Are you ready for Whispers at Moonrise?

Only one week until the release of Whispers at Moonrise! Are you ready? Are you dying to find out what will happen? What new powers will Kylie discover? Will Holiday and Burnett learn to trust each other? Will Lucas obey his pack and dump Kylie? Hmmm… Lots of questions, but I’m not a spoiler. I have no intention of ruining Whispers at Moonrise for you. However, I will give you a few teasers—just to get you thinking.

1) Kylie’s powers are tested once again when she attempts to bring someone back from the dead. Someone she really loves. Someone that if she loses, her life will never be the same.

2) Kylie learns that sometimes first impressions are skewed.

3) Someone else pays in blood to have campmate hour with Kylie. You’ll never guess who it is this time!

And for a little something extra, here is the Whispers at Moonrise book trailer:

By now, after three books, you know the characters pretty well. So tell me, who is your very favorite character? I don’t mean who you want Kylie to choose—Lucas or Derek. I want to know what character you just love reading about. Who do you relate to the most? If you had to spend an hour locked in a closet with one character…JUST TALKING…which character would you choose? Do you love Perry, the class clown? Do you totally get Miranda and her “say it like it is?” Or Della who’s sassy with an “overstate things” personality. Is it Helen, the shy girl who found love that you would love to talk with? Maybe it’s Holiday, you wish you could pick her brain? And what about Kylie? She’s one every special supernatural. Tell me who you would like to spend an hour talking with and why? You never know something you might say could trigger my imagination and give me some ideas for the final scene.


Before the official release of Whispers at Moonrise, I have one more copy to give away to someone who leaves a comment. So don’t forget to tell me who your favorite character is! And if you are reading this post on Goodreads, please go to to post your comment in order to be considered to win. Good luck!


FYI: By far most of you chose Della #3, and Miranda #1 ended up with more votes, but Miranda #3 was a close second. I have selected a random name from last week’s comments. So the winner of a copy of Whispers at Moonrise is Andrea Lira-Martinez. Congratulations, Andrea! Please email me at with your mailing address so I can send you your copy.

117 thoughts on “Are you ready for Whispers at Moonrise?

  1. My favourite character is Miranda because she is halarious, that is a given and I love the fact that she is dyslexic and so am I. She is such a good friend….even though she turned socks into a skunk, but I love the fact that she always gets things wrong (like spells) because it makes her more of a real character, c.c is really good at making the characters seem like real people! So yeah team Miranda 😛 looking forward to the next book!!

    • My favorite character is Kylie because just because she is different doesn’t mean you have to treat her different and omg I am so mad I found out my talent show is the same day the book comes out so I won’t be able to get it cause lots of ppl know that book and my book store has a little so I might not get it

  2. The character I like in this story very much is Perry. Hes very funny and I love how he reacts to most situations. He reminds me alot of my best friend except for the part that hes a shape shifter but with all the multiple personalities my friend has one never knows. Im looking forward to see how Perry and Miranda relationship grows. I think they are a good pair.

    • For me I think it would be awesome to hang out with Ellie just wish she was still here cause she is nice she died for Kylie and her mom died but she was still looked happy even though bad hints happened to her so she is pretty cool

  3. This is a REALLY hard question because I am in love with all the characters in this book. Seriously, they’re all awesome! But I have to say that Miranda, Della, and Kylie are the best (I know that’s not really choosing, but they really are ALL my favorite). I think their friendship is one of the coolest parts of your series, and the girls remind me of some of my friends growing up:o)

    If I had to choose one of the boys, I think I would choose Perry or Burnett. Those two definitely add a lot to the series. Love them.

    I am SO EXCITED for Whispers at Moonrise! Yay!

  4. I would want to spend an hour with kylie. She has been the character that I have related to the most. I have always felt like an outsider and my mom isn’t exactly warm either. My dad had changed and is acting weird I would like to see how shes getting ththrough it all. I’m also stuck between two boys one that hurt me and one that hasn’t. I would like to know if she regrets choosing lucas.

  5. Of course, as a true CC Hunter fan, I absolutely love all of the characters dearly. But my favorite and one I can relate to the most is Kyle. Though I’m not stuck between 2 guys right now, go to a supernatural camp, and have a Mom that I’m not to goody-goody with, (I love my Mama!), I can most relate with Kylie’s powers, I guess you could say. I love her powers so much, and all of my friends who have read them tell me that I’m like Kylie in ways. Like Kylie is a protector, well I would do anything to save some one I love. Anything. I have a natural protective instinct inside of me, like one time at recess in 6th grade, (last year, hehe), a completely immature boy threw a stick at my friend and it cause the area under her eye to bleed. This set me off. After first making sure she was okay, I let the boy have it. I gave him the most serious, angry, mean, powerful, and no-cuse-words-allowed lecture I could think of. He also got a taste of his own medicine. Lets just leave it at that. I didn’t hurt him physically really, more of… he cried cause I hurt his feelings so bad. My friends tell me I am the good kind of aggressive, the kind that comes in when anyone needs help really, even if I don’t know them. I dearly love Kylie, and whenever I read about her, I always think, “Dang I wish I could be Kylie”. Because though her life is crazy, being her, would be the bomb.

  6. I would want to spend hour with Derek.He is my favorite character, he has awesome abililties. I love the fact he can talk to animals, cause i am a major animal lover. I also like how he grew up without a dad, it makes him so much less perfect and relateable.

  7. I would want to spend an hour with Perry. I just know that between his abilities and mercurial nature, I would not be bored. All the characters are great, truly individuals, but for me Perry seems the most multidimensional. From his sketchy, almost mysterious past, to the depth of the emotions he shows, negative and positive. There’s just something so appealing about him, maybe I am seeing his bad-boy nature, and everyone loves a bad-boy. With Perry, I just feel, that he could either way, and that is appealing to me….a mystery, a twist that nobody sees coming. Perry could be the one to save your butt, or he could plant a knife in your back…..

    I cannot wait for Whispers at Moonrise!!!!

  8. My favorite would be Miranda. She sort of reminds me of a movie I saw called Kiki’s Delivery Service. But a grown up and spunkier version of Kiki.

  9. My favorite characters in your series are Lucas, Kylie, and Derek. That being said the character that I relate to the most and would want to spend an hour talking to is Kylie. I say this because throughout the series there are moments where she feels that she does not belong and I’ve had that feeling many times because I have changed schools many times and that experience usually causes this feeling. We are similar in other ways too but, of coarse, we are also very different. For example, I’ve never had to choose between two guys that I really like, which Kylie does. Moreover, if it were possible, I would really enjoy discussing these things, as well as many more, with Kylie.

  10. my favourite character is Derek because even though he knows that Kylie wants to be with someone other than him, he hasn’t given up on that special connection they share and will go to the end of the earth to get her. Can’t wait to the next Shadow Falls novel.

  11. my faviort character would have to be kylie and della. della is so out spoken and her frankness when it comes to others is pretty funny and for me that is my most faviort trait, and kylie is so strong through out all this and she is still the same person she was when she first came to camp, im not saying that she didnt change but deep down at her core she is fun and is loyal to all her friends and she is persistant. those are my faviort characters.

  12. My favorite character would have to be Kylie and Perry. They seem to get along great and I always see them having a brother- sister relationship. Kylie always is helping Perry, breaking up his fight even when it was dangerous, and giving him advice on Miranda and vice versa. They in a way, understand eachother and know when to pry into eachothers lives. I love Perry’s sense of humor and Kylie’s passion to keep the people she loves safe, and its always interesting to read about them:)

  13. My favorite character would have to be absolutely Jonathon. Without him in the series, Kylie would never have really discovered her power of being a protecter or how much she loves her mom.

  14. My favourite character is Kylie. I think i relate to her the most plus she’s not perfect like some characters I’ve read are. She has flaws and that makes her seem more real. My parents are divorced too and my mom isn’t around enough. If I spent an hour talking to her I would ask how she handled it. I know she cried and went through a lot of pain but does the pain ever go away? Sorry I didn’t mean to sound so sad. Anyway reading is my only escape and the Shadow Falls series is great. I absoluely love the books!

  15. Ahh! I can not wait for this book! I think that I love Miranda. She is pretty amazing with the hair and stuff and she messes up spell a lot and I know if i were a witch I would to. She is also very funny. Thank you for the giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I think the best character is Daniel Brighten. He may not be around often, but heunderstands Kylie better than anyone else sometimes.

  17. ughhhhhhh C.C. Hunter the characters are amazing and you want me to just pick one! did i read that right? just pick one i cant! they are all so different i love em all. i want to go to shadow falls! 🙂 sign me up for the bording school 😉 ok so derek is super cute and he understands oh do i want to be stuck with him but wait then theres lucas ooh i love him too! miranda’s funny and della is sassy either one would be fun! holiday is sweet burnette ohh they better end up together then theres perry he is alslo funny and cute and helen who is shy but so dang nice. then theres kylie who could forget about her. See what i mean C.C. its hard why did you make such great characters! i cant choose i love them. as far as who i relate to most i think it would be a combo between della and miranda an helen and kylie i know i just relate to them all. but the most important question is why C.C. why does it have to end i love this seres its awesome do all things have to end?
    p.s. awesome trailer it as so cool as for the teasers wow c.c. cant wait yay!

  18. Della is the best character ever! I think i relate to her the most she’s so out spoken and her frankness when it comes to others is pretty funny and for me that is my most faviort qualtiy about her. She’s not afriad to sit you down and call you out on all of your B.S. Those are the best types of friends for sure.

  19. These books are some of the best I have ever read!!!! I could not stop reading them. It was impossible for me to put them down. I cannot wait to do that with the next one, too!


  21. Hmmmm…..
    If I had to choose just one character it would be Perry. He would be my favorite because of his past and how horrible it was and he is still the spunky, fun character that all of the fans love. He is also one of my favorites because of how he fell for Miranda and how shy and quiet he became when she was around. I thought that was really sweet! I can’t wait to the release of Whispers at Moonrise! Until next time!

  22. I think I’d say either Della or Derek. Della is real and sarcastic and intense and confident.
    But Derek is co sweet and nice sweet and he can always no what your feeling so it’d be a really cool to be around someone who understands what ur feeling so easily….

    Oh well. I guess Derek. Cuz he’s cute.


  23. Hi CC,
    Um I would like to talk to Helen because I kind of relate to her. I mean I’m shy and quiet but I’m not good with boys. I would also like to talk Holiday because she is my seconod favorie character and she is like my friend and fake sister because she’s someone you can tell everything too and I do that with Ariel. But my aboslute favorite character is between Derek and Della cause I’m shy but I’m mean in fact some people call me evil but my friend nicknamed me angel as a contridiction because I’m mean and I’m team derek so he’s my favorie character. Omg this is the longest comment I have written so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 j 🙂 🙂

    Your biggest fan

  24. My absolute favorite character is Lucas Parker <3 I think a lot of good books always seem to have a sweet, charming guy (Derek) and a mysterious, sexy guy (Lucas). Personally every time I read a book I ALWAYS fall for the mysterious, sexy guy. I loved Lucas from the first moment you described him and fell head over heals for him when he and Kylie went to the dinosaur tracks. He makes the book interesting because his character keeps Kylie on her toes and even though you can love him and hate him, he somehow always seems to play a role in the plot. Whenever I read a new book in the series I wonder when he will come into the story. Also when Kylie is thinking about Derek I always am saying she should think of Lucas instead. The book just wouldn't be the same without him. 🙂

  25. My favorite character of the series is Kylie, however I really enjoy Perry. I feel that when Perry is present in a scene there is always going to be some excitement. He is the class clown, adding humor to the situations. But he is also unpredictable, I feel that you don’t know how he is always going to act – especially around Miranda.

  26. I actually love Perry. I would love to sit and talk with him. To me he’s really interesting and cool. I don’t know, I just like him a lot. And I hope him and Miranda end up together and have lots of babies.

  27. my fave character is della because she doesn’t pretend to be someone else and she’s BADASS!and i still think kylie and derek should be together

  28. OMG, it’s almost here guys, I am super excited, accutally my best friends birthday is on the day of the realease so I going to be pretty busy that day. AHHHHHHH CANT WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!

  29. My favorite character of the series is Helen.
    I think I’d like to have a friend like that, seems to be an understanding person, it would be good to spend an hour with her to talk.
    I can not wait for this book!

  30. I personally relate to Kylie the most because i also feel like i dont belong anywhere and i also have great friends like her but no romance for me, ………at least not yet, i think?

  31. as one of your biggest fans i will have to say i cant decide who i “like” the most. but if i had to pick the most relatable character to me i would say burnett or kylie
    burnett because im mysterious and when i want someone i dont say it myself and when i want someone i can act very rude to them sometimes’
    kylie because i’m stuck between two boys (or a third but idk if she really likes him even if he is dead) i’m also kinda stuck between a third. i have probs with my mom. my mom died (not my dad but atleast a parent,) (long story.) kylie also has problems with who she is like i mean findout what she is and what she will do with her life. i have that too.
    i love your books 🙂
    ur fan,

    • oh yeah i forgot about what kylie was having trouble with in her story in the 1st 2 books. kylie had no where to sit no where to go at shadow falls she felt all alone and she didnt know anyone else. even though i know alot of people i just feel like i dont belong anywhere even with my friends i dont belong but ill get thru it just like kylie did and i love her for that she is my inspiration but since you made her up you are an even bigger inspiration so iguess i more like kylie but a little bit like burnett even though hes a boy.

  32. My favorite character would have to be Derek because he just so honest with his feelings for Kylie. I love how he understands what Kylie is and understand what he needs to do. I’m hoping she ends up with Derek because I feel that he truly loves her.

  33. i think i have an idea for another power. if you didnt finish the last book (hopefully not the last) already ok here i go dont laugh at me i actually have a couple ideas breatihng underwater and invisibilty and succubi IMMORTALITY OR MIND CONTROL/MANIPULATION! thats all i got i hope you consider this options and im really excited for Whispers at Moonrise to come out its going to be the best book ever to come out in writing history im serious no one ever could surpass you and your series not now not ever i’m sorry;)but its true+hopefully u know it is:)
    i love you c.c hunter
    ur fan
    P.S hopefully the next 2 books i will be able to make a movie out of too

    • oh yeah ive requested this series to so many of many friends and theyve all loved it whispers at moonrise will be the best
      cant wait
      ur fan 🙂

  34. So hard to choose as I’m sure we all have more than one favourite. So…. if i was locked in a closet with someone i would choose to be with Kylie. How cool would it be to have powers like that. And to be able to talk to ghosts…Wow, i would love that. Well, as long as it didn’t scare the sh… out of me. I would have so many questions to ask her. Kylie reminds me of myself because if she’s not trying to figure out an answer than she’s well on her way to helping someone else out, from ghosts to friends and more.

  35. All your characters are amazing! But if i had to choose one…hmm…..I’m torn between Kylie and Miranda. Miranda is just so… I’m not sure if there’s a word for it. She just doesn’t care about what anyone else thinks. She has tri-coloured hair! I could never do that because I definately care about what people think. I wish i didn’t but i do. It’s hard not to care but Miranda doesn’t. She does what she wants. And Kylie is just so kind. She cares so much about her friends and family (in this case caring is good). She wants to protect them and wants no harm to come to them. She’s pretty much willing to risk her life forthem and i love her for that. So yeah the point is is that Miranda and Kylie are two of the aewsome characters C.C. has created. Della is awesome too btw! Anyway love the books. Can’t wait to read Whispers at Moonrise.

    • Oops sorry for the spelling mistakes. Heehee
      *for them
      forget the second awesome (i hate repaeting adjectives) put great instead

  36. Hi Mrs. Hunter! So my absolute favorite character would have to be Miranda. I just love her hair and how she’s not afraid to be herself. it takes a lot of guts to do something like that. And she’s such a good friend to Kylie along with Della. But i just admire Miranda so much. 🙂 and my SUPER close seconds are Holiday and Derek.. but my top is Miranda.. ( I couldn’t choose between Holiday and Miranda for a while.. 🙂 ) haha yup, so i hope youy choose me to recieve your awesome copy of Whispers at Moonrise! 🙂 love your books! <3

  37. My favorite character would have to be Holiday. I absolutely love how she cares for all of her kids. She does so much for those children, and she is a great role model. She tries her very best to guide her supernatural kids through their own path in life, but doesn’t make the decision for them. She is sort of like a second mother to these children, and I absolutely love her! She is caring, funny, and calm. She provides a comfortable environment for her kids, so that they can talk to her about anything. She is definitely my favorite character.

  38. OMG! Hello CC, or Mrs. CC! 🙂 I love your books! and my favorite character is Holiday! she is just so nice, and a good friend. i wish that i was like her, she just has such a respect for all of her students and understanding/patience that not a lot of people can have. And i love how she can talk to ghosts, much like Kylie. So im praying that youll choose me to recieve your fantastic writings called Whispers at Moonrise. haha BWAAHHH! Thank you! 😉

    • I totally agree! im glad that you said it, so that i wouldnt have to say my ideas on 2 seperate messages! 🙂 haha good view! 🙂 I think you should get the book. 🙂 GOOD LUCK FELLOW CC Worshiper! haha

  39. My favorite character is perry. He is fun and sweet yet protective and fierce. I love his big heart and temper. I think he is kinda hot. I would love to know more about him. He had a hard life but he turned out great.

  40. Man thats a tuff question. There are so many characters that I like. But I have to say that I most connect with Kylie. We have similar problems. Well besides the whole trying to figure out what species you are. But the problems with her parents I can relate to that especially with the whole Dad thing. She is also kind and she genuinely cares about her friends. It makes me wish for a friend like that.

  41. My favorite character by far is Miranda. I can relate to her in many ways and I really enjoy her creativity and the way she isn’t afraid to speak her mind. The way her spells always end up backward and goofed completely sounds like some of my own projects. I would completely enjoy talking to her for an hour and learning more about her.

  42. My favorite character is Della. She just seems very down to earth. She also seems to be coming out more and growing much more comfortable with who she is. I understand what it’s like to lose a relationship with your parents that was once awesome, so I really get why Della is so hurt and sad when ever her parents come and visit. I hope she finds her own chances for romance in Whispers at Moonrise! She deserves some happiness!

  43. Pick one? Hard! I love most of the characters! But I can pick two I guess: it would be Kylie and Miranda. I feel Lille I can relate to both of them and I got to say I argue with a friend Whoes a lot like Della. I think if I had a friend like one of them could take for hours. If I had an hour to just talk I would ask a lot of questions and let them ask about me. I love who they are and that they are who they are cuz their not really afraid of what other may think even if it bothers them a little they still stand strong. Miranda is emotional and friendly like me but Kylie is independent and caring and a bit hard headed and in like that to so in a way I could be similar to a lot of the characters XD.

  44. omg i can not wait .I think i would sit down with a character it would defiently Perry he would is the most funest character as i just love how he can transform into anything he wants which makes anything with him interesting espeially when he is upset or angry and the way he just fools around with everything and that is why i would sit down for an hour with perry

  45. okay im screaming my motherclucking head off ONE WEEK TILL WHISPERS AT MOONRISE i can not wait any more and im still conving my dad to get me the book because every time we go to barnes and nobels we end up spsnding like 100 dollars on books (fingers crossed). but anyways i would love to hang out with every one in the series but if i have to answer honestly ill hang out with miranda or Hellen. Yeah i am shy well thats cause im only 12 a lot of people tell me to chill with the books or you are not old enough to read the books . but im at least 12 and a half you know im not that young but i dont care if i read too much im a bookacholic for life.

  46. I absolutely adore the shawdow falls series, never has a love triangle left me absolutely wanting more. C.C. Hunter you have become one of my favourite authors. The character i most relate is Kylie, she young and trying to find herself and who she is like any normal teenager. Her challenges and friendships and “boy drama” are all something I can identify with. At the same time she truly is so open-minded and forgiving with Derek and Ellie and even with her mom and dad. She has a big heart and is protective of those around her (guess that’s why she is a protector) but I love all of these things about her and can totally relate. I cannot wait to read about her finally finding herself and what she is meant to do in her world.

  47. My favorite characters are Kylie and holiday,they just understand people and situations so well and can be trusted with anything.they also care about others,and that is something hard to find these so excited,I like literally can’t wait…ughhh!!come on already!!im on the brink of insanity(for some,I’m already there) the suspense is just too much!!!love you cc!!i talked about you on my English project saying ur one of my favorite writers and own my favorite books!!

  48. My favorite character is Kylie’s dad. Her biological father. He’s the type of father everyone yearns for, self-sacrificing for the good of others, unconditional love, and sticks around even when he’s dead.

  49. My FAVORITE character? That’s like asking who my favorite family member is; it all depends on the moment. Currently everyone in the book series is tied (even the bad guys because I think bad guys can be epic, too) because in the last book either a favorite character did something I didn’t approve of or a lesser favorite character did something I did approve of, so yeah… Just one big, huge tie…. Also, I can’t choose because I’m indecisive 🙂

  50. Hi cc,
    I would relate to Della the most. We both have a harder outer shell but on the inside we are nicer. We also don’t like to tell people when we have a crush even if they are our friends. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!!!!!
    Thanks for reading this!!!

  51. I love Miranda. She’s so amazing, being dyslexic and still being one of the best witches (even if she did turn socks into a skunk!) She’s so different and out there. I like how she doesn’t try to sugarcoat things too much. It would be so amazing to be able to talk to her.

  52. I would have to say my favorite character is Perry; because once you get past all of his jokes he seems like a loyal friend and someone who just has a lot of coping mechanisims. He’s built a lot of walls around himself and to take attention away from him, he jokes around. He wants to protect those around him, and he could make you laugh whenever you are down. He sparkles when he shifts/ changes and he can be stubburn. Once you get past his flaws, he seems like an amazing friend to have. Plus if you got bored he could just change into whatever you wanted him to if he was willing.

  53. I would love to chat with Burnett for an hour. I enjoy most about how no matter what he is always strong and can even show slight love for holiday I’d like to know what goes on inside his head about everything his job, life, love where he even get’s his blood supply from? Id be great to hear his side on things..:)

  54. I love reading about Della. She keeps so many things hidden and she hardly ever reveals it but when she does it’s like… wow.

  55. Omg I really love this whole entire series! I’m so glad I decided to read the first book. I would have to say that my favorite character is Holiday. I would really like to meet her & have a conversation because I feel like she is full of wisdom & understanding. Now my picks of which girl I think looks like Della would be # 3 & Miranda # 1. You did a real good job of finding these pictues & you should do this more often! 🙂

  56. I got to say because of my love for werewolves I’m in love with Lucas. He is just so sexy and I love how he is with Kylie even though she can’t be a werewolf. Not to mention he has a sexy growl that causes Kylie to react to him which makes him even more hot. If only he was real so I can steal him away.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  57. If I were to be locked in a closet with one of the characters, it would either be Lucas (Go figure!) Or Perry! Why I would liked to be locked in a closet with Lucas, he seems like the type of character who would seem open. I would ask him more about what his true feeling are about Fredricka and Kylie. I would dig deeper into him. Also he seems hot from the descriptions! 😀 Then Perry, he is the most powerful shape shifter…. Heck if I were in a closet with him I would be asking him to turn in all sorts of stuff, and tell jokes! That would not be a very boring hour! If it were a girl… Hmm I’m going to do something and and go with Fredricka (Sorry if I didn’t spell her name right) I would get to know the true her more and find out her deep reason she doesn’t like Kylie. Other than taking her mate! Why is she obsessed with Lucas and not anyone else? That would be interesting to! Yep, that’s who I would choose

  58. I would have to say Kylie herself, she is unique, and I really like her. But I do like Perry too, would love to see all types of things he could turn into, especially a unicorn, or even better a Pegasus, and let me go fly with him, yah, that would be cool lol. (I love to ride horses anyway, but flying on one, that would be cool. lol)
    Can’t wait for Whispers , 🙂

  59. I am totally ready for Whispers at Moonrise. I’ve been counting down the days like crazy. My friend tells me to stop being obsessed. I mean I am obsessed but all of the 6th grade I was obsessed with Harry Potter I mean it was Harry Potter every thing for me posters,books, and movies. Then I started reading Shadow Falls and every thing changed. But if I didn’t start AR points and took all three shadow falls book tests and got a 100% on. all of them but I took way more test. Ok any way I am so ready for Whispers at Moonrise right now I’m making TEAM DEREK posters green with gold around them the color of his eyes. Oh and if you ask yes I am crazy. Phooey I’m a psycho maniac. Lol jk


  61. i would love to spend an hour with kylie because she is so sweet then again i absouloutly love burnett…..speaking of burnett could you do an interview with him asking about holiday please i would really apreciate it thx!

  62. I would like to hear from perry I like that he is a complex character I want to know why he is so shy when he is so bold I love the fact that he can shapshift but what are his fellings towards the other characters and of course I want to know more about all the characters I think it would be cool to eventually hear side stories on all our main characters

  63. ONE MORE DAY OMG I AM SOOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAUSE I WAS FRIGGIN TIRED OF WAITING I SWEAR WHEN I GET THE I’M GONNA BE SCREAMING EXTRA LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. It’s hard to choose a favorite character. I love Kylie, but she has enough going on without me butting into her life for an hour long conversation. After that, I’m torn between Helen and Miranda. I think I’ll go with Helen though. She’s probably the character I relate to most. And she’s really nice. Putting that aside, I also really like Fredrika(sp?). I don’t know why, I just think that there’s something good about her. And I tend to like the mean/bad guys in books.

  65. I would probably talk to the boys. Derek would be my choice out of all of them. I would ask him if he thinks his emotion(s) powers are troublesome at times or if he likes them all the time. I would ask him if he uses he’s powers sometimes without knowing. You know, you are so use to using them maybe you just do it on instincts or something along thoses lines. I would ask him if his friends without powers out of Shadow Falls, (if he has any,) know he has these amazing powers. I would ask him if he ever used them on teachers or students who were being freaking annoying during class. I would ask him if he knows people are choosing teams. Team Derek and Team Lucas and that stuff. By the way, I’m kinda both like C.C. Shout out to C.C, you are doing a beautiful job on these books and all their different personalities. Way to go!:)

  66. Hey i would love to spend an hour with holiday or burnett maybe both! i love them so much!!! i seriously hope they get together and i saw your intervviews and all could you maybe talk holiday in to going out with burnett i would love alot more romance with them thanks love you and your series

  67. My favourite character would have to be Miranda because she has guts! She is so not afraid to speak her mind and that’s something I have never been able to do. Shes a version of myself that I want to be. I love that she’s not perfect and she does things like mess up spells and it makes her seem more real to me than the other characters, I just love her so much! I loved the fact that shes dyslexic but is slowly getting over it with the help of her friends, I would love to get over it, but it is an extremely hard thing to accomplish. Thankyou for living mrs. Hunter, your life has benefitted mine a great deal.

    From an admirer of your books
    Aili Halket
    (pronounced eye-lee Hell-Cat….weird right?! )

  68. I would spend an hour with kylie CAUSE SHE IS AWESOME!!!!!!
    kylie is really special and i would love to hear what she says abiut lucas nd dereek

  69. my favorite character, other than kylie because i can relate to her, is Miranda. I have always been fascinated by witches (and fairies too), but mostly witches. I love the magical spells and the enchantments. I love reading about miranda and her discovering her powers and learning to use them well, she is my favorite character.

  70. My favorite is hands down della love her. .she straight forward and always always tell u how things are. I would love to have her as my best friend. …..

  71. Tomorrow. Tomorrow. Its only aaaaa ddaayy aaaaaway… I can’t wait gzzzz I have waited a freaking year. .finally down to hours…..


  73. My favorite character is Kylie! I like her because her attitude is great! That and I can relate and know what she feels like most of the time! 🙂 And the fact that she can see and help ghosts makes her incredible!!!!! I cannot WAIIITTTT for tomorrow!!!! I’m soooo excited to get the book!! Ahhhh! I’ve already been calling (and probably bugging) my favorite book store to see if they’ve got the shipment of “WAM” books… I’m going to go crazy if I don’t get one tomorrow! 😛

  74. Huhhhh…..I have two faves. One guy, one girl.

    guy: perry cuz he’s kinda…different in a way.
    girl: della cuz she’s just like me. 🙂

    CAN’T CAN’T CAN’T WAIT FOR TOMMOROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):)

  75. Ok, I know I just posted minutes ago, but I had to go back on this website and post another post about OMG how excited I am for Whispers at Moonrise!!!!!!!!! 3 more hours!!!!!!!
    Sorry if I’m annoying you CC….

  76. I can’t breath right and I am being dramatic only little. I made my mom pre order it and I might get during the 5th-10th. Omg CC um do you know when Chosen at Nightfall is coming out because if it comes out July 18th-20th I could get for my bithday which is on the 20th if it does that’s like the only present I will get. Only a couple hours. Ok who’s staying up all night tonight?? I will

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  78. I can’t wait to get to Barnes and Noble this eveing to get my copy! I will have it finished within hours of getting it! aahhhhhhh so pumped! :))))

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  80. I love Della! I mean she is just so kick-ass but would never hurt her friends, if ou look closely you can see it’s almost like a shield to protect her from everyone else. She reminds me of me a lot. I have the same sarcastic humor, and my favorite quote from the series, something she said in Awake at Dawn to Kylie while they were shopping and before Red showed up, “Don’t you ever want to rip somebody’s heart out and hit them over the head with it?” That made me laugh for at least five minutes and stil makes me smile…laughing like an idiot in the middle of silent time dring class will get you a few odd stares and some death glares though. the glares are from those who are trying to sleep. ;D

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  82. I finished your new book last night and it made me cry me eyes out, I emailed you but I know you’re busy with CHOSEN AT NIGHTFALL 🙂 which BTW I don’t know if I’m going to make it having to wait untill SPRING! And I think my favorite character would I’d definantly Perry 🙂

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