Five reasons Why I Read

When I am done writing at the end of a long day, I love to climb into bed with a handsome young man from Regency England, or perhaps a serial killer. Hold on! Perhaps I’d better explain before you misunderstand and the police come knocking on my door. I am talking about climbing into bed with a good book, one that will catch me up and sweep me away. There is nothing more relaxing than to read a book that makes you forget all the troubles of the day and transports you to another place and time. Once I start reading, and I am smack dab in the middle of a scene, I forget everything else. So I no longer care that the dog chewed the corner up my shoe, or that I have a dentist appointment in the morning. I get lost in that world the author created.

That is just one of the fabulous reasons that I read. Why else do I read, you ask? Well, I learn a lot from reading, too. Not only am I studying another author’s craft of weaving a story together, but there’s educational value in reading. I have benefitted from an author’s research. Like did you know that by the sixteenth century there were five distinct and time consuming steps to become legally married? A far cry from running off to Las Vegas to get hitched. But how did I learn this? In a book, of course! Some author had to do her research to make her story work. When I’m writing, I do some researching, too. Sure I make a lot of stuff up, like the FRU. But that’s fantasy and open to my imagination. Other things, however, require research, and I have learned incredible things researching for a book.

Okay, so far we have enjoyment, education and research. Any other reasons to read? Yes! When I read, I get to do things and go places I never thought I could. I have sailed through a rough storm in a tall clipper ship and escaped dragon hunters. Reading is like jumping off tall buildings, experiencing all the adrenaline with none of the real risk. Yup, I do all this from the safety of my bed.

And then there are all the fascinating characters in books. Now you know I love my hubby, but when I read about some really hot, sweet guy, well, love them, too. I have fallen in love over and over again with handsome cowboys, dashing English Earls, tough cops, sweet werewolf guy next door, sexy vampires…the list goes on and on. Every time I pick up a romance, I expect to fall in love with the hero. It is what the author hopes will happen to the readers who pick up their books. That’s why so many of you have written to me telling me Kylie should definitely pick Lucas, or that she absolutely has to pick Derek. Because you have fallen for one (or both) of them, too. You can fall as hard as you like for someone in a book, even someone dangerous. Someone tall, dark, handsome, with a troubled past, eyes so blue you get lost in them, arms that hold you….

Sorry, where was I? Oh, yes, my list of the five reasons why I read. Let’s recap: escapism, education, research, adventure, and hot guys. But wait there is one more reason. And it’s an important one, too. I read for encouragement/inspiration. I read to watch a character in a book deal with, and overcome the problems, stresses, and sometimes dangerous situations that life can plop on our doorsteps. And even if these dangerous situations aren’t likely to happen in real life, like running into rogue vampires, there are some regular humans who can be just as scary. And the point is, I read to see the best in human nature, or in some cases, supernatural nature. Most books have heroes and heroines, and most of these characters learn to deal with, and live life in a manner in which can inspire us. So there you have it, not five but six reasons why I read.

So tell me, why do you read?

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  1. I read to get away from my reality sometimes, but I also read because its nice to see someone else struggle in life and see how they cope with it. Even if its a fiction book with an unrealistic issue it’s nice to know we can all make it through life with the obstacles that we face.

  2. 1.) It relaxs me when I’m stressed out or troubled or just plain ol’ mentally spent.
    2.) It’s fun in a lot of ways. You get to learn about new characters and their histories and futures and really get into a new plot from a totally different author. It’s like an adventure, I guess.
    3.) It takes me away from reality and into a realm where everything was make believe and created soley from someone’s brilliant mind. Unless, of course, it’s a true story then it takes you into their world. It’s just something to take you away from a stressful or horrible day. Helps you forget things you don’t want to think about and focus on something that, yes, doesn’t really matter, but it at least makes you feel better.
    4.) I like discovering the different ways various other authors write. The plot, the rhythm, the wording, the dialogue, the characters, what they invision. It’s thrilling. For me, seeing as I write every chance I can, dialogue and the cadence of the words itself in a story is a little challenging for me. I like to see how my favorite authors do it so I can try to formulate my own version – not scamming them or anything, of course. It’s more like insipiration.
    5.) The educational purposes behind reading. It strengthens your mind and sometimes the authors will put in words you don’t know so you can look it up and it’s a whole new word you can put in your vocabulary. I really like the more challenging books but I’m also a sucker for poetry and fictional/teen books.

    Okay, this has gotten a little too long. I’ll shut up now!

  3. To find a place where I belong. To learn how to deal with my problems. To be a better person. To believe that life isn’t over. And the most important: to believe in magic and go back to my childhood. That time were nothing was bad and everything was colorful and full of hope and happiness.

  4. I just love to escape into someone else’s life for a few hours then return back to mine. I learn alot from different authors, whether about a different part of the country, time period or different customs.

    Books are the best! I love that there are great authors out there so I can escape for little while!

  5. Why do I read?
    I read because it takes me to an different world. An world full of unbelievable amazing things, where life can amazing. When I read books it makes me see and think things that i would never before.
    So i wanted to thank Authors like you for writing such incredible books.

  6. I read to get lost in the books and forget the struggles of daily life (Holiday might not approve of me putting of my struggles). I guess I kind of forget stuff like Kylie and get absorbed in other people’s problems. I also read to learn things. I don’t mean I read dictionaries (anymore) but just to learn life skills and get a new perspective of a situation similar to one I might face (example: not all bad people stay bad) and such. Books have become a constant companion (make that BEST FRIEND) to me, and now I wonder how people survived without stories!

  7. I like to read beacause it makes me feel like I’m a different person, I can see from someone’s else’s point of view, think what they think, and/or handle a situation.
    It allows me to relax and sparks my creativity.
    Thanks to authors like cc hunter and books like shadow fall, im inspired to be a part time writer when I grow up 🙂

  8. i read because it can keep me out of trouble. it also takes me to another world. sometimes when i get so engrossed in a book i lose a sence of time. i have love to read for a few years becuse i can find answers to pormbles. i alos read to relx and get away from everything snd everyone.:)

  9. I read so I can enter a whole new world,
    where my own problems can’t distress me.

    P.S- C.C are you going to do anymore special content writing peices on your website? I always reread the POV’s of Lucas and Derek and it would be so cool if you did more!

  10. Well, i definitley read for enjoyment. but, i also read so that i can escape my reality, like you. Like im about to do right now, since my days lately haven been going too well, i read and i picture myself with them as a spectator in Shadow Fals, Gatlin, or Delphic Amusement Park (places in other books im also reading). And it makes me happy. Even though i know im going to have to come back to reality. Yet, reading also has aided me in becoming a more adept reader. And i have MANY more reasons that i read that im sure many of you guys can understand. 🙂 (btw the other series i was referring to were Hush, Hush and Beautiful Creatures. But this one is my favorite! ;] )

  11. just to get lost in a book and to fall in love with all the charaters in it. also i like to read about how the charaters over come the problems life has thrown at them or when they have to rise up and accept a destiny they didnt want or know about.

  12. I read because sometimes I just really need an escape from reality, and books are a fantastic way to do so. I read because it gives me something to think about during the day while I have to do dishes, fold laundry, cook, etc., and it’s fun to analyze the story and predict what will happen, or think about how I would have changed a character or the plot. I read because as a stay at home mom, I don’t always get to make friends as easily as I did before, and the characters in the books become my friends as I read their stories. I read with my husband because we love getting lost in a book together. I read to escape, to think and learn, to have adventures with friends, and to spend time with my husband.

  13. I read because :
    1.) It relaxes me and makes my day so much better
    2.)It captivates me and gets me addicted and make my imagination whir.
    3.) I’m addicted to reading and it’s really fun
    4.) When I read everything just fades away and nothing but the book is important
    5.) I love good books like these soo it makes perfect sense

  14. I read to escape my life and live someone else adventures, problems, love, etc. Sometimes I consider my life boring that I need to escape but t isn’t only for that reason, I love reading because it allows me to do anything… in a book anything is possible and there’s no one to tell me I can’t do something. It is the reason why I love writing as well. But reading is the best escape to every day’s stress and worries and even sadness. Reading someone else problems, comforts me in a way because I think of my life and even though it ca be boring at least its safe and filled with love. Obviously, the other reason to my liking of romantic books is to fall in love over and over again, because true love is the ability to meet a person and to fall in love over and over again, every time you see him. I love falling for a male character because he’s most likely will be the closest that exists to the PERFECT man. Plus, I find that reading triggers the imagination and creativity and he makes your brain and eyes work, so it is definitely not a waste of time, and if anyone says the opposite, they do not read, because anyone who reads will understand what I am trying to say. 🙂

  15. Gosh, what great comments! I see many of you read for the same reasons I do. I probably should have mentioned that a also read just because I love it!

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