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I loved all the great questions for Lucas and Derek. I’ll try to answer most of them over time. However, I’m nose deep in writing the Chosen at Nightfall. And I’ve gotten a rough draft of the cover. I love it! Anyway, for today’s blog I decided to answers one question.

1. When was the first moment you knew Kylie was for you? What’s one word you would use to describe how she makes you feel? — Joc

Derek: It was the first time I felt her. I was standing in the parking lot waiting for the bus to take us to Shadow Falls. I felt her. Her emotions were so pure, so heart-rendering, I wanted to help her so badly, it hurt. And then of course, I looked at her. It was over then, she had snatched my heart right out of my chest. And for the one word that would describe her? I’d have to say, it was breathtaking.

Lucas: The first time I saw her. She was only six year olds. But she was precious. Hey…I was only seven, so she wasn’t too young for me. The way she smiled. The way her eyes lit up, it was magical. Then, I looked to see if she was all human and she wasn’t. I mean…I didn’t know what she was, but one word kept playing across my mind: Mine. I wanted her to be mine. I guess that’s the word I would describe her. Although, honestly, it would take more than one word to describe her.

And now that I’ve answered these for Lucas and Derek, I want to ask you guys a question. What do you think you should feel when you first lay eyes on that special person? What thought goes through your mind. Maybe you’ve met that special person, or maybe it’s still a dream that will happen soon.

And because I don’t like to ask questions I don’t answer, here’s my answer to that question:

For me when I first laid eyes on Mr. Craig. I thought, he’s cute, but I’m so not looking for a guy in my life. He had to convince me that while it might not be the right time, he was definitely the right person. And I’m so glad he convinced me!

Oh…has everyone read the scenes from Lucas and Derek about the first seeing Kylie the first time at the camp? If not check it out:


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32 thoughts on “Lucas & Derek Speak Out

  1. I think when you first see them you should notice that there’s something about them that’s different from all the rest.

  2. When I first met my beau (which was at an online sci-fi forum), I literally felt butterflies in my stomach. And then when I flew out to meet him in person, I started tearing up when I saw him. I knew, “This is my man, my beau.” Finally, he will be coming out to live in Texas at the end of this month. 🙂

  3. I guess I would want to feel that he’s different, but in a good way. Like I can trust him with anything, but also can make me laugh. I guess I want a guy just to be himself around me and I can be myself around him. I haven’t meet “the guy” yet so it’s still a dream I’m waiting for.

  4. I think a person should feel complete when they see that special someone. Like you been waiting for them all along but never really knew:)

  5. I think your heart would thump, tripping over itself in it’s efforts to beat steadily and then a general feeling of completeness, a feeling of contentment would wash over you and the world would seem a bit like a waterpainting in comparison to how you feel.

  6. I don’t think you should think much of it at first. It would mean your love is based on first impressions. It doesn’t give someone a whole lot of room to grow and change. When it’s The One, I don’t think you should know it at the time. It should be something that happens gradually. Not ‘OMG, he’s the one!’

  7. Hey CC! I just wanted to know if St. Martin’s received the Street Team’s ARCs yet. Thanks!

    And if you may answer, what is your next series idea? (If it’s not too much to ask.)

  8. if i thought of a word it would be sweet cause he looks all tough but he really has a kind heart Team Lucas all the way

  9. Well, first of all Thank you soooooo much for my shirt! and thank you for signing it! 😀 it means the world to me; i started jumping when i opened the package, and i couldnt stop smiling! 🙂 And.. I would hope that when i first see “the guy”, that i just have the urge to go and talk to him, but not as much as he does for me, and when we do start talking, it only gets better. My word, undeniable. 🙂

  10. i dont think that there necesarily has to be butterflies when you first see the person. sure buttrflies would be nice, but not everyone is drool-worthy enough of butterflies…at first. once you get to know them, you should know those butterflies as well as you know your best friend. but when i find my guy i hope im thinking ‘amazing’

  11. When I first laid eyes on my husband, it was in Downtown Melbourne at a bar called Main Street… I thought he was the biggest tool EVER lol I met him again at my best friend and my house warming party where he attended with a mutual friend of my best friend’s. We actually hit it off pretty well and began talking on the phone and facebook chat… One night he rescued me from a “meeting” with a guy friend that wanted to whine about his ex… We have been inseparable for almost three years now and just got married March of this year 🙂

  12. i want him to be cute but understanding, someone who will always be there for me…someone i can look up as if he were the older bro i never got…and i would prefer him to be tall (seeing as im taller than all the guys in my class and im in 7th grade, it could be a while for Mr. Perfect to come along)

    • im going to 7th grade this year and i’m taller than most of them-the boys are either small and skinny or big and fat-so there’s no chance for love there LOL

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