Soul Mates


“This series has everything a reader could want…I read it over a week ago and I am still thinking about it. I can’t get it out of my head. I can’t wait to read more!” —Awesome Sauce Book Club

Available April 10, 2012



I’m almost at the end of Whispers at Moonrise and Kylie finds herself wondering if we really have soul mates in this life? Is there one person you were meant to find and spend your life with in this world? Or are we capable of connecting with several someones that we find during our lives. Yes, she’s trying to decide if Lucas or if Derek is her soul mate.

As a writer and reader, the premise of soul mates is found in so many literary works. There’s something romantic in the idea of being on a journey in which our main goal is to find that one perfect person. Ahh, is that really real? I have to tell you that I’m not completely sure I believe it, I’m not completely sure I don’t believe.

When I look at all the little things that had to happen for my husband and I to find each other in the world, it’s makes me wonder if Fate didn’t have a hand in it.

You see, he was from Texas, I was from Alabama. When bad economical times hit in Texas, he applied for jobs all over the US. He had offers in several different states. The one he took was in California. When he moved there, of all the apartments he could have chosen to rent, he picked one in the complex where my mom lived. Because she had a southern accent, similar to his Texas drawl, he met her one day out by the pool. And when I found myself needing to start my life over, I moved to California.

So many things had to have been lined up for us to meet. Is that not Fate?

But the thing about soul mates, and finding them, is that sometimes it seems our hearts tell us this one person is it, and then later down the road in life, it seems to be evident that they weren’t the person. Both my hubby and I had thought we’d found the right person before we found each other. To be honest, as a teen, I thought numerous guys were my soul mates.

Maybe they weren’t so much my soul mates, maybe they were simply stepping stones, learning tools, to help me grow into the person I am, and the person I needed to be when I did meet my hubby.

Yup, the idea of soul mates really does intrigue me–almost as much as it intrigues Kylie. So what about you, do you believe in soul mates?


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26 thoughts on “Soul Mates

  1. So funny that you should bring up the soul mate clause, as I was just thinking about it a few days ago. I believe it and then I don’t, kinda like how you say. I’m sure there’s someone out there especially designed to be with one person, but I just don’t see that kind of thing happening to me. It puzzles me, a bit, because my answer to this question always seems to change. It just seems like a lot of work, to me, to wait for the One and going through the people who, clearly, are NOT it. I believe there are rare cases where people are just absolutely destined to be, obviously you and your husband are that case (so sweet!!!! I love those kinds of stories); but then there are those few people who are still alone. Maybe one day we’ll all get our answers 🙂

    (Lucas is her soul mate, just saying, lol!!!)

  2. So interesting! My beliefs have changed over the years but, nowadays, I’m convinced soul mates are not so much “destined individuals” but rather “created partnerships”. I believe my husband is my soul mate. Not because we were born to be together, but because we want to be together so badly that we mold our lives and personalities around one another–making us a perfect match. We have BECOME soul mates. And any boyfriend I’ve had in the past was not my soul mate because, if he was, we’d still be together. Just my thoughts.

  3. Funny that you should ask… today’s my 12 year anniversary to Sebastien.

    I was a teaching assistant during the 1999-2000 school year. The place: France. Seb and I fell so hard, we got married in town hall before my program was up. Came home with more than my suitcase on that trip.

    I have never felt so happy, so content, so at ease and complete as I have with Seb. Some gals get lucky.

  4. I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I actually believe that soul mates are real. I really, really, really like the idea of soul mates–the perfect person out there, destined to be together, etc. and while I don’t know if soul mates are necessarily real, I think that my husband is my perfect match. My hubby, on the other hand, thinks that choosing who you get to be with is a better concept than soul mates since out of everyone that we COULD have chosen, we chose each other. Both are great ideas (and romantic) in my opinion, and while I don’t know which is more true, I do think that everyone can find a “perfect” match.

    So I just finished reading Taken at Dusk, and I FREAKING LOVED IT! Gah! I am in love with the characters in those books. They’re fantastic. I seriously CAN’T wait until the next one comes out (it’s going to be a long year)! Thank you for being such an AMAZING author and writing these books!

  5. I don’t believe in soul mates. I think that if there was only one person we were supposed to be with, we’d be screwed. People don’t meet that many people in their life time. People die. The world is huge and there are so many people and I just don’t believe that it’s possible for you to be meant to be with one person only. I’m just incapable of grasping the concept.
    Plus, I don’t believe that there is a perfect person for anyone because we, people , are always changing and we need different people in different stages of our lives. Once we find someone we love, we grow together, but if we’d met them at a different stage in our life we might’ve never even noticed them.
    My opinion might be a bit biased since I’ve never been in love, sure I love my friends and family, but being in love is something totally different. At least I think it is. So… yeah, I don’t think the concept of soul-mates is very realistic, but thanks to lack of experience in the being in love field I don’t think I should judge.

    • You know Wendy you make a great point…My father was married 3 times before he found Jackie and he is the happiest I have ever seen him! I did not want to fall in love I wanted to serve my country and become an police officer…Life had other plans for me I am very grateful for that. Just because it has not happened yet does not mean it will not…

  6. I do believe in soul mates, it is probably just the hopeless romantic in me that makes it so. Finding a soul mate? No such luck, but I still have hope! I am such a girl about the whole thing!

  7. Honestly to tell the truth I’m probably too young to even wonder where my soul mate is but alas I just too much of a hopeless romantic! I don’t really know if there would be such a thing as a soul mate but then again there could be. Maybe its just the thought of having someone out there, so special and so perfect, and best of all, made for just us. Maybe we create the illusion of a soul mate and we wish with all our hearts that its true thus becoming so. Of course those of us that are still single out in this wide world think all the time about what the person there going to marry, or love, is doing at that moment. What if their thinking about you too.

    The heart is a complicated thing that constantly bewilders people everywhere. That old phase, “Go with what the heart tells you,” that is the perfect evidence. Perhaps we do go through loves, and losses, just to meet that single person you were meant to be with your whole life. To share your deepest secretes, your crazy beliefs, and the result is to become the love of your life.

    I guess I would believe in soul mates because my heart wants it to be true. So many things happen in life and perhaps it was all to lead you to that one person you share your whole life, experiences, and wonder with. I did not intend to go into all of this crazy theories but I couldn’t help myself:) I hope that gives you some type of view from another person.

    P.S. I love your books and I’ll be up at the book store bright and early to pick up Taken at Dusk!!! And I’m a huge Kylie <3 Lucas fan^.^

  8. Oh yeah, I believe in soul mates. I married mine. We let family tear us apart and were apart for 26 years. He found me and now 12 years later it is like we never had any time apart. I have loved other people as has he but our love is like cobalt and the other loves were like a sky blue.

  9. I do believe in soul mates!!! I have mine right now. He is my perfect opposite in every way. I am a libra he is a gemini his birthday is June 9th and my lucky numbers are 6 and 9. I am loud and love to agure he is quite and lets me win. He is my protector my lover my husband. In order for us to met he had to drop out of the army join the National Guard and go to school at the University. I had to not join the navy stay at home with my father. I know even if we did something else I know we still would have met.

  10. Hi Guys!!!

    I’m loving reading these posts. I’m such a sucker for a romance and I’m finding all this so romantic. Thanks for taking the time to post. You guys are so wonderful!!!

    Okay…gotta get back to Kylie. I left her in a car with a ghost. LOL.


  11. Maybe. But, basically what I’ve been taught my whole life, well almost, that God has created for each and everyone of us a mate (almost everyone). So, God wants us to be with that person becuase He loves us and wants what is best for us. Soul mates, yes, I guess they do exist in a way. They are some where out there.

  12. Even if their isn’t such a thing as soul mate, I think fate does exist. Everything leads to the next, and if fate leads you to a soul mate, then that’s obviously your fate. That’s the way things are supposed to be. Your lucky to of met yours.

    Also, congrats to Sandy.

  13. That a lovely story on how you meet your hubby. I hope maybe some day I will find the right person for myself some day. I know you can’t rush in to any thing so it ok if you take your time with some one…. Learn that the hard way. I do believe there is some one out there for every one there so many people. Relationship are all about give and take to make it work to make it last. Love is not work it just understand one another being able to live with some you want in your life. So yea I think there is a person for every one.

  14. I can’t help but to believe in it. No matter what. I’m a sucker for love, a sap at heart, a hopless romantic. Even after heart break. I believe that, with luck, one day we can happen upon our soulmate and other half- even if its not a “significant other”. We have friends that compelte us, family that make us whole, and those lucky enough to have all three are truly blessed.

  15. Soul mates…hmmm. Like many of you, I’m somewhat divided in my belief. My heart would like to believe that there is one person out there meant for each of us. It would make many relationship difficulties we experience nonexistent, and, admittedly, it is a very romantic concept.
    However, in my real-life experiences and observations, true soul-mates are not discovered, they are made. Once the “attraction at first sight” wears off, there needs to be some substance to your relationship for it to go the distance. In other words: falling in love is easy, staying in love is hard work.
    True soul-mates stand by each other in hard times and support one another always. They weather all storms at each other’s sides, undivided by the challenges they face in their lives together.
    True soul-mates don’t always get along, but at the end of the day there is no one else they would rather lay down beside or wake up to in the morning.
    True soul-mates are the couples who choose to stay together, not those who are chosen by Fate to stay together.

  16. I dont really know if I really believe in soul mates ( i like to think that I do but my head is into illusions!), and the fact that your perfect someone is waiting out in the world, waiting to whisk you away in a happy drive-off-into-the-sunset sort of thing. I guess I think of everyone having 2 soul mates: a romantic one and a best friend. I used to fantasize meeting my soul mate as a little kid, and it took a good 12 years to find the latter, so i’m taking my time with the former.

    I can’t wait to find out who Kylie’s soulmate is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I totally believe in soul mates. when my friend and her boyfriend broke up I had her read the shadow falls series, because we’re both book freaks, and it helped her get a new perspective on love. We’ve been talking about what we hope our perfect guy will be like and we finally decided that if he is hot, like Lucas and Derek, and kind of mysterious, like Lucas, and just cares for us and loves us for us we’ll be happy. We both believe that there is someone out there who is destined for us and will be the one to love and cherish us and make us happy. We also believe that there is a person out there for everyone. I’m a complete romantic and a young writer myself. It’s writers like you that inspire me even more to chase my dream of being a writer. I love your stories and can’t wait for Taken at Dusk. I’m also excited for your next book. 😀

  18. While I believe that people can be happy with more than just their soul mate (if they don’t ever find them), I do believe we all have a soul mate out there. I was lucky enough to meet mine when I was 13. We’re getting married on our 10-year anniversary this year. Looking back on it, I would have thought we would have changed as people and gone our separate ways at some point. While we did change, we changed together. His weaknesses became my strengths and vice versa. I’d say the only thing about us that has not changed together is our taste in music. And I can live with that. 🙂

  19. Pleaseeeee let lucas be kylie’s soulmateee hahaha I think I do beleve it, because there is someone in the world that was made just for you,maybe you’ll never find it..I think is that person that makes you fall in love every day,when you look at her you’ll know It’s right and you would do anything in the world for her.For some people might take long,but for others…

  20. omg,im only 11 but i luv the shadow falls series!!!!!!!!! i believe in soulmates/i dont .its werid,but hey, if life was normal it would be dulllllll. dont treat me like a baby because im 11. anyways,i cant wait 2 find out what happenes in “whispers at moonrise”!!!!!!!!!! :’]

  21. P.S. i want lucas 2 be her soulmate !!!!!!!!!! but dereck seems such a great guy 2!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would be torn if i had 2 pic [so srry 4 u kylie] i hope she pics wisely. i wouldnt no bcuz i had 13 boyfriedns .im only in 5th grade going 2 6th ;p haha i got mor boyfriends than the average 5th grader lol ;p

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