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I have big news! The fifth, and final book, in my Shadow Falls series will be called Chosen at Nightfall. Don’t you just love the title? I do! I don’t have a cover yet, but it is coming soon, and when it does, I’ll share it with you. And while I have been working on Chosen at Nightfall a lot this summer, I’ve still found some time to have a little fun. I spent the 4th of July weekend in Alabama with my dad. I always enjoy going back to my hometown to visit family and friends. I also went to California for a book signing in Oceanside. It was such a thrill to meet so many of my fans.

Now, I am getting ready to go back to California for the Romance Writers of America Conference in Anaheim. I’ll be signing my books at RWA’s Autographing for Literacy at the Anaheim Convention Center on Wednesday, July 25 from 5pm to 8pm. Not only is it a wonderful chance for you to meet about 500 authors, but all the proceeds go to literacy programs. So, if you live in California, try to come on by. (And, yes, I know it is a big state. It’s like when I meet someone who knows somebody from Texas, and they ask if I know them.) But if you live around Anaheim, I’d love it if you came to my signing. Or maybe you just know someone who lives there, and you can tell them about it.

And more big news? Born at Midnight is at number 18 on the Best Seller List in Germany. Danke, to all my German readers! (I am jumping up and down here!)

Have you checked the Whispers at Moonrise countdown on my home page, lately? Yup, just 83 days left. I know, it seems like a lot, but it will pass quickly. So, to help you while you wait, I thought it would only be fair if I revealed a couple of things that happen in Whispers at Moonrise. First of all, Kylie finally admits she is in love with …someone. No, I’m not going to tell you who. Do I look crazy? That is something you’ll have to wait for. And secondly, somebody saves Kylie’s life in Whispers, and you’ll be shocked when you find out who it is.

Are you having a fun summer? Any great travel plans? Going to Anaheim, maybe? If so, I hope to see you there!

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        • Hey guys!!!

          The shirts were mailed out to St. Martins today. They are waiting for the ARCs to arrive. They hope later this week. So I’m expecting the packets to be mailed out next week.

          Everything looked so cool. I can’t wait for you guys to get them.

          • That rocks! I have been checking my mail every day as well. Even begging the post lady about it. On the upside at least now she is reading your books. 😀

          • Hurray!!! I can’t wait till I get everything. Thanks for the update, CC!

          • Great I was freaking out checking the mail everyday I’m sad to see the series end. But it sounds exciting and I know if you write another series were all gonna love it and can’t wait!!:)

          • Yay, now I don’t have to annoy my mom everyday for any packages for me in the mail
            I can’t wait to get my stuff I’m really exited eek !!!

          • Oops, excited*
            And I love the title! The covers for each are really pretty too. I love the shininess hehe.

          • thats great!!! I cant wait! like it seems everyone else was doing, I’ve been checking my mail and email and your blog everyday since i got the first email saying i was on your street team!

          • Hey you are he best author hope I win the book I have never won something online before you inspire me cc

  1. Chosen at Nightfall is a wonderful title for the last book of the series, I can’t wait to see the cover! Though Born at Midnight should be in the top 10 (in my opinion) :-D. Can’t wait on my Street Team package either!!! Hope you have fun in Anaheim!

  2. LOVE the title! Though I can’t believe it’s the last book. I have really enjoyed the series and I can’t wait to read Whispers at Moonrise. As far as travel plans, we are headed to my FAVORITE place this weekend…the Texas Hill Country! No, really I do LOVE it up there, it’s so peaceful. Have fun in California!

  3. Yay I cannot wait for the next books! Quit teasing us and give us the books lol! Great title for the final book btw!!

  4. Chosen at Nightfall is an awesome name for the last book. I can’t believe it’s the last book in the series! I love your series soooo much:) Congrats that Born at Midnight is at number 18 on the Best Seller List in Germany. You totally deserve it. Thanks for revealing some things from Whispers at Moonrise, I’m even more excited for the book now lol

  5. I love that title. It just goes with the rest of the series. I love how all the titles have something to do with a part of the night/day.
    I hope Kylie admit she in love with Derek. That would just make my day. 🙂

    My family doesnt have any summers, we normally never do…. but me and my sister Sara birthday is coming up so we’ll be celebrating that (we are twins)

  6. I love the title Chosen at Nightfall and I can’t wait to see the cover art of the new book. Who does your cover art? He/She is very talented!! 🙂

  7. Wonderful title, though I’m sad Chosen at Nightfall will be the last book, I don;t want Kylie’s adventures to finish, how sad! However, I’m sure you’ll finish it with a bang 🙂 Also, congratulations on being Top 19 in Germany! I have some German and Austrian friends and let me tell you, I bragged a lot about the series 😉 while they were in Canada!

  8. I know you know what you’re doing, but please include a good, long epilogue. I know youre always good for them, but some writers don’t do hem at all, and you turn the last page like, “what?! That’s it?!” and amazing title, can’t wait to read the finale!

  9. So excited that there will be a fifth book. I only thought there was 4. I.m so excited to read the fourth one. Hurry up October.

  10. Loved the tittle! Totally freaked out when I read “kylie finally admits she is in love with …” Ohh goshh, I really hope that is lucas!! Congrats on being in the top 20 in Germany!It’s awesome, and as I live in Brazil I can say that your books are quite known here too.
    October please come faster!! haha

  11. Can not wait until this book comes out!! But im also super sad:( to fing out its the ending. However im still looking foward! You are such an awsome writter, I also wanted to thank you for making your books in paper back. I work in a juvenile facility where they don’t allow hard backs. When I bought your books I had my kids in mind(my juvie kids) lol. As soon as I was done reading them I put them in the shelves. The girls went carzy over them! They can’t wait for the other’s to come out! THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

  12. I love this series I wish it would never end!!!!! I absolutely can’t wait until whispers at Moonrise comes out!!!! And I have a pretty good guess on who might save Kylie (a certain werewolf) 😉

  13. I cant wait till whisphers at moonrise and chosen at nightfall come out!!!!! I ore ordered whisphers at moonrise a while ago!!!!!!

  14. OMG I live near Anaheim! ahh! but i dont know if i can go?! 🙁 noo! btu let me tell you, you have 2 more outrageous fans that want to! and all the fans that dont know about this page. i know a lot of people near me love your books too! even my grandma! 🙂 and im gonna have my friends reading them too! 🙂 thats about 5 more haha.. i really want to come though! 🙁 Do we have to bring our own book(s) for you to sign if we go? Can you please let me know. 🙂 Thanks, and i can dress casually right..? Thanks! 🙂 Love you!

  15. Oh YEAH! CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE BORN AT MIDNIGHT CLOTHING?? OR BRACELETS? 🙂 other books have stuff like that.. but i want this books merchandise. 😀 Thanks!

  16. I can’t wait to read Whisper at Moonrise even more since I know she is going to admit she loves someone and hope that person is Lucas. I do love the last book title by the way. You sure know how to pick them. Congrats about Germany. You deserve it with the fantastic job you did on the series. Thanks for a wonderful series you did and hope the others are as good.

  17. Thanks for writing a fifth book. It is sad that it’s going to end, but I am excited there is another book. I am sure if you start another series everyone will love it. Thanks again! 🙂

  18. Hey CC.
    I am Brazilian so I can’t write in English very well…
    Can you tell me If Holiday will dead??
    I really love her 😀

    • Sorry, I wrote “dead”
      Holiday will die??
      Forgiveness for the error. I have only 12 years and I am Brazilian, so I can’t speak English.
      Thanks for the fifth book!!Answer, please. I love u and yours books :3

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