Day 6 of the Twelve Days of Bookmas Contest!

Gosh! Thanks so much for hanging in there. I know it can be frustrating if you can’t find the answers, or if you find it, but aren’t the first one to post it at the BookEnds blog. But today could be YOUR DAY! Someone has to win, right? Why can’t it be you?

So, make sure you understand all the rules by reading them at the BookEnds Literary Agency’s Web site: It would be even more frustrating to discover you’d misunderstood the rules.

Remember, post your answer on the BookEnds blog ( and NOT here on my blog.

Good luck!

Clue to Day 6 (written by Kim Lionetti):

What works were Kim’s wall art excerpted from and who were their authors?

My clue:  One author’s first and last name scrambled:  shrlnloaliep.  (Remember my clue is only one of many.  To read the other clues go the BookEnds blog and follow the links.)

Answer to Day 5: Wendy Douglas’ Shades of Gray and Brenda Coulter’s Finding Hope.


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