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There are some human beings who are dimly aware of their own deaths, yet have chosen to stay on in what used to be their homes, to be close to surroundings they once held dear. –Hans Holzer


A couple of weekends ago, I did something that Kylie would have hated. I went ghost hunting. I know Kylie doesn’t have to go looking for ghosts, they just come to her, and it doesn’t always thrill her that they find her, either. I’ll be honest, I’m not too thrilled about meeting up with a ghost either. But in the name of research, I went on a ghost hunt.

I was in San Diego, California, and I heard someone say something about a haunted house being open for tours. I couldn’t resist. I mean, so far, Kylie has managed to deal with all the ghosts that have crossed her path, so surely I could, right? Well, let’s just say I think Kylie handles ghost better than I did.

According to the Travel Channel’s American Most Haunted, The Whaley House is the number one most haunted house in the United States. The land where the house stand was once used to hang people. As a matter of fact, the earliest documented ghost at the Whaley House was “Yankee Jim,” who was convicted of grand larceny and hanged on the gallows off the back of a wagon on the property. According to the San Diego Union, “soon after the couple and children moved in, unexplained heavy footfalls were heard moving around the house.”

Several deaths took place at the house, and people regularly think they have seen one of the Whaley family still meandering around the property. Even the Whaley’s family dog has been spotted by visiting children. I did a slow stroll through the house, and I have to admit, I got chills. Not exactly like Kylie gets chills, just the kind that ran up my back as if something, or someone, was letting me know they were there.

In Whispers at Moonrise, Kylie goes back to the cemetery. Once again she’s surrounded by the dead, and they all want to reach out and touch her. Let me tell you, it was one spooky scene to write. Even I was I ready to leave those pages behind. Later on in Whispers at Moonrise, Kylie’s pulled into a grave, shared by three people. It was very crowded and she didn’t care for the snakes and insects crawling all over her. Let’s just say she wanted out of there–and quick.

Have you ever gone to a haunted house? Have you ever gotten a feeling that someone from the other side was there visiting? How about walking around a cemetery and getting goose bumps? I want to hear about your scariest ghost experience.

Street Team Update

As you recall in my June 5th blog, I told you the exciting news about the Street Team I am forming. I asked that you answer a few questions and said I would pick 50 lucky readers to be on my team. The response was overwhelming. Gosh, I have some fantastic and very avid fans out there!

If you haven’t emailed me the answers to my questions and responded to the follow-up email requesting your address, I’m afraid it is too late. I have closed the search for Street Team members, and those selected will be notified soon by email.

31 thoughts on “Ghost Hunting

  1. Me and my mother have always been intrested in ghosts.One day when I was like 9 I was watching bed knobs and broom sticks. When it was over I turned off the T.V and DVD player and I headed into my room to go to sleep. About 15 minutes later my mom tells me to go shut off the living room T.V. I told her that I did. She was in her room and I was in mine. So I’m thinking that she is just hearing the apt. next door T.V, but I go out there just to please her. But to astonishment bed knobs and broom sticks was playing again. I did the same thing as befor and had my mother watch me do it. We went into our separate rooms and 15 minutes later it happened again. That’s when I was sure it was a ghost. I’ve had several other experiences ranging from when I was 4 to now.

  2. I was about 8 when i was living with my mom, dad, two sisters, and my grandma. I wanted to use the bathroom so i got off the sofa from watching t.v and walked toward the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom door it was closed so of course I knocked. After no one answered my knock i open the door, to have it forcefully slammed in my face from the other side of the door. I stood there confused when i heard a unfamiliar womens voice yelling at me “Im using the bathroom here, get out.” I was shocked and walked back and looked around my living room were all my family members were still watching t.v. Then i went back to the bathroom, and opened the door….and no one was there. I only felt a cold chill leaving the bathroom. First ghost experience I can remember.

  3. I wouldn’t say it was scary but what happened to me was that my life was saved not once but twice in one summer by a ghost that sounded alot like my uncle that pasted away. The first time I had an issue with my medication and no one was home and my sister was asleep next door. Her husband refused to wake her up then she herd a voice to check on me and she did and she got me to the hospital even 10 min.s later I would have died. The second time I was lost and freaken out not wearing my seat belt and he my uncle told me to put on my seat belt and slow down. I did and the next turn was a dead end and I hit a fence, if I did not put on my seat belt I would have gone through the wind shield. To top it all off it took the police and rescue almost an hour to find me when they got there they said I was talking with someone named Uncle Lawrence. He kept me alive and talking until someone found me.

  4. Ok it’s not to scary it’s a bit more funny I guess you would say. It was on my 8th grade trip and we went on a ghost tour. It was an old school where the headmistress was E.V.I.L and did terrible things to the children. While my group was in the like I guess you would call it a cellar or basement and our tour guid was telling us the story about what they did down there are we heard tiny foot steps and there was no one upstairs it was kinda creepy but the funny part was that one of the teachers was a bit spooked and when someone came down the stairs to where we were he screamed and then it was like in waves. That was funny. It’s not scary but it was kinda cool.

  5. Well yeah like almost everyone I get those feelings like someone is watching u but I get it a lot mostly when I’m home alone I always read or go on my laptop so one time I was home alone reading a book  and i all of a sudden get really cold so I go into my parents room to turn up the heat and when I come back on my bed my door slams shut and then I her this child’s voice  I sorta freak out but on the inside but I just freeze and not make a sound and then I heard footsteps coming up and then I’m like in this like other house like it had diffrent stuff and colors  then I squeeze my eyes shut hen open them and I’m back in my room that was the biggest experence iv had but there was when I was 8  and my aunt was spending the night and I was taking a shower and when I turned off the water and was drying off the water turned on again I was really freaked out so quickly turn the water of and ran into my room and the door slammed shut by itself and the fan turned on by itself too 

  6. My family and I are avid Ghost Hunters fans. We’ve been watching their show since it first aired and have cried recently when Grant Wilson, one of the co-founders, announced he was leaving the show. Anyhow, they went to the Whaley House in one of their episodes. It was pretty cool, but what I love about GH is that they focus on debunking unexplained things first, before declaring a place haunted. There are many natural causes people are not aware of, such as high EMFs, which some people are sensitive too. It can cause skin irritation, nausea, a fun-house sensation, a feeling of being watched, etc. Mold is another cause of strange behaviors. Settling, vents, even mist in underground tunnels are natural things that can seem surreal. In short, they focus on the facts and keep it scientific. We don’t know what is “beyond,” but what they record could give us a glimpse that might help us to solve the age-old riddle–why do some linger?

    • ive learned that the ones who linger are usually spirits who have unfinished business, ones who are extremely angry, sad, and so on, and i have also heard that the spirits who died very fast, say for example a miner underground got killed by a spontaneous explosion.. and he was not aware that he blew up, his spirit would go walking around thinking he’s alive, trying to talk to people and ask them why they cant hear him, and such, so the ones who dont know they died have that problem, and spirits who dont know how to cross over. including the angry ones who cannot cross over because they are to angry to try and release their grudge. did that help at all? i hope i filled half of that hole of a question. 🙂

  7. Well, you see.. My Family has had many, many experiences from before i was born to now.. My grandparents used to have seances and that was probably a reason for a lot of things.. i also have relatives, even my uncle, who are physics and can see and/or hear ghosts and such.. but everyone in my family on my dad’s side is very spirit and ghost “active” i guess u could say.. haha. i have had some little things happen to me, that may or may not be ghosts. i have yet to have any major occurrences, but sometimes i feel like they’re trying to talk to me.. i have so many stories that i would need to call you on my phone, videochat you, or meet you to tell you.. which i would really love to do! 😉

    • I get what you mean by unfinished business and how they died to fast to realize that they are dead or angry. But I think most of the time they stick around because they are protecting their family or they are just confused cause they know there dead but they just don’t get it. In the post I made earlier I talked about a ghost turning the T.V on. Well like I said befor me and my ma have always been interested in ghost, so we went to a physic and she confirmed what I thought to be the reason and even gave is a little more insight. The ghost, her name was Emily, she was about 7 to 9 years old when she died with her parents. She knew she was dead but she couldn’t find her parents so she followed me home and when she saw my mother she kind of just stayed cause she was looking for a parental figure . At least that’s what the physic says and I believe her a hundred percent cause one day I was sleeping over at my friends house with 2 other girls and we were telling ghost story’s when I said that I knew a ghost they asked me to prove it so I did. I asked Emily to first give me five. Sundenly my hand got really cold and it really felt as if someone had put there hand on mine . Next I asked her to do the same to my friends they all had the same experience.
      As in regards to protecting a post by Julie S. tells us about what happened to her but how it saved her life twice. And I know my great grandmother BaBa still watches over my family . So I hope that answers some questions as to why ghost stay after death.

  8. I never went on a ghost hunt but I used to follow Spiritualism classes with my mother and at one point with to do, what they call in french “un dédoublement”, which involves your spirit to come out of your body and “wonder around”. I have to say it was the scariest thing in the world, especially because, in my case, I tried to help some lost souls, however, afterwards, I was told that my spirit wasn’t elevated enough and it is the reason why I was dragged downward in this scary dark place. Obviously, like anyone in this situation I panicked, and I had the hardest time to come back in my body and to this day I have not done another dedoublement session…

  9. Have you been to Jefferson, Tx that is the most haunted place in Texas…my sister says the housr they just moved into is haunted…my 2 year old neice is talking about monsters and my sister heard a knock on her bedroom door then the door opened…she lived in the heights in downtown Houston which is has old houses

  10. When i seven i was in my living room studying for a spelling test. I was in front of the tv and it was off, i got distracted and started looking into it. When I was looking at it i seen two tall black figures,like men walk into my brothers room. The same night i was going to bed i seen the two figures right by my door, I freeked out and started to cry.

  11. My family and I have always loved the supernatural side of things and we go ghost hunting quite a bit. It also helps that the oldest city in America is not too far from us. Well we were at the city one day, St. Augustine, and it was dark(close to one in the morning) and the streets were really empty. We had stopped in front of the old school house and I took a picture with my camera as I always do. Later when I looked back at the picture in one of the widows is a detached face and you can clearly make it out thought there was no one there. I still have the picture even till today.
    I’ve actually had several things happen to me ranging from my light turning on at 3 in the morning, a dog sleeping in my room was growling at the corner by my dresser very aggressively, my closet door opens by itself all the time though I’m used to that now, and my TV will turn on in the oddest times by itself. But another thing is my family doesn’t have dolls in the house and that reason being something strange always happens. When my mother was younger and lived in Texas for a while she had a doll that would cry on it’s own like a live baby. My uncles had similar experiences like that except when the doll would just move it’s head. Quite scary actually but I’ve learned not to be afraid. I’ve had people tell me before that I’m a ‘sensitive’ which is someone aware and more tuned with otherworldly things. It doesn’t bother me but it’s weird if I do say so myself.
    So yeah, that’s a few of my experiences 🙂

  12. Ive had some really creepy expiriences. Here r five of hundreds:
    1. When im reading b4 bed my light flickers on and off and the switch doesnt even move
    2. When im fixing my hair in the morning im looking in the mirror and i see a scorched lady with a baby in her arms so i turn around but no ones there
    3. I always feel like im being watched
    4. I was playin gon my IPod Touch in my room and i heard a scream i didnt regonize and then a screaming lady appeared in front of me and i dove under the covers on my bed and started crying (btw i asked my parents if the heard a scream later and they said no)
    5. I was visiting my aunt in Chicago and we were eating in a resterant and a rat and worms
    appeared on my plate and i screamed and my aunt was scared shitless but she didnt see the rat and worms


  13. I can’t wait till Whispers at Moonrise comes out! I really want to see if Lucas’s pack does break him and Kylie up, I love them together so I hope they don’t… but either way, it will be fun 😀

  14. I haven’t checked in here for some time because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend

  15. Hi C.C.! I love Kylie’s adventures and reading about her love triangle! I loved reading this post because I was born and raised in San Diego, aka The Finest City in America, and my mom worked at the Whaley House teaching fourth-graders the history of Old Town for years. She is Not a believer, but she could not deny the happenings in that place over the years! My two favorite stories are 1) when she kept getting her hair pulled so hard that it wrenched her whole head backward in front of a group of kids when the only thing behind her was a piano (the more she pretended it wasn’t happening, the worse it got!), and 2) when her colleague was with a group in the old “courtroom” and the benches were moving all around the room. The poor kids were so scared but the teacher was yelling “knock it off Jim!”. She was completely annoyed…

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