Are you ready for Whispers at Moonrise?

Only one week until the release of Whispers at Moonrise! Are you ready? Are you dying to find out what will happen? What new powers will Kylie discover? Will Holiday and Burnett learn to trust each other? Will Lucas obey his pack and dump Kylie? Hmmm… Lots of questions, but I’m not a spoiler. I have no intention of ruining Whispers at Moonrise for you. However, I will give you a few teasers—just to get you thinking.

1) Kylie’s powers are tested once again when she attempts to bring someone back from the dead. Someone she really loves. Someone that if she loses, her life will never be the same.

2) Kylie learns that sometimes first impressions are skewed.

3) Someone else pays in blood to have campmate hour with Kylie. You’ll never guess who it is this time!

And for a little something extra, here is the Whispers at Moonrise book trailer:

By now, after three books, you know the characters pretty well. So tell me, who is your very favorite character? I don’t mean who you want Kylie to choose—Lucas or Derek. I want to know what character you just love reading about. Who do you relate to the most? If you had to spend an hour locked in a closet with one character…JUST TALKING…which character would you choose? Do you love Perry, the class clown? Do you totally get Miranda and her “say it like it is?” Or Della who’s sassy with an “overstate things” personality. Is it Helen, the shy girl who found love that you would love to talk with? Maybe it’s Holiday, you wish you could pick her brain? And what about Kylie? She’s one every special supernatural. Tell me who you would like to spend an hour talking with and why? You never know something you might say could trigger my imagination and give me some ideas for the final scene.


Before the official release of Whispers at Moonrise, I have one more copy to give away to someone who leaves a comment. So don’t forget to tell me who your favorite character is! And if you are reading this post on Goodreads, please go to to post your comment in order to be considered to win. Good luck!


FYI: By far most of you chose Della #3, and Miranda #1 ended up with more votes, but Miranda #3 was a close second. I have selected a random name from last week’s comments. So the winner of a copy of Whispers at Moonrise is Andrea Lira-Martinez. Congratulations, Andrea! Please email me at with your mailing address so I can send you your copy.

How Do I Look?

When I sit down to write a book, I start out with an idea or image in my head of what my characters look like. But as I write, I let the characters take me wherever they go. And as their personalities come out more and more throughout the book, that image can change and become more defined.

The same thing happens when I read a book. Images of the characters form in my head. However, discussing a book with other people who have read it, I have discovered that not everyone has the same idea as to how each character looks. Even if we all agree on hair and eye color (the author usually give you that), we don’t always agree on everything else.

That got me to thinking. And I wondered what images you see when you think about my Shadow Falls characters. I have posted pictures of Kylie, Lucas & Derek, so you may have a pretty firm idea of how they look. But what about the other characters? What about Della? Miranda? Burnett? I thought it would be fun to post some photos of possible characters and let you vote on them. So, today, we are going to see what you think Della and Miranda look like.

First, let’s go with what we know. Della is Asian and has dark hair and eyes. Kylie thought she was a goth at first because she had that whole pale vampire thing going on. But what does she look like to you?

Della 1                                       Della 2





Della 3                                  Della 4





Now, how about Miranda? Well, she has black, lime green and pink hair. Of course hair color can change, and it was hard to find photos of girls with multi-colored hair. So, you’ll have to give me a little on that one. So, which one looks most like Miranda to you?

Miranda 1                           Miranda 2


Miranda 3                          Miranda 4

Winner & Contest!!

We have a winner of Whispers at Moonrise from last week! Congratulations, Elise N., you have won. Please email me at with your mailing address.  Now, I have another copy of Whispers at Moonrise to give away to someone this week. So be sure to vote for your favorite Della and Miranda, and you could win.


You’re the Best!

Sometimes I find it hard to believe how lucky I am. My Shadow Falls series has done so well and I am looking forward to the release of Whispers at Moonrise on October 2nd. So, yes, I am indeed lucky. Then again, success didn’t just drop in my lap. I spent many, many years writing. And while I was always writing books, I also wrote numerous articles for magazines. I am thankful for those articles, too, because they kept food on my table, but they also taught me to work on a deadline. And publishers appreciate it when you can finish your book on time. After all, they have their schedules, too. And if I hadn’t made my deadline for Whispers at Moonrise, you’d have to wait a lot longer for it.

Now as I said, I have much to be thankful for, but above all, I am fortunate to have so many dedicated readers! I thank my lucky stars for you. So, I’m going to share some of the pictures you have sent me, like this one of a fan reading Whispers at Moonrise. Some of you sent photos of you wearing my Shadow Falls t-shirts.  I love them all!  Then, there are just some fun photos, like this one displaying my Shadow Falls Street Team welcoming packet along with an adorable cat!

Thanks for sending these in. You are the best!


The winner of last week’s contest to win a copy of Whispers at Moonrise is Misty Kalfas. Congratulations, Misty! Please email your mailing address to me at


Celebrating the upcoming release of Whispers at Moonrise, I’m giving away another copy this week, so be sure to leave a comment!


Della Speaks Her Mind

We’ve heard from Kylie, Derek and Lucas, but some bloggers have asked that I interview Della.  So, I agreed to interview her for Lady Reader’s Bookstuff.  I am reprinting it here in case you missed it.  Della has always fascinated me and she gives me the hardest time. She rarely agrees to do what I want her to do. But she did agree to sit down for an interview–well, kind of.


“Come on in, Della,” I say when she appears in the doorway.

She just stands there, pokes her head in a few inches and frowns. “Where in Hades am I?”

“Relax, it’s just my mind.   Some bloggers have decided that I should interview you.  And Kylie’s been here before.”

“Look, C.C., or do I have to call you Mrs. Hunter?”

“C.C. is fine,” I tell her.

“Great.  The thing is that I know with you being the author and all, you’re like the Queen B with an itch around here, but your mind is downright freaky.  I mean, Kylie told me about this place, but I didn’t believe half the crap she said.  Now I’m gonna have to apologize to her.”  She took a tiny step inside.  “Oh, hell!  Is that a bloody sword?  Why do you have something like that hanging around in your mind?”

“That would be nice.”

“What would be nice?” Della asks, but she doesn’t come in any more.

“Apologizing.  I hear you don’t do that very often.”

“Oh, please, did Miranda tell you that?  She’s always exaggerating everything.”

I shoot the little vampire a come clean look and she frowns.

“Okay, so I don’t like to apologize.  I don’t know why you’re shocked.  It’s your fault—you made me this way.”

“I created you, yes, but you are like the rest of the characters.  Pretty soon you had a mind of your own.  And you argued with me more than anyone else.”

“So are you gonna explain the bloody sword or not?” Della asks, ignoring my comment.

“Let’ s just say it shows up toward the end of Whispers at Moonrise and continues to be used in Chosen at Nightfall.”

“Am I gonna get to use the sword to kill someone?”  Della’s expression lights up.

I roll my eyes.  “You always act so tough, but I don’t think you’d really want to kill someone.  Your bark is always worse than your bite.”

“You just haven’t been bitten by me.”  She exposes her extended canines.

I lean back in my office chair and shrug.  I can see why Miranda and Della fight so much.  “Would you just come inside and sit down so we can talk.”

“About what?”

“About the books.  About you and Kylie and Miranda.  And maybe even about  . . . Steve.  The hot shape-shifter, the one you think has a cute butt.”

“Please, I’m not talking about Steve.  Or his butt.”  But for some reason she finally enters the room.   And I think I see interest in her eyes.

“Why not?” I ask.

“The guy’s a jerk.”


“Don’t you remember?  In that scene in Whispers at Moonrise.”

I lean forward.  “The only time he’s been a jerk is when you were acting like a jerkette.”

“Jerkette?  Is that even a word?”

“I’m a writer,” I tell her.  “I can make up words.”

Della flops down on the brown leather sofa in the corner of my mind, and continues to look around.  Her gaze lands on the bloody sword again.

I follow her gaze and I admit it is kind of freaky and it’s probably making the vamp hungry.

“You’re wrong,” Della says.  “I could kill someone.  If they were hurting someone I cared about.  I could make a shish kabob out of them.”

“And who do you care about?”  I know Della cares about a lot of people; she just goes around pretending she doesn’t.

“Remember who you’re talking to,” she says.   “You don’t really expect me to get all mushy and sentimental, do you?”

“I’m not asking for mushy.  Just the facts.  Do you care about Kylie?”

“Of course, I care about Kylie.  She’s like the coolest friend I have.”

“How about Miranda?”

Della makes a funny face.  “The little witch drives me batty sometimes. But yeah, I care about her, too.  The three of us . . . we’re there for each other.  You know, like really best friends.”

“I know and I can’t tell you how many emails I get talking about your friendship.  People really admire that about you guys.  The friendship is a big part of the Shadow Falls series.”

Her eyes cut back to the sword.  “Yeah, but I’d bet they’d like to see me slice and dice someone with that sword, too.  Hey . . . actions sells things.  Action and sex.”

“Forget the sword,” I say.  “What about Steve?  Do you care about him?”

“I see what you’re doing here.”  Della points her finger at me.  I’m just lucky it’s not the middle one.  Face it, Della does misbehave sometimes.  “You’re trying to make me agree to get all lovey dovey with someone so you can have more romance in the book.”

“And you don’t want any part of that?” I ask.  “You don’t want a guy who thinks you’re special?  You don’t want to feel of his lips touching yours.  Or feel that fluttery feeling in your stomach because a guy looks at you as if he can’t see anyone else in the world?”

Della stares at the wall for a second but then turns back to look at me.  “Oh hell, no.  I don’t want that.  It messes with your mind.  Seriously, look how Miranda acted the entire book of Whispers at Moonrise.  I swear, if I had to hear her go on one more time about how wonderful and super sexy Perry was, I was going to puke.  Lose all my O negative blood in one big hurl.  And look at Kylie.  You wrote what happened to her.  Who wants to get hurt like that?  I sure as hell don’t.”

“Love can be hard, but it’s always worthwhile. You know that.  You had that with Lee, your old boyfriend before you were turned vampire.”

Della frowns.  “Yeah, and I don’t want to talk about Lee.  And I’m leaving you if you try to make me.”

I see a dark cloud of pain fill her eyes when she says his name.  She really cared about him.  I hope she’s ready to move on.

She looks around a second and then says, “He’s getting married, you know.  Lee, I mean.”

“I know and that has to be hard.”

“No, it’s not,” she insists.  “I don’t even care.”

I know if I was a vampire, I could hear her heart beating to a lie just now.  The silence is long.  “You know.  I’m working on Chosen at Nightfall right now, don’t you?”

“I figured you were.”

“Well, what if you let me at least try to get you and Steve together.”

Della frowns again.  “I tell you what.  You let me kill someone with the sword and I’ll kiss the guy once or twice for you.”

I shake my head.  “You are so full of bluff.”

“No, you are full of–”

“Let’s watch our language.  I don’t know if bloggers will allow those kind of words.”

Della frowns.  “So you’re actually writing Chosen at Nightfall right now?”

I nod.

“Why am I not there?” she asks.

“Don’t you remember what I set up at the end of Whispers at Moonrise?”

“You didn’t!” she snaps.

“Chill, it’s going to be okay.”

She scowls a minute and then asks, “So . . . who is going to win Kylie’s heart at the end?”

I shake my head at her question.  “I don’t know, and if I did, I wouldn’t tell you.”

“Why?  You know that’s what all these readers want to know.  Who will Kylie choose? Lucas, the hot werewolf, or Derek, the handsome fairy.”

“You know what?  I think you are underestimating the readers.  I think they are reading for a lot of other things, too.  I’ll bet they’d like to hear about you and Steve.”

“Not happening,” Della stood up.  “Can I go now?”

I nod.  “Thanks for talking to me.”

She almost gets out the door when she turns around.  “Have you talked to Steve about this romance crap?”’

I can’t help it.  I grin.  “So you’re interested, huh?”

“Of course not.  I’m just curious how he took the news.  I bet he freaked out.”

“I think you might be surprised.”  I chuckle as Della walks away.  Then I sigh and pull over my mental keyboard and go back to plotting my next scene in Chosen at Nightfall.  I’m not sure Della will go for it, but maybe, just maybe . . . .


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