I am so excited to reveal the cover and title of the fourth book in my Shadow Falls series! (Drum roll, please.) Whispers at Moonrise! I love the title and I can’t wait for the release date. I think the title fits the series and the book. But what if it didn’t?

In Shakespeare’s famous play Romeo and Juliette, Juliette says, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Of course she is referring to Romeo and his family name, but is that always true? Does it matter what we call things? If we call something by another name does it change what it is? And does that hold true with titles? What if Shakespeare had called his play Beauford and Gertrude? Would it have been as popular? Well, in Shakespeare’s case, probably, but then things were a lot different back then. Today when you walk into a book store or surf through an online book source, there is a lot of competition. Myself, I love rambling through a book store checking out the covers and titles on display. Some call to me, others not so much. Why?

Like most authors, when I write I usually have a few ideas for the title of the book. Some authors get very attached to their titles. Me? Not so much. I’ve learned that once I send a book to my editor, and she sends it to the marketing team, they’ll have their own ideas. After all, they are supposed to be the experts; they know what sort of books are selling and what sort of title will help sell my book. So, usually we kick ideas around and come up with the title. Incidentally, I love all the titles of my Shadow Falls series. There is a theme, a consistency there that connects all the books. Born at Midnight, Awake at Dawn, Taken at Dusk and Whispers at Moonrise all reference times of day.

I have to admit, when I’m strolling through the book store, a good title and cover can stop me in my tracks. It compels me to pick up that book and read the back cover, maybe take a peek inside. If everything else sounds good, I’ll probably buy it. But I’m sure I pass by a lot of wonderful books that for some reason just didn’t lure me in.

So, what is it about a book title? Do you find certain titles and covers call to you? Is it the art work? Certain buzz words? What makes you stop and pick up a book in a store?


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  1. The title is great and I love the theme you got going on, too, and I can’t wait for the sneak peek at the cover. As far as what catches my attention of a book it could be all kinds of things, but there could be just one small detail that will catch my attention and that’s when I pick up the book. I actually wrote about this last month on my blog. Lol.

  2. Born at Midnights Cover is what pulled me in!! It was SHINY!!! So i went and bought it, and loved it. Thank you for having a beautiful cover.

  3. This is shallow, but yes, I do shop by covers and titles sometimes.

    If I’m looking for a book on-line, I don’t really pay attention to the cover. I look at the title, blurb and reviews.

    If I’m shopping in a store I mostly look at covers and titles. I love books with depth. I love books with designs on the cover but if there’s a person there, then I prefer them to be either
    a) far away
    b) showing only their body and a piece of their face
    c) just their face
    d) their back
    e) in a really cool place
    I very rarely buy books that show a whole person -or almost whole- but I did buy “Obsidian” maybe that’s jsut an exception that proves the rule.

    When it comes to titles, they usually catch my attention if they use cool, descriptive and short words.

    But I ALWAYS look at the back cover -or those flaps on the jacket- to see what the book is supposed to be about and I also open it at random pages and see if I like the writing. Sometimes I put an awesome-looking book down because of this and sometimes I buy a book that I picked up by accident.

  4. I really can’t wait for the third book to be released in April I have been trying to wait patiently but it’s hard to do when I am wanting know what is coming next. And it is weird I don’t usually find a book that I am interested in but, there is something different about this series that I love. And may for the cover topic it’s the colors or words we are feeling at the time that draws our eyes to that particular book even though there are a million books surrounding you it just so happens that it was that one book that poped out and got your attention. Can’t wait for the fourth book and the title and cover looks great it looks like it says a little bit about the story from the cover and it draws me in waiting patiently to read it ^-^

  5. I love the fact that all of your titles are connected by time. It so works for the series, and your covers are just gorgeous, though I try to not judge books by them (we were really lucky your books were wonderful both inside and outside). 🙂 I can’t wait for your signing at Murder by the Book! And April cannot get here soon enough for Taken at Dusk to be released.

  6. Wow it is a beautiful cover and title. I love it you did a wonderful job at picking the title and the picture is awesome.

    So, what is it about a book title? Do you find certain titles and covers call to you? Is it the art work? Certain buzz words? What makes you stop and pick up a book in a store?

    It has to be all of those question to read a book for me it kind of calls to me. I read the back and I am hooked. The book does not always have to be about a buzz word it is the art work and the book of the book summery has to be good for me to pick it up…… I did not even hear about born at midnight I just stumble around it and it look good I read the first chapter and I was hooked. I am glad to spread the good news about born at midnight because I think this book has ever thing you need for a book. Shadow falls book has awesome sauce pour on it…..LOL it make me asking for second and more. I am so joyful and excited you are writing more and more books. April could not get here any faster I am starved…Jk….. Well many thanks and glad I am here to read your fabulous books.

    Does that mean your done with the fourth one and might be writing a fifth?

    • Yes, There will be a fifth book. I’m pretty sure that will be the last one. But I’m hoping to write another series later. And those characters are already tip toeing around in my head. LOL.


      • Cool can’t wait to meet those characters. I know the next series will be awesome, because your awesome. You have a big heart, and your writing is amazing. So excited about all of your books that you will be bring to my Life..LOL

      • Really? Cool! I love this series and if you write another one I would definitely check it out! Can’t wait till the third book then the fourth and of course the fifth!

  7. I love your title and cover. I can’t wait for the 3rd book to come out. When I look at books i do sometimes go by title but i also try to give books a chance. like you said if the back or flap sounds good to me i will buy it or see if its at the library(then if i like the book i will buy it). most of the time i look at the cover more than anything if i like the cover then i look at the title and flap. i love reading i have a huge list of book im saving up to buy. so when i look at books i like to give all a chance.

  8. I love the title! What makes me stop is the cover I have to say if the art is lame I walk right by it… that in fact was the reason I picked up your book and I am soooo glad I did!

  9. Yes.Sometimes a book just calls to you like your books, of course.The title is very important because if the title is boring then no one is going to look at it.And the artwork is important to beacuse sometime there to colorful and others to dull.But your books have a good cobo of both.I mean the title “Born at Midnight” realy grbes your attention and doesn’t let go.

  10. Oh my gosh! The cover is awesome! Is it going to be the double-layer shiny thing again? Because that just makes the books look SOOOOO good!
    And let me add a little *squeeeeee* because there are going to be 5 books!1! I am one excited bunny!

  11. William Shakespeare also had Romeo say “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” meaning this book could be called frugalhorse, and it would still be just as amazing. But i do love the name, its enticing and beautiful!

  12. I can say that the reason I started reading your books was because it was in the same section as T.M.I. and T.I.D. were in. I saw the cover and read the back of them and decided to buy the book and LOVED THEM so I went back the next day and bought the second book.

  13. The title is amazing. I love it. It totally matches the series. Can you give us a snack peek. Or the summary for it?

  14. I LOVE the books! I think c.c is a great writer! I am a picky reader, and when I found born at midnight I thought (This is a book I would love to read!) All I can say is I love the books and I cant wait to see what next happens to Kylie and find out who she ends up with!

  15. Since I LOVE art so much, for me it is the artwork. There is nothing more calling than a good cover with some dark colors and a very bright-colored title. As soon as I read the back of it and it mentions self discovery, I am buying that book. When I saw Born at Midnight, I said to myself “Well, it is summer. Why don’t you at least read ONE book in your entire life? It sounds a little dark and it also looks like some sexy teenager stuff . . . It MUST be good,” and suddenly, I woke up, ate, and fell asleep with the book in my hands and couldn’t get enough of it. The first book I read and will forever be my favorite too.

  16. i know this is probably shallow, but when i need a book and dont have one in mind, i go by titles, i used to be obsessed woth paranormals, which is the stage in which i met the wonderful shadow falls series, but now i’m really into dystopias, so i actually found my second favorite (after shadow falls) series by title-shopping. its called dark life and is almost as good as shadow falls in my opinion, but there are only trwo books, and also, no one can follow it other than me, i’ve tried to get my friends to read it, but they’ll read half then get confused and stop, i guess im just too awesomely amazed to be confused 😉

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