What’s Up, Kylie?

Kylie Galen freezes as soon as she sees me. Her eyes grow wide with surprise. “Not you again!”

“Hi, Kylie,” I say, giving her what I hope is a reassuring smile. I know it’s always disconcerting for my characters when I summon them to the office in my mind for a chat. If they’re not already freaked out by the idea of talking with their creator, there’s always the décor of my office. Let’s just say my mind is scary place to be. I’m talking abandoned plot devices sitting inside a broken basket next to the wall, smidgens of ideas I haven’t fully developed yet bouncing around the corner of my brain. Then, in the dark shadowy corners something is hiding, and even I can’t quite figure out just what that something is. Oh, and the occasional dead body that I haven’t decided how to use.

“I hope you don’t mind,” I tell her, “but I wanted to interview you for my blog to promote the release of Taken at Dusk.” I motion toward the sofa. “Have a seat. This won’t take long, I promise.”

She glances over her shoulder, looking for the exit. “You are one freaky, strange, and a few French fries short of a happy meal ol’ lady.”

“Now that hurts,” I tell her. “I’m not that old.”

“Sorry. I’m sixteen, everyone past thirty is old to me.” She frowns. “I don’t like being interrogated.” She wraps her arms around her midsection.

“This isn’t an interrogation,” I say, speaking calmly. “It’s an interview. Big difference.”

“Feels like an interrogation.” She takes her seat on the sofa.

“People are curious about you and Shadow Falls, and they want to know more about you.”

“People think I’m a freak,” Kylie says. “Even the other supernaturals at Shadow Falls.”

“No, they don’t,” I correct her.

“You made me glow in that last scene in Whispers at Moonrise. Believe me, they think I’m a freak. Fredericka called me a glow worm. Della said I looked like a firefly. Can’t you write me a few chapters of easy stuff?”

“You know it doesn’t work that way, Kylie,” I say, keeping my voice calm. “Easy stuff is boring.”

“And serial killers and ghosts are interesting?” She slumps back on the sofa.

“What’s interesting is seeing you stand up to the challenges. Besides, I write some good scenes. Remember the one in Taken at Dusk when you woke up and your entire room was filled with roses that some special guy had brought you. And then he–”

“That was a great scene.” She smiled. “But I’m furious at that guy right now.”

“That’s life,” I tell her. Men always do things to piss us off. If there not leaving the toilet seat up, they’re leaving their dirty socks everywhere.”

She sighs loudly. “Let’s get this over with so I can leave this whacky place. What do you want to ask me?”

I pull out my notes. “In Taken at Dusk, your ghost has amnesia. This must make helping her cross over even more difficult.”

Kylie nods. “Every spirit is a challenge. Like with the one I’m working with now. Spirits are supposed to be dead. This person isn’t dead. How can I–”

“Sorry,” I interrupt her. “We can’t talk about Shadows at Moonrise. This is about Taken at Dusk.”

She frowns. “You bring me here and then tell me what I can and can’t talk about. That’s not nice.”

“Sorry.” I wait a minute to continue. “Now. Without giving too much away about the plot, I want to ask you about the big game changer in Taken at Dusk. Namely, when someone you think is your enemy turns into a friend who’ll do anything to save you. How did that make you feel?”

A shadow crosses her face, and she folds her hands in her lap. “That . . . that was really an emotional scene. I honestly never thought. . .” She takes a deep breath. “It was a lot for me to digest, and I think I’m still trying to understand it.”

I decide to move on to a lighter subject. “I have to ask you about Burnett . . . and the kangaroo.”

Her face dissolves in a grin. “Poor Burnett. He was . . .”

“Hopping mad?” I suggest.

“Yes!” Then, she laughed. “Of course, he didn’t find it that funny.”

“Yeah, but vampires aren’t known for having great senses of humor,” I point out.


I nod and then flip the notebook closed. “Okay, that about does it for my questions. Thanks so much for giving me a few minutes of your time.”

“No problem.” Then, her forehead starts to scrunch up in concentration. “Okay, I have a question for you.”


“Why is there a bunch of rusty iron and herbs in the middle of your mind? I know that’s about me, but I can’t figure it out. What does it mean?”

I shake my head. “Oh, that’s for a scene in Whispers at Moonrise. Sorry, but we can’t talk about that because it hasn’t happened yet. But I promise you’ll find out in the next few scenes.”

She stares at my forehead again. “Uh-huh. Well, nothing personal, but I don’t think I want to find out. Change that scene!”

I smile. “Trust me, Kylie. This will all work out well in the end.” I rise to my feet.

“That’s what you always say.” She stands up and starts heading to the door.

“Mmm. And I’m always right, too, aren’t I?”

Kylie turns back. “Good point.” She pauses. “Can I have some more roses? And more of those kinds of scenes.”

“I’ll try to work one in,” I say. She heads out the door and back to Shadow Falls in a flash that sends a stack of papers on my desk fluttering to the floor. As I stand there, I realize that I’m almost done with Whispers at Moonrise, and that means I only have one more book in this series left to write. One more and I’ll have to make a lot of decisions. Like who is Kylie really going to end up with, Lucas or Derek? Will Miranda and Perry stay together? Will Della find her true love? Will Burnett and Holiday finally stop fighting and admit they love each other.

And then . . . then, I have to say goodbye to them to all. To all my Shadow Falls characters. But dang it, that’s sad. Very, very sad. I’ll end it on good note, I tell myself. I’ll leave them all in happy place.


Okay, I had my interview with Kylie, so now it is your turn. If you could ask Kylie a question, what would it be. And remember, I’ve only written the first four books, so her knowledge is limited. As for Lucas or Derek–don’t even ask!

Anyway, I will give a $10 Amazon gift card to the person who asks Kylie the best question. So, come on, what are you dying to ask her??


36 thoughts on “What’s Up, Kylie?

  1. To Kylie I would ask “Why do guys imply things in really cryptic answers? Why can’t they just come out and say the thing they want to say?”

  2. Kylie, since now you know who you are supernaturally, are you going to look for more of your own kind and leave the camp?

  3. Kylie, what would you do about your old life? Like what are you going to do about Sara, and Trey and your other friends. Are you still going to keep them in your life now that you know for sure that your supernatural or are they going to stay in your old life?

  4. Okay, Kylie, seriously, if you could change everything, just go back and be “normal”, would you do it? I know you say you wish you were normal, that is all you wish for. But could you really leave behind all the supernaturals and the amazing things that you have done and will be able to do in the future? Be honest.

  5. Kylie, how do you feel about being a supernatural and whats was it like to you with excepting your true hearitage?

  6. Kylie, now that you’ve spent more time at camp and have interacted more with all the different types of supernaturals: if you could be one of the “normal” supernaturals, which one would you choose and why?

  7. Kylie, be honest, if you could change one thing since you came to camp what would it have to do with the people around you, the people you met in camp or from your life, or would you change who you are as a supernatural?

    • I just finished the book and I can’t wait till the next book!!! My original question still stands but I’m with Kylie so many questions… Just my opinion but I hope she ends up with Lucas, I mean Derek’s a great friend and i think it should stay that way and I hope he finds a great girl to be with, but I just love how she is with Lucas (even if the weres don’t really like it and he a bit over protective).

  8. Kylie, if you could go back in time, and do ONE thing differently, what would it be?

    By the way…I am ridiculously excited for Whispers at Moonrise. I LOVE this series. It’s fantastic:o)

  9. Kylie, out of all the talents you possess (ghost whispering, the ‘protector’ enhanced abilities, dreamscaping etc) which one do you think is most handy and which one would you give up, if you had the chance ?

  10. If you got to choose one more power to add to your capabilities (since Holiday said you probably have more coming), what would it be?

  11. Kylie, do you ever want to go back to how things were when you thought you were normal, but still have all the new people in your life that you have now?

  12. i think it would be so cool to glow and c.c. you give Kyle wings or something cuz that would be uber!! but that’s just me. i’m weird and my friends say i should be a comedian and my best friend is a guy. (people thinks thats strange i dont know) but yeah that would be cool!

  13. I love the books. My question to her would be Is there any chance of her being a real live death angel? Since she can see them, hear them and read the writing o the wall. That is why she has a little of everyone powers and more. That would answer the question why she has a screwed up pattern. just a thought. Just Curious : ) I look forward the next one.

  14. I have so many questions I would like to ask Kylie. Half of them I tell myself I shouldn’t ask because I know I’ll receive the answers in the last book; Whispers At Moonrise. I guess the ones that are safe to ask are, Do you think that you will end up with a happily ever after? and do you ever dream about the two guys you are torn over? I know I would:)

  15. Since you’ve found out that you may be able to change your brain pattern, do you intend to attend all of the species groups to learn about each culture and their unique gifts?

    In Taken at Dusk, you started looking through your genealogy to see if you might have Indian blood. Did you ever find out if you do? If so, who was it and which tribe did he or she come from? Did you find out anything interesting about him or her?

    Are you worried that your grandfather may have been involved in the incident with the PI? If he was, how would you handle this information?

    Since finding out that you are a supernatural, have you ever thought about what you want to do with your life (e.g.: if you want to go to university, what carrier path you want to take, etc.)?

  16. Kylie,If Red would not have died what would you have done? You were sort of sad whaen he died, and found out that he wasn’t all that evil. If he wouldn’t have died would you have become his friend and welcomed him into you life, or would you have told him to leave you alone again, and stay away? So thats my question, what would you have done if Red had not died and was still alive?

  17. ah! im so impatient lol! Im suffering withdrawl symptoms from your books c.c., they are fantastic!

    as for Kylie, you’ve had a lot to deal with obviously. With humans and supernaturals. And you’ve developed a mass amount of powers, and claimed the brain pattern of a human, only to find out you are a supernatural chameleon. Whats your plan from here? Lets narrow that question down a bit. How do you plan to use your powers of a chameleon AND a protector? People will fight to save you because of how extremly rare and special you are. What is your game plan?

  18. So… Kylie. I have written about 20 different questions, but of all of them, I think this is the right one.

    You now know about Daniel now… And how much your mom loved and still loves Daniel. Do you want your mom to ever meet her ONE AND ONLY love once she crosses over again? To be eith THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY from her?

  19. So… Kylie. I have written about 20 different questions, but of all of them, I think these are the right ones.

    You now know about Daniel now… And how much your mom loved and still loves Daniel. Do you want your mom to ever meet her ONE AND ONLY love once she crosses over again? To be with THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY from her?

  20. So, Kylie. . If you had the chance to talk to your real father for 1 hour without interruption ..what kind of things would you talk about other than the fact that your a chameleon. ?

    PS I want you to end up with Lucas! ! <3

  21. kylie what was going throw you mind wen you relized 2 hot guys derek and lucas liked you you said you were an outcast at your old school so how did it make you fell

  22. I love the books I’ve just ordered Taken at Dusk and I can’t wait to read it:).

    My question to Kylie would be if you really had a choice would you change your powers that you have to another power or would you keep everything the way it is? I know that in the books so far you have mentioned that you want to be normal but being what you are is unique why would you want to be normal when you can be unique and different from everyone else I know it’s hard to be different from everyone and it’s hard to understand your powers but what you are is what will make you in the future 🙂

  23. “Kylie, if you could go back in time to a mistake or a memory and change it would you? And what would you make different?”

  24. kaliye when you lived your old life you wouldn’t even belive someone if they said that you you were to go to a camp filled with supernatral people and you being able to talk to ghosts. and to have all this boy drama and fight with friends and a bunch of other crazy stuff that happns at shadow falls how to you cop with all this and get a lest an hour of sleep? please write back kaliye it would mean the world:)

    • i think kylie just hopes that everything will get better. I also think her knew friends and Lucas help keep her together half the time. although kylie has found she fits in and it hink now being at the camp and know she can do all this actually comforts her in some way.

  25. If red had lived do you think you and him would have gone out sometime in the series? Do you think you would have offered for him to attened shadow falls and redem him self. Or do you think burdette would have imprisoned him for killing the 2 girl in down town fallen.

  26. so kylie since u found out ur chameleon and can change ur pattern which supernatural do u spend most time as vampire werewolf shape shifter witch fae or do wear u chameleon pattern?=^.^=

    p.s when this seires ends i will have an emotional break down 🙁

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