You’re the Best!

Sometimes I find it hard to believe how lucky I am. My Shadow Falls series has done so well and I am looking forward to the release of Whispers at Moonrise on October 2nd. So, yes, I am indeed lucky. Then again, success didn’t just drop in my lap. I spent many, many years writing. And while I was always writing books, I also wrote numerous articles for magazines. I am thankful for those articles, too, because they kept food on my table, but they also taught me to work on a deadline. And publishers appreciate it when you can finish your book on time. After all, they have their schedules, too. And if I hadn’t made my deadline for Whispers at Moonrise, you’d have to wait a lot longer for it.

Now as I said, I have much to be thankful for, but above all, I am fortunate to have so many dedicated readers! I thank my lucky stars for you. So, I’m going to share some of the pictures you have sent me, like this one of a fan reading Whispers at Moonrise. Some of you sent photos of you wearing my Shadow Falls t-shirts. Β I love them all! Β Then, there are just some fun photos, like this one displaying my Shadow Falls Street Team welcoming packet along with an adorable cat!

Thanks for sending these in. You are the best!


The winner of last week’s contest to win a copy of Whispers at Moonrise is Misty Kalfas.Β Congratulations, Misty! Please email your mailing address to me at


Celebrating the upcoming release of Whispers at Moonrise,Β I’m giving away another copy this week, so be sure to leave a comment!


141 thoughts on “You’re the Best!

      • omg you are so the best here i go again i cant wait until this book comes out i so wish i could meet you again you are my favorite author and a huge inspiration to my writing! i so would die if i saw you in real life it would make my day. i am a huge reader everyone actually makes fun of me cuz of how much i read. like tots every day i try to read 1 book or atleast get into one ur book i kept checking for it to come in cuz i couldnt preorder and the preorder date said it would come in that day but it didnt it was very weird YOU ARE SO THE BEST i love this series. i lits cant wait for the 4th book to come out. i think i would die just waiting for it. i really hope i get to read it. i read your book over and over and over again. i would die if i dont read it when it first comes out. im literally on wits end waiting for it! its to long its way to long. thank you so much for writing this books you give me my best ideas for my stories. for istance how she doesnt know what she is but everyone else sorta knows and bla bla bla im not done with that one that one is going to take forever to finish i just needed a little inspiration until i found out what you did. and that helped me so much! how you kneew your fans needed you and also how you have a deadline im gonna make myself have a deadline and pretend its going to be published thanks so much C.C ur the best! i <3 ur writing keep it up C.C you are my inspiration
        <3 ur fan,

  1. Hi C.C! I absolutely love your books! I read the first three in three days, I could NOT put them down whatsoever! And I am totally excited for the release of Whispers at Moonrise, in fact I have the release date written on my calendar so that my husband does not forget that I want to buy it! Keep up with the writing, I adore your work!

  2. Goodness! i love the picture of the four books on the grass! it looks like some magical gathering! It reminds me of the elements, with all the pretty colors of the book covers in contrast to the grass. the picture of the fans look awesome and the shirts look cool as well. I’d love to win the whispers at moonrise book.

  3. I love this series. I cant wait till Whispers at Moonrise. I am so excited. C.C you are my favorite author. Yay cant wait!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  4. i love your books your one of my favorite authors and i would totally love to win Whispers at Moonrise before it comes out that would be amazing πŸ™‚

  5. I love your books, can’t wait to read Whispers at Moonrise. I’m super- duper excited. I just love everything about this series!!!!!! You are an amazing writer.

  6. I love your books. Every time a new one comes out I read the previous books so i dont forget anything. I cant wait till Whispers at Moonrise comes out I am on the edge of my seat.

  7. I LOVE your series. I even got my best friend into it and we fight over who Kylie should be with. (Though right now, I’m not a fan of either of them.) We also coined them “Shiny Book (1,2,3)” because that’s what drew me -the easily amused- to them in the first place. The shininess of the cover. And I love that the shininess has remained. Keep them coming, please. πŸ˜€

  8. I love this series and can’t wait for a chance to read Whispers at Moonrise. Thanks for the giveaway and sharing the pictures! Though, I will admit I was very disappointed when you only selected your U.S. fans to be part of your Street Team.

  9. I’m so excited, I keep checking my calendar & even though it’s getting close for the next book’s release, it still feels far away! But I know it’ll be worth the wait!!! & I LOVE the shirt by the way!

  10. Oh! & I almost forgot to mention… I was thinking of Whispers at Moonrise & how I wish I had a copy to read the last 2 days when our town was with out power from the latest storm. Nothing like a good book during a storm to pass the day!

  11. I picked up your first book on a whim & haven’t been able to put any of them down since (as I have re-read each before the next one comes out). Can’t wait for the next 2! Excited for Whispers at Moonrise =) & The covers are always beautiful – One of my biggest reasons for having noticed & bought Born at Midnight to begin with. Your characters are amazing & I have had a blast turning friend after friend I have into fans of your books as well. The sooner they all come out the sooner we have new “book club” discussions! Keep on writing it’s amazing! Thanks @+–

  12. I absolutely adore this series, I read the first three in two days! I can not wait for Whispers at Moonrise to come out, I have it marked on my calender πŸ™‚ ! I think the cover for this one is also my favorite so far!

  13. I canΒ΄t say how much I love the books!!! Its a great story and I canΒ΄t read it enough. Its thrilling and amusing and I canΒ΄t wait for “Whispers of Moonrise”. I live in germany and its not that easy to get the book on the released day but if I donΒ΄t get it n oct 2nd I will wait for it, cause it is worth waiting!
    I hope you will write lots of books and have fun doing so. πŸ˜€
    Thank you for everything.

  14. Oh I just love these books. I’ve started to re-read the series recently in preparation for Whispers at Moonrise, and I honestly think they get better and better each time I read them! Thanks for sharing your talent with the world:o)

  15. I love this series and can’t wait to get my hands on the Whispers at Moonrise! I have told everyone what a wonderful series this is, and how they all need to check it out! Your are a fantastic author!

  16. The Shadow Falls series is one of my absolute favorites! I can NOT wait for Whispers at Moonrise. πŸ™‚

    You’re amazing! Never stop writing. πŸ˜€

  17. I am beyond excited to read Whispers at Moonrise. The first 3 books were amazing, this is one of my favorite series. I love your writing and I definitely hope you do more!

  18. I love shadow falls! i have read all the books at least 2 times. taken at dusk i just red fro a 3rd time and born at midnight have read 4 times. I can quote some prats lol. I am so excited for whispers at moonrise to come out! I even got two of my friends hooked on the shadow falls series! I look forward to many more shadow falls books!!!

  19. Well you may be thankful for us, we’re thankful for you, as well as all the other authors, without books our lives would be a hollow shell of nothing.

  20. I haven’t read this series yet as ive only read CC books but you bet I will now. They sound like my kinda books. I lOve all your fan support. We are thankful for you too!

  21. Hi, C.C! I just want to say how amazingly wonderful your books are! And I’m pretty sure that all of the fans agree with me when I say that we all love and appreciate you as well πŸ™‚
    Also, I’m stoked about Whispers at Moonrise, and I can’t wait to see what nail-biting twist you bring in to the story this time!

  22. Hey CC! I love Shadow Falls, you don’t know how excited I am for Whispers At Moonrise to release! I’ve been telling my friend about this series and she finally started reading the first book and she’s hooked! Keep on writing cause I know I’ll be reading it. Thank you for a great series!! πŸ™‚

  23. I’m a member of the street team, so I got my copy. I got my niece hooked and she’s DYING to read Whispers at Midnight! I’d love to win her a copy!

  24. I love the Shadows Falls series! Granted i just read them in a week.. they’re just that good! Thank u C.C. for giving me something to enjoy!

  25. im so embarrassed οΌˆβ—0~0●) im supposed to be a fan and i can’t even write the title of the book im dying to read right :/ so if u will i still would love a copy of whispers at MOONRISE!!! ^_^ please and thank u πŸ˜€

  26. I can not wait for Whispers at Moonrise! I happened uppon your series while browsing the book section at Walmart. I went ahead and picked up all of the first 3 books and downloaded the prequal novella to my Nook app on my tablet that evening. I had them all read in a matter of days and was chatting up anyone who would listen about how fabulous the were. After Chosen at Nightfall comes out, I’ll be passing them on to my sister who is anxious to read them as well. Thanks for writing such fabulous books!!!

  27. I adore your books and have them all on my Nook I get them as soon as they come out and only put them down when i have to work or eat or do those silly normal people things that get in the way. I can’t wait to read Whispers at Moonrise even if I can’t get a copy now I will get it in some form when it is released! <3

  28. Hello C.C!
    I absolutely adore the shadow falls series! I bought the first one, started reading then I had to drop it to go to work πŸ™ I could stop thinking about what was going to happen, so I came home at ten and read it until it was finished. But of course, sleeping didn’t come easy after that! So the next day I bought the second and third. It took me a day to read both. I was so excited! Now I’m desperately trying to find ways to make October come faster! Being able to read Whispers at Moonrise would probably make my year. Then I will just have to find a way to wait for the next one! I hope you have a wonderful day, and thank you so much for writing these, they are amazing! Love, a dearest fan.

  29. I absolutely, positively, unregrettably ADORE this book series. Only started reading it two days ago… Finished the first three books about two minutes ago. I love reading, as you can probably notice. I am DYING for the next book! Team Lucas or Team Derek.. I love both! I WAS team Lucas in the second book but then I realised what was happening with his pack and what he cared about more.. His pride or her? So I’m confused.. Not as confused as her, though, I suppose. I’d never be able to choose! I personally liked Perry from the start.. But he’s taken, so, oh well. And a fictional character. I’m gonna cry now. Only joking but I love this book! Really hope I win the competition, if I don’t I won’t be able to get the book till Christmas and if that happens.. Let’s just say I won’t make it till Christmas! πŸ˜‰ Anyway, really hope I win! Thanks for reading this if you do!:-)xoxox

  30. Hiya! I am in love with your books,I hope you never stop writing. You have actually inspired me so much, that I’m thinking about becoming a writer when I’m older! Your books have made me laugh and cry. They are my favourite books, in fact no book has ever made me cry like I did while I was reading ‘Taken At Dusk’. It would mean a lot for me to win a copy of the book as I haven’t read a book that’s really got me interested since I finished Taken At Dusk, my 14th birthday is in October so this would be the best early birthday present ever if I had a chance to win! Thanks for being an amazing author! <3
    P.S. I utterly adore this series!

  31. I absolutely love this series!! And I can not wait until Whispers at Moonrise is released!! Thank you so much for the giveaway!! Team Lucas!!

  32. I’m super excited for Whispers at Moonrise. I told my librarian that we should have the shadow falls series in our high school library and she said she would get them. I got my friends into it to, they love ur writing. I can’t wait to read Whispers at Moonrise.

  33. I love all 3 books I’m really looking forward
    for Whispers at Moonrise I can’t wait to read it I really wanna know who the ghost is.

  34. I absolutely LOVE your books. πŸ™‚ I think having a deadline is good to because without them i think the world might just fall apart. I also really like those t-shirts and seeing them makes me want to get one πŸ™‚ I can’t wait for the next book to come out counting down the days. Luv Ya!!!

  35. hi, cc i love love love your book series and just can’t wait for whisper at moonrise i love that book series i read all three of your books in two days!:) i hope you had a good summer and put the writing down once in a while to have some fun!:) πŸ™‚ i am writing a book to and it is going really well. your books inspired me to be a writer. thank you! your are my author inspiration. thanks for writing such great books and great characters that teach good life lessons. through your stories you have taught me a lot thank you!

    Brooklyn Gotelaere πŸ™‚ :p

  36. Hi C.C! I think your books are amazing and they rank in my top 5 for best series πŸ™‚ When I first started reading your books I finished them so quickly, I read the first in a day. The next thing I knew my friends were reading them too because they loved my description and obvious enthusiasm for the series. You’re an amazing author and I’m so excited for Whispers at Moonrise to come out!! I do a book drive every year for kids that don’t have the ability to get books and it is authors like you that inspire me, other kids in school, and other adults to help spread the joy of reading. <3 Keep up the fantastic job!

    Josie πŸ™‚

  37. I first found these books this summer and was instantly obsessed!! I have been looking forward to reading Whispers at Moonrise ever since I finished Taken at Dusk! Love you and your books! Keep writing πŸ™‚

  38. Hi C.C.Hunter,
    soo i absolutely love your books i am a big fan but honestly who isnt they would have to be crazy no absolutely psycho (a few french fries short of a happy meal if you know what i mean haha) to not love your books! So you have done this contest what three times around there and i have posted about three times on each but they say the third times the charm right? but honestly its ok i can wait even though im waiting on pins and needles πŸ™‚ its definately gonna be worth the wait and im just glad you read the comments! soooooooo your books are amazing and i love you have a great day! and thanks for writing these amazing books!

  39. I llllllooooovvvvveeeeee these books!!!!!! When I finished the third book, I couldn’t even stand reading any other books, so I re-read the series again, then again, and and now I’m on my fourth time reading it again, and it just gets better and better!

  40. I got my tshirt to day I aslo got bookmarks and pens and a notebook I’m sharirieng with my friend peyton cause that’s the nice thing to do. Congrats misty!!!!!! Love the books but not rereading them that just makes me want whispers at moonrise more TWENTY MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. I soooo wanted to win but congratulations to Misty Kalfas. And Ms. Hunter I am glad you do well with deadlines because if i had to wait any longer for whispers at moonrise I WOULD DIE!! Plus I totally hate when authors continue to push back release dates.

  42. thanks for writing the books I really enjoyed them and can’t wait for whispers at moonrise to come out I’m looking forward to seeing who Kylie chooses…Thanks so much for sharing your world with me, with everyone.

  43. Hi C. C. I love, love your books. Once I bring them home from the store, my daughters and I argue to see who is going to read it first. Will we love if we are the winners of your copy of Whispers at Moonrise. Stacy, Gennesis, Yesenia, Emily and I (Lissette Rodriguez)

  44. I love your books! Actually I still have to read Taken at Dusk because I had so many other books to read before I could get new books, but I just ordered a copy and I can’t wait to read it and then Whispers at Moonrise when it comes out!

  45. HI CC i just wanted to tell u tat i love ur Shadow Falls books n tat i really really REALLY WANT TO WIN the copy of Whispers At Moonrise!!!!
    i really really really really LOVE SHADOW FALLS!!!!
    [n if i dont get t book, can i have t shirt?! Just saying πŸ˜‰ ]

  46. My local vegetarian/vegan restaurant has a sign that reads “unattended children would be given a free kitten and an expresso.” If the sign also mentioned an advanced reader copy of “Whispers at Moonrise,” I would definitely have to find an “unattended” child.

  47. I absolutely love your books!!! when i started reading “Born at Midnight” I couldn’t put the book down and when I got my hands on “Awake at Dawn” and “Taken at Dusk” I did’nt even put them down until i devoured them I can’t wait for “Whispers at Moonrise”. I think Its wonderful that you are giving a free copy of “Whispers at Moonrise”

  48. I was so excited that the WAM will be out soon… I re-read the series 4 times already and I can’t wait for the forth one to come out. This series is the best!!!

  49. Wow only been a day and theres already over 50 comments posted, to be exact there’s 77 not including mine. I read book after book series after series and to be honest this is one of the best I’ve ever read. So seriously thank you for writing this series! Can’t wait till whispers at moonrise comes out! I’m also excited but dreading for chosen at nightfall to come out cause that means that the series is ending!

  50. Your books have replaced TV in my house…the whole family spends our evenings reading your books…love the story & characters…thank you

  51. I can’t wait till october 2 when Whispers at moonrise comes out not only is October 2 my birthday but Whispers at moonrise comes out. I’m not counting the days till my birthday O nope not me I’m counting the days till whispers at moonrise comes out but if it half as good as your other books this will be one kick ass book

  52. Like they say “The third times the charm!” I hope I can win this one! I am really excited and wish time would fly by faster so I can finally get a copy of Whisper of Moonrise but I hope I will win this one! Please Miss Hunter! πŸ™‚

  53. You are my new favorite author, C.C!!! Every time I think of your new book that`s about to come out, or even a scene from one of the other books, I get butterflies in my stomach. You are a huge inspiration!! I`m currently writing a book called “I`ll Remember You” and its a paranormal romance, also. You`ve helped me realize what could come out of writing that book.

    Thx so much for writing!! Never quit writing paranormal romance books for teens…I`ll read always them!!!!!!!!!!!! (Even if I`m 42 and have 3 kids!!!)

    I love you, C.C. Hunter!!!

    ~ Bria <3

  54. Hi CC! Your series is amazing! I have all my friends hooked and they love it also (not as much as me though) I love how the plot in each book goes. Not to slow or fast but PERFECT! I also love the many different characters in the books. It can range from spunky vampire to diva werewolf! You are my favorite author and this is the best series! I’m in high school so the romance is also another WOW factor!
    Your the best!
    Regan W

  55. I love these books the shadow falls series is like my all time favorite series and that’s coming from a 12 year old who is really critical and can read a 400 page book in 2 hours so yeah!!! I really don’t want this series to end but it was so good and entertaining I’m glad I got to read it!!! I cannot wait to read the second last and last book of shadow falls and i hope you right more books good luck and keep writing!!!

    • I feel the same way and u read faster than I do and were the same age is it bad for a twelve year old to read YA books?? Hopefully not or I’m bad cuz all the books I read are YA :))

      • i know the feeling people in my school say i read tooo much but who cares YA fans for life but mostly CC HUNTER for life too ah the life of a critical 12 year old πŸ™‚

        • Yeah,my FRIENDS say that i read toooooo much.but i just cant help it,sometimes im in a really good part of the book and i just dont want to put it down! You know?????

          • Totally I never want to but a book down on a good part!!!! You’ll have to yell my name to get my attention

  56. okay i left a reply on almost every comment contest u have cc hunter i am such a huge fan and i don’t care what people think in my school ( middle school ugh life of a 12 year old)of me reading so much but it’s just who i am A BIG CC HUNTER FAN without you i don’t think people would have such a series to be obsessed so i think we should be thankful for u making these books for us to read you can stop any day if you wanted to. But you don’t so thanks cc hunter love ya

    • I bow down to you, Mrs CC Hunter you are the best writer in the world no matter what any haters say. Anyone who reads this series will be automatically obsessed (like me). Twelve year olds and all other fans of all ages love you and your books. (And I am so not kissing up I’m just speaking the truth)

    • Yeah,i know what its like when your friends look at you like your crazy.I’m in middle school too!(13yrsold)But,you just cant like,help freaking about it,right?IT’S JUST SOOOOO AWESOME!!

      • So i totally agree with y’all! i am in highschool.(14yrs old) and i love the fact that everyone no matter how old you are can love this series! I love you Mrs.Hunter your the BEST! πŸ™‚

  57. 18 more days I’m so happy I love shadow falls my friend is just now reading Awake at Dawn she had to wait to get it and she wouldn’t borrow it from me she hasn’t picked a team yet because she likes both of them and I told her if she’s team Lucas were going to argue and change from friends to frenemies.

  58. I am soooooo excite for Whispers at Moonrise. You wouldn’t believe how often I check your website for more information like your Q and A’s and to check how many days are left. I also find that it is so incredibly cool how many contests you have for your new books. I am an inspiring author and I can only hope that one day people will enjoy my stories even half as much as I do yours. Thank you for one of the greatest series of all time. πŸ™‚

  59. I’m so excited for Whispers At Moonrise!!! My mom keeps looking at me strangely ever time I count down how many days till its in bookstores but that’s alright:D

  60. I have never been so in love with a series before. Everything about these books are so intense and suspenseful. This is one of the few series where I love almost all the characters. I especially love all the male characters, but I’m in love with Lucas! I’m sad that the series is coming to an end soon, but I’m excited at the same time to see how things turn out for everyone! I persuaded one of my friends to read this book and she’s in love with it as well! Thank you for writing such amazing and captivating novels πŸ™‚

  61. HI!!! Oh my Globs! I cannot wait for Whispers At Moonrise! Oh, and I started writing another book.Only this one,I’m doing it on my own.I can only hope my books can become as awesome as yours! πŸ™‚

  62. Omg I LOVE your books,I’d take about 10 max just to finish reading them!!theyre great really!!i can’t wait for Whispers!!i wish I could read it right now!!saty lovely…xx

  63. 16 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom and little brother was look at me like I was crazy cause I was sing and dancing about that

  64. i love your books. I’ve been trying to get my friend to read the series too. I honestly don’t know who’d i choose between, Derek of Lucas. they are both amazing. Cant wait for Whispers at Moonrise. I get more excited each day! Love you!

  65. im on your street team, and have already read whispers at moonrise, so please dont pick me, but i had to tell you. as much as i love your books and cliff hangers. i hate the cliff hangers. we have a bittersweet relationship. i mean normally i love them, but with the advanced copies of the book, you just have to wait even LONGER for the answer to the next book. and ooooooh, i caqnt wait until october so i can talk to everyone else about the book without giving spoilers. cause after 2 hours of my friend who hasnt even read whispers at moonrise yet (NO ONE IS TOUCHING MY BOOK! i may have scared my sisters friend for yelling at him for picking it up…) talking about whispers at moonrise, im about ready to punch her in the face

  66. 15 more days!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to read what happens next!!!! You are my all time favorite author you rock!! Are you going to make a new series after shadow falls ends??!!!

    • This month is passing by sooooo fast!!! That’s a good thing thought and if she does make a new book series I’m getting them pronto

  67. You gave me a inspiration to reading books again i well always look at books in different perspective for now on. You are the best author ever and i mean i have finished your books in about a week or two and i cant wait for whispering at moon rise. Your books have really drawled me in where i feel like i am there with her standing by her side. I really hope i win so i can read it right when i get it i cant wait to read so i hope i win thank your for helping getting into books again and i am now writing short stories you have got me into writing, i’m thank ful of what a impact you have put on my life from writing to reading thank i hope you pick me for your book

  68. I love your style of writing. Absolutely loved the Shadow Falls series and look forward to your future books! Keep writing Christie! We love your books!

  69. Waiting for the 4th book to come.. It shame, I can’t find any of your books in my country.. But still I love your work.. Keep it up!

  70. Omg ! I’m 15 years old and im obsessed with these books ! I heard about these books for the first time from a friend and started reading Born at Midnight and i just couldn’t stop reading it. It took me 2 days to finish the first one. Now im finishing the second book and its just great ! You are an amazing writer among others. Writers like you inspire me to be a writer and one day maybe just maybe publish my own books. Thank you for taking the time to read this comment, I appreciate it !

  71. Eek! I’m so excited about W@M! I’ve had it on my amazon wishlist for Months! Lol πŸ™‚ Thank you for writing such an enjoyable series! And congrats on your hard earned successes!

  72. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!! I can’t wait for the next two! Please choose me!!! I got your book the day it was out. Luckily I was at B and N and I totally fell for it after reading the back. So I bought it and took it home and finished it THAT SAME DAY! That is how good your books are, YOU DONT NEED A BOOKMARK!!! Anyways CONGRATS on your great success and thank you soooo much for writing such a good series.

  73. Just to let you know as I read your previous books I was inspired to write my own novel. It still isn’t finished yet but it’s coming along. Your books and the way you write with twists and turns coming around every corner making it so nothing is ever boring makes me hope that someday my books will be as great as yours. Can’t wait for the next one!!!!

  74. no matter how many times i read your books i don’t think they will ever get old and i know you hear this all the time but your the shadow falls series is my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!! I don’t know how much longer i can wait for whispers at moonrise πŸ™‚ and i wanted to thank you for writing these awesome books. I hardly ever find books like your’s, that when i read them i’m in my own littl world and nobody can bother me, it’s like i’m the book!HAHA I know how cheesy that sounds bu it’s true so THANKS <3

  75. After sitting here and erasing and retyping over and over again, I still don’t know what to write so I’m just gonna wing it! Your books are amazing, they held me captive wanting to know what was going to happen next, what she was what desisions she was going to make. They held me hostage wanting to know more, how you can write like this is beyond me….. while reading your books I felt like I had escaped all the stress of my life, it helped the time move along while my dad was gone in Afganistan. Your books showed me that you just have to except who you are, faults and all and get on with your life. So thank you for writing these truly awesome books!!!

  76. I don’t like paranormal as much as most people do but I absolutely LOVE your Born at Midnight series. I am DYING to read Whispers at Moonrise!!!

    And I love the t-shirts. I really do.

  77. I just want to say wow…these books are just amazing. I go to a school that is a little like a boarding school but not quite, well the point is I barely have any spare time. The first thing I do when I finally have some time is indulge myself in the thrilling life of Kylie Galen. In many was we are very much alike, Kylie and I, so the feelings in these books just overtake me. I almost cant find the patience to read your books, because I just cant wait the time it takes to find out more. Whenever there is a new question I am tempted to speed through the book and find the answer, oh so tempted. I get kind of sad when a book ends because then I have to wait even longer before I again can indulge myself in my little dream world, my sanctuary. My friends sometimes have to drag me away from you’re books because I am so captivated by them. I truly love them.

  78. Oh my god. I love your books and your writing so much. Once, 3 months ago, you responded to one of my emails, and I still haven’t deleted them. Your books are amazing and I can’t wait for the next one to come out. Team Derek!

  79. i loves these book i had the frist 3 done in 2 weeks and can’t wait for whisper at moonrise. Im writing a book i well and your book inspired me to do so do you have any advice for me

  80. These series is my fav series of all time! I love it so much
    And lol the cat is sooo cute <3
    But I'm more of a small dog person
    I would love a copy of Whispers at Moonrise since I probably won't be able to get it until Christmas or next year on my birthday
    Anyways, keep up the good writing!
    I am dying to read Whispers at Moonrise
    Which shows how great of an author you are πŸ™‚

    Well, thanks for being so generous and giving out free books and t-shirts
    Bye! <3

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