I bet you have a best friend.  If you’re lucky like Kylie, you have more than one.  Kylie’s friends Miranda and Della would do anything for her.  And she’s done a lot for them—like donating blood for Della even though it grossed her out, and like helping Miranda deal with dyslexia.  But that’s what friends do. They help each other out even if it isn’t something easy to do.  Right?

Friends share secrets, fashion advice, and pour their hearts out to each other about boys.  In Taken at Dusk, Kylie, Miranda, and Della are as close as ever.  Because all of them have had their heart broken at one time or another, they are all a little scared to take a chance on love.  Not wanting to let fear stop them, they make a pact with each other to go after a boy they like, but are all afraid to let themselves care too much.

No, I’m not going to tell you if Kylie’s boy is Lucas or Derek!  You’ll have to wait and read the book for that answer.  But I’ll bet you can guess who Miranda’s pact involves—a certain, shape-shifting jokester named Perry.  Ahh, but there’s another guy wanting to date Miranda.  And when she agrees to go out with this guy, you’ll never guess what Perry does.  Yup, Miranda has a choice to make.  And Della, well, there’s that cute shape-shifter, Steve, who she’s got her eye on, and he’s got a thing for her, too.  Can Della let down her guard long enough to actually give Steve a chance?  But as important as the boys are to them, it’s the encouragement and laughter-inducing friendship they give each other that means the most.

Personally, I have a lot of good friends.  Friends I can call any time and know they will listen to me whine.  Friends who read my books before I send them to my editor and help me find my typos.  Friends who listen to me talking about my Shadow Fall characters as if they were real.  Friends who love to laugh, who encourage me, and offer me advice.

Do you have a friend who has been there for you?  Who has listened to you whine endlessly about a certain boy?  A friend who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts? Or a friend who you know will always keep your secrets?

You know, with the holidays approaching, I’m always on the outlook of a small gift I can offer my friends—just a little way of saying thank you.  Maybe you have a friend who hasn’t read the Shadow Falls series.  Maybe your friend just hasn’t had the opportunity. Well, I’d like to change that.  I would love to send your friend a copy of Born at Midnight.  I’ll write a note and personalize the book and let your friend know that it’s a gift from you and from me.  Oh, I’ll also include some other cool promotional stuff: pens, notebooks, and bookmarks. And, as a thank you, I’ll send you some cool Shadow Falls things, too!

What have you got to do? Leave a comment as to why you think your friend would love Born at Midnight. That’s it! Good luck!

26 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. My best friend would love this book because we are so much alike and I love themso she would totally love them. She just moved away and it would be great to send her a present. I miss her and talk to her all the time about the most ramdom things, but i havn’t had the chance in a while to tell her to read your books because we’ve been crunched on time with school and everything els. Luv Ya!

  2. I love my friend like a sister. I have know her in a few years when a should change school and had a hard time. She was a big help to me and we has been friends since. We have a lot in commen, like to try new thing. I have in a long time been thinking about show her the book because i think she would like it. She is a person there like love stories and when she is serious with a book… Lets just say don’t interfere :). I would love to let her read the book and talk with her about it. She is a lovely person with a big personality there would like this book very much. I think she is a little like Della, Tough on the outside, fragile inside.
    I hope she will get the pleasure to read your books.

  3. My best friend Sophi didnt like to read and read as little as possible. But one day I took her to the library and recommended a few books and she has loved reading ever since! We always pick out books for eachother .
    We’ve been best friends since preschool, so really we are more like sisters.
    I love my best friend, and I know what she likes to read, so I know that she would love this book.
    Please pick me!!!!

  4. my friends sabrina is my sister she calls my parents mom and dad as well as i call her parents mom and dad me and her share a passion for readin and and we love to talk bout the books she has loved every book i have recommended to her and vice versa we each remember the little details of the story and love to discuss them we debate on which characters the best and when we read the twilight series together we debated team edward or jacob and the shadow fall series is so much better than twilight ad i know that she will fall in love then someone will finally understand why i have read born at midnight so many time the cover is about to fall off and almost the same way for awake at dawn she would be just as big a fan as i am and then we can denate team lucas or derek lol

  5. I love my all my friends, and it’s hard to choose one, but one of my friends is like a sister to me and I am soooo glad we meet. She likes a lot of the stuff I like and we even have these nicknames of characters in a book we both read and loved. Even if I don’t win this is still a really cool offer and I’m sure if my friend readed this she would just fall in love with it like I did and we would talk about it for hours. I love her like a sister and I hope I will always will!;D

  6. My best friend is like one of my sisters, although, we have only known each other for 4 years! She reminds me of Della… she had a hard childhood and a strict father! Sadly, at the age of nine she lost her mother via suicide which has made her hide her emotions and put on a hard front even though she is the sweetest, most caring woman I know. She is always there; even when I got married and pregnant she never stopped being there for me! She hates children but has somehow grown to love my daughter like her own. She loves me like the sister she never had and even though i’m a mom now we still go out like we used to(granted most places are kid friendly but my husband takes my daughter sometimes for our girls nights). My husband and her both played a part in my intrests in reading! I used to HATE to read and it would take me 2 months to read one book until they showed me that I just needed to figure out which books spiked my intrests (now one book takes me a day or 2 at most). She would absolutelty love this series!

  7. Well my one BFF is now finally getting into the supernatural genre and unfortunately I have Twilight to thank. If it wasn’t for that, I would probably still be teased by my friends. One of them was more daring enough to go further than Twilight and I’ve already introduced her to tons of great books! Gotta add in this one of course! She’s still new to the bibliophile/avid reader state, so she doesn’t quite grasp the incredibleness of SIGNED books!

  8. I think my friend would love Born at Midnight because she’s such a hopeless romantic and a sucker for love triangles so i think this book is perfect for her! She also hardly ever reads, the only two series i’ve ever got her to read (forcefully i might add) are the ‘Perfect Chemistry’ series by Simone Elkeles and the ‘Twilight’ series by Stephenie Meyer. Born at Midnight also has vamps and wolves in the book so I think i could get her hooked on to these too 😛

    Hope i win! 🙂

  9. My bestfriend would love Born At Midnight because she loves the same books that I do. Loving the same books and discussing them, whether we agree or disagree, has brought us closer together and has made our friendship stronger. I also know that because she is the way she is, I know for a fact that she would probably end up donating her book (after reading it) to a program for underprivileged teens who can’t afford books of their own, of which we are both huge supporters.
    Thanks for the contest!!

  10. I have a lot of friends but I have one best friend who will always be there to listen to me. We met 9 years ago and it was a funny meeting because at that time I didn’t know what the word embarrassment was. I just saw her holding this book I really wanted to read in her hands as she stood by the gate in the school yard and I went up to her and asked if I could borrow it. Surprisingly, she allowed me to!! I didn’t talk to her much, I was kind of shy still since she was a stranger but she ended up transferring to my class a year later and we hit it off so well that we’re still friends. She’s always there to listen to my random rambles and I try to make her read books I’m interested in (I succeed in making her read ‘The Cirque Du Freak series’). Often times I fail but I think your series is really fun and she would enjoy it. 🙂

  11. My friend Andrea would absolutely ADORE Born at Midnight, it would rock her socks. Why do I believe she would love it? Well, mainly because I got her into the whole supernatural fiction, like The Twilight Saga and then Sophie Jordan’s, we are both hopeless romantics in love with every single male character that fits with our ideals of a perfect partner.She’s the one I can share everything with, the one who I can call and cry over the phone while telling her how my ex who is now going to marry my cousin saw me on friday (yup, this past friday) and said hello to the mutual friend I was with and then just ignored me and went along, the one who was there when my 2 year old niece fell from the window and died and stood by my side while my depression crept up on me and made me hate everyone. She is always there, making sure I don’t fall back into that hole and who has put up with all my crap even when I take it all out on her. She deserves this book, her birthday was just a couple of weeks ago, along with her graduation.

  12. My best friend has been there for me when I had no one. When I was pregnant she would go and get whatever I was craving! She also helped with my kids when I was in labor so my husband could be in the room with me. I know that she’ll love your series because she a Twilight fan! I would love to win this for her, she deserves so much for always being there for me.

  13. I think my best friend Ashley would love this series because she reads these kinds of books and there’s very few that she doesn’t enjoy. She’s also always looking for something new to read and this would be a great read for her to try.

  14. My best friend is actually my cousin and she helped me get over my reading problem. Shes the one who got me started on reading romance books and I love her for that. Shes been there for me when I needed her the most, whether it was a ride to school, or just someone to talk to when I was depressed over all the bullying I got at school. When I just wanted to give up she helped me stand up. She has taught me that if I believe in myself I can do anything I set my mind to no matter what people say. I think she would like Born at Midnight because she actually mentioned wanting to read it. We have a lot of similar likes and dislikes when it comes to books, seeing that I couldn’t put it down I know she will probably end up hook on the characters too. She actually read Turned at Dark on my nook and couldn’t wait to read the rest of the series! Plus after everything shes done for me, I think it would be great to be able to give her this book. Shes a big fan!

  15. My BFF would love it b/c she is a wonderful person!
    My BFF actually flew from Mississippi to Alaska to be w/ me when my ma unexpectedly died. She stayed w/ me the entire time and I can’t thank her enough for that.

  16. My bestfriend Shannon and I are more like sisters. She has been going through a lot this past year and I know getting your book would make her feel good. W have a lot of the same tastes in books, music, movies, pretty much everything. She has always been there for me. Even staying with me when I got sick and needed help. She has never gotten a signed book and I would for her first one to be from you. I have told her all about your books and how much I love them. Thanks so much.

  17. My friend, Kim has not only been the best person in my life, she has been a lifesaver. When I had major surgery, even with her having 3 kids and a husband in the military, she came by and took turns with another friend to take care of me when my husband was working. She daily came by even on her days off from me to check on me, my incision and my meds. She has been there for me when everything in my world was crashing down and hasn’t judged me or treated me any different. She has stood by me when everyone else ran away. I am out of work and would love for her to win something because I know no one better that would deserve it. She’s the kind of friend everyone wishes they had.

  18. I think my best friend Brittany would love to read this series because these are the type of books she is mostly interested in! I think this is a really cool idea that she would love!

  19. My sister is the closest friend i’ve got. we talk about everything, from clothes to boys to girls we cant stand lol and to secrets that we know we could only ever tell each other. One major thing that we share in common is our love in reading books. We could spend hours talking about books. And i know she would absolutley fall for this series as much as i did.

  20. My BFF has a grandmother who’s dying. Her grandmother lives in Britain and it would cost a lot of money for my BFF’s family to visit their grandmother. She’d really needs some comfort right now and I don’t know what to do. She loves to read books and when I saw this contest I thought it would be the perfect thing to cheer her up. I don’t know what else to do. The whole grandmother thing is pulling our friendship apart. I hope that my friend and I win. I think it would pull our friendship back together if we win.

  21. In my profession, I like to keep up with the “next big thing” as far as children and young adult lit is concerned. My friend and I definately talk about all the cool new books, but her granddaughter and I really have a blast. We are always trading books and trying to find new books the other one will like as well. Shadow Falls tops the list of books she needs to read. Unfortunately, I can’t lend them to her. I purchased them on an ereader and she hasn’t talked her grandmother into one yet. I would LOVE to share these books with her. (We might even be able to talk her grandmother into reading them as well!)

  22. I think my best freind would love shadow falls. Hands down she loves books and especially when it involves romance, love triangles and supernaturals, we once had a “Bookathon” and read 4 books each that weekend. I think she would like that it makes you wonder what is really out there since Kylie ha no clue supernaturals existed until she was a teen, both her and I love using our imaginations to wright story’s, we both want to become authors so we help eachother out with spelling, ideas, and exc all and all I think she would be thrilled (maybe even hug me till my eyes pop out haha) she has helped me through SO much I just want to show her I am turely TRULY grateful an I don’t know what I wouldve done or would do without her:)

  23. My bestfriend will love<3 this book because just like Kylie she has two boys in her life right now that both like her and are threatened by one another. This little love triangle she is in is stressing her out and I think if she recieved a special copy of this book it will cheer her up with the humor in it and also she could relate to Kylie. I hope when my friend reads this book it will give her a new perspective on her situation and hopefullly help her through her confusion. My friend as also faced a tough time making other friends since we are in diffrent grades and dont see each other much. Some girls in her grade have bullied her and backstabbed her. I hope this gift will cheer her up! Also, thank you for reading this comment 🙂

  24. Well I have a lot of friends but only 3 people make the cut of being my BFF and one of them was my crush for like ever I always liked him then we became friends and he was so nice to me he lisens to me and knows all my secrets expect that I like him and my other two bffs are always there for me we always have sleePover and hang out I’m just really lucky to have bffs like them 🙂

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