Welcome to My Office

Come on in, and see where the magic happens. See the place where Kylie and her all her Shadow Falls friends come to life.

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time in my office.  Most writers do. A writer’s office may not always be a room with a desk in a house. Some writers find inspiration at a local coffee shop or perhaps a cozy chair in their family room, but my office is pretty traditional. I have a room in my house with a wall of book cases and a big desk with my computer. Since I spend so much time there, I have made it as comfortable and inviting as possible. Which is why my cats (that’s Bob on the right) and my dog, Lady, think my office is the perfect place to hang out.

My bookshelves hold loads of books, some I’ve read, some are in my to-be read file, but they also hold mementos and a few collections I have amassed over the years. Like my collection of Willow Tree figurines or the Fairy Godmother a friend gave me to remind me that magic is real. Then there are the crazy little things that people have given me throughout my career. Things that somehow remind me to let my mind go and imagine anything and everything. Imagine vampires exist, imagine that werewolves walk quietly among us. Imagine a shape-shifter falling in love with a witch.

Yes, my office is my personal space, and as I look around it, I find inspiration. I never know when something my eyes land on may sparks a scene. Like the crazy dragon figurine that provoked the scene in Taken at Dusk when Perry morphed into dragon in the dining hall and smoked the rafters. Of course, he did it to protect Miranda. (Ahh, just wait until you read that scene.)

So, tell me, what do you surround yourself with? What does your personal space hold? Do you write or do homework in your room, at a desk, or maybe you sit at the local coffee shop. Do you collect anything?

7 thoughts on “Welcome to My Office

  1. I used to collect Precious Moments figurines that represent/connect to something in my life.

    Gosh, I am so envious of your book case, I definitely need a new one. My house is small and so everything is in the living room, so I guess that would be the hang out room in my house.

  2. I love my room! My room is my haven! Surrounded by my fave movie posters, pictures of places I’ve been in Italy and Greece, my desk where I write, 3 book shelves…my bed, a TV. I couldn’t ask for more! It’s perfect! Although I would love to have more room for bookcases, such as yours! Would loooove built in bookcases that are that tall! Of course I would need a ladder to reach the top!

  3. I cant wait to read it.. I surround my space with books,posters, and nicknaks most of my nicknames or from traveling and then offcourse the art work I have done and bought and that’s my space with a comfy red chair to 🙂

  4. my mother says i collect too much… i have these adorable clay figurines (various things, sheep, mice.. and a gryphon!! super cute).. books galore.. and a strange addiction to notebooks and lists.. lol

  5. In my room, I surround myself with pictures of memory’s that will make me laugh. I also surround myself with sketches and movie tickets. Another thing that is cluttering my walls is dove rappers, with the cute little sayings. And just to get it out there I’m so team Lucas.

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