Shadow Falls Camp

The Shadow Falls Camp is set in the Hill Country of Texas. I chose that as the setting because it is a very pretty part of Texas, and I live close enough that I go there as much as I can. I imagined the camp tucked into a hilly, heavily treed area with quaint cabins, and the Hill Country fit that image perfectly. It’s a place where Kylie and her friends can run through the trees, swim in the river and laze in the sun. And apparently, I’m not the only one who thought it was perfect for a summer camp. The Hill Country is peppered with summer camps for Texas children. But I grew up in Alabama, so I never got to go to camp in Texas, but I wish I had. So, as an author, I can revisit my youth and get another chance to go to that Texas camp. And if I need some inspiration for Kylie and her friends, all I have to do is zip up past Austin, and suddenly I’m there, in Shadow Falls.

But how important is the setting for a book? Are there certain settings that appeal to you more than others? Are you more likely to buy a book if you read it is set in a city? Small town? Maybe it is set someplace you have been, so you can identify with it a bit more, visualize it better. Or perhaps it is set someplace you know you’ll never go, like in an imaginary world. Does that make a difference? Tell me what your favorite setting for books are and why? Or if it doesn’t matter, I want to know that, too.

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  1. i dont think the setting matters to me i mean i like to be able to visualize the setting but im more invested in the charaters and what goes on in the setting much more then the setting its self but i think i like made up place places i could never go but are filled with magic and/or mytery much more then somewhere i could go or have been.

  2. Even more beautiful than I imagined. I thought of it as a dark scary place, but it looks colorful and definitely full of magic.

  3. The setting doesnt really matter to me. I love the characters and stories in a book. i would never even have guessed that Shadow Falls was baased on a real place in Texas. I like all kinds of settings. It would be cool to go to any of the places that i have read about.

  4. I like having a nice setting. I love this Texas camp setting because i would love to go there, and it makes me think that Shadow Falls is actually there. and sense i dont live there, i cant actually say it doesnt. And i love the weather in texas.. how it changes, and i love the heat. I think its perfect and it makes me want to move there and be a supernatural! If it was in a city.. it wouldnt be the same..

  5. I think that the setting doesn’t really matter, because people are going to see it how they think it should look. My favorite setting, though, would have to be in a snowy area. Snow plays a good role in bringing in challenges into a book, but more importantly it’s beautfiul to look at (as long as it’s not yellow).

  6. Characters and plot are more important to me than setting. After all, reading the front or back blurb is what usually determines if I shall read the book. However, the setting does bring it all together. It is what creates an entire universe for the characters, it is what sucks a reader in. For me it does not really matter where it takes place, as long as it is visually stimulating. Depending on my mood, I might decide to read something that takes place in a mundane setting, or something entirely out of this world. The description though has to be totally awesome and thank you, you have achieved that with Shadow Falls. If forced to pick favorite settings for a book I would say they’d be along the sea coast and the forest. I’ve always wanted to live in a home where I had an ocean front view and the forest in the back, so I live that out in books with similar settings.

  7. Lately I have been reading more books that are set in boarding schools or camps. I enjoyed my time as a camp counselor as well so I tend to be drawn to what I know. Then again, I use to daydream about being able to go to boarding school.

    I think that regardless of urban/rural the actual geography of the location does not tend to matter to me. As long as I can visualize it. With choices such as beach/mountains I would pick the mountains. As a red head with fair skin the beach has too many painful (seriously painful) memories. Weather does not matter me although I do love reading the descripitions- it will not make or break the deal of me reading a book.

  8. I tend to read more books that take place in the country. It’s much more peaceful and doesn’t tend to be loud and noisy like the city when you read the book. I live about 30 miles from the Texas Hill Country and it is beautiful especially if you go horseback riding and can go to places you wouldn’t normally get to see in a car.

  9. I think they liking of the setting would be depending on the main person or narrators point of view or liking if the setting because we could be in the rain forest and I might think that the place is beautiful because of the flowers an the peaceful bird sound with soft ground and cool air an then u would think that it was a awesome place and u don’t even like forests but the I pointed put all the wonderful things about it and it made it sound really peaceful  so It would not really matter beacause the author would point out all the good/bad things that u would love/hate about the settings 

  10. To me, the setting is important as far as it relates to the experiences of the character. I find that I enjoy the settings in the books I read because of the sentimental value of the location to the characters, and I know that I probably wouldn’t care nearly as much (or at all, really) about the settings in stories if they didn’t play a major role in the foldout of the story. That being said, however, I do think that the setting does play a vital role in the story, and adds to it immensely, so long as it is done well (and not overdone…).

  11. What I love in a book is a made up place. Real places are good, but only if I have never been there though. I love making up my own character and setting visualization. I imagine kylie as a cute, and kinda small, blonde who all the guys like. derek is cute, but lucas is hot, if u know what I mean. 🙂 The set to me is like a camp that i go too in arkansas, even though I’m a south carolinian, ;). Its very outdoorsy and nature-like. shadow falls is everything i would want in a camp. I love shadow falls, i love the shadow falls series, and i love C.C. Hunter!!!

  12. Im fine with the setting, as long as its not boring! Im fine as long as there is enough LUCAS!!!!!! But you should make Shadow Falls a real camp!

  13. I think it’s more the great description of an imaginary place. Even though it seems like shadow falls could be real the way you put detail into it in the book. I know from what I read it’s nice to have an imaginary place to go to when real life isn’t the best place at the time.

  14. Hill Country is beautiful to bad that the middle of summer Texas is ridiculously hot and humid and full of mutant mosquito’s…I use to go to camp out in Palestine, Tx and it was pretty out there and in the middle of freaking no where!!! But I love San Antonio and I love driving out in the country and I hate that Houston is so flat…

  15. For Shadow Falls camp, I actually half imagine it where I used to go to Band Camp and the other half is pure imagination, like the basic layout of the camp is like my old band camp grounds, but most of the details are imagined. In general, for books, the setting depends on the type of book: if it’s the story of a small town girl moved to the big city, than it must take place in the big city, however, most supernatural book I like ALL happen in small towns, or isolated areas and I just love it! Because it’s so different from my life. I live in a bid town and always have and so I love the idea of a small town where everyone knows everything about everyone…

  16. For me the setting does matter as much as the characters. I like to be able to visualize the whole scene in my head as if it were a movie and if it were lets say in a garbage dump i wouldnt feel the magic. I love the setting in the shadow falls books because I can feel the magic and mystery of it. In its own way the setting is a character. Shadow falls isnt just a place, its the place where she learns whom she is. Kylie feels more at home in shadow falls its not just a place for her its a home a someone , its bigger then what she thinks (not speeking literal 😛 )

  17. I love settings in a book where it’s at an academy or school, in the country or middle of nowhere basically. Small town settings def. make a difference to me rather than a city setting.

  18. the setting doesnt really matter for me…though i do love wood and small town settings because they remind me of where i grew up. wandering the woods in my back yard with my friends. discovering that small stream with all the tadpoles. catching frogs, just sitting under trees in the meadow to read. my meadow (which i call my little corner of the universe) reminds me of the meadow up in the picture, and that looks like my reading tree. but i have less flowers and they’re all purple and yellow and white. i think they’re lilacs maybe, daisies for sure and something else..but thats my reading tree. oh, and that creek up there…is that perhaps…kylie and lucas’s creek? *note mischevious glint in my eye*

  19. i grew up in San Antonio and my parents were really big in camping so every summer i was either in a summer camp for a week, at our family ranch or camping at a state park. So i love that i can really SEE the setting in my head. Although i’ve never heard of Fallen, TX. So did you just rename a town or is there really a town named fallen?

    • In December, I announced on my blog that the rights to Shadow Falls have been sold to a producer. You can read all about it on my Dec. 11, 2012 blog. So, keep your fingers crossed!

  20. I like settings like small towns or a school setting. I think shadow falls is in between them, which is perfect.

  21. i was wondering if you could say the coordinates or something of where you said you imagined the camp, and is there actually a waterfall there?

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