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It’s here! The day has come at last! Taken at Dusk is now available at book stores and online! I don’t know about you, but I thought this day would never get here. Yes, I wrote the book, and yes, I know what happens in it, but you see, an author first and foremost is a storyteller. While I love writing, what I love more is sharing the stories I write. So I can’t wait for you to read Taken at Dusk.

Now I bet you are wondering what’s in store for Kylie in this book. Well…perhaps I’ll give you a clue. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but I can tell you there are three things that leave Kylie breathless in Taken at Dusk:

  • A curl your toes kind of kiss. (No, I’m not telling you from which guy!)
  • A fire breathing dragon that nearly sends up the dining hall in flames.
  • Falling off a cliff and seeing her life flash before her eyes.

Do I have your attention? Hmm…maybe you need a bit more. What about the three things that happen in Taken at Dusk that shock Kylie?

  • Seeing Burnett get changed into a very unhappy kangaroo. (Which is also pretty amusing!)
  • Seeing a sink hole pull Perry into it.
  • Discovering the person she thought was out to kill her, was really trying to protect her.

Okay, that’s all I’m giving you, you’ll just have to read the book to get the rest.

Oh…don’t forget to enter the contest to win a T-shirt and some promotional items. Macmillan is giving away FIFTY t-shirts:  http://us.macmillan.com/macmillansite/promo/shadowfallsgriffinteen?WT.mc_id=10582&WT.mc_id=0.

In celebration of the release of Taken at Dusk, I’m going to be pretty busy making appearances and signing copies.

~April 14th, I’ll be signing copies of Taken at Dusk at Katy Budget Books in Katy, TX from 2-4pm. For more information see: http://www.katybooks.com/.

~April 18th, I’ll be at the Texas Library Association Annual Conference at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX. I’ll be in the Macmillan Adult Booth #1704 from 10:15 to 11:15am. For more information see: http://www.txla.org/events.

~May 9th, I will be chatting at the Euless Public Library in Euless, TX. For more information see: http://www.euless.org/library/.

~May 12th, I will be at the Barbara Bush Library in Spring, TX from 2 to 4pm. For more information see: http://www.hcpl.net/location/barbara-bush-branch-library-cypress-creek.

~May 26th, signing at Barnes and Noble in Pasadena, TX.

~June 15th, I’ll be signing in Barnes and Noble in Oceanside, CA.

~June 16th, I’ll be speaking and signing at the San Diego Romance Writers of America in San Diego, CA.  See: http://www.rwasd.com/.

~July 25th, I’ll be signing my books at the RWA Annual Conference and Literacy Autographing in Anaheim, California from 5 to 8pm. For more information see: http://www.rwa.org/cs/literacy_autographing.




22 thoughts on “Taken at Dusk Release!!!

  1. I can’t believe it’s out already!! Can’t wait to read it!!!! I hope i win that contest for the shadow falls stuff!! I’m so excited!!!!!>< Must read Taken at Dusk!!

  2. Ahh!!! I am soooo glad it’s out! I just got home from the book store! I had to get it quick because they seel very fast! Haha, i’m only at the first chapter but I ALREADY can’t wait to read what happens next!! Yay!!!


  4. I spent ALL day reading it!!! It. Was. Amazing!!!! Ahhh! I feel really unhealthy and lazy right now but it was worth it. C.C. hunter, you are such an amazing writer and.i hope that i may someday write like you.do! At moments your writing felt so real, my breath caught..in my throat. I love how the whole time i couldnt stop reading because i wanted to find out what was going to happen next! I loved it! I hope that in the next book, there is more romance and more explanation about kylies powers! Im excited that she is an iguanna 😉 loved this book, and im painfully awaiting the next book!

  5. Congratulation C.C. Love your books. Taken At Dusk I could not help myself I had to go buy the book today still reading it. I Love it already and I am not even done with it yet.

  6. OMG you are coming to EULESS!!! a;lksjdf;lkd;kj I’LL BE THERE!!! lol but seriously I’m going to be there! I want you to sign my kindle fire, please? lol

  7. Ah freaking amazing and shocked the socks of my . personally I think its one of you best ones yet c.c. I absolutely adored it couldent put it down ..and offcourse cant stop thinking about it.

  8. I so didn’t get my term paper done, but one chapter while eating dinner turned into two, which turned into five, which turned into the whole book…. So addicting. I swear, when I wasn’t reading your book, I was thinking about it. So much so that I downloaded an app to my phone so that I could read I while I was walking to my classes (which led me to walk into a few people and a wall, but was totally worth it).
    I spent weeks (literally weeks) on the edge waiting for this book to come out. By all means, it delivered. Taken at Dusk is fantastic; a full attention grabber (I have A.D.H.D., so that’s saying a lot)! The only problem is… the next book doesn’t come out for months!!! The book is too amazing for words, but also too amazing for me not to continuously think about what’s going to happen next. I don’t know what I’m going to with myself until the next book comes out.

  9. OMG!!!!! it was sooo amazing!!!!!! lol i found this weird…during the book when she was “dating” Lucas i so wanted them to break up because i think kylies soul mate is a fae…. with green eyes….. that reads emotions…. and dreamscapes… got any clue who? 🙂 ahhh Derek <3 he is so amazing!!! i so hope she ends up with him! He is the right guy for her! She said when shes around Derek it is like a fairytale!What more do you need!~.~ for all you Lucas-Lovers, sorry, but i love derek! he is so much better! no offence:) derek+kylie+4ever

  10. Kylie+Derek=true love /friendship for me. kylie and derek are perfect 🙂 i feel that lucas is a little un-trustable idk thats just me.
    P.S. TEAM DEREK!!!!

  11. Finished Taken At Dusk! I loved it so much that I read it twice! 🙂
    Eagerly waiting for Whispers at Moonrise ! ^__^

  12. I just finished Taken at Dusk and I swear no series has ever made me want to read it forever. You are amazing! Your books are the best books I’ve ever read in my entire life!!! It’s going to drive me insane waiting for the next book but I don’t care, your books are always worth the wait!! ^^

    P.S. I am totally for the Derek+Kylie.. Sorry all you Lucas+Kylie fans, but Derek fits her better.

  13. Ahhh! Do you understand how much i dont want you to end the series?! And im pretty sure everyone else will agree. 🙂 PLEASE WRITE MORE BOOKS. 7 is a nice number. 😉 Like Harry Potter! I love these books. Not having anymore adventures with Kylie makes me sad just thinking about it. and I agree with Kylie, more scenes like the rose scene would be WONDERFUL! 🙂 I hope you read this and understand how fast i typed this cuz just thinking about it makes me sooo happy!! Im going to die if “Whispers at Moonrise” doesnt come faster! please release it sooner! Well, thanks for writing these, and reading this if you do. im 14 btw. haha

  14. Oh yeah, I’m also Derek + Kylie. bc, he understands her more and they have more chemistry. He is also in love with her already.. and Lucas doesnt understand her whole ghost business, and his pack doesnt want them together anyway.. also, whenever Kylie is with Derek its like a fairytale.. EVERYTHING POINTS TO THEM BEING TOGETHER. 🙂 haha, and ive read all three books so far, twice. maybe a 3rd.. haha, LOVE them.

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