Where do you fit in?

There is a big misconception about introverts. Many people think that just means you are shy. But really, being an introvert has more to do with being introspective. Introverts are more concerned with thinking and exploring their thoughts and feelings. Introverts tend to have fewer friends, and they prefer it that way. Some may be shy as well, but that is not always the case. While an introvert is quiet and less sociable, it doesn’t mean they are uncomfortable in social situations. They just enjoy being alone more. Now, if someone you know jumps into your head when you read this, I’m not surprised, because we all know a few introverts. Heck, maybe you are one.

At the other end of the spectrum is the extrovert. We all know who they are. They are the ones in the center of their circle of friends relating a joke, singing a song, or just telling everyone how they feel. Extroverts enjoy parties, are talkative, and enthusiastic. They are energized by spending time with others. We all like to hang out with extroverts. They keep us entertained and always have something to say.

According to Wikipedia, approximately 16% of us are introverts and 16% are extroverts. And the rest of us? Well, we fall into a category known as ambiverts. Never heard of an ambivert? I’m not surprised. Those extroverts are always getting all the attention! But ambiverts are the people in between the introverts and extroverts. They are comfortable in social situations, but also relish their time alone. Ambiverts make up about 68% of us. So look around. Many of those you see are ambiverts, and most of you are one, too!

And I admit I’m surely an ambivert.  I have the introverted tendencies to want go into my cave and just think…plot.  But then when I’m asked to come out of my cave and talk to writer’s groups or schools, I love sharing my passion for writing.  And because I do love it,  people just assume I’m an extrovert.  But I know I fall in the 68%.

However, ambiverts don’t stand out as well as introverts and extroverts. So, authors often write about those extremes. Think about your favorite TV shows or movies. Chances are many of the characters fall into the introvert or extrovert category. Extremes are more interesting, unique, and make for better reading or viewing.

What about Kylie? Well, she likes to retreat to her room or even to the falls, but she also enjoys hanging out with Miranda, Della and the other campers (as long as they are aren’t staring at her forehead, trying to figure out what she is!). So, I think she’s an ambivert. And Derek? Well, I’d say he’s an ambivert, too. But Lucas? He’s most definitely an introvert. Aren’t all werewolves by nature?

So what are you? Where do you fit in?

17 thoughts on “Where do you fit in?

  1. I’m an ambivert.
    At school and when I’m with friends, I’m an extrovert – I love to talk. I jsut can’t stop myself. Talking is what I’m good at.
    One day -at 4am- I was at my cousins. I wathed a movie, stayed up late and once it finished I went to bed.
    My cousin just came back home from a party and wasn’t sleepy. I’d been laying down for about an hour and was almost sleeping and since she wanted to talk, I talked, listened and talked some more even though I was EXHAUSTED!
    But if I gat to chose between staying home alone or going to a party/going shopping/ going anywhere where there’s a lot of people, I’ll choose staying home. Always. I do not like being among a lot of people, but if I get stuck with it, I make the most of it =)

  2. I’m a bit of introvert because when I’m out with my friends, I feel a bit…left out. Weird.But true. I have a friend who is an ambivert. And yes, he’s very talkative and fun too. There won’t be a party he missed or outing. But maybe that’s just what makes him special.

  3. I’m almost positive that I’m an introvert. It’s not i don’t enjoy talking to my friends, it’s just that I’m not very good at keeping up a conversation, I prefer to let other people do the talking. And I also love to retreat to my room(or what my mother calls my cave) to read and think and sleep.

  4. Im definitely an introvert. I like to be on my own and do my own things. While my husband is an ambivert and I think that because he’s this way he can understand my lonerish ways. I have very few friends but that’s not necessarily because I’m an introvert. I’m an observer I can sit anywhere and just observe people walking, talking, their style choices it becomes not fascinating but kind of interesting to me. Im not socially awkward or anything but I am conscious of the people I decide to associate with.

  5. I’m definitely an ambivert. People think I’m shy when I’m not I just need to get to know them more before I become talkative around them once I know someone better I will talk A LOT. I like to go in my room but I also like to go out with friends. So I am most definitely an ambivert. Luv ya!!

  6. I’m such a ambivert. When I’m with my friends we have so much fun just laughing and talking, Then I come home and morph into the bookworm I am. I go find my corner of the house and stay there and read for hours. I have two very different friends, one is talkative so she talks the most when I’m with her. The other is super quite so I talk the most when I’m with her. I love to be with friends and I love to be alone.

  7. I’m an ambivert. I love to talk with people when I meet new people or with my friend and family, but I like having my alone times too. I like to read alone, or listen to music, or just plain think. I actually never heard of ambivert before, I always considered myself a mix but I didn’t know there was a technical term for it. 🙂 You learn something new everyday after all!

  8. Ambivert for sure. Sometimes I really just want to be left alone to think, but when I feel up to it I’m the true extrovert as well. Before you even mentioned ambivert I was like hmm I’m both.

  9. I think I’m more of an introvert with a tiny bit if extrovert I can be outgoing with my close friends and people I know but I’m more mellow and I have to have my me time away from people…I have few close close friends and acquaintances…to throw horoscope in there I am a total Cancer…for the most part I am what my sign says! I’m very independent haha

  10. I would have to say that I am more of an introvert, I am very passionate and energized like an extrovert, I just don’t announce it as much, I am quietly passionate if that makes sense.

  11. I would have to say I’m between introvert and ambivert. Kind of depends on my mood and who I’m with. Sometimes I just want to be in my room with ipod and a good book. Other times when I’m fun as hell (usually with my cousin, mom, and boyfriend) For me it kinda just depends on my mood.

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  13. I’m well idk I some day just wanna be in my room alone all day long and other days I wanna be with people the whole day and just be fun do things and talk A LOT and sometimes I would have some friends over a talk a little and just watch tv I would go up stairs and read alone because I feel like being alone so I don’t know what I am can someone tell me? PLEASE

  14. I think I’m I bit of all three. I don’t do big crowds even tho I know tons of people and could probably find at least 1 person I know 80% percent of the time I go out. I’m like the weird, kooky, talkative, LOUD , person of the group who will probably do the stupidest,randomist, things EVER. But at night sometimes I just want to be left alone. ( but that could be due to my parents or when I’m reading)
    And then sometimes I just limit my self to one group that day. Cause I just don’t want to talk and they’ll do most of the talking for me. But I will say something here or there(it’ll really freak everyone out if I don’t talk, the teachers too, they’ll think something is wrong). So I really don’t know.

  15. Definitly an intovert, sure I have a few friends, but mostly I like to be alone and ponder in my thoughts. I can be outgoing among my friens though, but that is rare…

  16. ambivert definitely. I do take my alone time, but still can be talkative when I want to be. Plus, I’m shy, but if i know you, I’m not as shy as I might seem.

  17. I am an ambivert. At school, when I’m with my friends, I’m more of an extrovert. When I do my school work I don’t want to be bothered. I just want to focus on my school work. I have both personality’s. Most people think I’m shy and well that’s not the case. I have a strong focus on my work. I also have a free spirt toward my friends and people my age, or in my age range group.

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