It’s Here!

It’s here! I can finally reveal the cover for my final Shadow Falls book, Chosen at Nightfall. I’m so excited about it. too! I love the cover and think it fits the book perfectly. But then I have been fortunate enough to love all of my Shadow Falls covers.

When I wrote Born at Midnight, my first Shadow Falls book, I had no idea how the cover would look. And I have to admit, I was a bit nervous. I think a book’s cover has a lot to do with whether or not people stop, pick it up and buy it or pass right on by. As it turned out, I was thrilled by the cover and received many great comments about it. And now I have this fabulous cover to be thankful for.


But before Chosen at Nightfall comes out in 2013, Whispers at Moonrise will be out October 2.  I know I revealed this cover a while ago, but the closer it gets to the release date, the more excited I get.

So, tell me, what are you looking forward to learning in Whispers at Moonrise? Will Kylie discover another power? Will Lucas’s pack try to break up Kylie and him? And what about Derek? Lots of questions, but you will have to wait to find out. But maybe not…read on.




I have two giveaways today! First, I am giving away a Shadow Falls t-shirt to one lucky winner who posts a comment.  Those members of my Shadow Falls Street Team already have a t-shirt,  but you could always win one for your friend.

And especially for my non-Street Team members, I am giving away an advanced copy of Whispers at Moonrise!  So be sure to leave a comment to win. Then you won’t have to wait until October to read it.

276 thoughts on “It’s Here!

    • OMG! I love this story and the author, I have let this book take me away from the stress of my job (A dental & medical office manager, my kids, grandkids, and hubby) I just love the story and cant wait to read the 4th book, my heart is breaking thiking that the SF series is coming to an end, PLEASE think about it, its too good to end, Kylie is too good to end her.. You aer too goo dof a writer! But I will always be a fan!

      • OMG! i agree! this series is so awesome, it should be on a level as awesome as everyone says Harry Potter is. It should be as long, or longer, than it. Don’t you think? 🙂 awesome suggestion! ;D

    • hey C.C im so excited for the 4rd and 5th book i cant wait to read it. my favorite book used to be twilight and i mean i loved it i couldnt get enough of it until i heard of ur book on amazon i was searching for a good read and im so so so happy i came along ur fabolous book. this series was so much better than twilight it isnt even funny. everyone who thinks twilight is the best book well you r so wrong this series is. my opinion ofcourse. i read the 3rd book in not even 2 hours. i forgot where i was what i should of been doing. i lits couldnt put it down. i walked down the stairs reading i walked to get a drink i was reading im not kidding. C.C you are a genuis. i want to become a writer and you are my inspiration. this series blew my mind in tiny little pieces. i’m so glad you wrote this books. i always thought there is no such thing as a perfect writer until you came along. i want to thank you for writing such great books and keep going please thanks so much.
      ur #1 fan
      p.s u should turn your books into movies it would be the best

  1. OMG I can’t wait until Whispers at Moonrise comes out!!! I’m looking forward to finding out more about Kylie’s powers and family. And if Lucas is going to stand up to his pack for Kylie or if she’s going to pick Derek:)

    • If Kylie picks Lucas I’m so gonna go on a rampage and go to C.C.’s house and demand to have the book changed!!! And C.C., don’t think I won’t do it ( I live in Spring, Texas, too!).

    • I did the same thing, in less that one week, now I think I might just have to read them again till the next one comes out and its a few days from my birthday. Yahoo

  2. I am so excited to read Whispers at Moonrise. I have a timer on my dashboard that I check every few hours to see how much time is left! 😛 I hope Lucas finds a way to stay with Kylie and I hope that she learns about all of her new powers! So excited I wish I could fast-forward to when it’s out!

  3. Is it wrong to be 30years old and love these books??!! Im driving my husband and kids mad waiting for this one!! I cant wait! Love shadow falls and will be devastated when its finished 🙁

    • Not at all! I have a lot of “young at heart” readers. And don’t worry, when Shadow Falls does end, I already have an ides for my next series.

    • Goodness, I hope that’s not wrong – I’m almost 40! And in love with these books. And got my 13 year old niece hooked, also!

  4. Omgosh I can’t wait for the rest of the series to come out!!! Im addicted to your books, I for sure want to know which boy Kylie chooses; Derek or Lucas? safety or intense passion? ^.^ Who would you choose? All I know is that Whispers at Moonrise and chosen at nightfall will be amazing, thank you for making such great books!!

  5. I’m on the Shadow Falls Street Team, and have already read Whispers at Moonrise. And this is for all of you that havn’t read it: IT IS SO AMAZING!!! I loved it with all of my heart! I wanna tell about it so bad, but do worry, I’m not gonna spoil anything for you. other than the fact that it is the best book in the series. There were so many moments that kept me on the edge of my chair, and it had the most surprises out of all of the 1st 3 books combined. Make sure your at the bookstore the day it comes out, ’cause a book like this, you just can’t miss!!!

      • Hi C.C! Well, I found the third book of your series first and wanted it but then realized it was the third! So then I waited until I got the first and OMG it was the BEST book ever! Have you heard of Alyson Noel? Her books are AMAZING but C.C Hunter u r awesomer! More awesome…awesomererer? Meh. Your more awesome is what I mean! Haha. No offense to Alyson or anything she’s still amazing…
        Anyway then I got the second and finished that a few days ago and started the third!!! And you know how it looks to a preview of the next book? Well I then saw the preview of Whispers at Moonrise!! And I’m like YES! But I’m not sure where to get it… I just started the third book and flipped to the back and I was spoiled of what supernatural she was and I’m really sad now 🙁
        Good luck on finishing your next book!! Please keep writing them! Maybe add some new characters and a new romance for Della!! And sometimes I want Kylie to go with Derek, but then Lucas then Derek then Lucas then Derek!! It’s so frustrating! Who will she choose…
        Anyway, C.C ur the best and I’m going to become an author (I’m 11!) and I need a few ideas for a book (I wont steal! D:) and so could you please help me? Also, you really inspire me and help my writing! If you don’t mind I’m going to write a small paragraph and you can see if u like it:

        “Does this look off to you?”
        Danni asks as she holds her sushi in front of me. Swaying it side to side she taps her foot impatiently.
        “It’s fine. Why are you so fussy with food?” I snatch it out of her hand and take a bite myself.
        “Hey!” she growls, trying to grab at it but I pull it out of her reach.

        There, that’s all I’ll write. I hoped you like it C.C 😀

  6. Hey C.C Hunter! To begin with, I just love your books I mean, who wouldn’t? After finishing Born at Midnight in just one day because it was so addicting, I immediately went to the book store to pick up the next books in the series that were available. I simply cannot wait for Whispers at Moonrise to come out in October because I’m dying to know who Kaylie chooses. So, I would love to win an advanced copy. Thank you or bringing a new addicting into my life, C.C Hunter! 🙂

  7. First of all I have to say that this series is such an amazing read. The characters are interesting to read about, and it’s probably one of the first books I’ve read where I love almost all the characters and how they play a major role, and have little problems of their own. I absolutely love the comic relief in some parts. (The part where Burnett turned into a Kangaroo was so hilarious!) The love triangle is so frustrating and intense, but fuels my eagerness in reading the books! The plot also goes at a good pace, and the anticipation in discovering how Kylie deals with her newfound powers is killing me! Also, I have to say C C Hunter you sure know how to come up with some pretty hot, dreamy male characters. (Lucas, Derek, Burnett and even Perry XD) I absolutely can’t wait to read Whispers At Moonrise (I’m dying here!)And I’m 100% sure that the anticipation for Chosen At Nightfall will be even greater!

    • I forgot to mention. I’m looking forward to finding out how Kylie feels about her newfound powers. I know her grandpa is pressuring her to leave camp and go with him so I want to see which is stronger ,her dedication to finding out about her true self or her resentment to what she is and how unique she is, and see how those feelings conflict each other. In terms of Lucas and his pack. I am on Team Lucas so I’m pretty sure Lucas will choose Kylie over his pack, maybe not in this book but I really hope the last. His pack can’t come in between their passion and love for each other! I don’t know what’s going to happen between Derek and Kylie in this book but I can see him as a great friend.

  8. Your series is one of my absolute favorites and that’s saying a lot from me. I’m sure my family must think that I’m weird when I’m reading one of them since I often laugh, and not a quiet little laugh but one of my shake the walls ones. There are so many things that I am excited for in the next book that I wouldn’t be able to chose just one so I will name a few. I am excited to learn more about Kylie’s biological family, her powers and what it means to be what she is, I am also hoping that Daniel will show up again because I really like his character. Lastly, of coarse, I am veeeeerrrrrrrrrryyyyy excited to read more moments with Lucas and Derek. I personally am Team Lucas but I also love Derek’s character so much that I really enjoy the romantic parts with him too and because of this I will be happy with whoever Kylie ends up with. I’m not sure if this contest is just for the US but either way I’m glad I got the chance to tell you how much I love your books.
    PS. I think this new cover is my favorite. It is very cool 🙂

  9. The covers are amazing and what awesome give-aways, thank you!!!!

    I love this series and really wish it wouldn’t end. I want both of the final 2 books, right now….seriously can’t wait!

  10. I absolutely love all of your books and have read every other book you have suggested on your Facebook and have yet to be disappointed. Keep them coming because I just can’t get enough : )

  11. I totally adore your books. And I’m glad it became available here in the Philippines. So when I saw it I immediately grab it and all of them are in paperback, which I like very much. =) It would be really great to win Whispers at Moonlight. But, I don’t know if it’s even open internationally. But hey it’s worth the try. =)

  12. I totally forgot….would love to know who Kylie chooses Lucas or Derek. And finally for her to come to terms of who she really is. =)

  13. I love all of your covers too! I am going to school for writing and I love everything you’ve done in your SF books! 😀 It really inspired me, no matter what I will be buying Whispers at Moonrise.
    I really hope that there is an end to this three way love triangle. (I’m a die-hard Lucas fan) I also want to know who that ghost was and how someone can be a ghost if they are alive? There are so many questions that I have, but they can wait! Thanks for getting the books out fast, I don’t really like waiting.

  14. I am 39 years old. I am a 911 dispatcher and your stories have truly taken me away after a ectic workday! You have a brilliant way of putting your words on paper and I think so many of us are grateful that you have!!! You certainly have a talent and I for one am so glad you share it! Im anxious to hear more of the relationship with Derek. I am drawn to his character! October 2 will be a long wait…..but well worth it!!

  15. Can not wait till whispers at moonrise. These books have captured my heart and show me that just because it looks like you don’t fit in doesn’t mean that you wont, just means you have to be yourself and wait. Your true friend won’t care what you turn out to be.

    Love it can’t wait!!!!!!

    • Trust me, Whispers at Moonrise, is totally worth the wait. I’m on CC’s Street Team, and it is to DIE for!!! I’ll give you a little hint about it if you’d like…. “Whispers at Moonrise has so many surprises, that my jaw dropped at least 6 times….” Lolz, that was your clue. Trust me, you will so love it.

  16. I got Born at Midnight for my birthday from my brother and since then I have been hooked, I can’t wait to read Whispers at Moonrise it feels like its taking forever for October 2 to get here. I’m a little sad that there will only be two more books cause I have enjoyed every minute of reading them, they have become one of my favourite series and can’t imagine not reading about kylie and shadowfalls anymore. I will be highly ancipating every minute till Whispers at Moonrise and Chosen at Nightfall comes out 🙂 Thank you so much for writing the series, I couldn’t imagine a world with out Shadowfalls 🙂

  17. I have all your books so far and I LOVE them I am such a huge fan…I am anxiously waiting for the next book :)…. I love the characters sooooo much.

  18. I love this series!! I have been waiting for Whispers at Moonrise and was so excited to hear that Chosen at Nightfall was coming out too!!! Seriously can’t wait to read more of the power, passion, and experience that you explain through Kylie!

    its a wonderful escape into a magical place…awesome story…loveable characters … phenomenal! this series is marked as one of my favorites 🙂

  19. I absolutely love these books. Most definitely one of my favorite series. I can’t wait for the next book to come out! 🙂

  20. Oh my gosh cc I love your books! I just read taken at dusk. And let me tell ya I finished it in 1 day! Haha I would have read it sooner but my small town library doesn’t have your books. They had to ship it in from somewhere by Duluth! It took 4 weeks to get it! So thats why I need this book so badly! I’m so stoked for whispers at moonrise!!! I can not wait! I love everything in the books, especially the friendships. And the covers are so amazing! You did good! You are right that the cover is what makes people pick up the book. I saw Born at Midnight in target and I just had to get it because well the cover is so cool so the book has to be amazing! And it was. After I read it I got the second book right away on my tablet and you did not fail. I love you and your books and maybe there might be a different series after this? Haha but anyways the things I wanna see in the next book? Oh well first that Derek and Kylie get together because well I’m a team Derek! I have been from the beginning. 2 that Kylie gets some answers about what being a chameleon means because I’m about just as frustrated as she is about it! Haha and well that Della finally opens her heart to someone. But I am happy to see that she has been bickering with Miranda a little less. Haha so I hope this book is as good as all the street team leaders are saying it is! I hope you pick me to Lol. Love you!

  21. I can not wait until Whispers at Moonrise!! I love these books and they are totally different then other books Ive read! Im so excited to read Whispers at Moonrise and I love the cover of Choosen at Nightfall!!

  22. I’m super excited for “Whispers at Moonrise”! I’d love to see if Kylie got a new power. I can’t wait to see who she picks either, Derek, or Lucas. Both of them are great guys.

  23. I love all the covers but I think the new one is my favorite. I also like how the covers are kind of shiny! (I’m like an animal or something. Oh shiny!!!)

  24. I read alot of ya fiction and this series is by far my favorite!! I cant wait to read the next book! I hope you get a movie deal!

  25. I love your books. I can across Born at Midnight by accident, I was looking for a different book, but your cover just drew me in. It was a great decision to buy your book that day. I now impatiently wait for Whispers at Moonrise. Your books are captivating to read, such detail on the characters. Thank you so much for writing these books. ((Just saying, I want Kylie to be with Lucas 🙂 ))

  26. I admit I haven’t read this series yet, but I do own them all. They are sitting right on my bookshelf patiently waiting for me. I’ve been reading your adult books and love your writing, so I knew I’d like this series too.

  27. Hi C. C. Hunter! Oh, I’m so excited for Whispers at Moonrise to come out! I actually came upon your series while browsing through good reads and instantly fell in love with it. I read all the books within three days!

    Your writing style just caught my eye and I love how creative the stories are. I actually like all of your characters, except for Fredricka. Heh. You describe her moody attitude so well that she even gets on my nerves!

    I recently liked your page on Facebook and was ecstatic to see that there was a chance to get a free Shadows Falls t-shirt, or (even better!) a copy of Whispers at Moonrise! You sure know how to get people’s attention. 🙂 I’m a HUGE fan of the series so it would be so awesome to win either of those.

    Looking forward to reading Whispers at Moonrise however I end up with a copy! I’m totally curious to see what your next series will be about too…


  28. I LOVE Shadow Falls, thank you so much for writing such a captivating series! This series has helped me so much through some tough times of self-doubt, and has even renewed my faith in my own writing! I’m now faithfully working on my own book again with hope that I could make it in the literary world as well, and a lot of the credit for that goes to your Shadow Falls series 🙂

  29. i can’t wait for the last book and whisper at moonrise. i am addicted to your books i can’t wait to read the 4th book i really do hope i could win it please. i write books to for my family and your books are my insperation! thanks so much!!!

  30. Hi CC!! Hope this finds you doing well!! I can’t wait for Whispers at Moonrise to come out!!! I have been a fan every since I won Born at Midnight off of Goodreads!! Thank you for your work!! 🙂
    How do we become a member of your street team?

    P.S. TO: Bethany Smith: I am 41 and I love CC’s books!!! 🙂

    Much love,


  31. To be honest the only reason I read Born at Midnight was because of the cover. I was in BN looking for a book, for the ride from MD to NC, and it caught my eye enough for me to read what it was about and I’ve been hooked ever since!!! I love the covers of all of your books :).

  32. I love your books. I am a member of your Street Team, and I’m loving reading Whispers at Moonrise. I kind of don’t want to finish it because then I’ll have to wait ’till next year for the next book. But I know it’ll be worth the wait! My cousin is actually the one that recommended these series, and I knew from the first book that I was hooked…
    P.S. I know I have an an advanced copy of the book and a t-shirt. But I’m trying to win the t-shirt or the book for my cousin, because I might not have began reading these books if it wasn’t for her. 🙂

  33. I am crossing my fingers I am reading Taken at dusk right now it will be awesome if I don’t have to wait till Oct 2nd to know what happens next. thank you for the giveaway

  34. Wow, that cover is absolutely stunning. Such a beautiful girl on the cover. The colors are so pretty I could could eat them…but you can’t eat colors. Huh. I’m so excited to see how this series ends. I just can’t wait to read more about Kylie, Della and Miranda I think there relationship is so sweet <3 I'm just so excited.

  35. I love this series and am dying to read the next book. You are a terrific author and I can’t wait to read the rest of Kylie’s story! Happy Reading!

  36. I Love all your covers of the book, my favrite one know is chosen at nightfall.i wish i was on the street team. but anyways love your books.. im so very excited i have the release date written everywhere. you are one of my favrite writers:) October is too far away.. AHHH!

  37. I love these books and I’m most interested in seeing what other powers Kylie comes into and secondly what road her relationship(s) take.

    • Sara, Ive already read the book, (I’m on The CC Hunter Street Team), and lets just say that Kylie gains more powers in book 4 than all of the other books combined!!! It is such an amazing book!

      • Excellent. I love these stories since Kylie obviously doesn’t need a boyfriend to empower her. She does it all on her own. Yeah it’s always nice to have someone around if you need the help, but it’s not essential to the story. I think that’s a great message for all the young girls out there.

  38. I just LOVE this series. Seriously, they are awesome! And I can’t wait for the next book to come out–just a little over a month! YAY! I’m really excited to learn about Kylie’s powers, and what she’s going to do with them. Not to mention I’m absolutely DYING to find out what happens between her and Lucas…and of course, Derek. EEK!

    Also, can I just say how much I love the fact that a bunch of different ages LOVE these books? I’m 23, and I just can’t get enough of them! You rock, C.C.!

  39. Oh my god! I’m sooooo excited for Whispers at Moonrise and the cover to Chosen at Nightfall is so beautiful! I can’t wait to read what happens next and to find out what ahppens with Kylie and Derek 😀 I can’t for her to find out what being a chameleon means. But that’s not all I’m excited for either! I want to read more about the other characters and romances going on, like the one between Holiday and 😀 or Miranda and Perry (Perry is sooooo awesome! If I were him id always turn into an epic unicorn like he did in the beginning!) And then of course there’s Della. I wanto see how she works things out with her parents, or if she ever does

  40. The shadow falls series is the most AMAZING series I’ve ever read! I have recommended these books to all my friends. I read ” Born at Midnight” awhile ago, and absolutely loved it! I was so excited when I found out that there were more books in the series I read them all in a week. And I seriously can’t wait another day to read “Whispers At Moonrise” and I love the cover to chosen at nightfall! I really liked kiley and Derek together but now I like Lucus a little more. I can’t wait to see what happens!

  41. OMG i LOVE this series! seriously i’ve read all three books in one day before, it’s just one of those adventures you can’t possibly put down. my favorite book covers are Born at Midnight and Whispers at Moonrise. i’ve been dying in agonized torture for Whispers at Moonrise to come out lol, i’m a fast reader so i get crazy impatient. i hope kylie ends up with derek! 🙂

  42. I love the cover for Chosen at Midnight. I can’t wait for the last two books to come out! I already told my husband I will be busy on October 2 because I will have to make the 2 hour drive to go get the book and of course then reading. I just got my sister to read the books last week and now she is addicted too 🙂 Can you tell us anything about the next series you will be working on?

  43. My daughters and I are looking forward to the new book with much anticipation! I think it is amazing that my 13 year old, my 17 year old and myself at 47, find your books incredibly enjoyable!

  44. I can’t wait until October! That is going to be a great month! Especially since a book from one of my favorite series comes out on the 2nd!! Yay!! So excited!!

  45. I am anxiously waiting for Whispers at Moonrise. I got hooked on this series and then shared it with my sister and 3 of my nieces. Now the whole family are fans! Only an awesome author can captivate readers ranging in ages 12- 42. Thank you for sharing your talent with this awesome series!

  46. I absolutely love this series, it’s extremely captivating and I continue to reread them because, somehow, they never get old. I believe that you’ve managed to show alot of emotion in your writing, and even though the book itself is fiction the characters go through experiences and problems that happen to normal people everyday. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT BOOK!! I continue to guess at how the story will play out and I will admit that I have no clue, however, I’m sure its gonna be awesome and I’m gonna love it. As for the t-shirts, I was extremely surprised, because I didn’t know there were t-shirts. Where would I buy one?

  47. The SF series is my all time favorite. Awake At Dawn, still gets to me every time. I could faint of excitement for Whispers At Moonrise!


  49. I read alot of YFiction and this series is by far my favorite!!! I can’t wait to read the 4th book! I hope you get a movie deal for it that would be soooo awesome!!!

  50. I bought the first 3 books in the Shadow Falls series a few weeks ago & I read all 3 books in 3 days! I just couldn’t put them down! I absolutely LOVE your series & I cannot wait for books 4 & 5, which by the way, I LOVE the covers! They are gorgeous! Thank you so much for writing this series & allowing us into Kylie’s world! It’s been one heck of a ride so far & I’m ready for more!!!! 😀

  51. I love the Shadow falls series and am dying for Whispers at Moonrise! Can’t wait!!! Would love a t-shirt, but the book would be amazing!! Would love to review it on my blog and brag too! Ha! Thanks for sharing Kylie’s story! I am secretly rooting for Derek, just saying. 🙂

  52. Soooo i know everybody says dont judge a book by its cover but i mean come on i cant help it. But i really do love all the covers for the shadow falls series! the cover for Chosen at Nightfall was pretty awesome. I have become a huge fan of all the books and i really cant wait for Whispers at Moonrise! I definately cant wait to see if Kylie will find out wht being a Chameleon means (i know its something big) Dont enven get me started on the whole Derek, Lucas situation dont know whts gonna happen there but it will definately be something good. Thanks a bunch C.C 🙂

  53. Ohhhhhhhh I sooo want this book. I fell in love with that series. Such an amazing one 😀 And the covers look amazing. I can’t wait for the fourth book and once I’ll be done with it, I’ll be counting the days for the final one.

    Thank you for doing this giveaway 😀 And keep up the amazing work 😀

  54. OMG, I LOVE this series! I’m hoping so much that Whispers at Moonrise will have Kylie FINALLY getting back together with Derek. I can’t wait until October!

  55. Cant wait to read Whispers at Moonrise!! I thought there were only 3 but when I found out it wasn’t finished I literally SCREAMED! And I’ve got all my friends hooked on them aswell! We keep talking about how it should become a movie.

  56. AHHHHH! I love the cover! 😀 It’s so pretty. I love all your books. I’m really looking forward to some romance between Kylie and Lucas. Eee! I can’t wait for Whispers at Moonrise! I would so love a t-shirt. I would wear it with pride. 😀

  57. That cover is GORGEOUS!!!! I absolutely love it. Let me just say I am sooooooo excited for Whispers at Moonrise. I have been dying for this book to come out since the minute I finished reading the last page of Taken at Dusk. October can’t come son enough. I hate to admit it but cover definitely play a role in what books I choose to read. I know, I know don’t judge a book by its cover but I can’t help myself. The pretty ones are just so alluring. I have to say I would pick up chosen at nightfall in a heartbeat. I’m kind of nervous to read Whispers at Moonrise seeing as I am Team Lucas. Rumor has it that its very Team Derek, but excited none the less. Keep on writing.

  58. I AM SO EXCITED TO READ THESE! The covers are awesome and I loved the first three booksss!!! (and the little short story) I am anxious to see how everything pans out and she deals with Derek and Lucas and who she will end up with, if she will even end up with either of them, since they are both stinking boneheads! lol. Anywayss, super excited, love your books, you better keep writing!…or else!!! lol jk! Happy writing!!!

    Shaina :3

  59. I am so excited for Whispers at Monnrise to come out! I love all our the books in the series because they are all unique in there own way. I am so excited to see how Kylie will learn to use her powers and what she will do with her powers once she learns to harness them. I am also excited to see who see will choose! Will she choose the guy with the special bond tied to her or will she choose the guy that she has the sercet past with. I just can’t wait to see what Kylie chooses to do with her powers and how she will choose between to guys that care so much about her!

  60. I love this series! The story totally sucks you in and before you know it you have read the whole book. Thanks for the chance.

  61. I would love to win a book I have only read the first book in the series but I really enjoyed it. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  62. sooo excited for Whispers at Moonrise!! I found out about these books this summer and could not a put them down! Can’t wait to see what happens 🙂

  63. since i finished the 1st book i’ve been IN LOVE with the series and have bought the next book the day it comes out!!! i keep rereading the entire series everytime a new book comes out and i just keep loving it more! im Team Derek but the romance that kylie has with derek and lucas in the books are beautiful! I am SO EXCITED and CANT WAIT for Whispers At Moonrise to come out so i can read it and stop wondering whats going to happen!

  64. Love this series so much – too bad Wisconsin isn’t one of the destinations for book tours – can’t wait for Whispers at Moonrise, have it on pre-order!

  65. I can’t wait for Whispers at Moonrise!! I love this series and I want to find out more about Kylie and find out if her and Lucas will get to be together. I hope I win this it would be completely awesome!!

    Thanks Kirsten

  66. I can’t wait for Whispers at Moonrise!!!!!!!!!! I bet it be as good as the first three books! Also I wonder what Chosen at Nightfall will be about…

  67. I love this series I own all the books and have them on my Kindle too and the next book I have pre-ordered for both book and my Kindle!

  68. I love these books. I can’t wait for Whispers at Moonrise to come out! I’m counting down every day on my calendar. I really hope that Lucas stands up to his pack and doesn’t let them come between him and Kylie. I hope that she learns about what being a Chameleon really means for her. I love the cover to Chosen at Nightfall! It’s amazing! I printed out a copy of it and put it up on my wall in my room cause I love it so much!

  69. I LOVE shadow falls series! I read lots of books but yours is my favorite by far. Kylie is a heroine and kicks serious butt.

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    Thank you…

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    * Fingers crossed* maybe I’ll win, can’t wait till October 2 if not.

    your fan,

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  108. Ms. Hunter,

    ” Shadow Falls ” series is my totally favourite!!! I can read and re-read Born at Midnight withouth getting bored. It will be an honor if I could win ” Whispers at Moonrise ” but I am a pessimistic person and I know that it is just a dream. You grant me the honor to be on my blog and I am really grateful for that and for your gift ( that left me speechless! ). You are awesome! And keep writing because writing is the unspoken feeling sometimes:)

    With respect and admiration,
    Simona M.

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    Sadie 🙂

  111. I Love this new cover, I am going to do a little cover reveal on my blog for it, and include Whispers, since i do not have a summary for the new cover one, love it.
    I want to enter your contest to, hope I am not too late.
    Thanks, you have amazing books, and am eagerly awaiting (very impatiently I might add) Whispers at Moonrise.

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    IM UR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    ps. TEAM LUCAS…love those hot werewolves 🙂

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  123. Love the cover!!

    About the giveaway….
    C.C, take a good look on these next words “Pick me, pick me, pick me!”
    Now close your eyes, and when you open them you’ll have no choice, but to pick me

    I’m trying some hypnotics move through internet… I hope it works 😛 🙂

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    Ok I’m all good!
    NOT! Oh. MY. GAWD! I am freaking out, a give away! SWEET! Even if I dont win- which unfortunately, I am not likely to- some else will be awarded the honor of reading this insanely FANTASTICALY SUPPERB book!
    I mean, I gotta admit, I’d kinda hate then 4 it (I mean, who wouldn’t! They got the book & I didn’t!) but oh well! Someones day…. Ok, YEAR just got a hole of heck lot better! So go you whoever wins!!!!

    *Spff, F “twihards!”
    (ok, I’m a twihard to…… Don’t judge me…..)

    • Oppsie daisy, I kinda forgot to add the most important part!!
      …….. Ok, thats all!

  126. I don’t know if this is too late but either way I just wanted to say how amazing all the covers have been! They really capture the mystery and heartaches of the books.

  127. I really like the covers they are the very reason i bought the book. Now I know there is the don’t judge a book by it cover saying but i can’t help but do it. But your covers are awesome and so are the book so i guess judging the book by the cover worked. I’m most looking forward to what Kylie is and what her powers are. Also to Burnett’s and Holiday’s romance i think that will be fun. 😛

  128. I really love the covers of the shadow falls series. Also, I love all of the books especially taken at dusk. I think your are an amazing author and I look up to you because when I finish my 4 year degree I will become a Journalist. I know it’s two days after your post but I would love to receive an advanced copy of Whispers at Moonrise.

  129. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve read all the books really fast and enjoy every minute and I crave them like I crave popcorn ( almost all the time <3 )! I love the series and think you are an amazing writer, so thanx for writing and i can't wait for the next books to come out!!!

  130. The cover for the Chosen at nightfall is very nice! Cant wait to read whispers at moonrise and chosen at nightfall! And im sure i would wish there would be more books!

  131. Frgot to answer the question.. I was so excited to see the covers! Anyhoo, at whispers at moonrise ofcourse im looking forward to kylie discovering more powers, who the ghost is that she saw and what she’s gonna do with Derek telling her he loves her.

  132. I really like the Chosen at Nightfall cover. It kind of looks like a doomsday theme with the red and violet colors. I am obsessed with this series. I started checking the library for a preorder of Whispers at Moonrise a week ago. But to own an advanced copy…I’m salivating

    • I just made my mom pre order Whispers at Moonrise yesterday but if I win (which with my luck i might not) my mom will give me that look like i did something stupid and and tell me she getting her money back

  133. You know how you have that poll for team Lucas and Derek? Well,maybe you could also make one for Perry.Because my friend REALLY likes his character.And she’s always going on about how it’s unfair that he doesn’t get a team.

  134. Hi,um,me again.I forgot to tell you that your books inspired my friend,Emily,(yes we have the same name) and me to write our own book,And so far we are on chapter 20! PLEASE wish us good luck to finish the book!!! Thank you! Oh,and i always LOVE your book covers!

  135. Hey C.C. 🙂 I am so excited for Whispers at Moonrise and the last SF novel its almost always on my mind. Kylie’s story is just amazing and I am having so much fun reading your books! Anyway, I know your suppose to comment to try to win the advanced copy but I just wanted to say this stuff as well? 🙂 Your books really are amazing and I’ve learned a lot about writing and the different types of writing styles just by reading them! 🙂 <3 So thanks! And happy writing!

  136. Omg the new cover is amazing and i can’t wait to read both of these books. They will both be super dupper amazing reads. I love all of the characters and I can’t wait to see whats in store for them this time around.

  137. When my son got me the first book in the Shadow Fall series I fell in love with the book and couldn’t wait till the next book came out.I read the next book within 2 days,and I just finish reading the 3rd book and can not wait for the next.
    This series would make a great movie in my opinion.I will be sad when the series ends,but can not wait to see what you have next.

  138. hey i just wanted to say that your books are awsome! I started reading them and then got my friend into them and now shes obssesed with them 😉

  139. Hi CC! Your books are amazing. I am on your site everyday and I get butterflies thinking about whispers at moonrise. I think that you are a very talented author and your hard work shines through the shadow falls series. The covers are very pretty and describe the book just as much as the description does. (which is great!!) –haha—
    I love how defined your characters are and I feel as if I can connect with all of them. Your writing is so amazing that I can picture the whole book in my head as if it were a movie.
    I find myself picking up the books everyday, throughout the day, to read and reread my favorite parts. I can’t tell you how many times I have reread the series. It is the best series in the whole world.
    I enjoy reading about Kylie’s adventure to finding out the answers she needs and while I read I am on the edge of my chair the entire time!! The description and plot of the book are fantastic. The Shadow Falls series follows me and stays with me wherever I go and I think about it throughout the day.
    If I won this giveaway it would be an amazing honor and I think my heart would stop. Even if I don’t win, the reviews helped me learn that the book is worth the wait. ( I still have my fingers crossed though )
    Love you C.C. HUNTER!!!
    – Regan W

  140. Hi! My name is Amanda, and i’m thirteen years old. One of my best friends named Skylee got me into the Shadow Falls series and i’m so grateful that she did! I use to not like reading, but when Skylee made me read this book I just couldn’t put it down, now I read all the time. Also I have to say you wrote these books very well(: and I’m soo excited for Whispers at Moonrise is gonna be coming out! And I would be forever grateful if I got the chance to win the book Whispers at Moonrise!(:

  141. Not really sure why I’m commenting I’ve never gotten anything before but there’s always a first right? Anyways I want to find out what a chameleon is. Is that the reason her pattern reads as human? and what about dereks I’m in love with kylie bomb? I mean we all knew he was but I never expected him to tell her. Especially not when shes dating lucas. So many things to be answered. I am going to die waiting.for Oct.2 but like always I’ll re-read the rest of the series to make sure I don’t forget something important. The Shadow Falls series is by far my favorite and I’ll probably cry when it ends….I love your writing C.C. and as a aspiring author you are my role model.

    • Please don’t die waiting for Whispers at Moonrise! Oct. 2 will be here before you know it. And for the record, I cried a lot while writing Whispers.

  142. I remember the first time I got my barns and nobles gift card and I walked in(I’d never been to that book store before) and I had no idea what books I was going to buy. I knew right away when I saw that Carrie Jone’s newest book, Entice, was out and I had to buy it. Then, as I was walking down the aisles of books I spotted this book. It was dark in color, purple, and the name kind of stood out to me so I picked it up. Turning it around I came face to face for the first time with Born at Midnight. Immediately I flipped it over and read every word on the back. I didn’t have enough money to get the both of them but I knew I wanted Entice and something told me I needed to buy Born at Midnight so I convinced my mother to put in the extra money.

    Needless to say, she allowed it and I walked home beaming with joy from the two books I received.

    I finished Entice that day and decided I would wait till the next day to read Born at Midnight because I have this terrible habit of reading it too quickly and having this aching feeling of loss when I finish a book. I started reading Born at midnight the next day and I just couldn’t seem to put the book down. The story was so captivating and I was automatically hooked.

    When I found that the next book had come out some time later (after stalking this website and a few others;) I practically forced my mother to the book store and she bought that one for me as well. By this time the series basically entrapped me and I bought Taken at Dusk myself as soon as it came out.

    I just wanted to share my little story about how I was pulled into the stories you’ve managed to someone create in such a way it consumes my thoughts. It’s torture to wait for Whispers at Moonrise to come out! I also wanted to let you know that the cover for Chosen at Nightfall is very beautiful. I love your stories and thank you for creating them because without it lot’s of people would be lacking a wonderful escape from reality ^.^

  143. I stopped reading for a few years, between college and life I just didn’t have time. I started reading again in early 2012. What set of books do I happen to pick up? The Shadow Falls Series of course. How do you know when a book is going to be epic? When you can instantly picture in your head everything thats happening in the story, like it’s playing its own little movie. The main character speaks to so many different people. Have your parents divorced? Did you ever uproot and need to make new friends? Have you ever felt a little like an outcast? Have you ever fallen in love? Thats exactly what the main character in these novels goes through. It’s something a lot of people can relate to, with a little magic added in here and there. The first three books of this series have been sitting on my entertainment center for what seems like for ever, waiting for the fourth one to join them. Can’t wait to make my Shadow Falls collection complete, both on my entertainment center and in my mind, to finish the “movie”.

  144. I’m really looking forward to learning more about Kylie’s family and her species. I have so many question about why no one knows about them, their history, what being what Kylie is entails, and Kylie’s life at Shadows will change because of the information she learns. I can’t wait for the next book and all the answers (and new questions) it will bring.

  145. I am in love with the shadow falls series. I saw the cover at barnes and noble over the summer and picked it up and read the summary, and i knew id love it. After i read Born At Midnight (which i could not put down) i had to read the others i didnt sleep until i finished all of them . The cliffhangers are just killers i wanted to put the book down and get some sleep but i couldnt. I can’t wait for Whispers at Moonrise im going crazy waiting ive been rereading the series for the last two weeks and will continue rereading until i get it. I cant wait to see what Kylies powers are and if she’ll leave Shadow Falls to live with her grandfather( personally i cant picture it but if she’s desperate enough to know who she is , she might). I would love a sneek peek of the book than maybe i could read it and stop neglecting my homework to reread the previous ones in anticipation.

  146. I love the cover and cannot wait to read this one too! I also love my t-shirt that I received with my Street Team package among other things in it. I have several friends who would love a t-shirt too, like my fellow librarians lol!

  147. i am so inspired by your work i cant believe how talented you are i am sooo excited for your next book to come out that i am about to cry because i am almost done with taken at dawn

  148. WOW! The cover is awesome! All the covers have been strikingly amazing. & the series is killer! Can’t wait for the books to be released and to hear what your next series might be! 🙂

  149. im on your street team and i’ve just now gotten to read whispers at moonrise because my friends stole it and wouldnt let me read it as payback for a little prank i may or may not have pulled…let me tell you, teenage girls do NOT like to wake up with mayonnaise and old bay covering their hair. they are deep sleepers……ANYWHO, this book is amazing, i mean talke the most awesome, most suspense-filled, love-triangled book you have ever read, and you are just starting to reach the levels of awesomeness this book has acheived on my chart. and as hard as it is for me, im not going to give any spoilers. and although i am hard cor team lucas, this book is making me kind of sad because its making me think shes gonna end up with derek (WRONG CHOICE) but either way, this book is still so amazing and im going to have to wait another month before posting again because i cant book rant any more without giving anything away… DANG!

  150. I have come to love this series and cant wait for the rest to cone out to finish reading and find out what happens to kylie lucas derek and the rest of the gang. I also live the new cover awesome.

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  168. Dear C.C. Hunter,
    I love all you books. I am really sad that the shadow falls series is going to an end. Every time I read your books I am in a state of mind and I feel like I a in yor books. Because of your books I realized how much fun it is to reads. Something’s I love about the book is the mystery and self identity. Kile doesn’t know who she is but still have will power to keep on going especially everything she has been through. That is why she is my favorite character in the book, she inspires me to never give no batter what gets your way. I hope you write more books and someday your books became a movie.

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