Itty Bitty

This week I’ve been getting ready for my Romance Writers of America conference. I’ll be jumping on a plane on Friday to go to California. I’ll be signing my books at RWA’s Autographing for Literacy at the Anaheim Convention Center on Wednesday, July 25 from 5pm to 8pm. Pop in to see me if you are in the area. Ahh, but this week, I’ve been shopping. While I know a lot girls and women love shopping, I think I missed out on getting the shopping gene.

I think part of the reason I’m not the biggest fan of shopping is because for me, shopping is hard work. You see, I’m short. And it’s just hard to find things that fit. Ugh. If I had three wishes, growing a few inches would be my wish. And I would also like to have bigger feet. Do you know how hard it is to find size five and half shoes? I spent a whole day shoe shopping. Seven stores and four hours later, I finally found one pair of shoes.

I had a friend in high school, a tall friend, who wanted to be petite. While she longed to be small and cute. I longed to be tall and glamorous. I guess we always want what we don’t have, right?

But seriously, I think tall people have the advantages that us short people don’t have. I can’t put anything on top of the refrigerator without getting a chair. You should see me trying to slow dance with my six-feet-two-inch hubby. I don’t even like talking to him when we’re standing up, because I get a neck ache.

Even grocery shopping can be difficult when what I want is on the top shelve. If you’re ever in the Houston area and you see a short blonde climbing on the grocery shelves to reach the light raspberry salad dressing, it might be me.

Today in honor of being itty bitty, I’m giving away some t-shirts—itty bitty T-shirts. You see, when I ordered my first t-shirts, the small size was…extra small. So I have extra shirts in the extra small size.

So speak up itty bitty fans. This is your week. Five people will win an extra small shirt. And just so I’m not leaving out my other fans, five other people will win a Shadow Falls note pad and pen. So . . . make sure all you guys leave a comment and tell me if you are applying for the t-shirt or the note pad and pen. Sorry, due to mailing cost, only USA residents. The winners will be announced on the blog next week. So make sure you come back and see if you won and then send me your snail mail address for me to mail out your shirts and prizes.

Have a great week and I hope to see some of you in California.


32 thoughts on “Itty Bitty

  1. Hey! This blog reminded me of my twin sister… shes shorter than everyone in my family by a long shot and im tall, and shes always get mad at me for it, saying i stole the gene from her 🙂 then again, she always beats me at limbo… lol
    But i blame my being tall on my being clumsy.

    Id like to apply for the notepad and pen, please. Im afraid the shirt is too small 🙂

  2. I know how you feel about being short, when my mom and me go shopping and I want to get some pants they’re always to long because I’m short. My mom can relate with the shoe thing because she has small feet and she has a hard time looking for the right shoe size.

      • thats what my friends and i call our one friend, he’s 13 and his and my younger sisters are both taller than him, and none of the three are even five feet!

      • I can’t believe you are part of the romance writers of america group. I wish I could go to the conference because my mom is part of that group but she didnt go to that conference but she might go to the next and i may get to come so i hoe to meet you because you are my favrit author in the world and if i do go to the conference i am going to track you down.(haha in a not creepy way.):)

  3. I stand at 5’3″ tall 🙂 I feel your pain, but we are not short, or pint size! WE ARE CONCENTRATED AWESOME!!!!! I’d like to apply for the shirt 🙂 but the note pad and pen would be great too…..

  4. I think I’d qualify as “itty bitty”…..I can’t reach the top shelves of the grocery store, or the top couple of shelves in my own cupboards. It’s ridiculous. When I need something that’s up there, I either have to climb up on top of the counter, or grab a chair so I can get what I need. If my hubby happens to be home, I make him get it for me (he always gets a good laugh out of me climbing up on the counter like a small child…). When I buy pants, they pretty much ALWAYS have to be taken up a few inches. I also have small feet–around size 5 1/2 or 6, and so finding shoes that fit AND are cute is quite the process *sigh*. And while being small can have its disadvantages, I think it has some perks, too:o)

    Since I’d like to think I’m “itty bitty,” I’d like to enter the contest. Oh and I’m really, REALLY excited for the next book to come out! I love your books–they’re fabulous!

  5. I’m 13 years old and i’m 5 feet 11 inches tall. its not very fun when your taller than everybody else. and almost all my friends are guys . my 2 best guy friends are like not even 5 3. its really funny when we talk cuz they look up at me! but yeah i really wanna be short. but not to short. just short enough and i would like the pen and note pad thing, please!

  6. I’m in for the notepad and pen! Don’t think an extra small was ever my size! Maybe when I was a teeny tiny tot, but that’s toddler style clothes though! 🙂

  7. I”m on your Street Team and will be getting a free T-Shirt anyway, and I’m average height for 13 year olds anyway. But I have a friend who is pretty darn Itty-Bitty, (both of her parents are), and she was the very first person I got hooked on this series, after me of course. So I was wondering if I could win the shirt and just give it to her, because she’s a huge fan as well. Thanks CC, and I can’t wait till I get my Street Team shirt!!!

  8. My sister just love your books:) She’s making me want to read them the more she talks about them. So wondering if I could win this for her, she would be soo excited! Cool website btw!!

  9. I’m 15 years old and stand at 5’1. I’m a camp counselor this summer and it’s not fun when some of the kid’s mothers think your a camper and not a worker! it’s also embaressing when I have to ask my 10 year old cousin to reach the top shelf of my kichen cabinets for me! oh an btw I’m entering the contest for the notepad and pen :0)

  10. Your right, being tall is awesome. Accept for the fact that I’m taller than everyone I know. And for some reason I fit in extra-small t-shirts (hint, hint). I’m entering the contest and hoping for a t-shirt.

  11. Im always climbing on the shelves at the grocery store as well and people always just laugh as they walk by. So I feel your pain there. Id like to apply for the shirt please!!!!

  12. I would like to enter im a junior in high school and im 16, im barley 5 foot my friends are always laughing at me because everyones so tall at my school. The hallways are always so packed so it takes forever to get to class, but not for me because i can fit into the small spaces and kinda push my way through. (:

  13. Im entering!!! Im 5 ft 6 and a half inches and Im only 12!! i passed my mom up 2 and a half inches ago. I get my tallness from my dad who is 6 ft 5!! I also get my big feet, size 10 womens, from my dad!! (Trust me C.C. u dont want big feet!!All the cute shoes are in smaller sizes!!) Im taller than all my friends and was the tallest girl in the sixth grade last yr!! But my tallness will come to a good use in basketball and volleyball this next yr!!

  14. I’m short too! It’s a pain to reach the top shelves in my pantry! And I’d like to apply for the notepad and pen please!

  15. I’d like to enter for the t-shirt, I’m not even 5 ft tall! sure…im still growing, I’m only 11, but still, I’m, only supposed to be like 5’3…stupid short gene!! but i absolutely love your books, my older sister is on your street team and is the one who hooked me on the series. 🙂


  17. I am absolutely hooked on your books! I found the first one about two weeks ago before I went on vacation, now I’m almost done with the third and can’t wait for the fourth! 🙂 oh and I’ve always been wicked tall and people are finally catching up but I’d so rather be smaller! It’s so hard to find cute shoes… Anyway I’m entering for the notepad 🙂

  18. My T-shirt arrive in the mail today 🙂 I am totally already wearing it… My daughter wants to steal it lol I might let her wear it as a night shirt every once in a blue moon 😉

  19. Ola! Cc,
    This might be off topic, however, i cant remember exactly how the song goes but it includes “do the itty bitty” if you want to or something like that. and i also believe it was from the 90’s
    Jim Anderson

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