How Do I Look?

When I sit down to write a book, I start out with an idea or image in my head of what my characters look like. But as I write, I let the characters take me wherever they go. And as their personalities come out more and more throughout the book, that image can change and become more defined.

The same thing happens when I read a book. Images of the characters form in my head. However, discussing a book with other people who have read it, I have discovered that not everyone has the same idea as to how each character looks. Even if we all agree on hair and eye color (the author usually give you that), we don’t always agree on everything else.

That got me to thinking. And I wondered what images you see when you think about my Shadow Falls characters. I have posted pictures of Kylie, Lucas & Derek, so you may have a pretty firm idea of how they look. But what about the other characters? What about Della? Miranda? Burnett? I thought it would be fun to post some photos of possible characters and let you vote on them. So, today, we are going to see what you think Della and Miranda look like.

First, let’s go with what we know. Della is Asian and has dark hair and eyes. Kylie thought she was a goth at first because she had that whole pale vampire thing going on. But what does she look like to you?

Della 1                                       Della 2





Della 3                                  Della 4





Now, how about Miranda? Well, she has black, lime green and pink hair. Of course hair color can change, and it was hard to find photos of girls with multi-colored hair. So, you’ll have to give me a little on that one. So, which one looks most like Miranda to you?

Miranda 1                           Miranda 2


Miranda 3                          Miranda 4

Winner & Contest!!

We have a winner of Whispers at Moonrise from last week! Congratulations, Elise N., you have won. Please email me at with your mailing address.  Now, I have another copy of Whispers at Moonrise to give away to someone this week. So be sure to vote for your favorite Della and Miranda, and you could win.


220 thoughts on “How Do I Look?

  1. I love this series! My favorite Della would have to be the first picture, and for the Miranda I am torn between the first and second picture. If I had to choose I would go with the first.

    Can’t wait for Whispers at Moonrise!

  2. This is awesome–great idea! So I think that the face of Della 4 goes along with how I picture her best, although the clothing is way off (I would pick the clothing from 1 or 3 with the face from Della 4). I also think that Miranda 1 is closest to how I picture Miranda, but with multicolored hair, obviously. I’m SO excited for Whispers at Moonrise! Yay!

    Oh and I hope you do more of these because it’s fun:o)

  3. This is a great idea,really!now for Della,I’d say Della 2’s face with Della 3’s pale skin and badass for Miranda,I’d say the first one but the multicolored hair.i really love your series,I’ve been reading them since they first started.AND I REALLY CAN’T WAIT FOR WHISPERS AT MOONRISE!!im soooo excited,I can’t wait!!
    *le faints because le can’t handle the excitement*

  4. Deffidently Della #3 and Miranda #1 or 4 I’m torn, but I think that they are all pretty great! Cannot wait for the next book…I’ll just go back and read the first, second and third book over and over again!!

  5. Wow, it’s so amazing how different people’s perceptions can be. I really imagine different looking characters but from the ones you posted DELLA #3 I like best and MIRANDA #1 for sure! For some reason I imagined Della more hardcore/punk ish. And I guess that’s exactly because like you said Kylie calls her “goth” at first :). Thanks for the chance! I love seeing what the author sees when they write :)!

    Jena 🙂
    Shortie Says

  6. I say #3 for Della, She has the pale skin and can easily be dressed goth. As for Miranda I pick # 1, she is the only one that comes even close to having the right look. You could change the hair color on the other pics but it just wouldn’t look right on them.

  7. I love your books 😀 its so hard, because everyone see’s them all different i believe. so I believe My favorite Della is number 1 and my Favorite Miranda 2 😀

  8. I think Dellla number 3. she looks like she has that attitude that would be need. She also looks like she was described in the book dark hair dark eyes. Like she could kick butt. She is also dressed in goth.For Miranda i like #2 she looks sweet and nice like the one from the picture and like an witch too me. i think that she would be an wonderful match for Miranda.

  9. i really love shadow falls series.they’re just simply amazing..brilliant!
    well, the della that i would i’d actually visualize was neither the ist or the 3rd,while for miranda it should be between the 1st image or the 3rd one-just put some colors on the 3rd image of miranda.
    thats all!
    i just cant wait for the “whiapers at moonrise”..i am really excited about it!
    im looking forward on reading it really soon!
    GOD BLESS and more power:) so much love!

  10. della #4 and miranda #1.

    I love these books and stumbled on them by accident. the cover is what grabbed and i’ve read them so quick and made my mom start to read them too. I can’t wait till October 2nd when the next book comes out!!

  11. First off, I cannot wait for Whispers at Moonrise! Now on to what I think Della and Miranda look like. I think Della 3 and Miranda 1 are the closest. Della3 looks to be a girl with a little more attitude than the other and the same for Miranda1. Both are feisty

  12. I love Della number three and I always thought Miranda would have dark hair with her high lights so I guess #3 again I’m so excited for the release me and my book buddy are actually counting down the days !!!!!

  13. I always envisioned Della as a small, mixed version of Della 1’s clothes and hair length and Della 2’s everything else. For Miranda, I always had an Avril Lavigne kind of girl and Miranda 1 but a skinnier face and taller. I am also a writer and have self published a book. It’s called The Pack and you can look it up on amazon.(my dads friend did the cover but he did the cover) (you have to search summer g). I am also working on another book but it has humans. Anyway, you can contact me through the facebook page Written by Summer G****** or the email Thank you and happy writing C.C!

    • I also am a huge fan of the Shadow falls series. You inspire me to write because i see that if you can write such a good book, so could i. I do understand it is extremely difficult but as soon as you have the plot and characters, you are good to go. Your plots and characters are very strong and get right to the point of what it is and what you are intending to get across and i want to do that to.

  14. Della 2 and Miranda 2! apart from the Della 2 smiling, and the length of her hair, that is spookily how i pictured her!!
    cant wait for book 4, i love how you are able to give the readers enough answers to keep them engrossed with the series, but after i put every book down i have come away with more questions!!! lmao, love it!!
    can i also say i have recently discovered your pen name for your adult books, and am making my way through them. lord do you know how to tell a story, with fantastic, loveable characters!

  15. great series! I would Hv to say picture one for both. Della I’ve always pictured her w spunk and short but serious look and that pic just defines her. for Miranda I Hv thought her as a really kool sensitive colorful person tryn to find out where she fits n. the first pic gots Miranda all over it. hope I when it would really look good to complete my collection. these books Hv touched my soul unlike any other that love is possible for anyone but one has to b open to it.

  16. umm it’s pretty hard to pick so i guess im going to pick Della number 3 and miranda number 1. i guess they both fit the characters look. Della number 3 looks like she can have attitude and Miranda number 1 looks like she has spunk. cant wait till October 2 just i think 13 days left yeah hopefully i’ll have enough money left to get whispers at moonrise

  17. Hmmmm… I gotta say that I ove number 3 for della. She looks more BA like how she is in the books. And for miranda? Probably 3 but I’m not to sure. Its kinda hard to imagine her without her tri-colored hair.

  18. I think that Della 3 and Miranda 3(with the colored hair) are perfect!!
    I can’t wait to read wispers at moonrise!! If i don’t win hope that i can get it in Argentina..if don’t i’ll have to to order it from the internet and i don’t wanna to… :/
    Love Shadow Falls series!!! <3
    Kisses from argentina 😀

  19. Della #3 and Miranda #3. Personally I think Miranda would look more like a sort of american version of Della #4, it’s hard to explain but like just the glow that the fourth Della has just makes me think of Miranda.

  20. I’d probably say Della 3 and Miranda 3 are the closest to the ones in my mind. You know this is why so many fans get so mad when books become movies – because almost everyone has had different pictures of the characters in their heads while reading the book/series. A lot of people don’t realize that a character doesn’t actually have a set person to look like, just set (simple) characteristics.

  21. I think Della #3 and Miranda #1. Those two fur my mental picture the best. 🙂 I can’t wait to read Whispers at Moonrise! Love love love the series!

  22. I would have to say that Della #3 is pretty spot on. Being absolutely gorgeous but lacking her self-confidence, and yet she looks totally B with an itch all at the same time. Miranda #2 is pretty close, I am not sure if it is the expression on her face in the picture but I can see that in my head when she is talking to Kylie and Della in the cabin!

    Very excited about Whispers at Moonrise! I have told everyone I know to read this series!

  23. My favorite Della is #3. My favorite Miranda is #1. I love the Shadow Falls series. Derek is my favorite character. I can’t wait for Whispers At Moonrise.

  24. I would have to say Della #3made because out of the four pics, she is the only one that reminds me of how strong minded the character in the book reminds me of. As for Miranda, I would also have to say #3 or #4 because I always pictured her being a little mousy but very pretty (even with the crazy hair). But its great to see everyones perspective of these characters.

  25. I think that Della #3 and Miranda #3 match my visions if their characters. It is kind of creepy how similar they actually are tithe images I have conjured up in my mind! I love how everyone has their own perceptions of the characters’ physical attributes. I am a clinical psychologist, so it is interesting to me how the same written information can create differing mental images. The brain has an amazing capability of perceiving information and turning it into a myriad of subjective stories.

  26. I’d go with Miranda 1 and Della 3, but it’s hard since I can’t picture Della smiling much and I see Miranda smiling more!

    Love these books, can’t wait to read Whispers!

  27. I’ll have to say Della 1 and Miranda 2. They are the closest to who I imagined.

    Thanks for doing this contest. Can’t wait to read the next one.

  28. for Della if say Della 2 or 3. Della 2 has more the Asian feel maybe if her hair was darker a little paler like Della 3 and she wasn’t smiling as much shed be my pick. and Miranda 1 cause she has that edgier feel

  29. i think Della#3 becasue she looks ‘strong-minded’ and like she has a secret to tell and Miranda#3 because looks innocent and needs a friend to lean on. Can’t wait to read the next Shadow falls novel.

  30. I definitely like Della #2 the best. She has that happy adorable face that I always pictured Della is hiding behind all her vampiness. As for Miranda, I’d have to go with #1, but she still doesn’t really fit my image of her.

  31. It took me awhile to finally pick the ones that I think would be best. OK so here they are
    Della #1 I think she looks the youngest and in the book Della look nice but has a lot of bite LOL #1 looks like she could be tough if she wanted to.

    Miranda #3 I don’t really think any of those look like Miranda to me. I had a whole different look in mind

  32. I would have to say Della #3 and Miranda #1 !!!! The only thing missing for Della to me is more of her attitude/personality in the picture 😉

  33. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your books!! This is by far the best YA series ive read! As for Della I think the 3rd pic is closest to the way I picture her. And for Miranda I think the first is perfect with the exception that her hairs not all colorfull lol. I can’t wait for Whispers at Moonrise!!! I have it set as an alarm in my phone at midnight! <3

  34. I’d go with Della #3 and Miranda #3. Della 3 hits me the most as someone who could kick your butt and look hot doing it. As for Miranda, I always picture a sweet faced girl wgo looks kinda sad and deflated, but that when she smiles her face lights up.

  35. I like Della 3 and Miranda 1 from the images you’ve chosen but I’m still partial to the picture of them I see in my mind when I read. Thanks for the contest!

  36. I never think faces look right. I don’t picture some exact face in my mind, like I couldn’t draw what I think they look right, but pictures rarely look right either. Until there is a movie… Then for some reason the face fits. Emma Watson is hermione granger now though at first I thought it looked a little weird.

  37. I think Della 3 and Miranda 2. I love these series!!! Can’t wait!!! I love the characters. I think you should make a movie or TV show about them. I just can’t get enough.

  38. Della #1 and Miranda #3 but they are not exactly as I pictured them. Can’t wait untill the next book comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  39. None of these Dellas and Mirandas are what i pictured but if i were to pick I would say Della #1 and Miranda #1 🙂 They deserve the prettiest because i have always pictured them really beautiful. Cant wait to read Wispers at Moonrise! I would love to have a copy if not that book then any of them! I have them downloaded on my phone but i would love to have the actual book <3 You are such a wonderful author and should def write more books.

  40. I think that Della 2 is how I pictured her character the most, except with goth apparel and not such a happy look on her face. Miranda 1 for sure, but with the tri-color hair. 🙂

  41. I guess Della 1. It’s kinda hard, since they’re all smiling and that’s not the facial expression that immediately comes to my mind when I think of Della.
    Miranda 1, she looks like she’s definitely not afraid to speak her mind.

  42. Della #3 and Miranda #2
    Della in my mind when i read the books looks strong and confident, which is the feeling i got when i looked at #3
    Miranda looks kind of shy, slightly introverted, like #2

  43. Totally love this series! The character ideas are a great idea. My ideal Della would have to be Della #3 because when I think of Della I think sexy, confident, strong and not afraid to speak her mind. Those are the personality traits I see when I look at that picture. Miranda on the other hand I think of as quirky, cute, but with a fierce loyalty and determination behind the outer looks. When I look at Miranda #4 the curly hair gives her a cute, quirky look and would look amazing with the multiple colors. The bangs and the curls also give her a mysterious, strong look which reflects her determination. It’s just a thought 🙂

  44. ok ummmmm where do i start? first off love the books who doesnt. been trying to get all my friends to read them. syblings know all about them cause that is all i have been talking about. Lemme get this straight love the idea really cool anf fun. Della number 3 is the closest. But as far as miranda i didnt think any of them looked like i pictured her. none of them did miranda justice the way you wrote your characters were awesome these were ok. i understand that i have different opinions and images but im just saying number 1 though was the closest i thought. i really like kylie and lucas but the derek you posted on your blog is way cuter than the one on the special content just saying 🙂 (yes there was a biggggg differmce) im looking foward to perry and burnette and holiday

  45. my favorite Della is number three and my favorite Miranda is either one or two.
    I hope i win, i really love your books they are my favorite books in the world. when i read them i feel like i am there and i have the same emotions as Kylie. and sometimes when i start talking about a sad part i feel like i need to have some ice cream. by the way i hope she gets together with Derek because if she does not i will be very sad. when this series ends i will be very sad and i will never find another great series like this. Thank you C.c Hunter for writing these books you have changed my life for the better.

    • i think that when the books end my family will be happy because they are the only thing i talk about, think about, and read.
      i wish my family and friends would read them but i think they wont because they already know they hole book because i talk about them nonstop. they are the best book i have ever read.

  46. Personally, the images you have for Della and Miranda are not close to what I imagined… but I believe that is to be expected, we all perceive each character differently from each other! For the purpose of this contest, my best picks for Della and Miranda would be Della 3 and Miranda 1.

  47. Hi CC,
    For me id have to say Della 3 and Miranda 2 are close but id pictured different in some ways!!! But they are close. OMG 13 more days til whispers at moonrise I’m so happy and get prepared I’m rereading the series and making posters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And congratulations Elise your so lucky!!!!!!!!!

    Jaia 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  48. Hey and Sorry,

    non of the girls fits in with my imagination, but i would say Della 2 (but more cheerless) and Miranda 1 (a bit more crazy hair).

    Can’t wait for “Whispers at moonrise”… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  49. Hmm….for me I would pick Della number one. She exudes confidence and has the pale skin and bold look which I feel matches Della perfectly. As for Miranda I would choose number one because of the hair, and the edgy look. Something about her seems to say I hold more potential than what people might think.

    I’m so anxious to read Whispers At Moonrise. The wait is killing me, and it might actually before Chosen At Nightfall comes out! (That would suck DX) Although I don’t want to the series to end, I just want to see Kylie happy with her life, and that she can finally have some peace. I really love Lucas and no matter what happens in this book ( I’ve come up with the worst possible scenario’s of what can happen and i don’t care I’m a true Lucas fan), I’m going to be rooting for them! Also Burnett and Holiday are killing me.

  50. I say Della #3 but with straighter hair and Miranda #1 but obviously with the multi-colored hair! I love this post and I hope you do these surveys again!

  51. MY favorite Miranda is #3 and my favorite Della is #3.
    I’m so anxious to read Whispers At Moonrise.Totally love this series!
    Thanks for writing!bye

  52. Wow! I don’t think that I would ever be able to find people who look like I have imagine that Della and Mirando do; however, Della #3 looks the most similar as well as Miranda #2. The reason that I chose that Della is probably because I think that the other three don’t seem moody enough. As for Miranda, I think that the other three seem too upset. I think that this was such a cool idea. I can’t believe that Whispers at Moonrise is two weeks away. The increase in excitement is almost enough to make me combust.

  53. i love the book series my choice for della would be #3 she looks kinda goth and don’t touch me or i will bite your head off! 🙂 for miranda i would pick #3 she looks freaky in a cool way! she is an awsome character so why not make her look awsome ?! the girls are great friends to kylie so i just love them both!!! PS. i really really want a copy of your book but if not you are still an awsome writer!!!! thx so so so much ffor writing the series!!!! 🙂 🙂 :3

  54. I think Della 3 looks most like I’ve always imagined her to look, and Miranda 1 is almost exactly as I thought she would look, minus the funky colored hair of course.

  55. Miranda4 and Della 3. As you said, everyone’s vision is different. The photos are good, however the Dellas in the photos seems too happy for me to pick out a great one. Della doesn’t seem like the smile in a picture sort of person to me. excited for the release of the new book! less than a month XD

  56. Thank you for writing books that the reader can so easily relate to the characters. When I look at the photographs I see Miranda as the 2nd picture. She is pretty but shy. I see Della as the second photo as well. She can laugh and have a good time but take away that smile and she can look deadly. So those are my picks!

  57. I would have to pick Della #3 because the other skin tones are just NOT nearly pale enough to pull off the look. They have too much of a golden tone to their skin.

    As far as Miranda… I honestly didn’t like any of these as much as the Della options. Miranda #1 would be the one I would choose if I was limited to these four choices. However, I think that the other 3 choices almost appear too soft. I guess I just pictured Miranda to be more daring in her looks. These four are very tame.

    Thank you so much for creating such dynamic characters. Normally at this point in a series, there is at least one character that gets on my nerves and (in my opinion) hold the story back. Your series is wonderful all the way around.

  58. I would have to pick #3 for Della and #1 for Miranda, but only if they are my only choices. I picture Della more gruff than these pictures portray. I think if Della #3 had the expression of Miranda #1, that is exactly what I picture Della as when I read Shadow Falls. As for Miranda, I picture her a bit more innocent than these pictures portray. I think Della #1, but with mulit-colored hair!

  59. Hmmm I would go with Della #3 since she has black hair and pale skin, but della is supposed to have tiny boobs, hahaha, as for Miranda I would go with one ONLY because of her hair it’s the exact style I pictured!

    • I agree on della thats definetly what i see when i read. She has an edge to her in the pic you posted but i still see her hair longer without the blonde

      • ok um yeah you are right i think she would make a good della without the blonde though hahaand for miranda i pictures some what something like her with tri-colored hair though 🙂

      • I agree. No blonde. I meant the general look, just the hair is different. And for Miranda, ape, I agree too. Different colored hair. But the body and faces look good to me. 🙂

  60. 3 for Della and 1 for Miranda 😀 Huge fan and please hurry as fast as possible with the book I need new reading material and it’s killing me not knowing what happens next. I’m hopeing this series continues on forever 🙂

  61. i like della 3 because she looks like she could have a big temper like della in the book and i like miranda 1 because she has the colored streaks in her hair like miranda does in the book.

  62. I love the Shadow Falls series and I really like both Miranda and Della.
    For Della I like the third picture and for Miranda I like the first picture.

  63. Della: #3 hair and face, #1 body build and clothes
    Miranda: #1 makeup and clothes, #2 hair and face, minus the curls and a loghter shade of auburn-ish blonde.

  64. At first glance I liked Della #3 & Miranda #1 but they look kind of older than I thought of the characters being. But those are the ones I like.

  65. Della would be girl 3 but bit straight hair and not the sexy top. As for Miranda girl 1 with shorter hair though!! I love this series, can’t wait to read this next book 😉

  66. it is hard to find the right Della and Miranda because you wrote there characters so well that i picture them different then those pictures. i am a huge huge fan i am obsessed with your books they are the best in the world even better than the hunger games or twilight your books are number 1 i love them.

  67. I really thought this was a cool idea and i loved it. I think picture number 3 looks the most of how i picture Della and picture number 1 looks the most like Miranda exept i picture her with shorter hair that frames her face. I cant wait to read your next post and Whisper at Moonrise!

  68. ok um hi C.C.Hunter thanks for writing these books great idea but ummm i kinda didnt see any of them as your characters. I commented earlier and said who i thought but i need to clear things up a bit. the way you described miranda and della were pretty awesome and none of them did them justice to them. sorry i dont wanna be rude but honeslty miranda numba four was kinda weird and no offense ugly but seriously? anyway maybe i just have a strange mind who knows wht goes on up there 🙂
    ps love your books! nut come on who hasnt told you tht they are amazing!

  69. Omg I wonder were you get those pictures!!! Their should be a picture of derek on their shirtless……..or naked I’m cool with either one but I’m just sayin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. DELLA 3 SHE LOOKS SO BAD-A— well… you know what I was going to say. Also that girl who plays Anna in The Vampire Diaries…? I love Miranda 1’s hair but I also think Miranda 3’s face is cute.

  71. No offense at all but I am Team Lucas. Derek was a jerk to Kylie and if i was her, I’d never forgive him. Lucas Kylie has known since they were kids and when Derek was being jerky, he was with Kylie. May I remind you, that Lucas risked his life to save Kylie when he went to the creepy old guys place and the creepy stalkerish (sorry I forget the names I’ve been reading other books waiting for this) guy’s place to get her back when Derek is just like ” oh you were kidnaped Kylie? Oh sorry I wasn’t here.
    Don’t judge me. By the way, I am doing this from my iPod do it might be bad quality and I am exhausted.

    • In defense for Derek Kylie didn’t come to Derek for help she she came to Lucas monkey head looking ass. Sorry for the bad language!!! And Derek is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Omg so hard to choose from those pictures cause they could all be either Della or Miranda. If I had to choose one though it would have to be:
    Della #3
    Miranda #1
    Thank you so much for the great giveaway! I really do love this series and I’m glad I bought the book series!

  73. Oh, these are all good, I like Della #1 and Miranda #1 as well,
    both are close to what I pictured but add some color streaks to Miranda’s hair, lol
    great giveaway, I can’t wait to read Whispers at Moonrise!

  74. I love shadow falls and think what a wonderful idea this is! In my opinion I think more of Della #3 and Miranda #1. My real opinion, Della has that pretty look but I imagine her with more jet black hair and eyeliner(: With Miranda I still think #1 but I think of her hair straight and silky (still a little frizzy) but still with the face and makeup, I like what you chose though! Close enough! 😀

  75. For Della I like #3 because the other pics looked too sweet for them to look like Della and for Miranda I like #1 because i think Miranda is sassy and the girl in pic #1 looks like she can be sassy. I totally can’t wait for Whispers at Moonrise!!

  76. HeyMiss Hunter,
    Love your series!!! Really hope to win the book.
    Would be awesome if i win.
    I vote for miranda 3 and della 3.
    They look super cute to me:)
    Sydney Wallace.

  77. I’ll go with Della # 3 cause she’s so beautiful, and has a real Asian look… Then I’ll go with Miranda # 3 cause she looks like a teenager (I don’t know why but for me she really looks young)… Thank you for this!!!

  78. I have to say I picture Della as #3 and Miranda as #4. They seem perfect for each character. Thank you for the contest. I’d love to win this book.

  79. I’ll definitely go for Della #3, An Asian sophistacated looking girl, and Miranda #1, a bubbly funk witch. Two different people, with incompatible auras, and yet can be best of friends. 🙂

  80. Della 3 Hands down! Got the kick butt attitude.
    I would say Miranda 4 just keeping in mind that her ability is witchcraft, this one looks like she can cast a spell or two . Though it waas a close call with Miranda1

  81. I say della 3, with miranda 1 🙂 This was a neat idea! 😀 Thanks you rock! As always and I am looking forward to reading Whispers At Moonrise!!


  82. Della #3 and Miranda #1 for sure! I can’t WAIT for Whispers at Moonrise – this series easily became my favorite. Book #1 got me hooked!

  83. I like Della picture number three cause she looks like she has a tough side and a soft side. For Miranda I like picture number two she looks sweet just like a picture Miranda to be.

  84. Wow,this is soo cool! I love your books I have read them all each 3 times and can’t wait for the 4th Whispers at Moonrise! I just hope it will be out on ebook on Oct.
    Well now with the contest, I would say that the Della in picture 2 is more of what I had her pictured in my mind since she is a tiny little thing but verry feisty,and very protective of the ones she loves. Mairanda I would also say picture 2 she just looks so sweet and Mairanda is very sweet, sensitive, and loving.

    Thanks so much for your beautifull books,keep up the great work CC 🙂

  85. Okay, i think Della #3 is the closest to the way I picture Della, but in my opinion, none of the Miranda pictures really fit my picture of miranda.

  86. i defintely think delia is #3 if u want someone to look sexy wait ofcourse vampires are sexy beast so ofcourse it should be #3 and miranda is defintly # 4 she defintely looks like a witch. have you ever seen the charmed show it reminds me of that one time when phoebe is wearing her hair frizzy and curly and defintly looks cool. i love your books and congrats elise! this series are the best as ive already said and once again i hope i can get a copy rite just so i dont get in trouble or anything its not going to be taking your whole thing just like the name kylie and how she doesnt know what she is and how all of the supernatural people are going to help her i still have to think of what i want her to be, ive got a medium sized list most of the ideas came from my creative thinking lol 😉 i love your books i wish i was in them and i was kylie ive always tried to fit in and she finds a couple of friends is torn between 2 boys just like me well if you include the vampire three nice touch by the way by adding that whole story with kylie. i liked the fighting scene in book 3 that was really nice
    love your fan

  87. Della totally number 3. (I just love the look in her eye)
    For Miranda none of them quite fit what I think but I would say 2 is a pretty good match.

  88. I got my book today!!! Thank you so very very much!!!!!!! I love it!! Can’t wait to start reading it. Again, thank you so so so much!!!!!!

  89. I think that the first three Dellas look to studious and too good-girly. The third gal is the only one that has the spark I imagine Della should have. If the first one had a different hair-style and smile maybe I would choose her but for now I have to go with the third one.
    Miranda’s photos are difficult to consider because they don’t have the right hair colors. (I bet pink, green and black haired girls would be hard to find!)
    My favorite would have to be the second one but I really don’t know.

  90. #3 della looks more of the way I have imagined but I imagined her hair a little straighter and maybe shorter Miranda on the other hand I would have to choose #2 of course her hair should be very colorful. Miranda and della are amazing characters.

  91. Gosh, you are proving my point here! Everyone read the same books, but many of you don’t agree on your Miranda & Della picks. I know the Miranda images don’t really go with my description of her, but my source for photos didn’t have teenage girls with multi-colored hair. You have to use your imagination….

  92. Personally the closest that I envision Della is a mixture of 1 & 3. With Miranda, number 1 is the closest but not quite right for me. Of course, we all see what our mind portrays so it would be amazing if you reached a consensus. Thanks for the interesting reading.

  93. Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
    First of all can’t wait for Whispers At Moonrise!!
    Did you knows it comes out the day after my b-day
    But I can t buy because I bought all your books at once so kinda maxed out my literature allowance :'(
    Call me crazy but I think I like “red” the most :)!!
    Oh and I like Della number3.
    Once again I wish you luck and hope you make a million books each better than the last:)!!!
    I really hope you read this I just want to put a smile on your with the stress of finishing the last book of thadow fall series Good Luck:):):):!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3

  94. I think Della 3 is the best and Miranda 3 but I think Miranda should be prettier then the Miranda’s in the pictures P.S. I can’t what until the 4th book comes out. Me and my cousins read the fist book in two day and then we made two other people read it sooo in a week four different girls read the same book .

  95. I totally think Della 3 and Miranda 3 are the best because della is supposed to be pale and pretty, and 3,I think, fits the description best. Also miranda should be prettyand lonely sometimes, so i think 3 for miranda will be the best!!!

  96. I think for Della that either #2 or #4.And for Miranda I think the picture thats the closest to what I picture would be pic #1.Oh and I started writing another book,but I just dont have a name for it!! When comes to giving books names I’m hopeless.C.C. how did you come up with your book names????

  97. oh my gosh this is so awesome!! for Miranda i think it’d have to be the first one. I mean she does have color streaks in the book. For Della i think number four fits the best. 😀

  98. Della #3
    meranda #2
    plz plz i realy am addicted to this series and im just finishing (taken at dusk) and i kinda wanna read on and this would be awesome , i know im going on and on but im naturally crazy ps: love ya cc and ur work

    pps: im so CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ppps: im like ur awesomest fan in da universe ( no offense ppl) =)

  99. I would say Della #3 and Miranda #3 ^.^

    Can’t wait for your last book to come out!!! Counting down the months of the weeks of the days of the hours of the minutes of the seconds! 😀
    I’m soo glad I found this book! I read them all the time! I’ve read all the Shadow Falls series more than five times! I also got most of my friends addicted to the series 😀 ^.^

  100. I would have to go with Dela 1, Miranda 1, Burnett either 3 or 4, and Holiday either 1 or 2. LOVE the series!!!! Cant wait 4 chosen at nightfall!!! Preordered it already, now just have to wait. 🙁

  101. My favorite Della is #3 because she looks like she has a sassy side, and my favorite Miranda would have to be #1 because she looks edgy yet nice.

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