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Does anyone know what a Street Team is? No, it isn’t the guys playing basketball on the local playground. Or the kids playing tag at the bus stop. A Street Team is a very special group of people near and dear to an author’s heart. You see, they are the ones who like an author so much that they just have to tell someone about the book.  Have you ever recommended my books to someone searching the shelves of a bookstore for something to read? Have you asked your school librarian to carry my books? Maybe you’ve bought my books for friends just because you wanted to share my books with them. Have you promoted my releases on Facebook, Twitter,  or your blog?  Or posted a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble?  If so, then you could possibly become a member of my Street Team!

The C.C. Hunter Street Team will consist of fifty fans of the Shadow Falls series.  (I seriously wish we didn’t have to stop at fifty, because all my readers are important to me, but rules are rules.) These are fans who not only read my books, but get so excited about them that they end up telling everyone else to read them, too.  And my publisher St. Martin’s Press/Griffin is going to help you do that.  How? Well, all street team members will receive an early release copy of Whispers at Moonrise, some cool promotional stuff,  and a Shadow Falls t-shirt.  (Sorry, unfortunately for any males out there, the t-shirts are lady’s Ts.  But you are welcome to give it to someone.)

So, how does this help you promote my books?  Well, once you’ve read Whispers at Moonrise, I hope that during the release week, you’ll want to tell everyone about it and encourage them to become Shadow Falls fans, too.  And if you wear your t-shirt, people will ask you about my Shadow Falls series.  But it doesn’t end there.  You’ll also get a handful of bookmarks to give away.

Half of my Street Team members will be selected on their promotional capabilities—those that have the best access to Facebook, Twitter and/or blogs. But to make sure I include all fans, the other half will be selected randomly with a slight focus on demographics. (I wouldn’t want all my Street Team members to be in one state.)  Once you are an official member of the C.C. Hunter Street Team, you will receive sneak previews of titles, covers and other special promotional stuff.  So, what are you waiting for? Do you have what it takes to be a member of the CC Hunter Street Team?

Email me at  with the title “Street Team” in the subject header, and answer these questions:

  1. How many of the Shadow Falls books have you read?
  2. Have you already promoted the Shadow Falls series?  If so, how?
  3. Do you have a Facebook page?  What is the address?  How many friends/followers do you have?
  4. Do you have a Twitter account? What is the address? How many followers do you have?
  5. Do you have a blog? What is the address and name? How many followers do you have?

Oh, and because I want to reward all my fans, I’ll be doing a drawing for all the fans who didn’t get into the team and giving away ten prizes of t-shirts and other cool promotional stuff.

Sorry, but due to mailing costs, I have to limit this to US residents only.




34 thoughts on “Street Team

  1. I’m VERY excited for Whispers at Moonrise! You’ve got mail 🙂

    I’ve already been talking to my school librarian about adding the Shadow Falls books to our library next year.


  2. PLEASE PICK ME! I have read all of the books, gotten 6 other friends hooked, recommend it to anyone who was book-less, use your bookmarks when I read, and I just LOVE THIS SERIES!!! So please, Please, PLEASE, pick me for your Street Team!!!!!!!
    Thanks in advance,
    Abigail Odom

  3. Please please pick me!!!! I’m a big fan of your books, I read all 3 of them, I’ve gotten 10 of my friends to read them and they loved your books. They also recommened them to others who I know love them as well. I also the Shadow Falls posters hanging up in my room and have all of your books. I really love your books so please please pick me to join your street team!

  4. I own all the books even the mini one about della and ive read each one so much times ive almost literally memorized them. Plus I preordered whisphers at moonrise.

  5. I have a signed copy of Taken of Dusk that you signed yourself! I have basically memorized each book and have Turned at Dark on my IPod, IBook app. I have a Shadow Falls notepad, pen, and bookmarks. I have recommended this book to anyone book-less and have gotten 6 of my friends hooked as well Of course, not as much as I am!!! If you picked me for your Street Team, I would be an amazing advertiser for your books and would love you so much!!! So please, PICK ME!!!

  6. i m from singapore and i cant join the team. 🙁 i LOVE shadow falls series!!!!!!!!! it is so awesum and i have a really hard time to keep it down! i wish that this series never ends but i really want kylie to know what she is.
    love you, cc hunter!!!! 🙂

  7. I have no blog and not so popular on twitter, but I’m getting my cousin hooked and trying to convince my friends -after she’s done reading Born at Midnight- to read it. I love this series, lets hope it goes far! So stoked for Whispers at Moonrise!

  8. I was wondering, from what I understand the drawing will take place after the new book Whispers at Moonrise is available correct?

  9. I just wanted to let you know, that earlier I sent you an email with my request to be on the Street Team, I said I have no Twitter. But I JUST got one last night. My name is just Abigail Odom, my picture is of me with a cat, (it’s black and white), and since I just got it last night, I have merely 7 followers. Just wanted to let you know!

  10. Dang – I guess that means I didn’t get picked if I haven’t gotten an email by now… Oh well, I don’t have enough social outlets; I knew I wasn’t the greatest candidate anyway…


  11. I thought I wasn’t going to be picked but I saw the email just now, 2:30 in the morning lol, SO HAPPY. Can’t wait for the welcome pack:) Hello fellow street team buds.

  12. My Street Team has been selected. Thanks to everyone who sent me emails answering my questions. You are all so fantastic and I am fortunate to have you as my readers!

  13. Oh man! I didnt see this until now 🙁

    Hi CC
    I was looking forward to the street team when you told me about it at the signing at the B&N with Shawna. I thought a email was going to be sent out. Oh well Congrats to everyone who got picked 😀

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