Day 12 of the Twelve Days of Bookmas Contest!

Last day to win! So good luck, and follow the links at the BookEnds blog for more clues

Clue to Day 12 (written by Jessica Faust):

I had just finished my very first interview in book publishing. I was nervous, excited and overwhelmed by New York City, tall buildings and the prospect that I’d just discovered my dream job. As with any publisher, when walking through the office there were books and posters everywhere, and I couldn’t get enough of seeing what types of books they published and who they published. Some of the authors I was already a fan of, many I’d never heard of. However, what really made the experience was when I got off the train to head home that afternoon, I noticed a gentleman walking next to me carrying a book. A book I had just seen a poster of in the offices where I interviewed. I can remember that moment as vividly as if it were yesterday.

What was the book and who was the author?

My Clue: The author of this book died when he was 77. (Remember my clue is only one of many.  To read the other clues go the BookEnds blog and follow the links.)

Answer to Day 11: Footwear News and/or InStep Magazine


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