweet how Derek confessed his love, but honestly I didn’t like how he acted throughout the series so far. He got super jealous over Lucas and then sleeps with his ex girlfriend, and decides he loves Kylie. If it was the other way around, Lucas would never have done that. He would have fought for her instead of running away and abandoning her like Derek did, and with the whole fairytale thing with Derek it seems like she’s more infatuated with him than love. With Lucas there were some steamy scenes , but you can see they have some deeper connection, so I’m 100% rooting for Lucas.

  94. UGH. I really like Lucas because he’s so like hot. But Derek understands her so much better and he’s so sweet. I think I have to say Derek, because Lucas isn’t as understanding. If Kylie isn’t a werewolf he won’t love her anymore, or atleast he won’t be able to. But Derek on the other hand may have done some bad things, but he understands her and doesn’t who or what she is. He really cares about her. So I would have to say Derek.

    DEREK! That little sweet half Fae. (:

  95. and I was thinking..imagine if she could really change her pattern? she could stay as an were just to be with him, it would be so sweet…derek made a lot of wrong choices and I think lucas deserve her better…and he cares so much about her and would do anything for her and in taken at dusk she always says that felt right when she was with lucas,when he took her to bed,and when he kissed her,and there are so cute parts of them together,of him caring about her,and she caring about him. I know she cares about derek too and that he understands her,but I think he can be a really good friend when she needs.And when she kissed Lucas,she said she felt passion,almost drunk with passion..I’m rooting for Lucas,they should definitely end up together,especially after this awesome book “taken at dusk”. (sorry if there is something wrong,i’m brazilian:) LUCAS s2

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    He might have done some wrong things, yet he is the right one for her.
    Lucas expects to be a were, Derek understands her more than Lucas.
    Derek doesn’t mind what she is.

  98. I am also stuck on that topic I can’t seem to find something more on one guy then the other they both sonehow find a way to even out
    lucas would be great to because he is protective and caring but he has some trouble with his pack and of course the whole Fredericka thing going on
    Derek is being cunfusing and yes hurtful to kylie but he was all ways there for her and wouldent get upset of her being a (don’t read if u don want to know) chameleon Yea this is getting really long but anyways they are always finding a way to be the one and a little hurtful at the same tIme its just so cunfusing so I will try to jetway let u choose for us

  99. LUCAS! 🙂
    Why: They are perfect together…I love Derek too but Lucas is the better choice, if he is will to give up his pack for her, he is the one for her!

  100. LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    He will always be there for her and take every single bullet aimed at her! She always dreams of him and he would never control her emotions. I’m not saying that Derek might (’cause I kinda like his character), but I think it’s just creepy being love with someone who might control your emotions or erase your memory at any second. There’s also the fact that when he found out that she still had feelings for Lucas and just abandoned her. Lucas knows she still feels for Derek, but is still with her no matter what. I mean, come on, he practically threw his life away to save her! He’s the one she dreams of and is the one who’s always protecting. I also got caught on the fact that they have a long history in which he still protected and loved her. What more could she ask for? And Fredricka? Lucas doesn’t even flirt with her, even after he leaves. And Derek, well he and Ellie are practically making out after he tells Kylie that he’s giving her space. Lucas even goes against his pack to be with Kylie. They just have to end up together!!!!!!!!!:)

    I added cool smileys to this message… if you don’t see them go to:

  101. we are at school and we are the biggest fans you will EVER think of and me (Kasie) think Lucas is the perfect match while my friend (Kyler) thinks its Derek is awesome for Kylie, but as he might be “awesome” Lucas is PERFECT!!! <3
    Who do you think is right?

    Kyler and Kasie

  102. TEAM DEREK!!…
    to defend him for ending things with Kylie..she was the one who said she couldn’t trust what she felt around him..blaming him for the emotions she felt..even though he never manipulated her he didn’t want to get hurt when lucas came and see kylie have feelings for him..and lets face it she does exactly that! So even if it looks like he didn’t fight for her..i think it shows that he was stating that he wasnt manipulating her feelings and that she needed to trust that here feelings were her own…Now on to the why. Derek has always been understanding of her ghost situation and has stated many of times that he doesnt care what she turns out to be ..he looks into the person he knows she is. Also just like Lucas, Derek is very protective of Kylie..he fought the blood brothers in the first book to make sure they didnt touch kyle..and when her dad came in the second book he stood up to him! Derek is so patient and wore his heart on his sleave from the very beginning… I feel they have something a lot more special plus the passion and desire that Lucas and kylie have.

  103. Now don’t get mad at me, but i can’t chose. Derek does remind Kylie of her ex, Trey, but he gets her. it seems like he needs her more than anything, and that can be annoying. Now Lucas, man that boy is fine. Sure he’s known Kylie longer and has more of a connection, but Fredericka is a bit of a turn off. Like, seriously? Get over it. He’s moved on. Get a new chew toy.

    So don’t get mad, but i think I’m team LUCAS!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  104. Derek é amazing!!! If Kylie choose Lucas, could C.C.Hunter introduce me Derek? I have been looking a man like him for long long time…

    • DEREK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. TEAM LUCAS!!!!! In my opinion, he is more protective of Kylie, and is there when she needs him, i mean, come on people, he saved her life! There basically there for each other, always by each others side. The ghost problem: The only reason he doesn’t understand is because its new to him, he has never known anyone like it. And he is just very protective of Kylie and doesn’t want her hurt or upset. The Frederika problem: I don’t think of her as a problem. She is teaching Kylie that if you really love someone, don’t let one person get in the way of it! She is just jealous of Kylie because she has a smoken hot werewolf boyfriend! And Kylie and Lucas defiantly have some chemistry between them. The passion in there kisses, the love in the hugs! There were born for each other! And Derek on the other hand, he is the one who called quits, so he does not have the right to win Kylie back. He had is chance, and he blew it! He doesn’t deserve Kylie, Kylie needs someone who can give her what she deserves, and i think Lucas is PERFECT for that job!!

  106. Lucas.
    Need I say more?

    He’s protective of her, he saved her life, gave her Socks to make up for what happened to her old kitten. He’s gentle and patient and considerate. At times he’s a jerk but he’s a guy, and worse yet, a werewolf.
    I like Derek but I feel that he isn’t enough for Kylie. She’ll forever be a little distrustful with him, I believe, because he can read her emotions and erase memory and manipulate what she’s feeling. Maybe not but I feel it would be that way.
    I just like Lucas. He’s hot, protective, gentle, considerate, and he understands her in ways Derek will never know.
    I would be so happy if the series ended with her and Lucas together. I’d feel bad for Derek because he so obviously loves her but I still want it to be Lucas and Kylie.

    Lucas Parker and Kylie Galen!!

    • Exactly and Kylie shouldn’t just settle for Derek because her and Lucas’s relationship is complicated. I’m team Lucas all the way. I’m a complete sucker for bright blue eyes and black hair, plus I love bad boys, plus LUCAS NEVER GIVES UP ON KYLIE UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE (cough! DEREK! Cough!)

  107. Hmm Team Derek! He is so in love with Kylie, i doesn’t matter who called off. He cares about her as herself not what she is and that is important while Lucas maybe hott he wants her to be werewolf more than he loves her. Derek broke it off with Kylie cause she pushed him away not because he was a jerk, he just loves her so much he couldn’t be pushed away. And Derek is pretty hot and is a total sweet heart while Lucas is just hot and protective and stupid. Derek may look like Trey but Kylie should get over him its old news, and Derek is better and less pushy. Kylie just doesn’t know what she wants- a sweet guy who loves her as she is..or a werewolf who loves her but wants he to be like him…major difference. being protective and caring are way different things they both are protective but Derek is both he loves her as a friend and something more. So i say Go DEREk! but i am not saying theres bad things about Lucas i just do not like bad boys who call their Ex’s instead of their girlfriends. Maybe he and his Ex will get together since he totally still hung up on her. Lucas is hott and blue eyed but it doesn’t helpt the fact he is selfish about have a pureblood line, if you cared about someone enough you wouldnt care. Gosh and noo Lucas so totally doesnt understand Kylie like Derek does. Eventhough is emotion changing can be wierd he wouldnt do anything like that to Kylie..and she needs to unwad her panties cause she is so uptight about everything just go for Derek 🙂 or whatever CC desides to do with the story (possibly a super duper new hot guy?) haha but full on team Derek ya’ll

    • I agree with you too, Dana. I was Team Lucas for a long time but now I dusted the dirt from my eyes and see the truth. I think it’s possible that I’m leaning toward Team Derek…
      *sighs heavily* Love triangles are so stressful.

      • Yes but in whispers at moonrise, when her pattern changes to vampire, Lucas doesn’t care. I totally see u guys’s point but I’m team Lucas lol 🙂

  108. I’m team Derek. Why? Because I’m sick and tired of the main girl being such a ho. I mean, why can’t she just choose one guy? It’s always the sweet guy that suffers. It’s always going to be the bad gorgeous boy. Why can’t it be the sweet hot boy for once? Why does the sweet guy always get so much hate for wanting the main girl to choose before she becomes a ho and starts flinging herself to the nearest possible guy? I mean if Kylie is so attracted to Lucas then get together with him and stop hurting Derek. Derek should have someone who loves him, not someone who loves multiple people. He should get his own hot romance. Don’t make this like a Cassandra Clare or P.C. Cast book. Don’t let the gorgeous bad boy get the girl. It’s a typical story. Choose the sweet attentive boy that I know most people would choose in real life.

    • *sighs* Taryn is right, unfortunately. I like Lucas but maybe Derek *I force myself to say this* is the best for Kylie. Every girl loves a sweet guy like him. But Lucas isn’t bad either – I just had to add that since I’ve been “loyal” to Lucas since the first book.
      Either way I’ll be happy with who she choses.

      • * Sigh* You’re right. I don’t hate Lucas (I’m saying that now). I actually like him. It’s just that this is like one of those stories that I hate. There’s 2 boys who love the same girl. The girl can’t decide so she becomes a slutty thing. But at the end she chooses tall dark and handsome. It’s never the sweet kind boy. Thanks for being honest Brittany.

        • I get what you mean. I hate stories like this because they’re frustrating (who will she choose?) – but at the same time I can’t get enough of them. I just wish the girls in stories like this would be like that Clara chick in Cynthia Hand’s “Unearthly” series.
          Thank YOU for being honest, Taryn. It’s fun talking to you.

  109. Team Lucas all the way.
    Because they knew each other since they were little. He was always protecting her since day one. He doesnt care what his pack think of his relationship with Kylie. He tells her like it is. Which all means that he is honest as protective of he. Always there when she needs him. He tells her that he does like the ghosts because he dont like to see anything happen to her. But think about this he seen her getting taking a way by two men in the dreamscape. It scared him. He left for a good reason to protect his sister. Why Dereck just left because he wanted to get away from her. He has always seem to have a hot or cold vibe to him. I did like him near the beginning. He seems like he has been totally honest and scare to be because she doesnt like. My thoughts in a guy is to be honest, protective, and challenging. Lucas wants her to safe but stands by her. Derek seems like whatever you think is right is alright with me no matter if it is dangerous. Lucas seems more mature. Dereck could change her emotions. I would love my emotions feel like my own. I love dereck but I love Lucas more. I hope she chooses Lucas. He has my chemistry with her. Dereck is more like a friends.
    Go Lucas Go.

    • Ummm… who f****** cares if Derek looks like her ex!!! He’s not the same person as Trey, so it’s stupid to make it sound that way. Most people aren’t even giving worthy arguments.
      “I choose Lucas because he’s sooo damn hot, and it’s kinda creepy that Derek looks like her ex.”
      Are you kidding me??? That’s the best you people could say? I’m rooting for Derek. If you want to know why, look for my other posts. I hope the 5th book is the last. I just want this Derek vs. Lucas thing to end. It’s stupid.

  110. Team Lucas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Reason is: He is hot, gorgous, and sweetheart but bad boy. He is challenging. He doesnt support ghosts because he is scared she will get hurt what do you expect when you see her being dragged off. He just tell her how he feel. Honesty is real important. He doesnt tell what she wants to her like Derek does. Which Derek has the friend vibe to him. Lucas is her rock like she said. He calms her down without using powers like Derek does. Lucas really knows the real Kylie before Derek came along. Kylie know Lucas secrets unlike she does Derek. Derek keeps stuff from her. He acts like she is breakable. If you like someone why sleep with you ex and leave to get away from her. Lucas left for a good reason. Derek is a sweet guy but didnt fight for like Lucas would. Lucas always want to protect even when she doesnt like. Plus who would date someone that looks like someone that broke your heart. Derek is cute though. But Lucas is hotter. Lucas Lucas Lucas!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I totally agree with EVERYTHING you just said. And I would cry my eyes out if Kylie picked Derek. Actually, I’m only on the second book of the shadow falls series and I KNOW that I will never change my mind on the whole team Lucas or team Derek. I will ALWAYS be TEAM LUCAS!:)

  111. If you speak Portuguese, take a look at my blog and discover what Kylie and Derek should be done when she invades his bathroom… It would be a much more steamer story…

    Team Derek all the way!!!

  112. I AM SO TEAM DEREK i know lucas is hot and all that but derek really cares about kylie and knows how she feels. i mean i just started rwading the shadow falls series and im still waiting on the next two books. but from wat i read i really dont care im team derek all the way. i even told my mom a minute ago if kylie didnt pick derek i would cry and will cry not joking

    I don’t think I’ve ever even questioned myself when it came to what team I’m on, because the truth is, as soon as I was introduced to Lucas, I fell in love with him!:) He protective of her, he’s a bad boy, AND Kylie and his relationship is risky so it would add extra suspense and crave for more in the book. Derek is cute, but he just never really took my breath away or made me swoon like Lucas made me do. I think Lucas and Kylie are, hands down, made for each other. Lucas makes Kylie feel passion and intensity that no one has ever made her feel before. It seems lik most of your fans, C.C. hunter, are going for Lucas. He’s a risk, and that’s what people like in a book. UGHH I just love Lucas so much!!:) I never knew I could like a character in a book so much but I do

  114. Okay, I was a little wishy washy in the beginning, but I’m team Lucas; I looove Derek too, but I think Lucas is better for Kylie. For example: Lucas always is fighting for Kylie and has never given up on her. Some people think he left her but that was to protect his sister, and he wrote to her letting her know how much he likes her and that he will never give up on her. Sure Derek protected her from the lion and stood up for her, but he also let her down and broke he heart when he “dumped” her. But Derek also saved her life like what, 3 times? See why I’m wishy washy?! Anyways I feel that Lucas is better for her ! Hate me, love me I don’t care!!! IM TEAM LUCAS ALL THE WAY C.C. !!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  115. Both are handsome, hot and care about Kylie. I am definitely for Derek, not only does he act more mature and rational but also accepts Kylie for who she is and is not as bothered about her gift as Lucas is. Derek is not worried about what Kylie turns out to be, fairy, vamp, were, shifter whatever is fine with him. Lucas is too possessive and jelous, possessiveness and jelousy does not equal LOVE. And if wanting to live a “normal” life it would be easier for Kylie and Derek, and truthfully who wants a boyfriend who once turned into werewolf goes running on pure instinct, would make you constantly wonder to which shewolf did his instinct take him this full moon, one would be better off wondering if your boyfairy is manipulating your feelings than if your boywolf is off having fun with one of his kind with the eternal excuse of “I can’t control it, it is part of what I am, it’s instinctual.” Sure Lucas has all this bad boy turned good going for him but at the end of the day wouldn’t someone like Derek, who can help you see the better part of life and help ease the tension and pain be better? I say Hell Yeah!! Go Derek!!!

    • Oh forgot to mention it is Derek and not Lucas who had the courage to say those three words any girl in love wants to hear ” I Love You”.

      • That’s the winning slam! Every girl who is in love wants to hear the three powerful words… not constantly being pushed to finally let the guy get in her pants.

        • I totally agree! Lucas hasn’t even gotten as far as officially asking her out. He seriously needs to step up the game if he’s to win Kylie’s heart… or as Della would put it, “grow a pair of balls!”

  116. So far all I hear in favr of Lucas is “he’s hot, he’s a bad boy and that he’s SO protective of Kylie”. Don’t be confused whereas he is protective of her some he is more of a possessive type. Possessiveness is not a good thing in a relationship. And yes bad boys are so attractive and mysterious and hot and exciting but a relationship is not based on any of those things…. So Please let Kylie and Derek be together and Lucas can keep having his fun with Frederica. =)

  117. Unlike everyone here, I am not in love with both guys. I am team Derek fully and completely. I don’t care for Lucas at all. A lot of the times he annoyed me. Yeah Lucas is hot and all but his personality and the way he acts just doesn’t attract me. And on top of that his pack and family only want werewolf in their bloodline which Kylie is not. It’s just too much drama and it will only cause drama. Even if he did choose Kylie over the pack it would cause strain on the family, stress Lucas out, and therefore cause their relationship to struggle. He also did not defend Kylie instead of fredericka. Ellie even called him out for it and told Kylie she chose the wrong guy and that Derek would never do that to Kylie. I agree with Ellie one hundred percent. It doesn’t seem like Lucas knows what he wants. On the otherhand, Derek is completely head over heels for her and even told her. He’s so sweet and caring and accepts Kylie no matter what. He knows how to deal with her better than Lucas does. He understands more and even though he can feel everything she does (which could get annoying at times) it’s still better in the long run. Kylie to me seems more attracted to Derek anyways. They go better together and its like I can feel how she feels when she’s with him. Kylie cares a lot about Lucas but I think it’s more in a friend way but then there’s passion thrown onto it just cuz she thinks he’s hot. But that’s not enough. Derek is cute, sweet, caring, and just so much more attractive and mature. Even though he left Kylie and rejected her that one time, I still feel like he’s more mature than Lucas just on the fact that he can handle anything Kylie has to offer. Lucas kept pushing for wanting Kylie to be werewolf and it pissed me off and got me really annoyed. Lucas is nice if you want a hookup but Derek is the one. I swear if CC does not have Kylie choose Derek I will die and be so disappointed in the ending of the books. This series is amazing but if the ending isn’t what I want it will ruin everything. So go team Derek!!!(:<3

  118. Its soo hard to choose!!!

    They are both so cute ad sweet!
    But if it was a choice that would save my life Derek
    :* 😉

  119. Don’t want Lucas to die protecting Kylie. I don’t like the mention of I would die for you from him because I think if he did the weres would hate the others even more. I like both guys, however I do think Lucas can act like a jerk but I think he and Kylie need to be together so that the weres stop being so anti-social and start mingling with other kinds of supernaturals. Derek though also ticked me off when he dumped kylie and then slept with another girl while supposedly being in love with kylie. I like how Lucas seems to be all about Kylie in alot of ways even if it means getting kicked out of his pack and losing all that he considers to be important. Am some what annoyed with Kylie because she dreamed about Lucas but then almost went to Derek after he hurt her that annoys me and makes me think she’s one of those stupid girls who just wants the guy she either cannot or shouldn’t have. And ouch I know I sound like a total complainer but those are really my only complaints. I love the books in an obsessive way and love all the main characters. I just get annoyed whenever the main girl doesn’t know which guy she wants. I like when it’s more like I don’t want to like him and so will flirt with other guys but she actually knows she likes the one guy but denies it to everyone and does a good job at it 🙂 not when it’s who do i like more him or him because it makes me want to say “why not just go for a third guy” ~ a bit of b with an itch attitude maybe but I never liked ping pong would rather play another game like cards where bluffing is necessary. .. Now alas to be totally honest I like Lucas best. Partially, because Trey gave me the gag reflex in the beginning so comparing Derek to him made me think great another creep and it’s hard to go past first impressions and well Lucas’ first impression actually wasn’t bad because I found it interesting she pick out someone in a crowd and then bam. But at same time the whole calling the Fred chick for his sister and leaving a message with her instead of calling Kylie himself..well, I would have dumped him as soon as I saw him again by giving him a cold shoulder b with an itch attitude and if he asked why I was upset I would have said I told Fredericka why earlier didn’t she tell you.. and if he was still to stupid to get the message probably never spoke to him again. But alas I really do want him with her if only because so many ppl don’t want them together and I like that him and Kylie knew each other when they were little like they were meant to meet again 🙂 And well there is the fact that Kylie seemed so afraid of all her relationships getting closer but with Lucas she acts like she can’t get close enough which makes me think he is the one for her. Though if she did dump him and make him suffer alittle and he smartened up I think I could be okay with that. But I like that he gave his blood to a vampire and trusted Della to kick him out of Kylie’s room I think he is totally growing and smartening up to not just be all about weres that I like him better and don’t want to see him hurt. Also curious if Kylie and him are bonded because she wants to protect everyone and he protected her when they were little and tried to protect Ellie. So maybe he will end up being gifted with being a protector too after they said protectors didn’t matter on race right? or i could have that wrong not sure.. But anyway Lucas and Kylie for life 😉


  121. TEAM DEREK!!!
    First off he gets jealous which is sweet…however he isn’t Jealous every single second like Lucas! Lucas is always being over the top jealous and who wants to have a guy that your always trying to come down or explain to about why you talked to this guy or that your friends with the guy. Also pretty sure..was the first to say he was in love with her and he said it when he wasnt even dating her. I just want the sweet and caring..who can be a bad a$$ if he wanted to..get the girl! Having lucas and Kylie end up together is just common something that almost all stories seem to have the…the bad boy/wolf gets the girl…boring!! Derek deserves kylie because he accepts her for what she is..and when he volunteered to be her shadow and she asked why ..he said it was becasue he rather hurt around her and know she is safe then knowing she could be in danger…oh sweet is that! Plus most of the time it seems like Kylie would want to be a werewolf and lucas wants her to be one..thats not fair to make Kylie something she doesnt want to be! Also, Derek was the one who saved her first from the lion and later at the zoo..somehow people who are roooting for Lucas seems to forget the Derek saved her life first. Lastly just because two people have history like lucas and Kylie doesnt mean they should end up wasn’t even a long history they just knew each other when they were little for a small amount of time! Also, for those who say why you would want to be with someone who reminds you of your ex…Kylie only mentioned that at the beginnning in the first book about Derek..after that she never mentions it again! So really that can’t be an excuse on why she shouldnt be with Derek because she thinks he hotter and better than her ex and she stopped saying he reminded her of her ex! Anyway I’ll shut up now but Derek and Kylie would be amazing together and they should be given that chance!

  122. Look, I like both of em. One the one hand, Derek is in love with her and i domt feel hes controlling her emotions, more trying to understand them and control his own. He is very sweet, and hot, and he did save her life and worries about her like crazy.
    Lucas has been in love with her his whole life. He went to find a kitten who looked just like Socks because he still felt bad, he doesn’t think of Federicka like a mate or girlfriend cause he doesnt seem like the type who would go after Kylie if he had a girlfriend, and true he does wish Kylie was a werewolf but hes not saying “if your not a werewolf, we are breaking up and never speaking” he wishes/hopes she is but I think even to him it was incredibly unlikely and still loved her. It wasnt based off the hope she was a werewolf.
    Again i likw both, and no matter what CC decides, ill be happy.
    If I had to choose id say Lucas (Team Derek people dont hate me please) just cause it would so suck if hes loved her all his life annnd then she rejects him. Again I like both and will be happy with either but i would choose Lucas

  123. TEAM LUCAS 100%!!!
    Heres why:’
    Hes hot, hes awesome, hes sweet, he loves Kylie, hes protective (Bonus!) and hes just way better for her. Im sorry but Derek i just dont like. He dumped her and broke her heart and while yeah she was scared of Lucas at the begginning but she got over it! She overcame her fear and loved him :3 besides, she did say yes to Lucas, not Derek ^-^

  124. Team Lucas Team Lucas Team Lucas Team Lucas Team Lucas Team Lucas Team Lucas Team Lucas Team Lucas!!
    As for why, I cant say it better then anyone else who already has^^^ 🙂

    • Couldnt agree with you more 😀
      She should definatly be with Lucas. He’s just so….. I cant even describe it :p Dereks cool too but I think they should just stay best friends. Kylie and Lucas All the way!!!
      * Lucas +Kylie = <3 x FOREVER^infinity*

  125. Lucas. It must be Lucas. He understands her more and I love the fact that he helped her with the bullies when she was younger, he has always been so nice to her, Derek on the other hand, played with her emotions, not with his gift, but in the first book where he tried to make her jealous, that annoyed me. Lucas has always been straight forward. And Lucas has liked her from when she was a kid, and that is SOOOO cute 🙂 LUCAS ALL THE WAY!

  126. First, sorry for the really bad English. I hope you understand.
    Well, I really like Derek. He is sweet. But do not think Kylie likes it real. I have the impression that they only exist between sexual tension, a very strong attraction, an attraction that is not love. He likes Kylie, but she, for some reason, can not match the same feeling. She even thought she really liked him at that time that Lucas went away, but no. Lucas went back and changed everything. As I said, for some reason, Kylie did not feel totally free to be with Derek. And the reason is Lucas. Why in the end, she knows she will always have true feelings for Lucas.
    I think so beautiful they had met when they were kids, and the fact that he has never forgotten her, and how he fought with his father to save Socks.
    The fact that he was always so protective misterioso.E and he never will leave Kylie to stay with Fredericka.
    And after thinking about all this, I realized that between Kylie and Luke is love. But obviously feel very sexually attracted. That’s why I really hope from the bottom of my heart, that Kylie choice Lucas.
    Lucas <3

  127. I am totally Team Lucas. <3

    Sure, Derek is hot and all that stuff, but I don't think Kylie can really get along with that: 'Do I really love him or is it just he making me love him?' thought.
    A relationship should be based on trust.
    And that Mandy story shows us, that he is willed to play with her – not sure if this is a good property.

    And then there's Lucas. Who's always protected her and has been there.
    In which way ever. And the 'Fredericka' thing shows us, that he is a man, who don't want to play with girls emotions and hurt anyone.
    And he is hot.
    I really like Derek, but I like him better with another girl.

  128. Ugh, ok, I think that reading a number of other comments has been quite helpful for me. I absolutely love the plot descriptions for your series, but love triangles scare me in one way: I don’t want to grow attached to a couple if they will not end up together. I know that many times people find triangles exciting, and don’t want the final coupling spoiled ahead of time, but I just can’t take the emotional ache if I guess wrong. From all I’ve read, I’d put my full vote in with Lucas, and perhaps I will start reading this series, but I am still fairly scared to without knowing if he will be the final choice.

  129. Com certeza Lucas, ele é além de lindo, gosta mesmo de Kylie e é tão gostoso.
    Gosto de Derek, mais gosto mais dele como um melhor amigo do que como namorado; Ele é quente e seus beijos são bons, mais não desperta em Kylie um amor, uma paixão, ardente.

  130. This is is knida hard so I’ll just do both guys.
    Lucas is hot(very important), and has always been by Kylie’s side no matter what. Their chemistry is great and that helps a lot. But, Lucas does care want Kylie is. If she is a vampire then he would probably break up with her in a heartbeat. If not then we will have to see.
    Derek is a charmer and doesn’t care want Kylie will or will not be. He loves her for her. But, he hasn’t always been there when she needed him. When their relationship was rocky he left and found his old girlfriend. Also, he can play with her emotion whenever he wants. If she’s mad at him he can just touch her to make her happy and forget about why she was mad in the first place. But, also I think they’re only in love because they want each others bodies. There is way more to a relationship then sex Derek. So a heads up to Kylie, chose wisely and with your heart and erase people’s comments about who you should chose. You just need to listen to one person. Yourself.

  131. c’mon guys TEAM DEREK and for those of you who said that he looks like trey, in the first book she admitted that she was totally wrong about that! derek is totally hot!! and he has those gold specks in his eyes! he is sweet respectful and awesome and kylie could feel when someone uses there emotion power on her. and derek left to get his mind straight he couldnt think straight because her emotion was overwelming him. and yeah i wouldnt want to be with someone who has other feelings for another guy i’d be heart broken!!!!


    • Ok first off I’m a guy and I personally think Derek is the better choice. My now fiance was in a situation like this when we first met she was torn between two guys the bad boy and the sweet one ( me ) she dated the bad boy for about a month and she ended up leaving him because his friends didn’t like her and he made her cry on her birthday and then left and let her cry. Well I came in and let her cry on my shoulder. I know its off track but my point is that the “bad boy” isn’t always the right boy. Sweet guys always get the girl in the end. Derek is the only right choice Lucas can run off with his pack and let Kylie cry on Derek’s shoulder

  132. I think Lucas is, he is perfect for her, unlike Derek he change her emoshions and she might even have strange feelings cuz he is controling her feelings.Lucas is great strong and caring he wrote her letters so i think Lucas is perfect



    PS: sorry for the caps I pressed it than forgot to turn it off 🙂 oops 🙂

  134. Lucas, without a doubt!! While Derek is sweet he’s never really been there for her the way Lucas has. I feel like because he can feel her emotions he automatically assumes he knows everything he needs to know about her which is totally not the case. Lucas just seems to understand her better. Plus, (and I know everyone else has already said this but…) the protectiveness is just so cute!! While Derek gives off the I love you as a friend vibe, Lucas has always had the I’ve been in love with you forever and I always will feel to him.

  135. Lucas all the way for me!!! Mostly because you can tell by the way that Derek and Kylie interact with each other you can tell its meant to be more of a best friends relationship, but also because Lucas just understands her so much better. And of course there is the fact that derek can control and read her feelings, especially since Kylie wants to appear tufff all the time it wouldnt be good for her in the long run, him always knowing what she is feeling and her not being abble to do the same. But i have a feeling that knowing what Kylie is or the description of what it is will also help to determine which she will pick.

  136. Well, CC…

    I think it’s obvious, isn’t it? :p
    Team Lucas won. 😀
    I love him sooo much!
    By the way, i have to say that i always adore
    the bad guys but Lucas is much more…
    He takes care of her in a pleasant way.
    Some readers said that he would leave her
    because of his family but i dont think so.
    Of course je dont want to disappoint his family
    And he cares of his “pure” blood line nur that
    isnt his fault. He was raised like that. In the end
    he will stay with Kylie and he will be the best
    boyfriend/broom/husband 😉 in the World.

    Except that, he is hot hot hot hot! 😀

    I feel you can’t say that derek has not always been there, because he was there when lucas was not. Lucas was there when derek was not, so that kinda cancels each other. Also, Derek is protective too and he saved kylie in the first book way before lucas did in the other books. Derek is also really sweet and was the first to say that he love kylie to her face. He also understands kylie not only because he can read her emotions but because he tries to get to know her and they just get each other. And for those saying he can manipulate kylie’s feelings doesn’t mean that he does. Sure he tries to calm her down a little sometimes but he always lets her feel what she wants and has never made her feel anything for him. Her feelings have always been her own. Also, those thinking derek just wanted sex should read the books again. Lucas is the one that called kylie to his dreams and always made things physically while derek didn’t even do anything even when kylie saw him in the shower. All in all, Derek would be a better choice because he cares deeply for kylie and is so sweet and loves her. Just let the good guy win just once!

  138. So I’m team derek all the way!!! I think he messed up hurting kylie but both lucas and derek have hurt her . Derek seens more real he was dealing with alot of feelings and kylie was hurting him to not intentionally but still he came back and stepped up to his issues . And kylie seemed to feel more with derek in my opion and I think everything becoming magical when they were together seems to me its means its wss meant to be I don’t think derek was manipulating her with that. As for lucas I think he is to self focused its always about what its does to him he never tried to see from kylies point of view or what she is dealing with and he doesn’t seem to accept her fully and with the fredricka thing he
    didn’t stand up for her at first and then came back and aologized I just didn’t he was that genuine and he doesn’t tell fedricka to back off with kylie . I just think derek really loves her and year he messed up but who doesn’t after the third book more thank ever I’m a derek fan all the way!!!! Can’t wait for the next one!!!

  139. OMG! Totally Team Derek! I mean, Lucas is hot and everything, but I think he cares a little more about his pack. And then there’s the problem with his grandma. But Derek totally loves Kylie, and he isn’t afraid to tell her that. Plus, his supercharged emotions definitely show that he loves her. C.C., you should totally have them be together. It just seems fitting, because Derek hasn’t done anything to hurt Kylie, and she keeps thinking about him while she’s “dating” Lucas.

    • I totally agree with all Derek lovers. I also hate it when the sexy, badass guy gets the girl. What about the sweet, compassionate guy who actually cares about her?

  140. Lucas!
    I mean look at how heartbroken they were when they had to separate :/ He proved us he can overcome his fear, whereas Derek is even more of an ass licking idiot!

    • Hey! Let’s not call names here! And they never had to separate. (BTW, haven’t read Whispers at Moonrise so don’t know if that is a new development).

  141. Team Lucas!!! While i like derek, i’m a huge lucas fan. He better redeem himself in the last book. Didn’t like how he gave up on kylie but i have faith. I adore lucas!

  142. Clearly Team Derek,

    Derek is more accepting of kylie’s ghost situation, he doesn’t care one way or another what kind of supernatural she is, and he has been there for her through all of the books. Kylie doesn’t have to change who she is he accepts her for who she is. I also believe that after Whisper at Moonrise Lucas doesn’t deserve another chance.

  143. I like Derek and I think he is better for Kylie beacause I think he understands her better than Lucas with dealing with ghosts and doesn’t care what she is. Lucas just wants her to be a werewolf and I think its kind of selfish. Sure, Derek has hurt Kylie, but Lucas has too. If she picks Lucas, thats ok, but I hope she picks Derek!:)

  144. I am totally on team Derek, he is so sweet. He totally messed up with Kylie, but Lucas dropped a way bigger bombshell on her. Derek, I hope you win Kylie’s affections. <3

  145. Team Derek all the way <3

    Because he loves Kylie for who she is, he doesn't care what she is, it's like he loves her for her soul, that's why I think they're soulmates. Lucas has always been the mysterious one and I get how that attracts fans, he's like the perfect guy, dark and sexy, but my phylosophy is that you shouldn't choose the perfect guy, but the perfect guy for you.

    Also, I absolutely loved every scene when Derek and Kylie kissed, the fact that everything around them was perfect and she thought it was almost like magic. Not to mention the shower scene, which was hilarious !

    Bottom line is, I want her to end up with Derek because he understands her and he doesn't need anyone to approve of his relationship with her, he just wants her to be happy and safe with him.

    Oh, I do hope she ends up with Derek <3<3

  146. I am from romania and we have got just 2 books. The next ones will arrive soon. So i don’t know if lucas gets married, but i don’t want to! I prefer lucas because he is so sweet, protective and caring. He is my type too!:)). C.c. Hunter please make lucas be wiyh kylie because i can’t imagine derek to be with her!
    I am begging you!!:x…. Lucas is so cool and he feels sorry for not being next to her and he gave her a kitten to not forget him. Kylie should already know that Lucas i s the Only Boy for her! If i was on her place i have chosen him from the begining! So please understand me why i choose him. I don’t give a damn for the Team Derek fans who hate me. We have got a team too!
    TEAM LUCAS!!!!!! 4 EVER!!! love. Please missis c.c.! I love you and your books!! :*<3…. I am sorry if i don't write very well.. That's because i am from romania! GO LUCAS!! FIGHT!!! :)))


  148. Team Derek all the way, my friend. My apologies to those who are Lucas fans and while he is without a doubt hot and sexy and sweet in his own ways… He’s kind of a jerk and he gets on my nerves constantly. Derek is amazing and he suits her a lot more than Lucas does. I get that opposites attract but Chaucer would beg to differ and I share his track of beliefs – like attracts like. People look for things they share in common with the person they date. I like Lucas in his own ways but I simply can’t stomach him ninety percent of the time. He’s so controlling and unreasonably jealous and narrow-minded and downright selfish. What he did in Whispers At Moonrise was enough for me to flip the bird at him. Yep, he’s a jerk. Me no likey Lucas Parker. You just don’t do that kind of stuff to the girl you supposedly love and make lame excuses for your actions that are allegedly executed in “doing the right thing.” He betrayed Kylie worse than Derke did. At least Derek had the balls to man up to his mistakes and tell Kylie his true feelings for her. And, best of all, he trusts her and supports her and accepts her for who and what she is. He’s there for her. Can you say the same thing for Lucas? Noooooope.
    I’ve been on Derek’s team since book numero uno. He’s a great guy. Kind of guy I hope to meet one day. Definitely don’t want a Lucas. Entirely too controlling and jealous for my taste. Guess I’m more spirited and headstrong than Kylie is.
    So I do hope you end up coaxing Kylie to choose Derek and not Lucas. But if it doesn’t happen… That’s okay. Just as long as Lucas starts treating her better. That’s all I can ask for.

  149. I am team Lucas yes in the fourth book he was Engaged to that other werewolf but he was doing it for her. Was Derek doing it for Kylie when he Slept with Ellie No then he tells her he loves her I mean why would you do that, that has to hurt her. i am not saying that Derek is a bad guy I just personally like him as her boyfriend.I know that Derek is more understanding of the whole ghost thing but Lucas is trying it is a whole new thing for him.

  150. Even thou I haven’t finished the series I am more for Derek. Why because he dosent put pressure on Kylie and has respected most of her decision. Big pointer he dosent have a fiance who is a literally BITCH.

  151. Even thou I haven’t finished reading the series I believe I like Derek much much more.Why because he dosent put pressure on Kylie and he accepts her for what she is he. Big pointer he dosent have a fiancé that is a literal BITCH and that has the nasties of personality. Derek is also very understanding in my opinion. Please C.C. pick the guy you think sutes Kylie(Derek).


    Contains spoilers.

    Kylie should chose Derek in the end because she tells Derek everything and they don’t keep secrets from each other. When she needs someone to talk to, Derek is the one whose there for her. While with Lucas, they keep secrets from each other. One of Lucas’s secrets is that he is being engaged to a werewolf named Monique. He tells Fredericka that he told Kylie about it and that Kylie understands, but he did not tell Kylie. Kylie heard it from Fredericka and went to check it out for herself.
    Also Lucas will never except Kylie for who she really is. since she is not were. Derek on the other hand excepts Kylie for whatever she is because what ever she is, won’t change who she is.

    Derek tells Kylie that he is IN LOVE with her. He doesn’t expect for Kylie to say it in return because he just wanted her to know that he never felt that way with any other person—ever. Then Lucas tells Kylie that he LOVES her after he screws up with the engagement party. There’s a difference between in love and loving someone.

    Hopefully it will be Derek in the end.

  153. I like how it was all team Lucas until after whispers at moonrise then It’s team Derek. I personally love Derek. I think he cares alot about Kylie and accepts her for who she is. What Lucas Did was unforgivable. Derek Did leave, but he left for her to have time to think TEAM DEREK

    • wow that’s kinda cool. having your name in the book. i would be excited to see my name in there not just for the graceful thing but as an actual name!

      P.s. that’s not how i envisioned Derek at all!!!! TEAM DEREK!!! WOO!!

  154. TEAM DEREK!!!! And here is why:

    I just finished Book 4, and I guess the main reason I hate Lucas is pretty obvious (CONTAINS SPOILERS):

    Lucas is freaking engaged to another girl, and yeah, I get it. He had to go with the engagement to please his dad, yada yada. But he could have at least *told* Kylie. Did he? No. She found out herself, through HER LOVE RIVAL FREDERICKA. How ridiculous is that??
    But there are other reasons.
    1) Whenever Kylie starts her ghost-speaking thing, Lucas freaks out (which is understandable), but he also refuses to talk to her about it. Refuses to talk about it, hear about it, or even be near her when she has to deal with ghosts. But whenever there’s “pack stuff” going on, he expects Kylie to just nod and smile and say sweetly, “Okay, honey, I totally get it.” That’s called being selfish.
    2) When Kylie was upset with her parents in the latter half of Book 4, did Lucas come out with her? No. He followed her about halfway, and then when she turned around, where did he go? Oh! Pack business. As usual.
    3) I’m slightly bothered that he never outright asks her about her preferences with “the big deed” (AKA “getting it on,” etc in Della’s terms). He just decides to touch her every which way and use his strange wolfy pheremones on her.
    4) If he were the super-dedicated boyfriend who didn’t have the three flaws I already mentioned, it would be SO hot when he got jealous. But really, what right does he have? He abandons Kylie when she needs him most, but then he shows his teeth when Derek, as a *friend*, gives her support.
    5) Whenever he does something wrong, he just brings her a flower and says “I love you” and expects that to erase all the jerk stuff he does.

    I get that Lucas has to do things for the pack, but if he really loves her *that* much, wouldn’t he be willing to make sacrifices for Kylie? He didn’t *have* to kiss Monique. I can bet my life that he’ll say it was “to make it look convincing.” Hell, he didn’t have to do the entire damn ceremony but he did it “so he can get on the Council.” I don’t like him. I don’t like the choices he makes. I don’t like how selfish he’s being, and I don’t like how Kylie just puts up with all his crap just because he kisses well.

    Part 2 of my awesome rant: Why is Derek so awesome? In short, he does everything that Lucas doesn’t, and he doesn’t do everything Lucas does. I shall explain:

    1) He doesn’t push her into kissing or stripping or sex-ing or any of the other obscene things that Lucas does.
    2) He always knows how she feels. And yes, I know, that’s his special power. But come on. Kylie is an open book. It wouldn’t be hard for Lucas to tell how she feels if he would just pay attention.
    3) He is ALWAYS there for her when she needs a shoulder to cry on. And if she feels uncomfortable about that shoulder being his, he assures her that he’s not going to put the moves on her. AND HE STICKS TO HIS WORD.
    4) Kylie can be herself around him. He makes her feel at ease, and the only reason she feels the slightest bit of angst right now around him is because she isn’t sure if she’s attracted to him. It’s not like he’s being stalked by an ex-girlfriend, getting engaged to another random girl, throwing kisses around like pixie dust, and sacrificing his time with her for “Fae business.” He’s always available. His support is always there, and he always gives her a warm, supportive, and comforting smile. Not a sexy wolfish grin, but a real genuine smile.

    I know the appeal that bad boys have. I’m usually drawn to them as well. But my heart is crying for Kylie so much every time Lucas hurts her and she goes back to him. I hope with ALL MY HEART that C.C. Hunter is reading this blog still and that she lets Derek win Kylie over! He deserves Kylie SO much more than Lucas does, and Kylie too deserves Derek. He’s just the nicest guy. Not so nice that it’s creepy or overdone, but just the right blend of nice, sexy, and bad-ass. <3

    • I love how you put this…everything you said is exactly how i feel!!! Derek totally is the right choice and i don’t think the bad boy should get the girl for once!
      DEREK!!! <3 hopefully C.C. saw all the Derek posts

    • THANK YOU ! I totally agree with EVERY point you made. I swear if she ends up with Lucas i will no longer have faith in humanity.

  155. Team Derek all the way.
    The only reason he broke up with kylie in the first place was because she had feelings for another guy and he could feel them magnified. However once he came back all he has done is showed his love in a respectful manner. He deserves another chance.

  156. Team both !!!!!!! I seriously can’t choose, I love Lucas ‘s bad boy alpha thing going on, even though he can be a jerk at times you know be more understanding to the girl she doesn’t want to see the ghosts all the time , whereas Derek is the most understanding and kind hearted and he get what Kylie’s going through and he is so supportive , but he did also screw it up when he left her when she needed him the most thus leaving her heartbroken to turn to Lucas. P.s. I Adoree Perry

  157. Team Lucas!!! His character was introduced so strongly that it will just be a huge let down if he didn’t end up with Kylie. They’ve got the perfect romance: crazy ex, lots of problems, etc. With Derek it would be too boring and straight. He’s hot n all, but just not right for Kylie. I think it would be awesome if a new character was introduced for him so Kylie can be left with Lucas!!!

  158. I have no clue who C.C. Hunter will pick. I am just as confused who would be the better choice. I am not saying I am for both, I just think that both characters have their flaws. C.C. Hunter did a great job introducing each of the boys, but each of them have pros and cons to their relationship with Kylie.

    Derek is a sweat heart and yes very hot, but when it came to facing his feeling for Kylie, I think he just ran away from them and just handed her over to Lucas. I would be a little worried that if a situation like that one presented itself again in the book that Derek would just run away. I believe all of the fans who say that Derek would never manipulate her emotion, but if you think about it he already has. I am not saying in the sense that he made her like him, but in the sense of the snake incident at the rock. I wouldn’t want someone to manipulate me even if it were to calm me down or something. Feeling emotion is what going through life is about. If I can’t feel or have my emotions manipulated, then I would have to no heart and feel as though I don’t know whats reality and what is not. Derek may have the best interest in hearth by thinking he may be helping her by changing her emotion, but it’s just isn’t right to do that. I am bashing a lot on Derek, I love the fact that he is so accepting of her. I feel like those two can talk about anything and that’s how a relationship should be. Communication is key in any relationship if it be friendship or something more.

    Lucas is protective and hot too. To the problem of him not accepting Kylie, I feel as though he already has. He said that what he did in book 5 was for her, and I believe it, but it was shitty of him to keep it from her. Lucas may not make to best choices, but his choices often center around what he thinks maybe best for her. What Lucas is trying to do doesn’t also benefit his relationship with Kylie, but also all the other werewolves who want to have a relationship with someone outside of their race. What Lucas also doesn’t realize is that Kylie is part werewolf. Even if she is a chameleon, it means that she is part of all the races, and so she and Lucas can be together without really having to upset the werewolf council. As for the bad things about Lucas is that he doesn’t have the communication that Kylie and Derek have in their relationship. I mean its important to be able to talk to someone if you plan on spending your life with them, which considering what Lucas is attempting to do, is what he wants. Lucas doesn’t understand that Kylie has to be in on a problem and what he plans to do if he actually wants to make their relationship work.

    As you can tell I do lean towards Lucas when it comes to the relationship, but I am just confused. I have not switched through out the entire book, but I haven’t always been completely faithful to one side. I think either one is a good choice, I just wish more that it was Lucas. I mean he and Kylie have so much chemistry and passion. I feel like C.C. Hunter would not have built so much up on their past to just have her end up with Lucas in the end. I just can’t wait to real Chosen at Nightfall!!!!

  159. Lucas is off the chart on the jerk meter not the hot meter. Kylie should be with Derek not Lucas. she gave Lucas a chance and he blew it, both did but still … she should be with Derek and not that self-centered to timer Lucas.

  160. OMD OMD OMD OMD je CAPOTE . Je vote pour LUCAS , parce que sérieusement chers amis, êtes-vous aveuglés par l’alchimie qu’il y a entre KYLIE ET LUCAS. C’est comme voir deux astres célestes s’unir pour créer la plus belle des galaxies. EN PLUS , OUI , IL A CHOISI SA MEUTE , mais c’est une autre preuve que lucas et elle se ressemble. Sa grand-mère lui a raconté qu’elle était le but a lucas, d’ouvrir les horizons des loug-garous sur la naissance de race hybride. Comment Kylie peut-elle espérer un futur avec Lucas si celui-ci ne se bat pour leur avenir en restant avec sa meute et en avancant sa/leur cause. LUCAS A CHOISI SA MEUTE POUR AVANT TOUT METTRE DE L’AVANT SON DÉSIR D’ÊTRE AVEC KYLIE ET LE SEUL MOYEN ET DE RESTER AVEC SA MEUTE POUR ABATTRE LES IDÉOLOGIES DES LOUP-GAROU. Pensez-y chers fans, Lucas doit se morfondre d’avoir abandonné kylie. IL SOUFFRE AUTANT QU’ELLE. Il veut être avec elle , depuis son enfance , elle a accaparer ses pensées. KYLIE EST L’ÂME SOEUR DE LUCAS .


  161. When I read the first book, it was obvious it was nudging the readers toward Lucas, but in the recently books I’m being nudged towards team Derek. Derek made a bunch of mistakes at the beginning but then he made up for them. Then Lucas makes a bunch of mistakes and– he isn’t able to make up for them and I’m not sure he’ll ever be able to unless C.C. makes another surprise turn in the plot. I think Lucas truly loves Kylie but he’s too devoted towards his pack that he can’t be with her. Maybe if Lucas gives up everything to be with Kylie, he would be able to have a relationship with her, but there’s too much at stake. Derek, on the other hand, has no baggage and loves Kylie also even though her feelings aren’t as strong as they are for Lucas. I think she’ll end up Derek based on some key sentences I read in Whispers at Moonrise. Like the fact that her friends told Kylie she talks about Derek more than she talks about Lucas and how Lucas hates how she sees ghosts but Derek doesn’t mind. Even though I’m team Lucas, I don’t think he’s going to end up with Kylie. Not based on the evidence found in the last book. Excuse me while I cry in a corner.

  162. hey cc (: ily
    but anyways, TEAM DEREK❤
    I love lucas, but honestly, he doesn’t deserve Kylie. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, HE WENT OUT AND GOT ENGAGED TO ANOTHER GIRL when ummmmmm KYLIE IS HIS GIRLFRIEND. Like what…that’s called cheating. truth be told, if kylie chooses lucas, then she has absolutely no self respect. And then he has the nerve to say that he doesn’t like seeing Derek and Kylie together (as friends, BY THE WAY) when he knew all along that he was seeing Monique. Grrrrrr… And please don’t make this a typical story where the bad boy (Lucas) gets the girl. Give the sweet, respecting guy (Derek) a chance (:

  163. Hey, I’m from Brazil! And I’m Team Derek… He accepts Kylie the way she is! Derek is the right guy! He’s so cute. Lucas can do whatever he wants, but Kylie and Derek is the perfect couple! This is my humble opinion… and sorry for anything!

  164. Hi my name is Amber and I am from Switzerland. And I think Derek. Because he was her first “together” and because he looks like Kylis ex boyfriend. He can Kyli their feelings and cleared but still feels something for him.
    And he’s just as hot as Lucas. And so cute.
    Go Derek!!!!

  165. HI my name is Amber Renold from Switzerland and I think Derek. Because he was her first “together” and because he looks like Kylis ex boyfriend. He can Kyli their feelings and cleared but still feels something for him.
    And he’s just as hot as Lucas.
    Go Derek!!!!

  166. i would pick team lucas he is so hot and whoever said he was a traitor and other things lucas has been there every time

  167. – ok! I started reading the books my friend Gillian Marvin finished them . She is a spoiler and I tell her to back of she use to be in love with Derek we would fight until she said “something bad happened I love Lucas I hate Derek!” So know I don’t know witch one to chose and one more thing WHAT HAPPEN TO SKY!!

  168. P.S I live in the McAllen, Edenburg area in TX Pease visit I’ve been dying to meat you !!!!!! Also my 2 BFF!

  169. Lucas all the way!!!! I know what he did in whisper at moonrise, (I am not going to say in case someone hasn’t read it) but I think he was just confused and scared!! I totally agree with Wendy, Derek is more of an friend then boyfriend. And Lucas has liked Kylie since they were little!! He is protective and hotttt!! 🙂

  170. Although it really doesn’t make a difference now since she chose already, I thought I would voice what I think. I like both Lucas and Derek. they both obviously love kylie but Derek is just way better. He can sense her, even if she cant be seen. He would wait forever for her, and would never pressure her into things. hes not secretive, and doesn’t lie. His only down fall to me is that he had sex with4 girls where kylie is a virgin. Lucas on the other hand, totally went behind her back, kept secrets, barley spends time with her..except for their hot makeout sessions. idk it seems like in triangles im always in love with the man who doesn’t get picked. but I accept lucas, and I like his werewolf seduction humming. but Derek and jenny is NOT okay for me. just like renesmee and Jacob in twilight. this book is a million times more amazing then twilight but, you cant just throw the other guy at some random girl and say it was ment to be.

  171. At first I thought that any of the two boys will be fine with me. They are both sweet and both seemed right for Kylie. However, as I read the other books I’ve been thinking that Lucas is better for her.

    This is how I made my decision:
    1.) Comparing how hot both are, I considered Lucas to be hotter than Derek and it’s not just because of his looks (which totally makes my heart flip).
    2.) Derek is a good guy. In fact, he’s TOO GOOD that it’s starting to annoy me. His relationship with Kylie makes me feel that their only friends and knowing that he can control peoples emotions gives me a lot of doubts that he’s relationship with Kylie would really lack trust. And, in terms of relationships, trust is a very big asset between to people in love.
    3.) Derek shows protectiveness towards Kylie but it doesn’t activate my sixth sense at all. Lucas on the other hand never wavers when it come to Kylie’s safety and he even sacrifices a lot just to be with her and make their relationship work.
    4.) People say that Derek accepts Kylie for who she is but that reason dosen’t seem to budge me at all. Lucas loves Kylie more than she could ever know and by looking at how much he lover he makes me see that, even if he deosen’t say it, he accepts Kylie no matter what she is. It’s all part of loving someone- you cant love someone as much as Lucas does if you don’t accept the flaws of the person your attracted to.
    5.) Lucas has more hottie points than Derek. Derek might be sweet and comfortable to be with but that kind of relationship is just boring. Besides, I’m glad that Lucas is a bad boy and has a big possibility to end up with Kylie. Sure, sweet perfect hot boys are good to be with but they lack excitement (sometimes) unlike bad boys who are not perfect but have this mysterious air and hidden kindness that is much more better and bigger than candy- sweet boys.

  172. sorry about my comment. I made a mistake in no. 1.
    I meant that I doubt that Kylie will have a good relationship with Derek because of the lack of trust.

  173. *Spoiler Alert!*
    Team Derek.
    why:Derek was charming and mysterious from the very begging, they could have a fresh start with out any bad memories to look back on, just two people with a fresh clean slate. Derek has been there for Kylie no matter what. he didn’t want her to change like Lucas, he just wanted Kylie to be Kylie. and he wouldn’t mind. but Lucas wants to be a Werewolf when she is a Chameleon. Lucas never excepted the fact of her ghost whispering abilities , Derek did. He helped her, and was busy helping her. while Lucas was standing back being scared/freaked about the ghost.
    Lucas cheated on Kylie WHILE in a committed relationship with her.
    Derek DID NOT cheat on her with Ellie they weren’t in a committed relationship with each other,they were pretty much friends with benefits. nothing more.
    Derek also confesses his Love for Kylie. Which is huge considering she had a bad ass werewolf boyfriend at that time.
    I also do not see any reason for her to be With Lucas…it is always the bad,hot guy, that could have any girl love him. while Derek stands back being alone and no one there for him. doesn’t he deserve love too? yes, he does.
    Derek and Lucas have had their places in my heart, but after reading the 4th book and going into start the 5th i’m leaning on Derek. i really hope that C.C Hunter figures out which guy to she picks that makes all of her readers happy.
    she has a great writing ability and i know she will make Kylie pick the right guy with a great reason! I sure hope it will be Derek. I would pick him, because in this series he has stolen my heart, keep reading fellow shadow falls fans 🙂

  174. I think that Lucas is perfect for Kylie. The only reason that he kept hoping she was a were was because he didn’t want her to get hurt. Derek is a nice guy and all, but it doesn’t seem right. He deserves someone else, which is J****. (not spoiling) He needs someone that can love him as much as he loves her. I think C.C. made the right choice.

  175. Just because Derek is the “easier” choice doesn’t mean she should pick him. She should pick the right choice, not the easiest. She should pick the one that makes her feel alive, and risky. Not normal, and always the same.

    That’s why I’m Lucas.

  176. FOR THE LOVE OF FREAKING PETE CHOOSE DEREK!!! He’s sweet, funny, and he totally excepts Kylie- ghosts and all. Lucas doesn’t accept her! He freaks out when she even mentions ghosts, and tries to stop her from helping those who can’t cross over. And he pushed her to be one species, but Derek didn’t. He would’ve accepted her if she was a SLUG! Not to mention, that tiny detail, LUCAS GOT MARRIED!!! He totally lied about it, and they don’t do anything together in public. He hides her away like Rapunzel, and I don’t really see Kylie putting up with that kind of crap, SO WHY IS SHE STILL WITH HIM!?!?!?! Get your heads out of the toilet people, can’t you see Lucas isn’t right for her!? Derek understands her, and doesn’t just look at her as something to be hidden and only be called out when he needs her like a certain fury butt hole!!! Lucas can just kiss her butt good bye, because if she chooses Lucas, I will stop reading the book or the series on account of the main character BELONGING IN THE LOONEY BIN!!! TEAM FREAKING DEREK!!!

  177. So I’m contributing to this conversation like super late but I just want to put in my argument on why Derek should have been the one she chose which I think is pretty valid. *SPOILER ALERT TO ANYONE WHO HASN’T READ ALL THE BOOKS*

    So in the beginning, before Kylie even knew she was supernatural, it was Lucas. Yeeah I mean already if you follow the plotlines for most teen romance novels with love triangles you know–it’s usually the guy who saw her first that ends up with her. But I mean it wouldn’t be interesting if you didn’t introduce another guy, right? So we’re given hope; maybe this one will be different. But it’s cruel to make the readers fall in love with that guy to where we start avidly shipping him and the girl together only to rip away his chances in the worst way possible, and that’s pretty much what happened here.

    Ever since the beginning of Derek and Kylie’s friendship, he’d ALWAYS been there for her. And in books I guess the type of guys like that are the ones that only deserve to be friends with the love interest, but in reality? All the people I know who have best friends that are of the opposite sex that treat them like that usually end up getting in long term relationships with them. Then again, this isn’t reality.. Anyway, Derek was the only one who would offer his full support, help her when she needed help, comforted her when she needed comforting. And what was Lucas doing? Being sexy and flirting with Kylie nonstop, and then to top it off, running off with Fredericka (who he’d admitted to sleeping with once) right when she’d thought she really liked him–knowing how that might look to her. So even though he may not have wanted to hurt her feelings, he did anyway. Strike one for Lucas.

    And so Awake at Dawn comes, and Kylie seems to be very happy with Derek even though they aren’t officially together. And honestly, in my opinion, their time together was the best, cutest part of the series, romance-wise anyway. There were no complications (other than her wondering about Lucas) and they could simply be together. That’s how it should be, not all of that messed up shit that goes on when she’s Lucas’s girlfriend, and ohhh I’ll get into all the messed up shit that goes on later. Her only insecurities about him were whether he could control her emotions or whether their relationship would be another repeat of what happened with Trey. But he continuously proves he’s nothing like Trey and he would never force her into something she doesn’t want to do–and who doesn’t want a guy like that?? Yet she holds back from becoming his girlfriend because of all of these things that are actually very minuscule, which I think becomes one of the biggest mistakes in the book.

    Because how is Derek supposed to have a fair chance with her if they never even had a chance to see what it’s like to REALLY be together? And I think if he had that chance, if the readers had that chance to see what an actual Derek/Kylie relationship would have been like, maybe the outcome at the end would’ve been different. Even if they still didn’t end up together at least we readers (myself especially ;P) would’ve been able to satisfy our curiosity and then say he lost fair and square. But he didn’t.

    So when he asks if Kylie would still be with him if Lucas were still there (which is your first sign telling you who she ultimately ends up with) and she pretty much confirms his doubts, instantly warning flags are raised. He tells Kylie not to break his heart, which she promises not to, and then she breaks that promise over and over again.

    Not to say he didn’t break hers either, but he was hurting because of her and he’d already broken up with Kylie (for justifiable reasons such as she kept the fact that Lucas had been writing letters to her from him) even though they weren’t even technically together, and he knew it was the wrong thing to do as soon as he’d done it–as proven by Ellie as well. Still, that one mistake is like the last straw that pushes her toward Lucas and the very messed up relationship that they had. What makes me angry is that later in Chosen at Nightfall she calls it cheating; and by my understanding cheating involves being unfaithful to someone you’ve committed yourself to. She wouldn’t allow him to be her boyfriend, and even so he still “broke up” with her before he did what he did. So even if it was wrong, she has no right to say that what he did was cheating when they weren’t even in a relationship.

    Enough about that though, let’s get on to all the things wrong about her and Lucas’s relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely believe he loves her despite all the stupid things he does, but I just think the reasons she comes to love him back is just–for lack of a better word–dumb.

    1) Continuously hangs out with Fredericka knowing how jealous that makes Kylie, and then when she rightfully addresses him about it, he has the decency to get mad at her for it. And THEN he continues to hang out with her anyway.
    2) Ignores her in front of everyone and chooses to be with the pack over her (even though that changes later).
    3) Lies. Constantly. And keeps secrets from her and expects her to understand.
    4) Asks her to date him, but when she doesn’t get to respond he never mentions it again (making you wonder if he really meant it) until all of a sudden he later claims to be her boyfriend.
    5) Doesn’t stand up for her when other people put her down.
    6) Doesn’t support her decisions and openly tells her how he doesn’t like her ghost-whispering abilities, which is a pretty huge part of who Kylie is.
    7) Tells her he’d “accept her no matter what,” but then makes it obvious he really wants her to be a were…
    8) And the biggest one (which goes with #3), gets engaged to some ho behind Kylie’s back, which she has to find out from Fredericka of all people, who he lied to as well saying he’d told Kylie about it. To top it all off, I completely believe he never had the intention of telling Kylie about it and if she hadn’t found out he’d have gone back to being with her as if none of that ever happened. At least Derek really had intended on telling Kylie about sleeping with Ellie, and was straight up with her when she confronted him about it.

    I mean what good is a relationship based off of lies and distrust?

    So yeah, I kind of liked Lucas at first, but after all that he did while they were together I just couldn’t stand how she never dumped his ass after the continuous hurt he put her through. Like all of that combined is 1000x worse than anything Derek ever did to her.

    Speaking of Derek, I think it was during her relationship with Lucas that he stepped up and shined the most. Like, where Lucas wouldn’t accept her, Derek continuously did, and even showed her how fascinating she actually was. He always put her before himself, and even though he wanted more with her he was fine with being the best friend he could possibly be for her. He helped her with her ghost issues, when she could hardly tell Lucas about them. He consoled her when no one else could. His love for her was unconditional, and THAT is why I love Derek so much. That’s how love should be.

    And honestly, I thought she loved him too. The only thing holding her back from allowing herself to love him was her “commitment” to Lucas. So I had sooooooo much hope for them, especially after all of Lucas’s continuous screw ups and when all of her friends (Miranda, Della, even Sarah) and even Holiday’s ghost twin sister told her she should pick Derek. But nope, unfortunately, that’s not how it works *in books* 🙁

    She still ends up loving Lucas, and I think a lot of it simply stemmed up from her attraction for him (because that’s pretty much what it was in Born at Midnight, right??). And then there’s the loyalty from how he protected her all those years ago from those bullies. But I just don’t think there’s just anything very substantial to really justify her love for him. Because he just doesn’t really seem to understand her and she him; she just falls for it every time he does something sweet for her.

    My last complaint is that when Taken at Nightfall comes around, it’s like all of the characters have done a complete 180. Kylie is all of a sudden 100% in love with Lucas and 0% in love with Derek (and I’m pretty sure that’s not how it was in Whispers at Moonrise), Derek is not being the Derek I came to love and is suddenly very pushy with his love for her, Lucas is actually very sweet to Kylie and NOW doesn’t hesitate to drop everything and show his love for her (wayyyy too late in my opinion), and all of her friends are suddenly Team Lucas when they were soo obviously Team Derek before. Even Fredericka is wanting her to forgive Lucas and so as I’m reading this all I can think is WTF IS HAPPENING?! There was no consistency.

    All in all, the only thing I have left to conclude with is that Kylie is a big dummy when it comes to her own personal matters.

  178. I think the fair thing is for Lucas to get Kylie on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and Derek gets Kylie on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

    Sundays? Kylie’s day off. BOOM

  179. Lucas.. I mean come one, they’ve known each other for so long and he’s willing to wait for her, Derek looks like trey and that’s part of the reason kylie was attracted to him, but he can control her emotions so she doesn’t know whether her feelings for him are real or not. and he didn’t even want to be with her because she was attracted to Lucas even though he had been eyeing Miranda in her swim suit but said it was different because he’s a guy which is absolute bull

  180. Ok to be honest, both Derek and Lucas have done bad…. WAY BAD. I mean Derek left when Kylie was trying to figure things out and then came back with another girl and they did the dirty deed. That really caught me. But Lucas cannot even look at Kylie without having his pack go cray cray on him. Then he keeps all these secrets from her and gets ENGAGED. Lucas just wants to be with her but he puts it off that there is no way he can be with her that’s the problem. But Derek knows what he did wrong and has apologized and now he won’t give up on her. And he helps her through everything literally.
    So they both have their downs. Really bad downs. But so far I have to say Derek would be good for her. Lucas was good for her but he keeps messing up. And he hasn’t exactly gotten to the point of not messing up so much. Derek reached that point a while ago.

  181. Spoiler Alert:
    Ok, so even after reading all the books, I still think Kylie should have ended up with Derek. He’s such a better match for Kylie than Lucas. Lucas was possessive, acted before he thought, didn’t support her with her ghost problem, and freakin got engaged to someone else! Not to mention he’s an out right jerk. I was so mad that Kylie chose Lucas and pretty much crushed Derek’s heart. Even though Lucas technically won Kylie, I’m still a Team Derek fan all the way!

  182. I want Derek to be w/ Kylie. That is because Lucas brings too much danger to Kylie because on that chart thing that has the qualities of supernaturals, they are private and not many are people, kind of person. Derek is people kind of person, he is more likable and that means less danger to Kylie because he would not get in trouble w/ other people. Lucas would be like – trouble maker and punished and Kylie might be punished also. It is just that simple, but it ain’t that hard. Derek also loves her a lot. Just try looking from the other view. If you want it to be Lucas, what are the reasons besides him loving Kylie. Why? Try to pick out at least 5 reasons that are pretty reasonable.

  183. I say Derek. While reading I could just imagine Derek and Kylie being together. I think Derek’s willingness to Kylie is sweet. Face it, Derek gives Kylie comfort. He understands all of Kylie’s feelings and has been there for Kylie when Lucas was not. It just seems that Kylie and Derek are a better match for each other.

  184. Dereeeeeeeeeeek. All the way!
    Because he’s so sweet and cute and hot and OMG I hate Lucas!
    Lucas try kiss Kylie!
    Kylie loves Derek, just don’t know this.
    But will know. Dereeeeeeeeeeek forever!

  185. I like Lucas.
    Reason number one: he is a werewolf. I have always had a bit of a fetish and THING for werewolves. They are always so much more sensitive and protective of the people they love.
    Reason number two: He really does love Kylie and she deserves someone who really loves her with all their heart. He is kind and protective as well as an amazing man in general, with everything he is.
    Reason number three: his pack and gmail want him to remain a purebred werewolf although he just wants to love his mate. They are not considering what Lucas himself wants.
    Reason number four: they have known each other far longer and from the moment they met have had an amazing connection. That has to mean something!
    I have more but still, TEAM LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. I love Lucas because he is very protective of Kylie and he loves her more I think than Derek does. If I we’re Kylie I would pic Lucas.

    he is such a hottie I swear I wish I was kylie sometimes I mean 2 boys wanting you could life ever be so chic?

  188. i’m leaning towards Derek, why? Because he is so sweet and he knows when somethings wrong because of her gifts. Derek also accepts Kylie as a ghost whisperer and even though he might not like it, h e helps her with it because he loves her! Also, he’s pretty hot!!! He seems like the better match for her. It’s just a gut feeling, but i feel as if he’s the better choice.
    But i’m also rooting for Lucas, why? He’s protective, possessive (but not to much), hot (both ways!!!), and he loves her. i do have to admit that he said i love you WAY to late, but he at least said it. But he is very complicated to deal with, but isn’t every man in a relationship? He seems like a good choice for Kylie, but i don’t know!!!
    Both men are really good to her, but sometimes they mess up, BIG TIME!!! Derek left Kylie alone to figure out her feelings on her own when he probably should have stayed with her to help her through them. Lucas left, but he at least tried to keep in touch with her, BUT he lies to her when most of the time those things that he keeps from her she should know. Both men are good people that have made bad mistakes that could change their love life forever. But personally, i’m more of a Derek fan!! Lucas is still up there with Derek, but his chances don’t seem as good. It really doesn’t matter who she chooses to me (well it matter, but you know what i mean), i just hope she doesn’t regret it and i hope she loves that person more than air itself!!! Love both Derek and Lucas!!!

  189. I think kylie should chose derek because derek is a cute and handsome guy. however kylie has also got some special feelings towards derek too but on the other hand kylie also gets frighten of lucas sometimes when she sees him at times. though lucas also loves kylie but i think lucas is a bit scary.

    eventually though kylie and dereks relationship seems likes friends but friendship is the first step towards love

    He is sweet, kind and hot. They have good chemistry and derek had the right to give her some space cuz he was confused and kylie was being selfish considering she was sorting things out since the first book. And he helps her with her ghost problems and doesnt care about what she is (2 pts for derek 0 pts for lucas). Whereas to lucas who is such a lying, posessive jackass who gets jelous way too easily. I mean she practically has no control when he’s around. Remeber when kylie said she’d rather be on the driver’s seat? I feel like kylie and lucas are competing for it. Derek, on the other hand feels more like kylie’s equal. It also feels more natural whereas to kylie’s relationship with lucas seems forced.

  191. Lucas!!! Lucas!!!! Lucas!!! <3<3<3<3<3
    He is really protective of her and cares about her very much. He is also very kind, sweet, and, lets face it, the guy is a hottie. I sometimes wish I was in Kylie's place. I like Derek very much, but something is making me like Lucas more than Derek. Especially after I read the scene where Lucas and Kylie went for a walk and ended up slipping and falling in the water. I know that Lucas can be scary but thats what makes him even more atractive. Derek is sweet, kind, and very friendly and he might be a perfect guy for Kylie, but there is sort of a bond between her and Lucas. Plus, Lucas met Kylie before Derek and had feelings for her for a looooong time. Also, he remembered about Kylie's cat, how his dad had killed it, and gave Kylie another kitten. I think that is really sweet. He also doesn't want to give up on Kylie. Derek, if he really loved her, wouldn't leave her and work with the FRU when she needed him. Derek, if he really loved her, wouldn't reject her and be just friends, well, not even friends and leave her there alone, confused, left to figure things out by herself. Here's another reason why i think Kylie should end up with Lucas. Kylie dreamed of Lucas even when she and Derek had this thing. When they were sort of dating… Derek is nice, he is, but I think he is too nice. Too fragile, (not looking at his body).
    At the beggining of the series, i was for team Derek. He seemed so dreamy at first. Now, I can't really stand him. Everything is different. I think Lucas is dreamier. Even dreamier and hotter because he is a werewolf.
    Both boys made mistakes and have flaws, but even looking at the things both guys did, i have to go with Lucas.
    I really hope that Kylie ends up with Lucas. <3<3<3<3

    • I read through the coments and I counted how many people went for Lucas and how many people say Derek. ‘Bout 115 people voted team Derek and 141 voted team Lucas! <3
      Again, i like Derek really much and i heard the spoiler that Lucas gets engaged to some b*tch because his parents wanted his to….., but family can be complicated. Of course, i think Lucas shouldn't have gotten engaged, and kept that a secret from Kylie, cause that makes him a asswhole, but i still really like him……. plzzzzzz let her end up with him. Maybe Lucas realizes what he has done and leaves the chick for Kylie and Kylie forgives him after some time and they get together. But that might sound too easy, and poor Derek has to get over his broken heart. OOOOO, maybe another girl comes to Shadow Falls and Derek falls in love with her! and Kylie gets over Derek. Ofc, thats just my imagination.
      Anyway, I'm still team Lucas!! <3<3<3

  192. I’m team Lucas 🙂 He has protected her, he puts her over everything, including his own family (maybe just his dad but still). He is also able to control himself, he doesn’t try to go to far. He acts as if they are dating, heck, in front of Sara and Kylie’s mom, he said he was! Plus, I have always liked werewolves, if I had to be a supernatural character, it’d be a werewolf. Wait, only if I wasn’t allowed to be a chameleon 😉

    TEAM LUCAS!! <3

  193. I hate Lucas, I hope she ends with Derek… IM SO DAMN FRUSTRATED THAT SHE MIGHT END UP WITH LUCAS. Im a tad mad a Derek because he said no to Kylie dumbly. Please nobody spoil it for me. Why not Lucas? HE PRESSURES HER. Derek is nice and calm. Lucas tries to kiss her in every dream Kylie has about him, instead of talking it out. He pressure’s Kylie when all he ever tells her is that shes beautiful and kisses her when shes close. Then Kylie thinks about Derek. Lucas in awake at dawn, was way too flirty for her, even when she told him to stop. Cough cough pressure. If I was Kylie I would had already said yes to Derek, and probably would have punched Lucas in the face and try not to remember she got him a cat. I would tell Lucas to stop. And if he tried to kiss her i’d whack him 40 miles away. Team Derek!

  194. LUCAS TOTALLY!!!!! Im a sucker for bad boys, and Lucas has the looks and the hearts. Sometimes Derek tries to manipulate Kylie’s emotions, and that’s just TEAM LUCAS

  195. I’m on team lucas I get he broke kylies heart but only because he was trying to be with her and even in choose at nightfall he’s up to the plate and trying to win her over. He cares so damn much that her heartache makes him fall apart. He cares so much and loves her so much that he was willing to give up everything to be with her also he is so handsome and strong. But like dell’s said he kinda of had the being choked thing coming I mean he made her heart brake. But he’s the only one that can make her really have a touchstone in her life. He’s the best choice besides his EX girlfriend has the hots for a teacher also she’s been getting better with Kylie and lucas is willing to give his life for Kylie and he already has given his soul to her
    Also the roses are so sweet. Hands down team lucas

  196. I’m definitely Team Lucas! I mean, it’s so sweet how he protects her! Even if he knows that Derek is a possible threat to them being together. He even protected her when she was six and those nasty kids were throwing rocks at her. And damn it if he wasn’t as hot as the sun! Werewolfs are definitely cooler anyway. Derek is sweet but he’s almost…..too sweet. It’s as though he is just wanting her to like him and then… I don’t know. I feel like he mught turn out to be a total jerk after they get together. It just seems that way to me. And anyway, he’s already basically breaking her heart by ‘giving her space to figure things out’. I haven’t read Taken at Dusk yet but I can’t WAIT to see what happens! GO GET HER LUCAS!!!

  197. Lucas

    Because he can’t control Karlie’s emotions, he does things that a boyfriend should do, he is patient, and super extra very hot.

  198. Adding on to above a healthy relationship is based on six things
    -4 of the things above Lucas is severely lacking in making it a very unstable relationship which could end in a downhill spiral that leads to worse and worse. If you still prefer Lucas over Derek you need a reality check or maybe she should end up with no one and just learn to be an independent strong female character who isnt always consumed with boys. Let her be her own before she’s anyone else’s.

  199. I think Lucas because Lucas surprises her, with him she has a little bit of adventure and risk in her like. Whereas with Derek he is predictable. Overall I think Lucas is the better choice for Kylie!

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