What’s Up, Kylie? Round Four

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I’ve got another set of Q&A with Kylie that came from the comments section of my What’s Up, Kylie? blog from April 17th. I love Kylie’s responses this week. Two of the questions are about her real dad, Daniel, and the third is about which animal she’d most like to shift into. I hope you enjoy!

1. If you had the chance to talk to your real father for 1 hour without interruption, what kind of things would you talk about other than the fact that you’re a chameleon? [Question from Faye B.]

C.C.: Oh, this is a great question, Faye B.! Kylie, what do you think?

Kylie: *She crosses her legs and wraps her hands around her right knee.* That’s really a hard question to answer. I mean, I have a lot of questions I’d like to ask him—questions about my heritage, about what it means to be a chameleon, sure. I know he probably doesn’t know everything, but I’ll bet he’s learned a little more now that his mom is with him. But there are other things I’d like to know, too. *She falls silent and I glance over at her to make sure she’s okay. She’s looking down at her hands, obviously lost in thought.*

C.C.: *I clear my throat.* So, what other things would you want to talk to Daniel about?

Kylie: *She shrugs.* Everything, I guess. Like what it was like when he was a kid. If he felt he was different, the way I did. What things were like when he met my mom. I mean, he’s my dad and I never got to know him. We’d have a lot to catch up on.

C.C.: And an hour wouldn’t be long enough. *I smile, knowing that’s how I would feel if I were her.*

Kylie: *She nods.* Exactly.

2. You now know about Daniel… And how much your mom loved and still loves Daniel. Do you want your mom to ever meet her “one and only” love once she crosses over again? To be with “the one that got away” from her? [Question from Aldrick Adorno]

C.C.: Another great question about Daniel. Thanks, Aldrick Adorno. *I turn to Kylie.* Do you think you’re up to answering another question about Daniel, or do you need to take a short break?

Kylie: *She shakes her head.* No, I’m okay. I’ve actually thought about that, you know. About my mom and Daniel reconnecting. I wish that could happen now, rather than forty or fifty years from now when Mom passes over, but . . . *She sighs and leans back in her seat.* My mom doesn’t see spirits.

C.C.: Do you wish your Mom shared your gift, Kylie?

Kylie: Sometimes. I mean, I really wish she could reconnect with Daniel, so she could know how much she meant to him. How much she still does. Hey . . . *She shoots me a dirty look.* Don’t get any crazy ideas, Writer Lady! My mom couldn’t handle seeing ghosts.

C.C.: I’d never dream of it.

Kylie: *Kylie gives me a skeptical look.* Look what you did with Burnett in Taken at Dusk.

C.C.: Okay, so maybe I’d dream about it but, trust me. I have no plans to make your mom suddenly start seeing ghosts. *Then I smile my evil author smile.* I actually have a better idea.

Kylie: What’s that supposed to mean?

C.C.: You’ll see.

Kylie: *She rolls her eyes.* I can hardly wait.

3. If you develop powers as a shapeshifter, which animal would you choose to change into and why? [Question from MistyK]

C.C.: Another great question! Thanks, MistyK! *I turn to Kylie.* What do you think?

Kylie: Well, I think it would depend on the circumstances, you know. I sometimes wish I could be invisible, so my first thought is that I might want to change into something really small, like a mouse. *She shrugs.* But that might not work out so well, thanks to Socks. *She furrows her brow in concentration.* So . . . I might choose to turn into a bird. Not a crazy pterodactyl, like Perry does. Something normal. Maybe a hawk. It would be cool to fly.

CC: You mean like a vampire?

Kylie: What are you planning? I can see it in your eyes.

CC: Now, Kylie, why do you act as if I’m always out to do something bad?

Kylie: *Rolls her eyes again.* As if you haven’t written in some bad spots. Look what happened to me in Whispers in Moonrise.

CC: But you survived and are a much stronger person for it, too.

Kylie: Who said I want to be strong?

C.C.: Everyone wants to be strong. And you are amazingly strong. Just ask the readers. They love you. And they’re going to love you even more when they read Whispers at Moonrise.

Thanks, guys! I’ll be bringing you more Q&As with Kylie in the weeks ahead.

25 thoughts on “What’s Up, Kylie? Round Four

  1. I have a question: Kylie, in Taken at Dusk, if you could only stop one death from happening, who would you pick? Roberto, who saved your life? Or Ellie, who was just a little sweet heart?

    • OMG that is such a good question! ummm… well i really liked that Ellie was so nice and she stuck up for Kylie and everything but at the same time Roberto was also nice and saved her life so that is a toughie……..but i think i would save Ellie! I know saving a life is a big thing but Roberto well he seems like he can change sides when ever so i don’t know. He just seems shady but he was really sweat at the end of the book.

      • i agree great question but i think i would have saved roberto cause he could have helped you figure out wht a chameleon is and he did save your life and miranda”s

  2. I have a question for Ms. Hunter. 🙂 Is there a reason nobody knew about chameleons? If there is, can you or are you going to tell us?
    And for Kylie, i would like to know, If something bad were to happen at Shadow Falls Camp, again, and you could only save 3 people, who would you save?

    • Of course I am going to reveal what a chameleon is, but you’ll have to wait for my next book. And don’t ask me to choose just 3 SF people. No way could I choose! It would be like choosing which of my children I’d save.

  3. Oh, I almost forgot! Ms. C.C. Hunter, how long will this series be? Just an FYI, the longer, the better! 🙂

  4. LOVED the series and i think that you are a wonderful writer! I also love that your blog is different than other authors blogs. You are truly fantastic and awesome!!!

    • Yeah, your blog is amazing, C.C. It’s the funnest one I’ve come across. It’s charming and intriguing and wonderful. A lot of other writers’ blogs are kinda… blah. Yucky. They lack character — yours has so much of it.
      You’re pretty awesome, C.C. A true writer.

  5. I have a question (well, actually a few)
    1.) What would you do if you couldn’t go to the shadow falls “boarding school”?

    2.) If you had to chose to be either a vampire or a werewolf, what would you chose. Then, would you rather be that or a chameleon?

    3.) What do you think your dad means by, “we will solve this together” at the end of book three? You asked if you were going to die, can you elaborate on that?

    Thanks, I hope you can answer these questions.

  6. I have a question for kylie:
    We all know about Shadow Falls Academy in the USA, but do you know if there are other camps or academies all over the world?

  7. i have a question for Kylie, if you could bring any person back to life(without needing an actual body to do it and without giving away a chunk of your soul)who would you bring back and why???

    I have a question for C. C., in your opinion who do you think is more suited for Kylie, Derek or Lucas??? and why???

  8. Question for Kylie: You say C.C put you in a couple of bad spots so, if you could have a perfect day what would you want to happen in it? More Flowers?

  9. I have a question for c.c.hunter:
    All of the ghost Kylie has helped (with an exception here or there) has been related to her as we all know. Two were her biological family and one was her dying best friend’s great grandmother. How is this third main ghost related to Kylie? I mean in the sneak peak of whispers at moonrise, Kylie says she knows the person but that they aren’t dead yet. So is this person from her home or shadow falls ? And if they aren’t dead yet, than is this a new power or something? Like predicting who dies soon? And how ? I ask this last question cause you gave a gruesome description of this new ghost.

  10. Hey! I have a question for CC, i was wondering when the next Whats Up, Kylie blog will be. I would like to come up with a good question to ask. ( i dont have one at this moment, so ill have to think of one ) also, should i email the question to you or post it here?


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