Derek and Lucas

We have heard quite a lot from Kylie lately. So many of you wrote in such great questions for her to answer. And she answered them admirably, even the more difficult ones. I’m proud of her, but then she is one of the bravest people I know.

Anyway, I thought it would be a change of pace if I asked Derek and Lucas a question. I mean, why should Kylie always be put on the spot? Besides, she is trying to decide between the two of them, and maybe their answers might help.

I sat down with each of them separately. After all, they hardly get along, and I didn’t want to start a fae-werewolf war.

CC: If you could take Kylie anywhere on a special date, where would it be?

Derek: *He is silent for a moment, then a slow smile spreads over his face.* I’d take her back to our special place by the creek. Kylie likes it there, even though that’s where she saw the snake. I can tell when she’s there, she gets relaxed and comfortable. It’s as if she can stop worrying about things. I’d love to take her there again and just listen to the water flowing and look up at the trees. I think it was there that we first really connected. Our first kiss almost happened there. *He glances up at me with those green eyes, then quickly looks away.* And while it didn’t happen, in those first few seconds, I knew kissing her was going to be addictive.

CC: Okay thanks, Derek. I’m sure my readers will be interested to know.

CC: Okay, Lucas, I asked Derek this same question, and now it is your turn. If you could take Kylie anywhere on a special date, where would it be?

Lucas: *He rubs his chin, deep in thought.* Well, Kylie had told me how great theme parks are, with roller coasters and crazy rides. I’m not sure that I would totally get into them , but I think she wants me to experience it. I can tell she kind of likes them, so I would like to share it with her. It would be so good to just be somewhere with her and not have to worry about my pack watching and giving me warning looks about letting my feelings for her grow. *He leans toward me and lowers his voice.* Doesn’t any of my pack understand that’s it too late, I already care too much?

CC: Thanks for answering, Lucas.

So there you have it. That was my question for Derek and Lucas. What question would you ask them if you had the chance?


Thanks to everyone who responded to my Itty Bitty blog. Unfortunately, I could only pick five t-shirt winners and five notepad and pen winners.

The t-shirt winners are Jennifer Drew, Missy, Daz, Margaret Kosmata and Amanda.

The notepad and pen winners are Regina, Caroline, Isabel, Tess and Ariel.

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28 thoughts on “Derek and Lucas

  1. AAHH! Thank You!!! 🙂 i just sent you my info on my yahoo account. 🙂 im so grateful! would you also happen to be signing these shirts? that would be really awesome! 🙂 since i cant go to the signing in Anaheim.. 🙁 PLEASE. 🙂 and Thank you again. <3

  2. The question I would ask Derek and Lucas is: When was the first moment you knew Kylie was for you? What’s one word you would use to decribe how she makes you feel?

  3. If I only had one question to ask them it would be: Could you try to get along and possibly become friends with Lucas/Derek if it meant that Kylie would be happier?

  4. Thank you so much! I can’t believe I won a shirt 🙂 I just sent you my info from my gmail account… Thank you so much for everything you have given to us fans.. I know I can say for everyone that we appreciate being able to interact with you and for these amazingly awesome contests… not to mention all the goody snippets that you give us from the world of Kylie…

  5. Alright, so my question goes to both Derek and Lucas–Okay boys, you both know that the other has feelings for Kylie and you both know that currently, Lucas is with Kylie. Putting that aside, as well as your own feelings (or lack thereof) for each other and her, who do you HONESTLY think is best for Kylie?

  6. oh yea! i won!!!!!!! yes!!!!! oh my. i am so happy! and i would ask derek if he is going to try to get kylie back because ya know what he told her at the end of taken at dusk, and if so what is he going to do? and c.c. i am going to use my dad’s email cuz mine is being weird. its thanks sooooooooooo much for the pen and stuff! and for makeing such amazing books!

  7. ok so my question for derek and lucas, derek, would you do anything for kylie anything? and lucas would you do anything for kylie even if it mean’t that your pack turned there back on you??

  8. God, you’re seriously an awesome writer, just wanted to put it out there 🙂
    I went to Hong Kong for three weeks and I was planning on bringing those three books and read them again. So I started while I was still at home, eventually I just read them through and I read them all before I got to leave to Hong Kong. And that was in less then three days. I love reading, so I just packed another series to read that one a second time, but when I read those, I wanted to read your books again… I was thinking about it the whole time, about all those sweet and romantic and dramatic moments. I just regretted not taking them with me after all. That was just so sad. I just can’t wait for the fourth and fifth book, but on the other hand; I don’t want the story to end. It’s like I want to know how it ends, but I don’t want to end just yet either xD
    God; I sound so weird now and I’m leaving in a pretty big comment…
    Just wanted to tell you, how amazing you are and I love your writing. I like writing to from time to time but it’s so different. I write a bit fan fiction but it’s on this dutch site. The chapters aren’t really that big, not like in a real book. I just wonder where you get your inspiration, how you got the idea of these books, because I just love them so much. And I’d honestly love to improve my writing.

    Anyway… Now a question for Derek and Lucas. 🙂
    Lucas: Would really nothing change if Kylie isn’t a werewolf, eventually? What if she becomes a vampire? (probably not but still) I bet your pack wouldn’t appreciate that…
    Derek: Kylie is with Lucas now and you said you’re in love with her. What are you going to do if she does stay with Lucas, if she made her choice, and it isn’t you?
    For both of them: If Kylie ever told you to leave her alone for whatever reason , but you know it isn’t really what she wants, what would you do?

    Pretty sucky questions actually, but can’t come up with anything else…

    Ps. It sucks that your contest are only for people in Amerika 🙁

  9. Wait……that’s me!!!!!!!! Yay I won!!!!! That’s soooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on everyone else who won!!! Yay!!!!!!

  10. I like Sherri’s and Missy’s questions
    lucas and derek:what will you do if kylie choses the other guy
    Derek:you can feel kylies feelings so why would you add more emotional problems to her pile and therefore to yourself
    Lucas: would you give up every thing that you have worked for tobe with kylie and would you and kylie consider her using her chameleon powers to fool the pack that she is a werewolf
    PS cc hunter you have been my inspiration to write my own book thanks =D

  11. Questions

    Both: what makes you think that your more deserving of kylie than lucas/derek?
    What would you do if kylie chose the other guy not you?
    Is there anything that kylie could do to make both of you stop liking her?

  12. Here are my questions:
    Derek/Lucas, if there was a life or death situation where you could only save either your Mom, (Derek),/Grandma, (Lucas), or Kylie, which would you save?

  13. You are a GREAT author C. C., and I don’t know how I would live without your books. NEVER stop writing plz! Anyways, here is my question for Derek and Lucas.

    Both: If Kylie had died (although I don’t want her dead), what would be your reaction? Would you ever get over her death? Will your life ever be the same?

  14. I absolutely love the Shadow Falls books!!! You are in definitely in my top five favorite authors 🙂 which really means something to me, for I read a lot. But I think of your books quite often. The characters are very dominant in my mind along with a few other characters from other books.
    I honestly hope that it doesn’t sound as if I am trying too hard to give a compliment, because I truely mean the things I said.
    And for the questions to Derek and Lucas. . .
    Lucas: Did you ever try to look Kylie up after you went to live with your grandmother (before she came to Shadow Falls) just to see how she was doing? *smiles* If so, would you tell her? Why or why not? If not, how often did she cross your mind in the years you didn’t see her?
    Derek: Sooooo. . . *slight pause trying to collect emotions enough to seem casual* Have you thought of a back-up plan, just in case Kylie decides to go in another direction? *a blush slowly spreads across my face*

  15. though all of these are great questions I want to know…
    Lucas How can you put so much pressure on Kylie for doing what she is meant to do, ie deal with ghosts? Can you get over it to support her?
    Derek: Can you truly handle just being Kylie’s friend?

  16. I just have like a question for Lucas and Derek…
    Lucas: If you find out i that Kylie is not a werewolf will you still accept her as your girlfriend against your council and pack and listen to your heart or will you listen to those who tell you what to do?
    Derek: If you find out that Kylie is something completely and utterly different then everyone ( not a vamp, were, fae, shifter, or a witch) will you still be her friend or will you try to be more?

  17. this Q is for Derek-Derek,if you had the chance to go out with Kylie would you ask her out and have patience if she’s not sure?
    this Q is for Lucas-Lucas,if Kylie would break-up with you,would you understand or not?
    and this is for Mrs.Hunter-Can you ask questions to Holiday and Burnett?

  18. Hello I am from Czech Republic, I think born at midnight, the resurrection at dawn and dusk Transfiguration strike me wonder, waiting for the next part and I hold you in.. Respectfully Ester Novotná.

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