More Answers From Lucas and Derek

Okay, I had a little time to ask Lucas and Derek a few more of your questions. So, here are their answers. You may be surprised by what they say.

1. Could you try to get along and possibly become friends with Lucas/Derek if it meant that Kylie would be happier? –Sherri

Derek: I could get along with him, but I’m not completely sure we could become friends. Or at least not close friends. It bothers me that he’s hurt Kylie. And yes, I know that I hurt her, too. And I’m angry at myself about that. I think that will always be one of my biggest regrets.

Lucas: If Kylie wanted it, I’d try to do it, because I want her to be happy. But the truth is that while I’d try, I’m not sure Derek and I have enough in common to be friends. I mean, the thing we have in common mostly is Kylie, and that doesn’t bring us together, it actually does the opposite.

2. Okay, boys, you both know that the other has feelings for Kylie and you both know that currently, Lucas is with Kylie. Putting that aside, as well as your own feelings (or lack thereof) for each other and her, who do you HONESTLY think is best for Kylie? –Missy

Derek: Isn’t that answer evident? The only reason Kylie is with Lucas now is because I screwed up. I can read her emotions, I can feel what she feels. When she’s sad, I can make her happy. When she’s upset, I can help her cope. I love her and I accept her for whatever she is—unlike someone else. Isn’t that love? Wanting to be there to help the person you care about deal with the hard times in life. Accepting everything about the person. If Kylie will just give me a second chance, I’ll prove to her that we were meant to be.

Lucas: Kylie and I have had a bond since we were six and seven-years-old. As crazy as it sounds, I think I knew she was the one for me even back then. She doesn’t know it yet, well, she does figure it out in Whispers at Moonrise, but she was my first kiss, my first love. I snuck into her bedroom window one night when she was sleeping and pressed my lips to her cheek. It was awesome and scary at the same time. I know Kylie and I have some things to work out. My pack and my family don’t think we’re a good match. But what the hell do that know? And soon, very soon, I can stop pretending with my dad and tell him that this is my life and I’m going to live it the way I want to. And that way will always include Kylie.

So, who do you HONESTLY feel would be best for Kylie? Not necessarily who you think is hot (well they both are really!), but who do you think would make her happiest?

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  1. I dont know if I should answer because I have read the new book but excluding the info from Whisper at Moonrise I think that Lucas will have to choose his pack over her and that will hurt Kylie so I think that Derek is best for her. Yes I have changed sides I am now TEAM DEREK!

        • hey if you read the book you can upload the book on some online reading source so other people can read the book. Like me just say in help some fans out. ohh i know 2 websites to upload books and

          • I’ve read the booh as well definately team derek now. Wam will be out in just over a month. Absolutely worth the wait,as a member of cc’s street team i don’t agree with ILLEGALLY posting her books. The book is a great read though. Can’t wait for lastbook the cover is beautiful.

          • Aww can someone post the book online of jut chapter one then tell me cause I just want to get a head start cause i really want to know what’s going to happen

    • …. why did she choose Lucas??????????

      Derek is the one she really loved! She´d loved him from the first Moment. In book one, she only was in love with Derek. She was the one who kissed him!

      I don´t care if they are hot or not! The only important Thing is the heart. And Derek has such a good heart.

      He was the one who acceped her like she is, not Lucas!!!!
      He was the one who helped her in any situation, not Lucas!!!
      He was the one who made her feel better, not Lucas!!!
      And he would NEVER, NEVER, even THINK of become married with someone else.

      With Lucas, there were always the hot feelings. Only the hot ones.
      With Derek, there were REAL feelings.

  2. I too read Whispers at Moonrise, (and to those not on the street team, it is PHENOMENAL!), and I think, and have really thought from the start, that Derek is the one for Kylie. He understands her, he knows her, he feels her. Lucas can’t even seem to except the fact that she’s a ghost whisperer! And also with what happens in Whispers, I definitely think Derek is for Kylie. Lucas has just been pushing her away to much, even if the point is to get them together…. If you know what I mean… 🙂

      • People are i am soo going to die if i don’t get the book in my hand a freaking sap I love Derek science i read the first book. they both can be jerks but Lucas was a creepy stalker to Kylie since he was about seven that is not love that’s is so not having a bond. But if you like read the books can you like give some spoilers. I am so impatient and i don’t care give me my SPOILERS /ANSWERS please

    • Lucas is as much as a jerk as Derek was.Lucas does care what she is and Derek doesn’t give a f*ck.they’re both human and every human has his faults so to make my point they BOTH have been jerks in a specific way

    • Peopelnwho got on the Street Team got a really release of the book. The book was really great:) ive been tea derek fro the start, and i think after you have read Whispers at Moonrise, you will be think lucas is the jerk. I know i think that. I dont know how lucas could have donewhat he did to kylie!

      • im on the street team and i have the book but im waiting until school starts to read it so i can show my librarian. he is the best teacher ever, he acts like one of the kids and is totally my favorite teacher. but also im doing it to annoy my friends because im not letting them read it until after me and they are all dying to read it. this is what happens when you throw a hairbrush at my forehead. MWAHAHAHAHA but reading these comments is making me want to read it tonight! and the book is right there on the foot board of my bed! it would be so easy to just read…but nope, not gonna do that. i need self control. its only until next monday…ok, i can do this…uggh! this is so hard!

        • I’m exactly the same (not the librarian part though XD and some other things but still!) I want to read it do bad now and of course I have other books, but I want something good to read for school.

          • I sooo want 2 read taken at dawn and whispers but I agree with bria. DERECK is a. JERK!!!!!! GO TEAM LUCAS!!!! 😉

  3. I’m totally Team Derek – and was before I finished Whispers at Moonrise. Derek really cares for her and shows it. He accepts who she is, not just the parts he wants of her. Lucas pushes her away too often and puts his pack over her. If Lucas truly loved her, his pack wouldn’t matter. Derek has always put Kylie first. Lucas puts her second more often than not.

    I think for Kylie to be happy, she needs a man who will put her first in his life and accept all the parts of her, including the ghost whispering. Lucas has shown that he can’t accept the ghosts that will always be part of her life.

    Both Derek and Kylie wanted to “get rid” of their powers in the beginning. They both wanted to be “normal.” Over time, they have both realized that they have been given the powers they have for a reason. I think that adds an additional bond. Lucas has always been a werewolf and can’t understand how Kylie would have wanted to give up her powers.

    BTW, Whispers at Moonrise was AWESOME! I’m so excited that I was chosen to be part of the street team. When can we officially review the book? (I’ll have to FORCE myself to read it again so I can make a good review. LOL)

  4. I have only read the first 3 books so I still need the 4th, but as for the question I am team Lucas, but I am starting to think Derek is better for her (never thought I would say that XD) but if Lucas wants to keep her he needs to forget about the pack disaproving and start caring for Kylie and accept who she is and stop wanting her to be a werewolf, also stop being so territorial about her with Derek I mean come on their friends. Derek he cares for her and wants to make her happy so mainly he just needs to try and keep his emotions (and hers) in check and try to be there as a friend for now and maybe try to tolerate Lucas a bit.

      • Hey don’t get me wrong I still like Lucas, but he just needs to prove himself a bit more and stop being so self centered I mean come on. Derek would be a cool guy to have as a friend.

    • ok i have only read the first three books (love them by the way and cant wait to read the 4th espescially since everyone is saying how good it is) but i have been flip-flopping between who i like better derek or lucas. the first book derek, the end of book 2 derek was a jerk sooooo lucas but 3rd book derek. I think derek is really good to her and can make her happy. Lucas cares way too much about wht she is especially when it comes to his pack.

      • Yah well wolves naturally live in packs and they are very pack orientated it’s how their raised. He just needs to find a balance. I’m still team Lucas even though I also like Derek, but to me he seems more like the best friend brother type.

  5. I’m totally Team Derek. Lucas is too selfish with things in my opinion. Derek messed up with her, sure, but he was also coming to grips with himself and his powers. It’s hard to love someone when you don’t love yourself. Lucas sees her as something beautiful. I think he wants her to be his perfect little trophy, and that’s just not cool.

  6. I`m team Lucas!! He is so nice and when she is around him she makes his blood race. Now come on, don`t u want the guy u love`s blood to race when you are around him?? I do…but I do agree that Derek has made some mistakes. He really hurt Kylie and left her and by doing so left her wide open for any other men to swoop in and take her. If u ask me Derek brought all this on himself. He is a JERK and Lucas is sweet (most of the time) and HOT!!!

  7. ok, first were in the hell did you get the fourth book because it’s not even out yet, and second i think derek loves kylie for who she is and lucas wants kylie to be a werewolf, but when lucas answered the last question, he said that his pack can get off his back because his life revolved around kylie thats pretty sweet!! Derek messed up pretty bad he had sex with another girl and kylie and derek were going out because they kissed and hung out together that is dating there is no other word to subscribe it. but i would have to go with lucas not because he’s hot(which he is!) but because he is nice to her and cares for her. HE LOVES HER!!!!!

    so team lucas!!!!

    • the people on her street team–it was a contest she wrote about near the beggining of june–got an early copy of Whispers at Moonrise, and also. YOU SAID IT SISTER!! PREACH YOUR WORDS OF WISDOMS TO ALL PEOPLE ON ALL LANDS OF ALL TIME!!! I WILL PERSONALLY GRANT YOU IMMORTALITY FOR THIS QUEST!!!

      • yea but remember in book one what lucas did with frederica in werewolf mode so they’ve both been jerks but i go for derek

          • at shadow falls-not in their whole lifes-as in when they were little and the bond think lucas talked about
            ps-i do like lucas it’s just i don’t think he’s the one for kylie

    • but lucas never told her he loved her he is just very posessive so wht if you met her when you were seven it doesnt make her yours she is not something you can have or win she is a person. sure derek messed up pretty badly but come on he admitted he messed up and him and kylie werent even dating and derek told her he loved her tht takes guts

  8. Ahhh after reading that post…I don’t know anymore! lol I can’t choose between them, I now know how Kylie feels ^_^ They are both good for her in there own ways.

  9. I’m totally Team Derek. Lucas is too selfish with things in my opinion. Derek messed up with her, sure, but he was also coming to grips with himself and his powers. It’s hard to love someone when you don’t love yourself. Lucas sees her as something beautiful. I think he wants her to be his perfect little trophy, and that’s just not cool.

    • yeah i totally agree lucas thinks just because he met her when he was seven she is his but tht doesnt make her yours. she is not something you can win she is a person. i totally think she should be with derek………..totally derek HECK I WOULD EVEN DATE DEREK haha

  10. team Derek all the way!!
    I’m team Derek Since book #1.

    I don’t get why the fact the Lucas met her first is important.
    In Derek words: “I accept her for whatever she is—unlike someone else. Isn’t that love? Wanting to be there to help the person you care about deal with the hard times in life. Accepting everything about the person.”


    Not to mention the chemistry between the two of them is unbelievable. Sorry but I Don’t giggle like a school girl when she’s with Lucas.

    Derek is a man, he’s mature, know what he wants. Lucas is a boy who will always chooses his pack first then the girl.

      • hell yeah no one is going to change my mind team Derek all the way and to those fake fans liking Derek at one point then changing to team Lucas (homie hoppers) think about this they didn’t Lucas and Kylie didn’t have a bond Lucas was being some what of a stalker i wouldn’t be surprise if Lucas did look at Kylie when she changed her close. TEAM DEREK ALL THE WAY SON XD!

  11. I have to say, I don’t like Derek. Kylie really doesn’t like it when people mess with her emotions, and he does just that. Derek thinks himself to be perfect, whereas Lucas knows he has faults, but does the best he can. Lucas is totally perfect for Kylie. Every once and a while, I feel like slapping Kylie and say ‘Pick Lucas you idiot! Get over Derek already! Pick Lucas!!!!!’ Well, that’s my thoughts.

  12. I don’t know which team I’m on. I also got to read Whispers Before Moonrise early, and I’ve tried to choose between the two, and mainly I was Team Lucas for a while… but I after reading Whispers at Moonrise, I’ve got a say that one has to wonder if his loyalty to Kylie really does come first.

    Derek is great, but he did sleep with another girl while he supposedly was in love with Kylie. But still, he cares deeply about her and is willing to put her first sometimes, and is much more accepting of her helping ghosts then Lucas is, and since those ghosts are kind of a big part of her life… I’ve got a say that Derek seems like a lot better of a choice… currently that is.

  13. Even after reading the fourth book, I am still team Lucas. Derek is too uppity for her. She needs someone down to earth. Yeah they both hurt her and both push her away at times. But of the two Lucas brings out the side of her that she keeps hiding from others. Besides, who wants a guy who always knows what you are feeling? How can you trust his feelings for you then?

    • but sometimes its also good how you feel because he can understand how and why she feels like that and can help her go through it.of course she didn’t trust him at first but she learned to get used to it whereas lucas can’t deal with the fact that kylie is a protector and ghost whisperer but derek can.think about it

  14. I definitely think that Derek is the right choice for her. I mean, Derek told her from the beginning that whatever she was, it wouldn’t matter and he would still like her just the same. However, Lucas doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he wants her to be a werewolf. Team Derek! 🙂

  15. I haven’t read the 4th book yet but I think Derek was a jerk for not even trying to initially make things work when her emotions were too strong for him. (Although at least he admitted his feelings later.) But everyone who has read the 4th book seems like they like Derek better so I think I’m just gonna have to wait for the next book to decide.

  16. I definitely think Lucas is the better choice for Kylie. After eleven years he still has the same feelings for Kylie. Doesn’t that mean something? He’s stuck on her for a reason and I truly believe that he truly loves her for who she is. Lucas might not realize it right away because for his whole life his pack and grandmother was all he had. It’s obvious his family and pack have sort of brainwashed him to think that only their kind are the best, but then Kylie came back into his life. Even if you’re in love with someone the realization of sacrificing certain things to truly be happy with that person won’t come right away especially in Lucas’s case. So just because he has difficulties so far to coming to terms with Kylie’s abilities doesn’t mean he’s not the best choice, and just because Derek accepts her right away doesn’t make him the best choice. Even if you were in love with someone do you think it would be easy to give up everything you’ve known or had your whole life just like that? It would seem too easy, obviously there would be some issues. Love has issues and obstacles doesn’t it? It can’t be easy.

    In addition, Lucas can’t accept her ability as a ghost whisperer yet because he thinks that it puts Kylie in danger. He just cares about her a lot, and doesn’t want her to get hurt. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t accept her for who she is, he’s just scared for possible situations that having that ability might put her in and is looking out for her and trying to protect her which is part of his nature. Being a protector would put you in dangerous situations as well. He helped the FRU and mentioned he witnessed some of the horrible things his parent’s used to do. I’m pretty sure he’s been in more dangerous situations than Derek so he’s looking at it from his own point of view based on what he’s experienced and doesn’t want Kylie to go through those things so his actions in trying to reject her being a ghost whisperer and protector are out of love when he only wants her to be safe. So obviously he wouldn’t come to terms with it right away.

    I just think Lucas needs time. The last book is called Chosen at Nightfall. Kylie has to choose whether to embrace her powers or reject them. She has to choose between Derek and Lucas, and Lucas also has to choose between Kylie and sacrificing his pack.

    Overall, this is why I think Lucas seems like the better and most likely guy for Kylie looking at how the story is developing.

      • i like how both of ya think! the words written by Lissa could not be more true! and Sherri, you agree which means you must be cmpletely oozing awesome like i, and from her coment obviously, Lissa do. and to all Team Derek fans who read Lissa’s coment: STICK THAT IN YOUR JUICE BOX AND SUCK IT!!!!

        • Lol thanks! I got to say I love both of them but I’m more of a Lucas fan but I wouldn’t mind knowing someone like Derek in real life. But Lucas all the way! (just wish he would shape up a bit for Kylie :P)

          • definately. i mean, if i ever met a guy like derek, i would friendzone him in 5 seconds. i mean i get that hes hot and all, but hes more friend material. kylies problem reminds me of a book i read. i cant remember the name but what happened was the girl was in love with two guys. one that was like her best friend *cough* derek *cough* and the other was more…boyfriend-y *cough* lucas *cough* but she was in love with both guys, and she couldnt chose. her love with noyfriend-y guy was really disapproved of and sme people would do anything to keep them apart *cough* frederika (did i spell that right? im too lazy to go check…) *cough* but eventually she figures out that she only love friend guy like you would love a brother and she runs after boyfriend guy and they wind up getting married and living happily ever after, that would be the perfect ending to this series. i think <3 ive neva mt ya but i luvs ya anyway (and NOT in a creepy way, we're online so imma make that clear)

  17. TEAM LUCAS! there really isnt much else to say after that. i mean, sure lucas has had some trouble adjusting, but he has loved kylie for eleven years ELEVEN!!!! that counts for a whole WHOLE lot in my book at least. but–im going off of another persons comment but i cant remember whose and im too lazy to go back up and find it–lucas has basically been brainwashed into thinking that only werewolves are acceptable people to date. no matter how much you love someone, could you drop absolutely everything you have been taught, everything you KNOW for someone in the blink of an eye? it may sound simple but pretend you come across this one person youve loved for absolutely ever and you cant imagine life without them. you find out they feel pretty much the same way and then they ask you to abandon your whole life and start a new one with them in…lets say a small town in Korea. if anyone is reading this in a small town of Korea then lets say you went to a big city in the united states of america. but you wouldnt be able to make that decision in 5 seconds. especially when everyone you love is telling you how stupid and dumb it would be if you went with them and how much they dissapprove. but if the characters ever come to life, im switching to team derek so that way when kylie breaks luas’s heart, ill comfort him making him slowly fall in love with me and then we can have a small wedding in a small church and then we can live happily ever after producing half werewolf children. ahhh, what a happy life that would b. but just in case this isnt clear: IF THESE FICTIONAL SUPERNAURALS COME TO LIFE, I GET DIBS ON LUCAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HES MINE!!!!!!!

    • sorry if i start sounding really creepy near the end…yea thats kinda how i am when im sleep deprived. i get hyper and crazy maniacly obsessed and really fangirlly

      • That’s the fun part about hot guys in books don’t u think? And Lucas is great but like u and many other have said he has some problems he needs to fix. Don’t get me wrong team Lucas over here, but I would still be friends with Derek ( hey he’s nice and fairies are kinda cool), but I’m a sucker for cute werewolves XP

        • nu-uh!! lucas is mine…

          and i have a friend that reminds me of derek…he is sweet and hot. ive dated him but it didnt work cause i look up to him like my own bro that i never got!!

          • ummm excuse me, but i called dibs on lucas after like half-way through the first book. he is MINE SISTA!!! and if you dont like it you can go suck it. hehehe, im a little possesive. i yelled at this poor 6th greader like 50 times today to stop touching my book when really, he was just looking at it from like, 2 feet away. poor guy… oh well, hes scared of me now (like so many other people) and theres no changing it…whatever. and dating best friends almost never works. it will work unless your in the stage where hes you brother. then its just…uggh, not really words for it if goes on for a year or so.

  18. I’m happy that my fellow Team Lucas fans agree! I feel like I made a very good point and I would also like to point out another thing. Do you think it would make sense for her to end up with Derek? The thing is even if he seems accepting of her and seems to understand her feelings and emotions ( only because he can feel her emotions, unfair advantage) wouldn’t a friend do the same thing? A best friend? Most of you are acting as if Derek was never her friend in the first place. Throughout the series so far he was only her friend although both of them had romantic feelings towards each other. Has she ever truly felt like a friend to Lucas so far? For awhile in the second book she told Lucas she was his friend, but that didn’t last long. She may have romantic feelings towards Derek but the way she feels towards Derek doesn’t seem as passionate as the way she feels towards Lucas.

    I can see Derek and Kylie being friends , but I can’t see Lucas and Kylie being friends at all. Their relationship is purely on the romance and in depth love side while with Derek its more with friendship that has love and understanding beneath it. I’m pretty sure most of you would feel this way with your best friends. I have a guy best friend whom I love and trust completely and we understand each other it doesn’t make us soul mates.

    Another point is plot wise in the story if she ends up with Derek wouldn’t all the fuss about Lucas and his pack and Fredericka being jealous been for nothing? There was too much drama that happened with Lucas and Kylie so it makes more sense for them to end up together plot wise. With Derek the only thing that happened between them was his constant pressuring of her dating him, his jealousy over Lucas, and him running away with confused feelings and having sex with another girl. So plot wise it makes sense she ends up with Lucas.

    Think about it, say that this series was only about Derek and Kylie wouldn’t it be boring? There’s no big obstacle that they have to face. It’s all too easy in the way Derek easily accepts Kylie. Now if Lucas and Kylie were the only ones in the story there would still be a story it would just be about him having to sacrifice his pack for Kylie. The only thing added to that is a love triangle with Derek and her confused feelings with him. So it makes sense she ends up with Lucas.


    • That has got to be the answer that makes the most sense. It does seen like Derek and Kylie’s relationship is built on friendship. It makes the most sense for her to end up with Lucas.

    • TEAM LUCAS ALL THE WAY!!! GLAD SOME ONE FINALLY AGREES WITH WAT I THINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am team lucas, he is really caring and so what if he screws up a few times. They really have a connection. I am still Pulling for him.

  19. I think that Lucas is better for Kylie because he makes Kylie feel so much better than Derek. And the fact that Lucas didnt leave kylie and ended up sleeping with his ex-girlfriend. TEAM LUCAS!!!!!!! 🙂

    • yea but remember in book 1 that he had done something with frederica when they were in werewolf transformation so if you team lucas girls read this they’re both guilty of something

      • Technically that happened before Kylie came to the camp so that doesn’t really count. The important thing is he never did anything with Fredericka after Kylie came, and has been true to her since unlike Derek.

        • but didn’t he say they had a bond since they were little?quite a bond isn’t it?and idr who commented but she said lucas never saw anyone because of that bond-just saying…

            derek ran off from his “true love” and slept w another girl and expected kylie to forget about it…think about it, if a guy that was in love w u(and u loved him just as much) ran off and had it w another girl wouldnt u b pissed???

    • Did you read the fourth book? And no matter what happens in the fourth book I’m gunna still root for Lucas. Based on people’s comments it sounds like they’re only rooting for Derek after the fourth book because Lucas is still not committing fully and has issues with the ghost whispering ability. I just think Lucas will make a surprise in the last book and he will choose Kylie. He just needs time.

  20. The thing is…Derek makes her feel comfortable and equal and Lucas makes her feel special.
    I don’t know which kylie would chose. But I think they are both important because they make her fell wanted. Especially after her difficulties with her family and fitting in in general.

    • A friend makes you feel comfortable though and I think if someone made you feel special that’s love. C C Hunter said that Kylie admits she’s in love with someone in the book so I hope that it’s Lucas!

  21. I have read Whispers at Moonrise (trust me guys, it will SO be worth the wait!) but I’ve been on Team Derek since Born at Midnight! I will not spoil anything, but my opinion of Derek stayed the same in the new book, though I did give Lucas a fair shot. What really convinced me is in Taken at Dusk, when Lucas refuses to help Kylie with the ghosts and wants her to get rid of them. Derek respects that she is a ghost whisperer and she can’t help it. Derek just understands Kylie so much better.

  22. I am sooo team Derek all the way. I love Derek and Kylie to be together rather than Lucas and her that is just my opinion.

      • obviously she must have if shes on the last book. a lot of authors (if not all) have a basic idea of how they want to end the story by the time they start the last book. and if they released the cover, that means its about ready to go into publishing which means the book is if not already done, then pretty darn close. well theres still revising and all, but ya know. (at least this is what ive heard. DONT TAKE ANY OF THIS 100% TOTALLY CONCRETE)

  23. sooo honestly i keep switching which side im on derek or lucas. Such a big decision i know right but honestly i think im leaning towards derek and have been since book 1 but ultimately i really dont care who kylie ends up with cause their both great guys. i mean anyone would be lucky enough to date them. yeah they both made mistakes but come on nobodys perfect. So good luck kylie on deciding which one to love for the rest of your life you ultimately have a big decision 🙂

    • yeah but if she just gave up both and walked away to me tht would not only be a sucky ending but honestly one of the things that keeps the books going is the fact she cant decide between derek or lucas. then everything she did would be for nothing. but i really dont care who she picks. yeah ok i kinda want derek but as long as she does pick one i know it will hurt the other but tht is life right


    I’ve been a team Lucas fan ever since I read the flashbacks about their childhood in the first book. It would be such a nice end to the story if they do end up together.

    I mean I like Derek too but he seems more like a friend to her than Lucas. And I don’t care if he has issues with his pack or whatever, he will come around. I mean Lucas is already showing some devotion. I mean if werewolves are so devoted to their own kind and if you guys are so sure he’s gunna choose his pack over Kylie why hasn’t he left her yet? There’s still something holding him back. He just has to have time and the realization will come, and if he just chooses his pack over her it would kind of ruin the whole story. Besides Kylie had plenty of time in the first book to be with Derek, but she kept thinking back to Lucas even when she thought he was with Fredericka so that shows me that Lucas has the stronger hold. Plus she was only attracted to Derek in the first place since he looked like Trey.

    It seems like Kylie can feel more comfortable around Lucas than Derek since he can always read her emotions. Lucas has a better understanding of Kylie without that unfair advantage. He loves and cares for her too, and he’s showing that in his own way different than Derek, and it’s not Lucas’s fault that his kind are so obsessed with mixing with other supernatural’s and he was brainwashed. And sure Derek may have a good understanding of her, and loves her and stuff but so does a best friend. I mean he has shown some devotion to her except for that Ellie part but, Kylie hasn’t choosen him yet. And in whispers in moonrise it looks like Lucas still has pack issues and she still hasn’t chosen Derek yet so I think she’s gunna end up with Lucas. And someone earlier said true love has it’s problems so THERE!

    Plus if Kylie doesn’t end up with Lucas I would feel like that part of the story was a waste. So Lucas just leaves and stays with his pack when there was so much commotion over that? And what about the whole thing with Fredericka? She would win by guessing that Lucas would not come around and choose his pack? And their childhood bond would go ignored? It doesn’t make sense to me so I totally think Lucas and Kylie should be together (soul mates XD), and Derek would just make a really awesome friend who loves her too.

    OH AND IF LUCAS GETS HIS HEART BROKEN THEN THAT’S ANOTHER DISSAPOINTMENT. He’s had so much stuff happen in his life I think he’s the one more deserving of Kylie. That’s not the best reason for why he’s deserving of her, there are other’s like I mentioned earlier, but it’s a reason!!!


  25. I am so on Team Lucas. In terms of who will make her happier I think if Lucas chooses his pack over Kylie there will be no more problems. If she ends up with Derek there will always be the fact that he hooked up with that other girl and that will always hurt. Although Lucas had a one time thing with Fredericka it was before Kylie came to the camp and since then he seemed really stuck on her even when Fredericka kept throwing herself at Lucas. Plus Lucas has done more for her than Derek has. He protected her from the bullies when they were smaller (I find that so cute!), when he left camp that first time he wrote letters to her and worried about her , and he saved her life from Red and Derek saved her life too with that lion but the whole time Lucas looked out for her. When Derek left he didn’t make sure Kylie was ok or anything he only found out afterwards about the whole kidnapping, and in that time he hooked up with that other girl. And plus when Lucas had to go away for some pack business he made someone from his pack look out for Kylie and that must have been hard to do so idk in my opinion Lucas has NEVER STOPPED looking out for her or caring about her so I feel that he will choose his pack over Kylie. I think he really loves her.

    I can see Derek as a best friend minus all the romance stuff, and to me it looks like Lucas will always be more to Kylie. No matter what happens in Whispers In Moonrise (even if he’s still hesitant with his pack and that stuff about the Ware Council, I CAN’T WAIT TO READ IT I’M DYING HERE) I will always be on Team Lucas.

    • Thank you!!! I completely agree. Derek always seemed like the best friend to me. With Lucas it’s really passionate. Lucas just needs to learn how to stop keeping kylie in the dark.

  26. I was Team Lucas from the beginning. After Whispers, I’m changing teams! Derek understands her and accepts her for who she is. And this “interview” was hilarious Christie! I love it that you’re able to channel them in this way so well! I say the street team makes up some Team… Shirts! If anybodyin the street team wants to discuss Whispers, email me. I’m dying to talk about it to somebody!

  27. I honestly see Derek as the perfect guy for her in the end!!!! Yes Lucas is a werewolf and hot but he would be more suited with someone else. Not her. Derek as always excepted her for the person she didn’t even know she was.

  28. I truly have always been team Derek, and i always will be! Mrs. hunter, how do you become part of your street team? i am REALLY interested.

  29. Sup bros…..I just got done with Whispers at moonrise It made me mad at Lucas, My opinon is Is Lucas does dumps whats her face Just say sorry but I think Derek is my cheese to my maccoroni now sorry and make sure when your at your Grand Parents house make sure they teach you how to Beat up a werewolfs ass Dont worry it will pay off xD Im with Della on this one -.- And Im just sayin I hope Shes with derek In the next book they were meant to be xD <3 He cares about her and wont let her down cuz of that HE WILL BE HER CHEESE TO HER MACCORONI! xD (I watched Juno to much) But he actully cares more than Lucas

  30. I have always been on Team Derek!!! He is so sweet and yeah he knows he did wrong when he left but kylie was also pushing him away.He also fronted to his mistakes and knows that he has to live with the results. For me Lucas is to possesive and just because you know someone when you little does not mean you get dibbs. Honestly, I like Lucas just not with Kylie..he is always making up excuses and she forgives him…i think in whispers at moonrise it shows that Kylie lets so many things slide and that she is the only one comprimising. She deserves more …half the time she is justified for getting angry than she thinks she shouldn’t be and feels bad for getting mad at lucas. Derek is always trying to make her happy and everytime she is with him it turns everything magical. I think they are meant to be.

  31. I think who is best for her is … Derek because he is all way there for her even though he made a few mistakes then and there. However he accepts her for who ever she is which is taking some time for Lucas to accept the truth. That Kylie might not be exactly what you want her to be. Even though she is practically going out with lucas. She can only really talk about the whole “ghost” thing to Derek because it freaks out Lucas. So if you can’t talk about the most important problem in your life to your boyfriend. Then there are something wrong.

    Especially if they can’t accept what you are in the inside and the outside.

  32. I really think that at least three fourths of the people on team Lucas just think he’s better cuz He’s hot.I think kylie would be happier with Derek.Derek truly understands what she’s going through without Pushin her to tell him.Lucas does love her but he always chooses duty not love just like Wendy and Finn in the Trylle trilogy. Kylie sways worrys about Lucas when he’s wolf and she wants to stop worry about a lot of things. Derek would accept Kylie no matter what she is because he understands her better All this stuff about how Lucas has a past with Kylie is nothing because the only hung he ever said to her was to say something about her cat.

  33. TEAM LUCAS!!!!!! Look I know that both lucas and derek hurt her. And for awhile I was so confused about who she should be with. But lets face it Kylie has always had that extra spark for Lucas. Derek, even though he’s hot, has always come off as a supportive friend to me. Now after the latest book I was SO mad at Lucas for what he did! But for some reason their bond rings stronger to me. I just think that if Lucas would finally open up to Kylie and not keep anything from her then they would be perfect for each other.

    • Does no one care about what Lucas did to Kylie in Whispers at Moonrise? I don’t want to ruin it for people who have not read it.

  34. I think Lucas needs her more. He’s the character that has flaws. With everyone saying Derek is perfect and stuff, there’s nothing in him that Kylie could inspire in him to be better. With Lucas in whispers at moonrise he said he wanted to change because of her, and he told her not to give up on him. He was even like “ have you ever known the right thing to do, but couldn’t do it? It’s good what happened in whispers at moonrise happened cuz it will give him the push he needs to know that he will do anything to be with Kylie and make that right decision. He’s been thinking about her for eleven years, and some people say that doesn’t mean anything, but it does. He needs to be cured from being brainwashed by his stupid pack. I know he will get his chance to prove himself in the last book. Derek’s a nice guy and all, but Kylie and Lucas belong to each other. They will fight it together. They both have obstacles to accomplish in this next book and then hopefully they can be together.

    • Thank you I agree Lucas made a mistake but in his head he was doing it for them to be together. Derek is better as a friend to listen to her problems. Okay there this quote from a series called the Avalon Archers “I Believe real love is Messy” only part of it but I agree and think that is Lucas and Kylies relationship

  35. I just saw this drama series. A guy meets a girl who falls in love with him despite she has this GREAT friend on her side. This friend has been in love with her for a decade, and yet this guy wins her love more than he does. It suddenly made me think of Lucas.

    I don’t think it’s the same thing, considering she’s been fascinated by him since she was a kid. Like I always said, I feel that Kylie’s feelings for Lucas are stronger than her feelings for Derek. To be honest, I prefer Derek more than Lucas — not that I hate him. Underneath all that rough, self-righteous exterior and selfish acts, he’s the type of guy to be understood. I don’t think he’s a bad person, just someone who’s had a rough upbringing and misunderstood.
    Yet I find Derek more attractive and more understanding. Yes, like many Lucas-fans, I agree he’s made some mistakes (BAD ONES), but that doesn’t make him a bad person, either.

    Nevertheless, no matter how much we want Kylie to choose the person that we want, it’s all on her. And it will all be revealed in “Chosen at Nightfall”. Hopefully I’ll get my hands on that book soon.

  36. Team Lucas all the way! Derek is just a piece of crap. And boring! Lucas can make you feel loved and confident! Derek is just, ok? Kylie picked the right guy! Love the series!!!!!

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